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Gong Chenye didn't even know that danger was approaching him step by step.

After having a daughter, most of his thoughts are placed on the child, doing things, and knowing how to stay a line, in order to accumulate virtue for the child, and try not to kill.

After completely taking over Gong Monan's power, Gong Chenye's power expanded several times.

At this time, he almost controlled the entire underground world of Xiacheng.

All those that are not visible, illegal, and probing on the edge of the law are all his business.

Except for some major issues, he would personally intervene, and most of the other trivial matters were handed over to Yan Tong.

Gong Chenye will leave most of the time to her daughter every day.


Since the beginning of spring in Xiacheng, the weather is getting warmer day by day.

After several sunny days, the temperature began to rise rapidly, and the cherry blossoms in the park bloomed overnight.

Xiacheng officially entered the warm spring.

Mo Yanyang's culinary competition, methodically advanced.

With the increasing intensity of publicity, more and more people are eliminated, and the time between matches has also lengthened!

Moreover, every game is accompanied by a live broadcast.

Nowadays, the gold medal kitchen king game has almost become an artifact for most netizens.

Mo Yanyang's value has risen, and even many TV stations and media want to interview her, and some other variety shows want to invite her.

However, they were all rejected by Mo Yanyang.

Only two formal and influential media were interviewed.

"I'm just a cook, not a star. I participated in this competition mainly to see my own cooking skills. Compared with other masters, what are the deficiencies and advantages? Some people are suitable for the stage, but I am probably worth it. Suitable for pots and pans."

"I am still a wife, a mother, and my main focus of life. In my family, I don't want to be paid too much attention to my private life. I am just a very ordinary person. The life I want to live is to cook. I dont care about raising flowers, picking up my son, taking care of the elderly, and opening a small shop."

The host asked her again: "Everyone knows that the temptation of the entertainment industry is great, because this industry is too capable of collecting money, you have declined so many variety shows, have you ever thought that you may have missed a lot of money, your family will not I will feel sorry."

Mo Yanyang smiled: "My family members, I'm afraid I won't want to enter the entertainment circle..."

Now Xie Xize wanted to wrap her tightly from head to toe as long as she saw her going out.

Two days ago, the paparazzi even went to the community where she lived and took photos of their family of three going out. After he found them, he straightened them up.

The next day, she heard that the paparazzi had changed careers.

That gossip magazine also closed down.

The host asked: "Is it your husband?"

Mo Yanyang nodded: "Well, yes, he, I participated in the cooking competition because I like it. It is my hobby to open a small shop, but it is unnecessary to enter the entertainment industry!"

After the interview was released, many people scolded Mo Yanyang for being upright, saying that she hadn't been under the control of her husband at all.

Sharp-eyed netizens directly posted: Ha ha, innocent humans. Haven't seen what clothes or shoes they wear? There is also a necklace that she accidentally revealed. It is more than enough to buy a set of two rooms and one living room in Sanhuan.

There is also a handsome cousin. Can you buy the shoes you have worn these few times?

It's not a fake high school, they simply don't like the money in the entertainment industry.

Like cannon fodder, she is married to a wealthy boss, please collect it: (Wuxiaworld) Cannon fodder is married to a wealthy boss, and her literary updates are the fastest.

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Chapter 615: If Not Like Chapter 616: Chapter 617: He Is So Good Looking Chapter 618: He Asked But She Was Happy Chapter 619: Blind By Dog food Poison Chapter 620: He Is Like A Third Party Chapter 621: Don't Think About It Hopeless Chapter 622: Hug Her From Behind Chapter 623: Really Shy Chapter 624: What He Looks Forward To Most Chapter 625: Can't Understand Gong Shenye Chapter 626: You Can Break Up Chapter 627: What Are You Afraid Of And What Do You Expect? Chapter 628: Someone Stood For You In The Early Morning Cold Wind Chapter 629: He Unilaterally Swallowed Chapter 630: So Shy Chapter 631: Xie Xize You Are Too Shameless Chapter 632: I Want To Participate In This Competition Chapter 633: Do It Boldly Chapter 634: Our Ancestors Were Royal Chefs Chapter 635: I Don't Want To Fall Like You Chapter 636: He Thought He Would Be Abandoned Again Chapter 637: La Tiao Called My Father Chapter 638: He Has Popularity Now Chapter 639: Recent Dreams Are Very Good Chapter 640: Can We Meet Auntie Dongzhi's Babies Chapter 641: I Want A Son Or A Daughter Chapter 642: Don't Care Are You A Monster? Chapter 643: Killed Mo Yan Yang Or Her Son Chapter 644: Is He Suspicious? Chapter 645: Do You Know What Rolling Is Chapter 646: What Is Your Master Doing Recently Chapter 647: Just Use Each Other Chapter 648: For Me Love Is Not Important Chapter 649: It's Just A Dead Person A Little Thing Chapter 650: Assassinate Chapter 651: Dirty Lost It Chapter 652: Very Pampered Chapter 653: He Is Stronger More Cruel More Vicious Chapter 654: Too Much Greed And Lost His Life Chapter 655: There Is No Such Thing As Humanity Chapter 656: Dreaming Back At Midnight Have You Ever Been Afraid Chapter 657: He Betrayed Mr. Chapter 658: He Doesn't Know And He Doesn't Love Chapter 659: May You Be Happy As A Teenager All Your Life Chapter 660: Give You A Head Chapter 661: A Fatal Blow No Blood Chapter 662: He Now Has The Sunrise In His Heart Chapter 663: We Are Family Chapter 664: Break Your Neck Chapter 665: No Such Person Found Chapter 666: Did The Heroine Counterattack? Chapter 667: Wife Takes Me To Play Together Chapter 668: I Got The Certificate Suddenly Chapter 669: She Is The Biggest Prize In My Life Chapter 670: Having A Wife Is Great Chapter 671: I Have A Wife So What More Promise Chapter 672: Always Bathe In Love Grow Old Chapter 673: Happy Newlywed Duck Chapter 674: Help You Find Female Tickets Chapter 675: Parting Chapter 676: I'm Worried About This.. I Won't Go Back Chapter 677: Determined To Be The Murderer Chapter 678: Suspects Chapter 679: His Hands Are Slender And Beautiful With Roots Like Jade Chapter 680: I'm Sure The Man Was Murdered Chapter 681: Who Doesn't Like Cute Chapter 682: I'm Afraid She Hates Me Chapter 683: Chapter 684: All Gifts Must Be Prepared Chapter 685: Is She Really Willing? Chapter 686: Who Is Xie's Third Child? Chapter 687: He Is Scarier Than Uncle Wu Chapter 688: Way Of Prosperity Chapter 689: Return No Longer Alone Chapter 690: Back To Xie's House Chapter 691: Uncle Wu Is This The Little Cousin? Chapter 692: Brother Is So Nice Chapter 693: This Kid Really Looks Like The Old Fifth Chapter 694: Spicy Bar I'm Grandpa Chapter 695: Anyway It's My Son Chapter 696: That Is His Blessing Chapter 697: Beloved Chapter 698: You Deserve To Be Spicy Tiao Chapter 699: It's My Mother No Doubt Chapter 700: Can It Be More Stressful? Chapter 701: Forget It Listen To My Wife Chapter 702: Reluctant To Give Up My Grandson Chapter 703: Then You Praise Me Chapter 704: Of 704 Chapter 705: Always Think She Is Familiar Chapter 706: I Don't Want To Talk To You Now Chapter 707: Don't Think About It Chapter 708: Tired Of Crying She Rested Herself Chapter 709: Chapter 710: She Was Wronged For Herself Chapter 711: Husband Doesn't Understand Her Chapter 712: My Grandson's Name Is Fine Chapter 713: Another Day To Miss Grandson Chapter 714: Couple Quarreled Chapter 715: Tired To Get Along With Her Chapter 716: Why Don't You Live Your Life? Chapter 717: Chapter 718: Chapter 719: Chapter 720: 720 Chapter 721: Chapter 722: Chapter 723: Chapter 724: Chapter 725: Chapter 726: Chapter 727: Chapter 728: Chapter 729: Chapter 730: Chapter 731: Chapter 732: Chapter 733: Chapter 734: Chapter 735: Chapter 736: Chapter 737: Chapter 738: Chapter 739: Chapter 740: Chapter 741: Chapter 742: Chapter 743: Chapter 744: Chapter 745: Chapter 746: Chapter 747: Chapter 748: Chapter 749: Chapter 750: Chapter 751: Chapter 752: Chapter 753: Chapter 754: Chapter 755: I Can't Spoil You Enough Chapter 756: Spoiling You Is My Right Chapter 757: Chapter 758: Chapter 759: Really Used My Heart Chapter 760: Brat Don't Be So Smart Chapter 761: They Don't Understand Me Chapter 762: Good Boy You Know Me Too Well Chapter 763: Local Lady Chapter 764: Chapter 765: Chapter 766: Chapter 767: Chapter 768: Chapter 769: I'm Super Good Chapter 770: Chapter 771: Chapter 772: Chapter 773: Chapter 774: Wait For The Old Lady Let's Go Back And Settle The Account Chapter 775: Are You Satisfied With This Daughter In Law? Chapter 776: Come Settle The Account Chapter 777: Practice Makes Perfect Chapter 778: You Are The Only One Who Can Bite Me Chapter 779: Chapter 780: Because Of Love I Am Willing Chapter 781: Madam Is So Wild Chapter 782: Your Old Friend Is Good? Chapter 783: I Dont Want To See You Now Or In The Future Chapter 784: You Are The Same As Before Chapter 785: You Are Not The Xie Xize I Know Chapter 786: We Reunite Chapter 787: I Am Married Chapter 788: Don't Think Too Much Chapter 789: You Old Vinegar Chapter 790: What Woman? We Have No Woman Here Chapter 791: She Thinks About Me Badly Chapter 792: Are You Pitting Me For Less? Chapter 793: Don't Be Fooled By Him Chapter 794: Xie Xize You Are A Scumbag Chapter 795: I Have Given You Many Opportunities Chapter 796: Stop Doing It Be Honest Chapter 797: Couple Quarrels Are Also Fun Chapter 798: I Won't Be With You Chapter 799: Violating Your Wife's Instructions You Are Tired Of Life Chapter 800: You Pinched Me To Death Chapter 801: Actually They Are Not Familiar At All Chapter 802: He Won't Hurt Anyone In This Family Chapter 803: Hidden Secret Chapter 804: I Won't Let You Betray Your Young Master Chapter 805: Master He Is Actually Very Kind Chapter 806: You Called The Third Child In Your Sleep Chapter 807: Is He Dead Or Alive? Chapter 808: Chapter 809: Good Point That's Your Husband Already Chapter 810: She Will Approach You Without You Chapter 811: Chapter 812: Who Do You Say Is Owed? Chapter 813: So You Like Him Chapter 814: Longing For Years Love Becomes Empty Chapter 815: His Wife Is So Lucky To Be Able To Marry Him Chapter 816: Are You Not Happy To Find Him? Chapter 817: Chapter 818: Xiao Sha B Chapter 819: Torn Chapter 820: Hammer The Dog Head Chapter 821: The Precarious Crown Prince Chapter 822: Still Friends After Breaking Up Chapter 823: I Want To Run Away The First Time I Chapter 824: Your Girlfriend Laughed At You Chapter 825: Gong Chenye Is Watching Her Chapter 826: Like This Plain And Safe Feeling Chapter 827: To Me She Won't Give Up Chapter 828: I Heard You Robbed A Woman Chapter 829: You Are Beautiful But She Is More Beautiful Chapter 830: Maybe She Likes Me Chapter 831: Pretend We Are Lovers Chapter 832: He Couldn't Refuse My Suggestion Chapter 833: Prepare For The Worst Chapter 834: Frightened Chapter 835: If You Can't Teach Your Daughter Then I Will Help You Teach Chapter 836: Daughter Is His Bottom Line Chapter 837: Chapter 838: Chapter 839: Chapter 840: Chapter 841: Chapter 842: Chapter 843: Say You Waste You Waste Chapter 844: Been Bullied? Chapter 845: Chapter 846: Chapter 847: Chapter 848: Missy Is Crazy Chapter 849: Gong Chenye Is An Evil Spirit Chapter 850: I Killed His Favorite And The Only Woman I Ever Loved Chapter 851: She Is Gong Chenyes Weakness Chapter 852: She Is By No Means An Ordinary Maid Chapter 853: Let Him Live Just To Torture Him Chapter 854: Give Me Some Brain Chapter 855: Fortunately His Mind Is Not Crooked Otherwise A Scumbag Chapter 856: Fool Her Into Her Own Chapter 857: Ulterior Relationship Chapter 858: Chapter 859: Cheat Chapter 860: Big Brother But Son? Chapter 861: I Can Agree With My Body Chapter 862: Do You Tell Me This Is Interesting? Chapter 863: I Am Also Innocent And I Don't Want To Be Too Smart Chapter 864: Good People Chapter 865: Wife Is Getting Smarter Chapter 866: Chapter 867: Chapter 868: Chapter 869: Why Did My Wife Show You Chapter 870: Too Good Is Sometimes Wrong Chapter 871: He Doesn't Have The Courage Chapter 872: Back View In Cheongsam Chapter 873: Do They Have Some Unknown Relationship? Chapter 874: Isn't He In Danger? Chapter 875: He Wants To Die It's Not That Easy Chapter 876: Come Here Let Me Hit Chapter 877: They Want Divorce Chapter 878: There Must Be Someone Outside Him Chapter 879: Too Eccentric? Chapter 880: Evidence Of Derailment Chapter 881: He Won't Admit It Chapter 882: This Marriage Is Dangerous Chapter 883: Chapter 884: Did You Raise Someone Outside? Chapter 885: I Don't Want To Hear Your Sophistry Chapter 886: Torn Home Chapter 887: For The Sister Who Has Been Away For Many Years Chapter 888: I Was Wrong Please Give Me Another Chance Chapter 889: I Am Very Tired In This Home Chapter 890: She Is Not Worthy Of Her Son Chapter 891: Do You Know How Miserable You Will Be? Chapter 892: Support Your Brother Chapter 893: Uncle Takes You To Chic Chapter 894: Who Do You Look Down On? Chapter 895: Time To Find A Girlfriend Chapter 896: Care From Uncles Chapter 897: No Appointment No Appointment Chapter 898: I Won't Let You And Your Family Go Chapter 899: Last Advice Chapter 900: Divorced Chapter 901: Fireworks Everywhere Chapter 902: Uncle Wu Is The One Who Knows Life Best Chapter 903: I Didn't Expect You To Be Such A Fifth Uncle Chapter 904: You Like It Chapter 905: His Profile Looks Like A Person Chapter 906: Honest Baby Is Not Honest Chapter 907: What A Happy Life Chapter 908: If It Makes Her Happy Follow Her Chapter 909: Real Family Chapter 910: Chapter 911: Chapter 912: I Have No Future With Him Chapter 913: A Little Routine Chapter 914: Being Deceived Is Also Stupid Chapter 915: She Doesn't Know If She Is Stupid You Are So Stupid Chapter 916: Chapter 917: Next Time I Want To Do It Use Some New Methods Chapter 918: Envy Little Cousin Chapter 919: Hurry Back After Eating Chapter 920: Brother Wipe Your Saliva Chapter 921: Chapter 922: Chapter 923: Xie Xize You Are A Thief Chapter 924: Xie Xize You Are Too Mean Chapter 925: You Are The Betrayer Chapter 926: You Watch Me Chapter 927: This Is What She Wants Chapter 928: Godsend Chapter 929: Just Hang Her Chapter 930: Single At A Glance Chapter 931: I'm Quite Shameless Chapter 932: Acting Explosion Chapter 933: He Is Not Worthy Of My Feelings Chapter 934: I Want To Make Him Regret Chapter 935: Peek At His Chat History Chapter 936: I Planned To Have A Drink Accident On Purpose Chapter 937: Don't Want To Treat Him In Such A Despicable Way Chapter 938: Protect Our Innocence Chapter 939: I Never Owe Favors Chapter 940: I Like Sincere People Chapter 941: He Died? Chapter 942: Is It Murder? Chapter 943: You Can't Bear It Chapter 944: More Attractive More Attractive Chapter 945: Chapter 946: How Do You Tell I Like Him Chapter 947: Is It Useful To Lie In Front Of Me Chapter 948: All These Looks Are Called Happiness Chapter 949: Are You Grudges Against Him? Chapter 950: If The Rival Has A Bad Relationship He Is Fine Chapter 951: What Are You Grudges Against Him? Chapter 952: Genius Cousin Chapter 953: He Is Happy Chapter 954: Is It A Love Triangle Chapter 955: Chapter 956: She Is Not Worthy Chapter 957: He Is Going To Be Ruined He Can Only Blame Himself Chapter 958: Young Master Someone Is Going To Grab Your Things Chapter 959: I Never Get What I Like Chapter 960: Don't You Disgust Me Chapter 961: He Ended Up Miserably In The Last Life Chapter 962: We Were Never Friends Chapter 963: She Gave Up On You But Not Reconciled Chapter 964: It's Not Surprising That He Was Deceived Into Ruining His Family Chapter 965: He Has Been Brainwashed Chapter 966: I'll Marry You Chapter 967: Chapter 968: I Don't Have Time To Be Sad Chapter 969: His Death You Are Not Sad Chapter 970: He Underestimated Him Chapter 971: Father And Son Chapter 972: This Bad Boy Chapter 973: Your Son Is A Little Devil Chapter 974: Chapter 975: Chapter 976: Chapter 977: Do You Have Heart Chapter 978: Damn You Can Still Laugh Chapter 979: Can't Let The Murderer Succeed Chapter 980: All The Monsters Came Out Chapter 981: I Will Help You We Will Guard This Home Together Chapter 982: We Catch The Murderer Together Chapter 983: I'll Help You Teach Your Son Chapter 984: Should Be Beaten Chapter 985: Just Ask If You Are Afraid Chapter 986: Scared To Pee Chapter 987: Difficult Chapter 988: Chapter 989: Chapter 990: Chapter 991: Chapter 992: Chapter 993: Chapter 994: Chapter 995: Chapter 996: Chapter 997: Chapter 998: Chapter 999: Chapter 1000: Chapter 1001: Chapter 1002: Chapter 1003: Chapter 1004: Chapter 1005: Chapter 1006: Chapter 1007: Chapter 1008: Chapter 1009: Chapter 1010: Chapter 1011: Chapter 1012: Chapter 1013: Chapter 1014: Chapter 1015: Chapter 1016: Chapter 1017: Chapter 1018: Chapter 1019: Chapter 1020: Chapter 1021: Chapter 1022: Chapter 1023: Chapter 1024: Chapter 1025: Chapter 1026: Chapter 1027: Chapter 1028: Chapter 1029: Chapter 1030: Chapter 1031: Chapter 1032: Chapter 1033: Chapter 1034: Chapter 1035: Chapter 1036: Chapter 1037: Chapter 1038: Chapter 1039: Chapter 1040: Chapter 1041: Chapter 1042: Chapter 1043: Chapter 1044: Chapter 1045: Chapter 1046: Chapter 1047: Chapter 1048: Chapter 1049: Chapter 1050: Chapter 1051: Chapter 1052: Chapter 1053: Chapter 1054: Chapter 1055: Chapter 1056: Chapter 1057: Chapter 1058: Chapter 1059: Chapter 1060: Chapter 1061: Chapter 1062: Chapter 1063: For Whom : Testimonial Ask For Monthly Pass Chapter 1064: Chapter 1065: Chapter 1066: Chapter 1067: Chapter 1068: Chapter 1069: Chapter 1070: Chapter 1071: Chapter 1072: Chapter 1073: Chapter 1074: Chapter 1075: Chapter 1076: Chapter 1077: Chapter 1078: Chapter 1079: Chapter 1080: Chapter 1081: Chapter 1082: Chapter 1083: Chapter 1084: Chapter 1085: Chapter 1086: Chapter 1087: Chapter 1088: Chapter 1089: Chapter 1090: Chapter 1091: Chapter 1092: Chapter 1093: Chapter 1094: Chapter 1095: Chapter 1096: Chapter 1097: Chapter 1098: Chapter 1099: Chapter 1100: Chapter 1101: I'm Very Hot Chapter 1102: It's All Good Things For The Old Fifth Chapter 1103: Use Lies To Deceive A Child's Kindness Chapter 1104: Lost In Experience Chapter 1105: Chapter 1106: Chapter 1107: Chapter 1108: Chapter 1109: Chapter 1110: Don't Want To Leave Chapter 1111: Chapter 1112: Chapter 1113: Chapter 1114: Chapter 1115: Chapter 1116: Chapter 1117: Chapter 1118: Chapter 1119: Chapter 1120: Chapter 1121: Chapter 1122: Chapter 1123: Chapter 1124: Chapter 1125: Chapter 1126: Chapter 1127: Chapter 1128: I Know It's Wrong Chapter 1129: Chapter 1130: Chapter 1131: Chapter 1132: Chapter 1133: Chapter 1134: Chapter 1135: Didnt You Say You Want To Teach Me? Come Chapter 1136: Fingers Interlocked Chapter 1137: He Still Makes Your Heart Beat Faster Chapter 1138: Every Moment With You Is Beautiful Chapter 1139: No Enthusiasm To Like Others Chapter 1140: Uncle Wu Is The Most Arrogant Person In The Family Chapter 1141: Crazy Chapter 1142: Forced Him To Divorce Chapter 1143: In Front Of The Fifth Aunt He Is Obedient Chapter 1144: Talking Nonsense Will Rot Your Tongue Chapter 1145: I Want To Remarry Him And Fix The Old One. Chapter 1146: I Don't Want To Wait One More Second Chapter 1147: No One Is Allowed To Hurt Her Chapter 1148: Chapter 1149: He Is The Best He Chapter 1150: I Am A Man Because Of You Chapter 1151: Someone Following Us Chapter 1152: Want To Beat Wu Ye Chapter 1153: Moat Up Without Humanity Chapter 1154: Chapter 1155: Chapter 1156: Chapter 1157: Our Boss Has A Lot Of Stupid Money Chapter 1158: Chapter 1159: Routine King Chapter 1160: Buy A House If You Don't Agree Chapter 1161: Chapter 1162: Chapter 1163: My Mother Has Been Soaring You Are Still A Fan Chapter 1164: Professional Fill Up Player Chapter 1165: The Boss Is Here Dare Not Beasts Chapter 1166: I'm Happy If The Boss Goes Well Chapter 1167: You Are Also An Excellent Spiritual Guy Chapter 1168: Suddenly Chapter 1169: Little Boy Has A Secret Chapter 1170: Your Dad Hao Heng Chapter 1171: Get Down A Group Chapter 1172: Complete The Counterattack Easily Chapter 1173: False Petting Chapter 1174: The Opposite Is All Rubbish Chapter 1175: No Ghost In My Heart Not Afraid To Call The Police Chapter 1176: He Must Not Be That Kind Of Person Chapter 1177: Chapter 1178: Big Reversal Chapter 1179: Chapter 1180: Chapter 1181: Chapter 1182: Chapter 1183: Chapter 1184: Chapter 1185: Chapter 1186: Chapter 1187: Chapter 1188: Chapter 1189: Chapter 1190: Chapter 1191: Chapter 1192: Chapter 1193: Chapter 1194: Chapter 1195: Chapter 1196: Chapter 1197: Chapter 1198: Chapter 1199: Chapter 1200: Chapter 1201: You Don't Deserve To Have Chapter 1202: He's Done With Me Chapter 1203: I Must Give You This Bad Breath Chapter 1204: You Got Removed Chapter 1205: It's Your Honor To Kneel Down For Me Chapter 1206: Don't Stop Xiaoye From Slapping Your Face Chapter 1207: Do You Have To Choose A Day To Slap You? Chapter 1208: Look Whose Face Hurts? Chapter 1209: Xiaoye Still Bullied Others Today Chapter 1210: Chapter 1211: Punishment Chapter 1212: You Can Go She Can't Chapter 1213: Kneel Scum Chapter 1214: Chapter 1215: Chapter 1216: Chapter 1217: Chapter 1218: Chapter 1219: Chapter 1220: Chapter 1221: Chapter 1222: Chapter 1223: Chapter 1224: Chapter 1225: Chapter 1226: Chapter 1227: Chapter 1228: Chapter 1229: Chapter 1230: Chapter 1231: Chapter 1232: Chapter 1233: Chapter 1234: Chapter 1235: Chapter 1236: Chapter 1237: Chapter 1238: Chapter 1239: Chapter 1240: Chapter 1241: Chapter 1242: Chapter 1243: Chapter 1244: Chapter 1245: Chapter 1246: Chapter 1247: Chapter 1248: Chapter 1249: Chapter 1250: Chapter 1251: Chapter 1252: Chapter 1253: Chapter 1254: Chapter 1255: Chapter 1256: Chapter 1257: Chapter 1258: Chapter 1259: Chapter 1260: Chapter 1261: Chapter 1262: Chapter 1263: Chapter 1264: Chapter 1265: Chapter 1266: Chapter 1267: Chapter 1268: Chapter 1269: Chapter 1270: Chapter 1271: Chapter 1272: Chapter 1273: Chapter 1274: Chapter 1275: Chapter 1276: Chapter 1277: Chapter 1278: Chapter 1279: Chapter 1280: Chapter 1281: Chapter 1282: Chapter 1283: Chapter 1284: Chapter 1285: Chapter 1286: I Want Her To Shut Up Forever Chapter 1287: Chapter 1288: Chapter 1289: Chapter 1290: Chapter 1291: Chapter 1292: Chapter 1293: Chapter 1294: Chapter 1295: Chapter 1296: Chapter 1297: Chapter 1298: Chapter 1299: Chapter 1300: Chapter 1301: Chapter 1302: Chapter 1303: Chapter 1304: Chapter 1305: Chapter 1306: Chapter 1307: Chapter 1308: Chapter 1309: Chapter 1310: Chapter 1311: Chapter 1312: Chapter 1313: Chapter 1314: Chapter 1315: Chapter 1316: Chapter 1317: Chapter 1318: Chapter 1319: Chapter 1320: Chapter 1321: Chapter 1322: Chapter 1323: Chapter 1324: Chapter 1325: Chapter 1326: Chapter 1327: Chapter 1328: Chapter 1329: Chapter 1330: Chapter 1331: Chapter 1332: Chapter 1333: Chapter 1334: Chapter 1335: Chapter 1336: Chapter 1337: Chapter 1338: Chapter 1339: Chapter 1340: Chapter 1341: Chapter 1342: Chapter 1343: Chapter 1344: Chapter 1345: Chapter 1346: Chapter 1347: Chapter 1348: Chapter 1349: Chapter 1350: Chapter 1351: Chapter 1352: Chapter 1353: Chapter 1354: Chapter 1355: Chapter 1356: Chapter 1357: Chapter 1358: Chapter 1359: Chapter 1360: Chapter 1361: Chapter 1362: Chapter 1363: Chapter 1364: Chapter 1365: Chapter 1366: Chapter 1367: Chapter 1368: Chapter 1369: Chapter 1370: Chapter 1371: Chapter 1372: Chapter 1373: Chapter 1374: Chapter 1375: Chapter 1376: Chapter 1377: Chapter 1378: Chapter 1379: Chapter 1380: Chapter 1381: Chapter 1382: Chapter 1383: Chapter 1384: Chapter 1385: Chapter 1386: Chapter 1387: Chapter 1388: Chapter 1389: Chapter 1390: Chapter 1391: Chapter 1392: Chapter 1393: Chapter 1394: Chapter 1395: Chapter 1396: Chapter 1397: Chapter 1398: Chapter 1399: Chapter 1400: Chapter 1401: Chapter 1402: Chapter 1403: Chapter 1404: Chapter 1405: Chapter 1406: Chapter 1407: Chapter 1408: Chapter 1409: Chapter 1410: Chapter 1411: Chapter 1412: Chapter 1413: Chapter 1414: Chapter 1415: Chapter 1416: Chapter 1417: Chapter 1418: Chapter 1419: Chapter 1420: Chapter 1421: Chapter 1422: Chapter 1423: Chapter 1424: Chapter 1425: Chapter 1426: Chapter 1427: Chapter 1428: Chapter 1429: Chapter 1430: Chapter 1431: Chapter 1432: Chapter 1433: Chapter 1434: Chapter 1435: Chapter 1436: Chapter 1437: Chapter 1438: Chapter 1439: Chapter 1440: Chapter 1441: Chapter 1442: Chapter 1443: Chapter 1444: Chapter 1445: Chapter 1446: Chapter 1447: Chapter 1448: Chapter 1449: Chapter 1450: Chapter 1451: Chapter 1452: Chapter 1453: Chapter 1454: Chapter 1455: Chapter 1456: Chapter 1457: Chapter 1458: Chapter 1459: Chapter 1460: Chapter 1461: Chapter 1462: Chapter 1463: Chapter 1464: Chapter 1465: Chapter 1466: Chapter 1467: Chapter 1468: Chapter 1469: Chapter 1470: Chapter 1471: Chapter 1472: Chapter 1473: Chapter 1474: Chapter 1475: Chapter 1476: Chapter 1477: Chapter 1478: Chapter 1479: Chapter 1480: Chapter 1481: Chapter 1482: Chapter 1483: Chapter 1484: Chapter 1485: Chapter 1486: Chapter 1487: Chapter 1488: Chapter 1489: Chapter 1490: Chapter 1491: Chapter 1492: Chapter 1493: Chapter 1494: Chapter 1495: Chapter 1496: Chapter 1497: Chapter 1498: Chapter 1499: Chapter 1500: Chapter 1501: Chapter 1502: Chapter 1503: Chapter 1504: Chapter 1505: Chapter 1506: Chapter 1507: Walk Around Chapter 1508: Chapter 1509: Chapter 1510: Chapter 1511: Chapter 1512: Chapter 1513: Chapter 1514: Chapter 1515: Chapter 1516: Chapter 1517: Chapter 1518: Chapter 1519: Chapter 1520: Chapter 1521: Chapter 1522: Chapter 1523: Chapter 1524: Chapter 1525: Chapter 1526: Chapter 1527: Chapter 1528: Chapter 1529: Chapter 1530: Chapter 1531: Chapter 1532: Chapter 1533: Chapter 1534: Chapter 1535: Chapter 1536: Chapter 1537: Chapter 1538: Chapter 1539: Chapter 1540: Chapter 1541: Chapter 1542: Chapter 1543: Chapter 1544: Chapter 1545: Chapter 1546: Chapter 1547: Chapter 1548: Chapter 1549: Chapter 1550: Chapter 1551: Chapter 1552: Chapter 1553: Chapter 1554: Chapter 1555: Chapter 1556: Chapter 1557: Chapter 1558: Chapter 1559: Chapter 1560: Chapter 1561: Chapter 1562: Chapter 1563: Chapter 1564: Chapter 1565: Chapter 1566: Chapter 1567: Chapter 1568: Chapter 1569: Chapter 1570: Chapter 1571: Chapter 1572: