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Chapter 166: A Surprise Isnt A Surprise, An Accident Isnt An Accident.

Yan HeQing didnt understand what was wrong at first, but they were very close to each other, so as long as one moved a little, everything could be detected by the slightest move. So, Yan HeQing quickly moved his eyes to Xiao YuAns crotch.

Xiao YuAn blushed deeply as he placed his hands against Yan HeQings chest: Yan, Yan, Yan Yan-ge Ill, I-I, Ill take care of it.

When Yan HeQing saw that Xiao YuAn was about to get up, Yan HeQing turned over and pressed Xiao YuAn on the bed. Then, he said: Ill help you.

Before Xiao YuAn could say wait a minute!, his belt had already been taken off by Yan HeQing. Xiao YuAn was only wearing a pair of thin undergarments, the front piece of his undergarment was half opened, revealing his chest, which was as bright and clean as white jade.

Even though the clothes on his body were gradually being stripped away, Xiao YuAn felt that his whole body was burning, as if he was thrown inside a stove. Xiao YuAn admitted defeat as he tilted his head away, which was immediately turned back by Yan HeQing pinching his chin.

Yan HeQing looked at those bright eyes, lowered his head, and kissed him gently. Xiao YuAn, who had to close his eyes because they were kissing, suddenly felt that Yan HeQings palm was rubbing his chest. The pressure wasnt light nor too heavy, and it made him feel lightheaded and numb. Of course, only the hard lower part of Xiao YuAn was teased, making his whole body curl up.

Dont. Xiao YuAn subconsciously put his hands against Yan HeQings chest. At this, Yan HeQing simply grasped his forearm, and then Xiao YuAns wrist was marked with bite marks. Feeling slight pain from his wrist, he chuckled: Yan-ge, you were thinking that since other places would be covered by clothes, you could indirectly leave a mark here, dont you?

Yan HeQing didnt reply, he just lowered his head and kissed Xiao YuAns arm all the way up, until finally, he sucked and nibbled on Xiao YuAns neck. Meanwhile, his mischievous hands were repeatedly rubbing and circling around Xiao YuAns waist and buttocks, but he didnt touch the right place.

Xiao YuAn was so irritated by this that he couldnt help but raise his hips forward, trying to rub himself against anything. The moment he did this, he heard Yan HeQing chuckling in his ear.

President Xiao had lived for two lifetimes, and for the first time he understood what it meant to fly into a rage out of humiliation.

However, before he could have the time to get angry, his lower part fell into the hands of the bad man who was repeatedly teasing him, until the irresistible pleasure arrived. The trace of pleasure in Xiao YuAns body crashed through his sanity, until finally, it tickled the strings of the greedy pleasure, playing a song of moans.

Yan-ge… Xiao YuAn gasped as he put his hands around Yan HeQings shoulders, pressing their bodies together.

Yan HeQing knew he was close to finish, so he lowered his head and kissed him fiercely, blocking the soft sobs back to Xiao YuAns mouth as his hand accelerated the speed.

Xiao YuAns mind suddenly went blank, and his vision became blurred. His entire body suddenly arched up and then went limp. Even though he wasnt able to think right at the moment, the hands around Yan HeQing were never loosen.

Yan HeQing kissed him and then got up to boil some water. Once the water was ready, he brought a clean cloth and cleaned Xiao YuAn. Then Xiao YuAn pulled Yan HeQing back to bed, half-hugged, half-pressed against him, and slept contentedly.

Xiao YuAn spent half a month in Taoyuan Village, recovering from his injuries. At this, Zhang Changsong reluctantly agreed to let Xiao YuAn get out of bed and walk around. Early in the morning, Xiao YuAn propped up his crutches, and walked around the small courtyard as exercise. From a distance, he saw Yang LiuAn and Xiao Fengyue coming in from outside the residence. The two of them were looking at each other as they laughed and talked about something. Yang LiuAn waved his arms as he exaggerated his story. At this, Xiao Fengyue covered his lips and laughed happily. The autumn breeze was gently blowing past, making the leaves of the willows in the courtyard fall on Xiao Fengyues hair. Yang LiuAn reached out his hand to remove the leaves for Xiao Fengyue, as he raised a smile.

When the two of them stepped forward, they saw Xiao YuAn in the courtyard, and greeted: Young Master? Why are you in the courtyard? Why arent you resting in bed?

Xiao YuAn waved his hand: Its alright. Im tired of staying in bed for so long. Where have you two been?

Xiao Fengyue replied: Young Master, a group of monks came down from the foot of the mountain, not far away from here, and repaired a temple. We went to pay our respects.

Xiao YuAn replied with a ah, oh, and rolled his eyes thoughtfully.

Yang LiuAn stepped forward and said: Young Master, shall I help you go back?

Xiao YuAn waved his hand: Im fine, dont worry. I should move more from time to time as well. Moreover, Shifu said that walking its good for recovery.

While they were still having a conversation, Yan HeQing walked in. The recent relationship between Xiao YuAn and Yan HeQing made Yang LiuAn and Xiao Fengyue see the sincerity of Yan HeQings feelings towards Xiao YuAn, so they no longer showed hostility towards him. After nodding to each other, Yang LiuAn and Xiao Fengyue saw that it was the right time to go, leaving Yan HeQing and Xiao YuAn alone.

Does your leg hurt? Yan HeQing saw that Xiao YuAn was standing, with the help of the crutches, and his eyes fell on his knee.

Xiao YuAn smiled and waved his hand: It doesnt hurt, its just that I stumble while I walk, so I cant walk fast.

Yan HeQing put away the crutches for Xiao YuAn and helped him sit on the stone mill. Xiao YuAn had been feeling suffocated these days, due to having to rest and letting his health recover, so when he heard that there was a temple at the foot of the mountain, a thought came to his mind. At this, he smiled and said to Yan HeQing: Yan-ge, in my last life, before a couple got married, there was an extremely important thing to do. Guess what it was?

Yan HeQing replied: Propose marriage.

Xiao YuAn shook his head, winked at him, and replied with a playful smile: No, they would be dating.

A trace of doubt flashed through Yan HeQings eyes: Talk talk about what?

Xiao YuAn simply smiled and stood up. Without the help of the crutches, Xiao YuAn would stagger as he walked, so Yan HeQing hurriedly reached out to hold Xiao YuAn, letting him lean on himself. Xiao YuAn playfully leaned his entire weight against Yan HeQing. Then, he waved his hand, and said: Lets go, well have a date!

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Wow that first half of the chapter was quite spicy

And then YLA & XFY being all cute and in love the same for XYA & YHQ sksjs (o`o)

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