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In the villa, Ji Lin completely disregarded Chu Shuangyans suggestion. He picked up his phone, opened Weibo, and tagged Siyu without any hesitation.

@Ji Lin: Siyu-jie, I dont think we are ill-matched according to horoscope. But I think my horoscope is ill-matched with water. I have had (a Chinese fortune telling) reading before. Our traits are the most compatible. @Zhou Siyu Yuyu!

At the same time, the camera behind had also been recording. When the masses saw it, they all began laughing boisterously.

As expected, he chose Siyu! Sangzi raised her eyebrows Then what about the other two?

Wen Yuan looked at Siyu and said, Actually, Ji Lin and I have very similar standards in aesthetic.

Wen Yuans eyes were very beautiful. When he looked at someone, it was as if you were engraved in those eyes. Siyu was dumbfounded when she saw him tag her like Ji Lin.

@Wen Yuan: Rabbits and hamsters are often used to define cuteness, and so are you. @Zhou Siyu Yuyu

These two people were extremely famous superstars. They had a countless number of diehard loyal fans, furthermore, the majority of them were females. Its easy to know about how much of a sensation these two pieces of Weibo confession posts would cause, and whats more, the subject of confession from these two people was the same!

Sangzi couldnt but be amazed, You guys indeed are the most exotic group Ive ever seen! After losing the game, you two even tag the culprit to confess. Both of you have such great chemistry!

No, It should be said, Siyu who was simultaneously being confessed to by these two people might be a bit miserable.. Sangzi sympathetically glanced at Siyu. Although its for the sake of the show, those crazy group of fans might not be that reasonable. Its very likely that Siyus Weibo will explode during this period of time

Finally, it was Siyus turn. She had stared at the phone in her hand for a long time, but had yet to post anything up. Upon seeing this, Chu Shuangyan couldnt help but criticizingly said, What, you couldnt choose between the two of them?

Sangzi tried to smooth things over, Thats right. After all, Ji-ge and Film Emperor Wen simultaneously tag you. If it were me, I would get even more tangled. After all, both are dream boys!

In fact, this multiple choice question wasnt easy to answer. No matter which side Siyu confessed to, the other partys fans would definitely have dissatisfaction: My familys Idol had shown you goodwill, so why didnt you return it? Are you belittling him?

Ji Lin sat stiffly by Siyus side and stared at her with an expectant gaze. Although Young Master Ji just suffered an unexpected disaster of four buckets of water, he still has unfounded confidence and felt that this issue didn’t need to be considered at all. Who could Jie-jie choose besides him?

However, Siyu didnt sense Ji Lins strong expectations at all. She inwardly thought, If she tagged the confession to herself, would it seem too shameless?

Shes not familiar with the other, so its a pass. As for Ji Lin and Wen Yuan, the fighting capability of these two peoples fans was too scary. If she really chose one of those two, its guaranteed that she will be torn to pieces, so its also a pass. Then, whats left was just..

Siyu logged into her account and calmly posted on Weibo:

@Zhou Siyu Yuyu: Tai-tai, your drawing looks so good. I like you so much! @A Koi That Can Live For Another Five Hundred Years

Young Master Ji Lin who was sitting beside her saw this familiar account name and his face quickly became distorted: How did this artist whose drawing is as ugly as hell suddenly pop up and even appear on his sisters favorite list? !

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