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Before she raised her foot, Shen Tuchuan suddenly asked, “I wonder if what your Highness said in the past is true?”

“What’s true?” Ji Ting paused as if she didn’t know anything.

Shen Tuchuan didn’t expect that she would have forgotten it. After staring at her beautiful face for a moment, a sudden rage rose up, almost tempting him to directly ask her: had she ever treated him with even a little respect as a human?

However, now was not the time to be vindictive. He endured this anger and reminded her word by word, “That day, your Highness came down to Fengyue Tower and kept saying that she would save this commoner from water and fire and let this commoner live in the princess mansion. Has your Highness forgotten it?”

Ji Ting gave an ah, seeming as if she had just remembered something, “Yes, this princess seems to have said that.”

“Then your Highness is serious?”

“Why are you asking about this?” Ji Ting gave him a strange look. “You don’t want this princess to save you. I thought about it after I went back; I can protect you even in Fengyue Tower. In fact, there is no need for me to let you enter the princess mansion, so I don’t want to force you anymore.”

Shen Tuchuan never thought that she would have already made a decision. His thin lips moved slightly, but he couldn’t bring himself to beg her to take him away. But, if he didn’t speak up, it would be against his father’s wishes. On top of that, his mother was ill; he really couldn’t ignore them.

It was only now when he read his fathers letter that he realized how ridiculous he was fighting against the princess. He had thought that he was preserving his integrity by not entering the princess mansion*, but at Fengyue Tower, he didnt even have half of his freedom. He couldnt even send a letter to his father.

He clearly understood his current situation now, but…

“Do you have something to say?” Ji Ting saw his hesitation and couldn’t help but speak first.

Shen Tuchuan clenched his fists, and his whole body trembled slightly. Begging for mercy from someone he hated for so many years was not easy; he really couldn’t say a word.

Looking at him like this, Ji Ting could not help but soften a little. After thinking about it, she stepped over the door rise towards him, “What did Prime Minister Shentu tell you in the letter?”

“My father did say something,” Shen Tuchuan was a wise man. Seeing her step back in the room, he immediately said, “He hoped that this lowly one could leave Fengyue Tower with the princess.”

“And what do you think?” Ji Ting raised her eyebrows.

Shen Tuchuan pursed his lips, and suddenly a trace of frustration appeared in his eyes, “It depends on what the princess thinks. If your Royal Highness does not want it, this commoner will naturally not become entangled with you.” The meaning of his words was to give Ji Ting the choice to decide.

Ji Ting curled the corners of her lips, thinking for a while before slowly saying, “This princess offer to protect you has never changed. If you are willing to go to the princess mansion with this princess, it is naturally a good thing. Stay in the mansion for a while first, and when the limelight passes, this princess will send you to reunite with your parents.”

“Thank you princess,” Shen Tuchuan leaned over to give her a solemn salute.

Ji Ting stepped forward and stretched out a lily white hand to help support him up. She thought for a while and said, “Everyone knows that you are independent and upright. If you suddenly leave with this princess voluntarily, someone will be suspicious. They might check and find out that the prime minister sent you a letter.”

“What does your Highness think we should do?” Shen Tuchuan looked at her.

Ji Ting was silent for a moment, and slowly said, “How about you pretend to be grateful for this princess care from these past few days, and thats the reason why you are willing to leave with this princess?”

Shen Tuchuan pursed his lips. It was already against his will to be asked to go to the princess mansion. Now, to want him to pretend to have a good impression of the princess…

“Master Shentu doesn’t have to worry. You only need to act in front of the old madam, because as soon as we leave, she will pass the word to the emperor. You can’t let her see any mistakes. As for entering the princess mansion, this princess will never force you to do anything else,” Ji Ting patiently persuaded.

As soon as her voice fell, the old madam’s refreshing laughter came from outside the door and the sound seemed to be heading towards their room. Ji Ting looked at Shen Tuchuan solemnly. Shen Tuchuan and her stared at each other for a long time. When the old madams clothes were about to appear in their sights, he slowly knelt towards Ji Ting

“This commoner Shen Tuchuan is willing to submit under the princess skirt.**”


Translators Notes:

*Entering the princess mansion – basically a euphemism for becoming a member of her harem.

**Submit under the princess skirt – this bit is somewhat more difficult to translate into English, but it basically means hes willing to serve her in the bedroom. Hence, the under the skirt bit.

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