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"what is that?"

Chunyangzi was stunned. He stared blankly at the majestic palace slowly squeezing into the deep passage, his mind was blank.

This towering palace feels too terrifying for Chunyangzi. Even the Lord of the Nine Swords Holy Land is as weak as an ant in front of this towering palace. In the entire Nine Swords world, I am afraid that there is only the most central Nine Swords. The holy mountain can be compared to this palace.

Its just that the Nine Swords Saint Mountain was left by the Nine Swords Most Powerful 50,000 years ago. The Nine Swords Saint Land occupied the Nine Swords Saint Mountain and was able to overwhelm the Nine Swords Realm, in Chunyangkos eyes. , There should be nothing comparable to the Nine Swords Saint Mountain in the world.

It's just now... Chunyangzi feels that her concept is collapsing.

Compared to Chunyangzi's shock, the other two disciples of the Nine Swords Holy Land were terrified. As disciples of the Holy Land, they have seen and heard far more than Chun Yangzi, and they know more about what this magnificent palace means.

"Void Channel?"

"This is the void passage?"

A holy land disciple on the left was extremely dignified. The ancient books handed down from the Nine Swords Holy Land once recorded the void passage, this rumored thing closely related to the power of space, the two holy land disciples never thought they could see it with their own eyes.

"Could it be that this is a treasure from outside the Nine Sword Realm?"

The holy land disciple on the right suddenly thought of something, and a scorching glow suddenly appeared on his face.

Although the Nine Swords Realm is only a small world, and it is not as vast as the Immortal Gate Small World, it is comparable to the size of dozens of Tang Kingdoms. Even if it is as strong as the Nine Swords Holy Land, it cant control everything, so there are always differences. Bao appeared, like the elixir that Chunyangzi was waiting for.

But now, in the eyes of these two holy land disciples, the void passage in front of them, and the majestic palace slowly'squeezing' in from the void passage, is a certain treasure, and it is far more than the so-called' 'Elixir' is important.

After all, the elixir is precious, but after all, it is the birth of the Nine Swords Realm, and the majestic palace in front of it is suspected to be a treasure from the outside world. Can the two be compared?

"This is definitely the most precious treasure in the history of my Nine Sword Realm, comparable to the holy mountain!"

Another disciple of the Holy Land settled down, staring at the palace closely, with a fiery tone.

Fifty thousand years ago, the ancestors of the Nine Swords Holy Land occupied the Nine Swords Sacred Mountain, so there was the Nine Swords Holy Land that would crush the world for fifty thousand years. Now, the magnificent palace in front of you, even if it is not as good as Nine Swords. Sword Saint Mountain, presumably not much weaker.

"If I can master this palace, I can definitely fly into the sky, and even get rid of the shackles of the holy land, and create another holy land." The holy land disciple on the right muttered to himself.

Although the Nine Swords Holy Land is overpowering the Nine Swords Realm, the Nine Swords Realm is only a small world with limited resources...Even if you are a disciple of the Nine Swords Holy Land, you have to fight and grab it.

Otherwise, the two of them would not chase and kill Chunyangzi for so long because of a panacea. You know, the elixir is precious, but a large area has grown in the medicinal garden of the Holy Land. To the Holy Land, the elixir is nothing at all.

But for the holy land disciples, any kind of elixir can make them further strengths and strive for the cultivation of the holy land.

But now, the Heavenly Palace in front of him gave the two holy land disciples new hope, a hope that could rise even without relying on the holy land.

Between the lightning and flint, the two holy land disciples' thoughts turned rapidly. They certainly know that this Heavenly Palace may contain great risks, but so what?

Fifty thousand years ago, several ancestors of the Nine Swords Holy Land also went through tragic fights and dozens of life concerns before occupying the Nine Swords Holy Mountain and establishing the Nine Swords Holy Land.

"We two join hands. If we encounter an unstoppable danger, we should retreat immediately and tell the holy land about it." The holy land disciple on the left said in a deep voice.

If things can't be done, they will naturally choose to tell the Holy Land. In this way, the Holy Land will definitely reward them for discovering this Heavenly Palace.

"be quick."

"Otherwise, it will take a long time. When the elders of the Holy Land arrive, there will be nothing for us."

The holy land disciple on the right nodded and said.

The space ripples caused by the emergence of the void channel may have spread to the entire Nine Swords World. After a while, I am afraid that it will alarm the Nine Swords Holy Land, and when the Nine Swords Holy Land finds something wrong, they will personally investigate it. Obviously less than half.

Taking the initiative to report, and the Holy Land has long known, but two completely different things.

Speaking of this, the two holy land disciples cautiously flew towards the majestic palace that squeezed into the Nine Sword Realm.

And at this moment.

Chunyangzi, who was not far away, was left behind.

Compared with the heavenly palace in front of him, the elixir that Chunyangzi guarded was nothing at all, and the two holy land disciples naturally didn't bother to take care of Chunyangzi.


"This matter is not something I can participate in."

"It's better to go first, at least to save the elixir."

Chunyangzi raised his head and glanced at the majestic and majestic palace, and made a decision in his heart.

Although he was also vaguely aware of the value of this palace, it was obvious that the two holy land disciples had already made the first step.

Chunyangzi now has no other greed, just want to leave this place of right and wrong quickly, otherwise, when the two holy land disciples make time, they will not be able to leave so easily.

At this point, Chunyangzi finally glanced at the two holy land disciples.

At this moment, these two holy land disciples were very close to the magnificent palace, and even stepped on the steps of the palace, preparing to enter the palace.


at this time.

Chunyangzi suddenly opened his eyes.

In Chunyangzi's shocking eyes, he saw a slender, tall figure slowly coming from the depths of the palace.

Boom boom boom! ! !

The sound of low footsteps came, as if stepping on Chunyangzi's heartbeat.


Chunyangzi looked at the two holy land disciples who had already stepped on the steps.

At this moment, the two holy land disciples looked horrified, as if they were aware of something and wanted to escape, but the next moment, their bodies began to collapse, and even the primordial spirit was rapidly dispersing.

"Nine Swords Holy Land will not let you go!" One of the holy land disciples left this sentence, and the whole person was completely transformed into nothingness, as if he had never appeared in this world.

"This is the Nine Sword Realm?"

Su Qin ignored the two sacred disciples who had vanished in form and spirit, and turned to look at the sky, "The vitality is so rich, what method does the Nine Swords Supreme rely on to maintain a small world with vitality and spirituality for tens of thousands of years?"

Whether it is the Nine Sword Realm opened by the Nine Swords Xeon, or the fairy gate world created by the Digital Xeons, in a way, it is not strictly a world, it cannot form an internal circulation, and naturally produces vitality.

For example, after more than 10,000 years of experience in the fairy gate world, both the vitality and the spirit of law, or the imprint of the Dao of Law, have dissipated to a certain extent. If the passage is not opened again, after a few thousand years, it will be naturally degraded. By then , I am afraid that the existence of the land immortal level will be extinct.

But the Nine Swords Realm is different.

Su Qin could clearly feel the vitality and spirit that permeated every inch of the Nine Sword Realm.

Just when Su Qin felt the Nine Sword Realm in detail.

Not far away Chunyangzi only felt his scalp explode, especially when Su Qin walked out of the Temple of War, an inexplicable aura enveloped a hundred li. Within this hundred li, Chunyangzi didnt even talk about running, even if he moved. It's extremely difficult for every point.

"It's over!"

"Something big, something big!"

Chunyangzi was in a cold sweat, and her heart trembled and restless.

Even if he didn't know what Su Qin came from, the two disciples of the Nine Swords Holy Land fell into Su Qin's hands.

In this way, once the Nine Swords Holy Land is known, it will be a great disaster!

You know, the Holy Land of Nine Swords has always been domineering. How could it be easy to give up after the Holy Land learned that its disciple had fallen in the hands of others?

The two holy land disciples wanted to take away the elixir that Chunyangzi had guarded for eighty years. Why would Chunyangzi rather flee hundreds of thousands of miles than resist? The reason is that he didn't dare!

In the Nine Swords Realm, the four words Nine Swords Holy Land are too heavy.

Even in the end, Chunyangzi was knowing that there was no way out, and only then would he have the idea of ruining together.

Of course, no matter how angry the Nine Swords Holy Land is, all of this has nothing to do with Chunyangzi. After all, Chunyangzi doesn't know Su Qin... But when the gods fight, mortals suffer.

Even if Chunyangzi wanted to retreat, how could he escape the subsequent liquidation of the Nine Swords Holy Land?

Just when Chunyangzi Liushen Wuzhu stood still, Su Qin's gaze turned slightly to look at Chunyangzi with a pale face.

"come on."

Su Qin beckoned to Chunyangzi.

Hum! ! !

Chunyangzi only felt black in front of him, and when he resumed his sight, he already appeared in front of Su Qin.

"Junior...junior Chunyangzi, I've seen senior..." Chunyangzi was shocked, and immediately bowed deeply to Su Qin and said respectfully.

Chunyangzi didn't know the name of Su Qin, but in Chunyangzi's heart, Su Qin was at least one of the elders of the Nine Swords Holy Land, standing high and overlooking all beings.


Su Qin glanced at Chunyangzi.

With Su Qin's eyesight, it was natural to see that Chunyangzi was just a six-layer myth. The two holy land disciples who tried to get close to the Temple of War were almost in this state.

"Who is the strongest in this world?" Su Qin thought for a while and asked bluntly.

Although through the Eye of Reality and the Heavenly Man's Vision of Qi, Su Qin already knew that the strongest Qi in the Nine Swords Realm was the pinnacle of the Guiyuan Realm, but that was all.

As for the specific situation of the Nine Swords Realm, which power is in charge, and whether there are methods left by the Nine Swords Supreme, it is not known.

After all, whether it is the real eye or the Tianren Wang Qi technique, the insight is only the insight of the world's all kinds of energy, and it is not as capable of observing the six realms of the three realms like the Buddhism Shentong Tianyantong.

Of course, this is not to say that the real eye is inferior to the eye of the sky, but that the two have different focuses and cannot be compared.

"The strongest?"

Chunyangzi was taken aback for a moment, and some did not react.

In the Nine Swords Realm, as long as you step into the martial art, who knows that the Nine Swords Holy Land is the absolute master? The strongest in the world can only come from the Holy Land of Nine Swords.


Immediately afterwards.

Chunyangzi suddenly thought that in Su Qin's question just now, he called the Nine Sword Realm by this Fang Tiandi?

Being able to say the four words this side, heaven and earth meant that Su Qin was probably not a creature in the Nine Sword Realm. Otherwise, how could he be called in such a transcendent tone of voice?

Thinking of this, Chun Yangzi, who had just slowed down, his heart shook again.

Existence outside the world...Although Chunyangzi is not able to browse the holy places like the holy land disciples, he is also clear about what it means.

According to legend, the supreme **** that created the Nine Swords Realm, the Nine Swords Strongest, came from outside the world...


Su Qin frowned slightly when she saw Chun Yangzi not speaking.

The reason why he left Chunyangzi's life is to use him to inquire about the information of the Nine Sword Realm.

The Nine Swords Realm is the world opened up by the Nine Swords Strongest, and the Nine Swords Strongest is Su Qin. Now, all the strongest people he has come into contact with are ranked in the top three, second only to the one who left the three thousand fantasy islands A white-clothed and white-haired person with the strongest line of Yuanshen, and Hou Yuan, the first owner of the Temple of War.


"Now the strongest person in the world should be the Holy Master of the Nine Swords Holy Land." Chunyangzi seemed to notice Su Qin's dissatisfaction, cold sweat broke out on his forehead, and immediately replied.

"Nine Swords Holy Land?"

Su Qin replied in a low voice, and then asked, "Inheritance left by the strongest of the Nine Swords?"

Su Qin looked solemn.

If the Nine Swords Supreme really left a legacy in the Nine Swords Realm, then Su Qin had to be cautious.

Although Su Qin confirmed with real eyes that the strongest creature in the Nine Swords Realm was not in the Guiyuan Realm, this did not include the backs of the strongest.

In the unlikely event that the Nine Swords Strongest had left behind many backs in the Nine Swords Holy Land in order to preserve the inheritance, Su Qin might suffer a big loss.

Although in the past tens of thousands of years, even the Nine Swords Xeon, the power left behind is not a thousand and one, but this is after all the Xeon of the Shattered Void Realm.

"Inheritance left by the strongest of the Nine Swords?"

Chunyangzi quickly shook his head and said: "Senior, the Holy Land of Nine Swords only occupies the sacred mountain where the Nine Swords Supreme had once retired, not the inheritance left by the Nine Swords Supreme."

Although the Holy Land of Nine Swords once wanted to completely cover up this matter and claimed to be the orthodox inheritance of the Nine Swords Strongest, in fact, even the Holy Land of Nine Swords could not enter the summit of the holy mountain.

In this way, even if the Nine Swords Saint Land conceals it, it will only add to the jokes.

If the Nine Swords Holy Land is truly the Nine Swords Strongest Inheritance of the Holy Land, how could it not even be possible to step up to the top of the Holy Mountain?

"That's it."

Su Qin nodded slightly.

at the same time.

Just when Su Qin took the Temple of War and entered the Nine Sword Realm.

In the center of the world, there is a sacred mountain that is thousands of meters high.

Somewhere near the top of the mountain, in a towering hall, a tall figure sitting cross-legged suddenly opened his eyes, looking at the divine sword that was shaking before him in shock.

"Excalibur has spirit."

"This is the aura outside of the Nine Sword Realm?"



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