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In the concept of mortals, Immortal Mansion was the place where the immortal lived. In the concept of the cultivator, it was an independent small world, which was opened up by those cultivators who have the ability to move mountains and fill the sea.

Although in the cultivation world nowadays, this kind of magic that could open up an independent world has been lost, in the library of some large sects that existed before the war between humans and demons, there were still some vague records.

According to the above statement, in the previous era, as long as the cultivator reached the Physique Integration stage, he could use a special space technique to open up his own independent world. However, because of the chronology, in the current cultivation world, the study of space magic was just getting started.

In Jade Tower, Mystery Academy, and some other famous big sects in the world, there were only one or two places that use space technology. Compared with the techniques of the ancient city to manipulate space, these techniques were still very rough and took a lot of manpower and material resources to develop and use, which was very troublesome.

Most of the Immortal Mansions that existed in the cultivation world today were left over by the mighty who lived from many years ago.

But none of them could compare to the Immortal Mansion awakened by the ancient city. This mansion broke the sky, created a spatial vortex, looked like a mountain hang upside down from the sky, and this was only the entrance.

Since the battle with the Land Immortals, the Righteous Alliance and the Evil Alliance have tacitly sent people to block this entrance, but there were still many cultivators took advantage of when these two factions, for the sake of Nine Provinces and Ten Lands, fought the monsters of Ancient City, to quietly fly across the battlefield and sneak into this entrance.

They came with the attitude of “fishing in mudded waters”, and wanted to take advantage of the fact the two largest forces were busy to enter this unique Immortal Mansion and seek opportunities and treasures, wishing to become strong enough to make the two factions admiring them.

People were always self-interested. This kind of thing has happened many times before, and it has been repeatedly banned. Once these people have already entered, the Righteous Alliance and the Evil Alliance had no way to deal with them.

Fortunately, after the two factions sent people to blockade, no more people sneaked in here.

Of course, there were two sides to everything. The Righteous Alliance and the Evil Alliance joined forces to block the entrance, on the one hand, that’s because they wanted to get lead. On the other hand, it also prevented those who were not good enough from risking their lives.

Moreover, the cultivators who sneaked in before did give help to the two forces. At least after several cultivators were killed by a bolt of sudden lightning, the two forces also figured out the limit of the entrance.

Below the Nascent Soul Stage and above the Foundation Establishment stage, this was the entry threshold for this Immortal Mansion.

Once the entrant’s cultivation level reached the Nascent Soul Stage or above, the formation at the entrance would be activated, attracting thunder and lightning in the sky, allowing the cultivators to “enjoy” the “happiness” of experiencing the tribulation early. and passing away on the spot.

Withstanding the Heavenly Tribulation said that it is these cultivators who have not yet reached the stage of crossing Tribulation. Even for Huangfu Feng who has already survived the Heavenly Tribulation, the experience was so awful that he never wanted to go through it again.

And the reason why the entry threshold was above the Foundation Establishment stage, that’s because only the cultivators who have reached the Foundation Establishment stage could fly with flying swords and reach the entrance located several miles high in the sky.

Of course, this restriction had no effect on a certain man.

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