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Translated by: Jellylynn

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Edited by: Kame & Silkscreen

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Names mentioned in this chapter (which can also be found in the ):

- (s ru) Su Rui, our female protagonist

- (g y chng)- Gu Yu Cheng, the male lead

-(li yu)- Liu Yue, the female protagonists mother, which is also known as Mrs Su

-(s m m)- Mother Su, Liu Yue

- (s hng yuan)- Su Hong Yuan, the female protagonists father

During the third trimester, the baby is more restless. Thus, Su Rui was also particularly prone to sleepiness at night.

After sending Mother Su away, she did not turn off the light and went to bed.

However, with the sudden absence of someone next to her, Su Rui did not sleep very well.

At night, Su Rui didnt know exactly what time it was as a slight movement caught Su Ruis attention.

She heard careful footsteps approach her. The next second, a familiar and reassuring scent entered her nose.

Sensing the other person on the bed, Su Rui moved closer to him almost instinctively.

As she entered in the warm embrace, Su Rui kept her eyes closed, nuzzled up against him and found a comfortable position in the other persons arm.

Go to sleep. Gu Yu Cheng said softly, gently kissing the woman in his arms on the forehead.


In the middle of the night, Su Rui dazedly felt her foot was a little numb and wanted to stretch her legs.

In the next second, a sharp pain in her left leg startled Su Rui awake.

Mm Yu Cheng Su Rui pulled Gu Yu Chengs arm beside her frantically.

Hearing the womans voice, Gu Yu Cheng instantly woke up with a start.

Whats wrong, Rui Rui?

Le-Leg cramp Su Rui said as she squeezed Gu Yu Chengs arm tightly.

When Gu Yu Cheng heard this, his face tensed up and he raised his hand to turn on the light beside the bed and covered Su Rui with the blanket. Then, he quickly sat down at the end of the bed.

Which leg?

The left.

Gu Yu Cheng took hold of Su Ruis tense left leg and massaged it quickly but with careful movements.

Ow! It hurts

Good girl, bear with it. Soon, it wont hurt anymore.

After entering the later stage of pregnancy, Su Ruis legs would often cramp up. Compared to the first time when he got so flustered, Gu Yu Chengs movements are now very skilled.

Despite being so, Gu Yu Chengs face remained tense throughout the entire process.

It was only when he felt the leg in his hand gradually relax and no longer heard the womans soft cries of pain did Gu Yu Chengs movement ease up.

From the initial massage, he changed to the massage techniques he learned at the maternity centre.

Once Su Ruis left leg was completely relaxed, Gu Yu Cheng switched to her right leg and massaged Su Rui once more.

Hows it? Is there anywhere else that is uncomfortable? Gu Yu Cheng asked as he placed Su Ruis leg under the blanket and massaged the bottom of her foot with one hand.

After asking, he did not hear Su Ruis response.

Originally, Gu Yu Cheng thought Su Rui had fallen asleep. However, when he raised his head and looked at the head of the bed, he realized that Su Rui was not asleep.

The womans eyes were wide open and her head turned staring blankly at the lamp on the bedside table without making a sound. The tears in her eyes were spilling out as if it was scrambling to come out, drenching a large part of the pillow.

This was the first time he saw Su Rui cry like this. Gu Yu Chengs heart first felt a twinge of pain, the next moment his heart wrenched completely. He panicked and went over to embrace Su Rui.

Rui Rui, whats wrong?

Tell me where you feel discomfort?

Baby, dont cry

Is there somewhere you feel discomfort?

Dont be afraid. Tell me where its uncomfortable. Dont cry

Gu Yu Cheng asked in a nervous voice as he kissed the tears on Su Ruis face in a flustered manner.

Hearing the tension within Gu Yu Chengs voice, Su Rui shook her head, telling him that she was fine.

However, the tears in her eyes were still gushing out uncontrollably.

She also wanted to contain them, but at this moment, her emotions welled up and felt uncomfortable and stifled, unable to be suppressed.

After a while, with Gu Yu Chengs assurance, Su Ruis emotions gradually calmed down.

Gu Yu Cheng Su Rui called out, her voice still contained a strong nasal tone.

Im here.

Gu Yu Cheng lowered his head and kissed Su Ruis cheeks. He heard her say something in a very tiny voice that he would probably remember for the rest of his life.

How much do I love you to bear you a child

In the past, Su Rui had heard the aunties in the same ward talking about some of the things women went through when they gave birth.

However, after hearing about it, Su Rui never imagined that her own pregnancy would be like this.

Originally, she thought that pregnancy was just a matter of carrying an additional weight in the belly, but she never imagined that it would be so unbearable.

You have to treat me better from now on, okay? Su Rui whispered again in a nasal voice.

The womans delicate voice reached his ears, and Gu Yu Cheng could only feel as if his heart had been violently struck by something at this moment.

At the same time, Gu Yu Cheng couldnt help but feel distressed as he looked at the woman under him.

No need for later. Ill be good to you now. be good to you with all I have.

Gu Yu Cheng kissed Su Rui and emphasized each word.

His voice was gentle, yet contained an incomparably solemn promise.

He stared at Su Rui until he felt the womans short and shallow breathing become stable. Gu Yu Chengs tense heart relaxed.

His entire heart was completely filled with this woman. How could he not treat her well?

Do you want to go to the bathroom? Gu Yu Cheng asked.

Su Rui shook her head.

Are you hungry? Gu Yu Cheng asked again.

Upon hearing this, Su Rui first shook her head inconspicuously, then nodded again.

Seeing this, Gu Yu Cheng could not help but smile.

What do you want to eat? Ill go get it for you.

Potato chips Su Rui muttered these two words completely without thinking and subconsciously.

End of Chapter 71 Part 2/2

Translator’s Notes: This is so touching. (;`)

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