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Chapter 1361 This is the cornerstone

Liu Mingyu has not forgotten these people, and their every move is always under his supervision.

Now that I know the headquarters of the mysterious people, there is no need to show mercy to them.

With mental arithmetic and unintentional.

And the people who arrested them are much stronger than them. I dont know how many times.

Everyone was arrested on the spot.

These people are widely distributed in every corner of the city.

A little commotion was caused during the arrest.

"What's the situation? What did these people commit? They even got arrested by the people of the Star Group."

"Who knows? It may be someone who has offended someone who shouldnt have offended."

"As expected, a member of the Star Group, with agility, the opponent has almost no power to fight back."

"Just now a large group of people have left, and arrests have begun in the city. I am afraid that something big will happen."

"Such a big action, there is indeed a big action."

The arrest is fast.

In addition to causing some small sensations at the scene, calm was soon restored.

Mystery Headquarters.

Wu Jinghao has been preparing supplies, and the entire headquarters is in preparation for war.

You can see in the headquarters, countless people hurried past.

Shi Wentao wanted to say hello to them, but they didn't bother to pay attention.

Just as Shi Wentao wanted to report to Dong Jianpings office, a tall woman in a small suit appeared in front of him.

"Director Shi, hello! Dean Wu is waiting for you in the office, please come with me."

"Okay! Could you lead the way." Shi Wentao nodded.

This is not the first time he has come to the headquarters.

Familiar with the structure of the headquarters.

The Dean Wu mentioned by the other party is Wu Jinghao, the second in command of the headquarters.

Although I dont know what Wu Jinghao is asking for him, since the other party is looking for him, he has to go.

It was Wu Jinghao's personal secretary who came to inform him.

Following the personal secretary, he soon came to the office of the dean of the institute.

The personal secretary knocked gently on the door.

"Please come in." Soon a calm voice sounded inside.

The door opened, and there was a young man in a white coat inside, looking at the screen attentively, not knowing what he was looking at.

"Dean, Minister Shi is here."

Wu Jinghao raised his head, looked at Shi Wentao at the door, and laughed loudly: "Director Shi is here, come and sit down quickly."

Shi Wentao walked straight to the chair in front of Wu Jinghao and sat down, and asked softly, "Dean Wu, I dont know if you are looking for me for anything?"

Wu Jinghao smiled and said: "I heard that you have found high-quality energy. Did you find Liang's heirloom?"

Shi Wentaos location is mainly to find the whereabouts of the Liang family heirloom star stone.

However, after searching for a long time, he could not find the whereabouts of the Star Stone. He almost forgot about this matter.

Even if they were asked to find high-quality energy this time, it was nothing more than casting a net. I never thought that the other party could find it.

After all, I didnt know how much time was wasted on this before. How could it be possible to find it in a month?

However, what he never expected was that less than half a month after the mission was released, there was news of finding high-quality energy.

This surprised Wu Jinghao, the energy transformed by his **** body finally had its place.

Faced with Wu Jinghao's question, Shi Wentao hesitated for a while.

Wu Jinghao didnt know what the other person was thinking, and smiled slightly: "The leader is out of business. Now I am in charge of the headquarters. You dont have to worry about it."

Shi Wentao smiled embarrassingly: "Dean Wu said and laughed. I have no other ideas. The reason why I answered immediately just now is because I found two high-quality energy sources this time."

"What? Two high-quality energy sources, are you kidding me?"

Wu Jinghao's eyes widened, with an unbelievable look.

It is extremely lucky to be able to find a high-quality energy source. Shi Wentao even said that he found two high-quality energy sources. How did he believe this?

Shi Wentao took out a necklace from his pocket, put it on the table, and whispered softly: "Dean Wu is joking, where would I dare to make a joke? This is one of them."

This is a simple and unpretentious necklace, but its pendant makes people look at it at a glance, as if the whole mind is sucked in.

Pendant is a purple gemstone, exuding a bright light, which makes people heart-stirring.

"Is this the Liang family heirloom?"

Wu Jinghao's eyes widened, he carefully held the necklace in his hand and looked carefully.

For Liang's heirloom, he has only seen it on the Internet.

I didnt feel anything when I watched it online. When held in his hand, the pendant seemed to emit a strange energy, which made him love it.

Shi Wentao nodded: "Yes, this is the star stone we have been tracking for a long time. Should it be considered high-quality energy?"

Wu Jinghao felt the energy transmitted from the necklace, nodded and said, "Forget it, this is considered a high-quality energy source. Didn't you find two high-quality energy sources? What about the other one?"

"The other one is in the lobby, because it is too heavy to carry it."

Shi Wentao explained.

"Very good, well done. If the high-quality energy in the hall is still used, I can guarantee that you will become the third person in the organization who has the qualifications to transform the body of God."

Wu Jinghao put away the Star Stone, patted Shi Wentao on the shoulder and smiled.

With Wu Jinghaos promise, Shi Wentao was full of joy, and pulled Wu Jinghao to the direction of the hall, "Dean Wu, please here."

Soon, the two came to the hall.

Chen Liujun and a group of people have been waiting in the hall for a long time.

Shi Wentao asked, "Hurry up and move the life stone out and let Dean Wu see it."


Chen Liujun looked for a few people and moved the rough life stone that was next to him.

Wu Jinghao's eyes widened, looking at the "Raw Stone of Life" in front of him. Isn't this a lost cornerstone? How did it become a rough stone of life?

Shi Wentao happily introduced: "Dean Wu, this is the second high-quality energy source we have found, the rough life stone, which absolutely meets the requirements of the headquarters."

Wu Jinghao almost didn't breathe in a breath. After a while, he asked in a deep voice, "Where did you come from? Are there any more?"

This thing in front of me is obviously the foundation stone that was lost before, and it has become the original stone of life in Shi Wentao's mouth.

Since one can be found, the others must also be found.

Shi Wentao didnt quite understand what Wu Jinghao meant, but he explained, "This rough life stone was snatched from someone else. As for whether there is any, it should be none."

Wu Jinghao shook his head and said, "Impossible. If one appears, then there should be four more."

"There are four more? Dean Wu, do you know the original stone of life?"

Shi Wentao heard this and asked in confusion.

Wu Jinghao explained: "This is not called the original stone of life. This thing is called the foundation stone. It was originally part of our organization. Not long ago, it was stolen, but I didn't expect it to appear in your hands. You tell me carefully. Once you say it, you may know the whereabouts of the other four cornerstones.

Didnt Xia Wenjun say that the cornerstone was stolen by people from the Star Group?

How went around in the hands of Shi Wentao, this made Wu Jinghao puzzled.

Shi Wentao suddenly realized, and hurriedly said: "This thing first appeared at the auction held by the Star Group, but was later bought by a man from Li Hongru, and finally we snatched it.

I just never heard that there are other rough life stones in the hands of Xingchen Group. No, it should be the cornerstone. "

He quickly explained the situation.

Hearing Shi Wentaos explanation and cooperating with Xia Wenjuns confession, Wu Jinghao could very much confirm that the cornerstone was stolen by people from the Star Group.

It just made him a little puzzled. Since the other party stole the cornerstone, why did he take it out for auction again?

Does the other party actually dont know how to use the cornerstone?

As soon as this thought came out, it was like a divine enlightenment, which opened up the two channels of Ren Du and Du throughout the body.

Only he and Dong Jianping know how to use Cornerstone, and no one else knows how to use it.

This is also where they found the cornerstone and the way to use it.

Others can't use the cornerstone at all, which can explain why the other party wants to auction the cornerstone. I am afraid that they want to take this opportunity to see if they can find a way to use it.

If this is the case, the other party may have already targeted the person who bought the cornerstone.

Wu Jinghao screamed badly, his face changed, and he grabbed Shi Wentao and asked quickly: "Did you get followed by anyone when you came to the headquarters?"

Shi Wentao laughed loudly and said: "Dean Wu dont have to worry. Before coming, he was very cautious. After confirming that no one was following after several times, he came here. Dont worry."

Wu Jinghao secretly breathed a sigh of relief and smiled: "Very well, thank you very much for sending high-quality energy and foundation stones. Don't worry, I will keep your credits in my heart, but because the leader has not returned, I cannot allow you to be baptized for the time being. After the chief comes back, we will arrange your baptism as soon as possible."

"Thank you Dean."

Shi Wentao quickly thanked him.

"Thank you Dean."

Others also followed suit to thank you.

"You will stay at the headquarters these few days. When the leader returns, we will attack the Star Group together. When the time comes, the transformation of the body of God will also have your share."

With the clues from the cornerstone, Wu Jinghao's mood became much more pleasant.

"Great! I've seen people in the Star Group displeased for a long time, and this time I can finally get revenge."

Shi Wentao looked surprised. Just now he was still thinking of a way, thinking about how to persuade them to attack the Star Group. He didn't expect Wu Jinghao to take the initiative to attack the Star Group. This would be best.

Wu Jinghao smiled slightly: "What's wrong? It seems that you have suffered a lot from them?"

Shi Wentao said with a look of indignation: "Isn't it, our branch in the Sioux City settlement has been dealt with by people. If we didn't escape in time, I am afraid we will not be able to return."

"What? The Sucheng settlement branch was served in a pot?" Wu Jinghao was taken aback.

"It cant be regarded as one-handed. People who work in the branch are treated with one-handed, but other people have nothing to do."

Shi Wentao explained.

"Unexpectedly, the Star Group has developed so rapidly that it has already occupied the Sioux City settlement. It seems that preparations must be made."

Afterwards, Wu Jinghao instructed his personal secretary: "Go and help Minister Shi and the others check in."

"Minister Shi, please here." The personal secretary smiled slightly at Shi Wentao.

"Thank you, Dean Wu." After Shi Wentao thanked him, he followed the secretary and left.

After Shi Wentao and the others left, Wu Jinghao issued a series of orders.

The entire headquarters speeds up again, and a lot of combat equipment is manufactured.

What they dont know is that everything they have here has been sent out by the Shadow Stinger.

After sneaking into the headquarters of the mysterious man, Shadow Stinger started the exploration work for the first time.

Except for some inaccessible places, the entire headquarters is basically clear.

There are two main places that have not been explored.

One place is the leaders office, because everyone doesnt have the key, and the Shadow Assassins didnt want to disturb others, so they didnt go in.

The other room is similar to the chiefs office, but there is nothing marked except for a door.

A complete report was sent out.

Liu Mingyu, who lived far away in the Sucheng settlement, also received this report for the first time.

Liu Mingyu checked the information carefully.

There are about 20,000 people in the mysterious headquarters, of which nearly two-thirds are logisticians, and the other one-third are combatants.

Among the logistics staff, researchers accounted for half.

It can be seen from this ratio that Destiny Headquarters still attaches great importance to scientific research work.

According to the data, there are nearly 7,000 researchers.

This is a very large research group.

If this group of people can be accepted, the companys overall R&D level can definitely enter a state of rapid development.

But, just think about it.

Thinking of the mysterious people's organization possessing the ability to infect the spirit, it might not be that simple to conquer these people.

Can we only kill these people?

When I think of this, I can't help but feel a little heartache.

However, people who cannot serve themselves will kill them if they kill them.

is wrong.

still have a chance.

Suddenly, Liu Mingyu thought of the zombie manufacturing function of the zombie conversion factory.

It's okay to kill them. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

As long as the time comes to make zombies in that place.

There is a chance to convert them into zombies.

There will be no need to worry about mental pollution.

In this way, not only did their own tasks have been completed, but this group of scientific researchers also received all their money.

As for those combatants, according to the field analysis of the Shadow Stingers, most of them have only taken the first-level genetic evolution potion, and only a small number of them can reach the second-level strength.

So, this action is not difficult, even very simple.

Just as Liu Mingyu was preparing to let Lu Haipeng, they launched an offensive, he suddenly saw the message behind.

The other party wants to attack his company, so it's better to laugh.

Suddenly, Liu Mingyu saw a message hidden inside.

Liu Mingyu muttered to himself: "It turns out that this is not a rough stone of life, but a cornerstone.

This bait is well placed and has a big harvest. "

(End of this chapter)

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Chapter 1071: The Uproar Caused By The Lithography Machine Chapter 1072: Another Celebration Chapter 1073: Hidden Wolf Chapter 1074: Welcome Chapter 1074: We Don't Welcome Gilded People Chapter 1076: Give Up Quickly Chapter 1077: Willing To Bet Chapter 1078: I Am Not Convinced Chapter 1079: One Vs One Hundred And Fifty Four Chapter 1080: 1 Person Per Second Chapter 1081: Everyone Has A Share Chapter 1082: 3 No Products Need To Be Submitted For Inspection Chapter 1083: Meet Classmates Chapter 1084: Betting Chapter 1085: Disliked Military Boxing Chapter 1086: Sandbag Qin Hai Chapter 1087: Call From Wang Lunhai Chapter 1088: Distressing Inspection Report Chapter 1089: Hope To Restart Project X Chapter 1090: Teacher On Chapter 1091: Teacher Below Chapter 1092: Actual Confrontation Chapter 1093: The More The Better Chapter 1094: 10000 Yuan 1 Gram Chapter 1095: Copycat Chapter 1096: Is This Poison? Chapter 1097: 2 Parts Energy Spar Chapter 1098: High Price Repair Order Chapter 1099: Just What You Think Chapter 1100: Try It Yourself Chapter 1101: Significantly Improved Chapter 1102: Whether Its True Or False You Can See At One Glance Chapter 1103: Big Than Hope Chapter 1104: Military Exercises Chapter 1105: Promotion? Chapter 1106: Cooperate Again Chapter 1107: Wang Jiahao Chapter 1108: Just Broken Ribs Minor Injuries Chapter 1109: Recovery Preparation Chapter 1110: 300 Places Chapter 1111: Live Small News Chapter 1112: Artists Swarming Chapter 1113: Staff Meal That Sparked Heated Discussion Again Chapter 1114: In Kind Chapter 1115: Make Persistent Efforts Chapter 1116: Dress Rehearsal Chapter 1117: Lucky Chapter 1118: Net Red Fruits And Vegetables Chapter 1119: Limited Purchase Admission Chapter 1120: Big Brother Enters Chapter 1121: 1 Days Passed Chapter 1122: Resonance Chapter 1123: Exquisite Gift Chapter 1124: 10 Per Person Chapter 1125: Incomplete Version? 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Chapter 1264: Shock Chapter 1265: Begin Chapter 1266: Anomaly From Hangzhou Part 1 Chapter 1267: Anomaly From Hangzhou Part 2 Chapter 1268: The Drone That Crashed Repeatedly On Chapter 1269: The Drone That Crashed Repeatedly Below Chapter 1270: To No Avail Chapter 1271: Doubt Happy New Year Chapter 1272: Reward Doubled Chapter 1273: Awards Chapter 1274: Amazing Ministry Of Agriculture Part 1 Chapter 1275: Amazing Ministry Of Agriculture Part 2 Chapter 1276: Electronic Restricted Area Chapter 1277: Spy Mission Chapter 1278: Reason Top Chapter 1279: Reason Below Chapter 1280: Block Part 1 Chapter 1281: Block Below Chapter 1282: Explosion On Chapter 1283: Explosion Below Chapter 1284: Serial Mission Part 1 Chapter 1285: Serial Task Below Chapter 1286: Ring 2 Chapter 1287: Ring 3 Chapter 1288: Congratulations To The Boss Chapter 1289: Chief Hexi Chapter 1290: Doubt Chapter 1291: Find Another Chapter 1292: Missing Part 1 Chapter 1293: Missing Part 2 Chapter 1294: The Real Murderer On Chapter 1295: The Real Murderer Part 2 Chapter 1296: Detect Chapter 1297: Emblem Chapter 1298: Hide Chapter 1299: Surrounded Chapter 1300: There Is Nothing To Fight Back Chapter 1301: Sure 1 Certain And Affirmative Chapter 1302: The Boss Is Blocked? On Chapter 1303: The Boss Is Blocked? Under Chapter 1304: Poison Part 1 Chapter 1305: Poison Below Chapter 1306: Approaching Group Annihilation Chapter 1307: Extraordinary Survivor Chapter 1308: Mental Pollution Part 1 Chapter 1309: Mental Pollution Part 2 Chapter 1310: Liang Zixuan Officially Joined Chapter 1311: Ring 4 Chapter 1312: Looking For High Quality Energy Chapter 1313: Heirloom: The Star Stone Chapter 1314: False News? Chapter 1315: High Quality Energy Chapter 1316: Found It On Chapter 1317: Found It Below Chapter 1318: Crowdfunding Chapter 1319: Hot Discussion Caused By The Auction Chapter 1320: Reserve Part 1 Chapter 1321: Reserve Below Chapter 1322: Bad News Part 1 Chapter 1323: Bad News Part 2 Chapter 1324: Inquiry On Chapter 1325: Inquiry Below Chapter 1326: You Just Hire It Part One Chapter 1327: You Just Hire It Below Chapter 1328: Straightforward On Chapter 1329: Crooked Hitting Below Chapter 1330: Return Without Success Chapter 1331: Encounter Chapter 1332: Early Warning Chapter 1333: Blocking Chapter 1334: Blood Stains Chapter 1335: Disappeared Bloodstains Chapter 1336: Personal I.d Chapter 1337: Facts Do Not Match The Information Chapter 1338: Well Developed Branch Chapter 1339: Incomplete Information Chapter 1340: Magic Medicine Part 1 Chapter 1341: Magic Medicine Part 2 Chapter 1342: Small Town 1 Day Tour Part 1 Chapter 1343: Small Town 1 Day Tour Part 2 Chapter 1344: Take The Opportunity Chapter 1345: Mouse Chapter 1346: The Crafty Rat Part 1 Chapter 1347: The Cunning Rat Part 2 Chapter 1348: Please Enter The Urn Part 1 Chapter 1349: Please Enter The Urn Part 2 Chapter 1350: Mischief Part 1 Chapter 1351: Mischief Part 2 Chapter 1352: Dirty Stuff Part 1 Chapter 1353: Dirty Stuff Below Chapter 1354: Track Chapter 1355: Doubt Chapter 1356: Illusion Attack Chapter 1357: Arrested Chapter 1358: Trial Chapter 1359: Urgent Task Chapter 1360: The Trial Was Unsuccessful And The Auction Is About To Begin Chapter 1361: Temporary Increase Chapter 1362: Finale Chapter 1363: 1 Foot Horizontally Chapter 1364: Identity Exposure Chapter 1365: Cautious Chen Liujun Chapter 1366: Snatch Success Chapter 1367: Has The Branch Been Handled? Chapter 1368: Find The Headquarters The Final Mission Chapter 1369: This Is The Cornerstone Chapter 1370: Illuminati Chapter 1371: Fighting Chapter 1372: Completely Wiped Out Unfinished Task Chapter 1373: The Missing Person Complete The Task Chapter 1374: Reward Chapter 1375: God Level Draw 10 Consecutive Draws Chapter 1376: Harvest Chapter 1377: How To Use The Cornerstone Chapter 1378: Prepare For System Upgrade Chapter 1379: A Joke On April Fools' Day? Chapter 1380: This is real Chapter 1381: Persistence is hope Chapter 1382: invite Chapter 1383: Scream Chapter 1384: Find another way Chapter 1385: Unexpected visitor Chapter 1386: Review Chapter 1387: Cooperate again Chapter 1388: Mighty move Chapter 1389: new goal Chapter 1390: Suspension of sales Chapter 1391: restore Chapter 1392: Sold out in seconds, new heights Chapter 1393: Controlled nuclear fusion Chapter 1394: Is this fake information? Chapter 1395: Worried Chapter 1396: On oneself Chapter 1398: System upgrade completed Chapter 1399: Surprise brought by the upgrade Chapter 1400: Return to the end times Chapter 1401: Monthly meeting Chapter 1402: New target, guess