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TL: , hello readers! I have a lot of both bad and good news to share with you! Lets start with the bad ones, of course.

I am going to drop IDDOPA, because I dont like how the story evolves and the vibes I get from the main couple. Plus, I have other projects I am interested in.

Ok, lets come to the good news I picked up two other BL novels!

One I am co-translating with TL Moon Flower and it is called , while the other one is which I am going to work on with Mara Jiejie~ (Both will be posted with complete chapters and not in parts!)

And since we are both busy, me with the final exams and she with her university, we would appreciate donations on Ko-Fi. But in my point of view, it is not urgent! Because I am aware of the economical problems the Virus is bringing! So if you are undergoing a lockdown, spare your bucks and eat and sleep well. I also suggest you take some time to learn something else! So that you dont only relieve your boredom but also have a better chance in building and improving yourself!

Anyway, it has been quite a long journey with you, dear IDDOPA readers. Thats why I left you a massive release! I bid farewells in this way. Well, it is not a real good-bye, especially if you are going to save one or both the new projects on your reading list!

On this trip, I think my translation skills have improved a lot!

Want To Ascend will be challenging, but I also like discovering new synonyms! As for Guardian, it seems interesting with many face-slapping chapters.

Ok, I balabala a lot hehe I will truly leave you now! Uncensored but pure and innocent kisses for everyone!~

PR: Hello, Maralynx here! Im writing to you to say that we will be moving on from this novel. To be honest, we started getting bad vibes about the novel development as early as chapter 40, but we decided to push a little more before understanding that this is not a novel wed be happy with even if we finished it.

The CP just seems unnatural. If it stayed at some weird comical situations and light teasing aka shounen ai, it wouldve been fine, but like this, I just couldnt make myself like it.

Nevertheless, since this is the novel that brought me into proofreading and editing (and my Meimei Blue), I decided to help the person that wants to take it over from us with proofreading, .

I hope you all are doing well and trying your best in times such as these.

Sharing hugs and kisses!~~

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