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For Yi Ming, the most painful thing in life is not only Sheng Yu, He Shengliang.

From Xiaozhuangyun to the boss, he is the second child, Zhuang Yun from the youngest test, he took the first countdown, Zhuang Yun became the new imperial capital seven show - and he became the second.

After several provocations and defeats, Yi Ming firmly remembered the teachings of Mu Laojiao, and the gentleman revenge, not too late.

He waits! wait! I have been waiting for more than ten years, waiting for Zhuang Zhen to find a good one to grab Zhuangyun's good, but unfortunately, people are not as good as days, Zhuang Yun has not found a good.

Yi Ming, who couldn't stand the temper, had to go to Zhuang Yun and asked him why he didn't look for a good one. The result was a ridiculous meal by Zhuang Yun. Yi Ming returned to his home with some dejected feelings. Yi Fan looked at Yi Ming and asked, "What happened?"

"To find Zhuang Yun today, the guy has a fight, you look at my face."

Yi Fan looked at Yi Mings cheeks and frowned.

Yi Ming slammed on the table. "This **** always likes to greet me. I am handsome and handsome, and I have destroyed him. This dross."

Yi Fan looked at Yi Ming helplessly and said: "If you don't always challenge him, he won't beat you."

Yi Mingman is dissatisfied: "Daddy, who are you on the side?"

Yi Fan looked at Yi Ming and said: "Son, life is alive, some people can't fight, it's just fighting, don't be too persistent."

Yi Ming looked at Yi Fan, displeased: "Daddy, how can you grow the ambition of others and destroy the prestige of your son?"

Yi Fan: "..."

Yi Ming blinked and thought thoughtfully: "This guy is twenty-eight, and he hasn't found a good one. Is he a problem!"

"You haven't found it yet!"

Yi Ming is not happy: "Daddy, you help him to talk, I don't look for it, that is, I have to wait for him to find, he found me to grab it again. If I look for it first, people will think that I am a playboy. of."

Yi Fan nodded and said: "Yes!"

"Daddy, when you were admiring the old man, you were only a teenager." Yi Mingdao.

Yi Fan nodded and said: "Yes!"

"Why are you admiring the old man!" Yi Ming asked.

"Maybe because I fell in love at first sight." Yi Fandao.

Yi Ming took a deep breath and said: "I can't wait for Zhuang Yun's **** to find a good one. I decided, I have to find a good one."

Yi Fan looked at Yi Ming with some incomprehensibility and said: "How come this idea suddenly."

"Because I suspect that Zhuang Yun may have problems, people will doubt me if they are not good." Yi Mingdao.

Yi Fan: "..."

Yi Fan smiled and said: "Yes, your age is almost the same."

Yi Mings only thing to do from small to big is to find Zhuang Yuns troubles. However, Yi Ming thinks that he has more important things to do now, and can put Zhuang Yuns things aside.

A few months later.

"Zhuang Yun, this bastard." Yi Mingman was angry and sat on the sofa.

Yi Fan said: "What's the problem?"

"Zhuang Yun that **** grabbed my sixth contact." Yi Mingdao.

Yi Fanman is a headache: "The sixth one!"

Yi Ming nodded and said: "Yes! Every time, I am a good guy to show up, he will come over and grab it. After finishing, I said that I have no charm to keep people. This guy is really a scum."

Yi Fan: "..."

"In fact, Huaxia Commercial Bank has a problem in the business of Yunguo. If you like, you can go there and distract yourself." Yi Fandao.

Yi Ming toward Yi Fan, said: "Distracted?"

Yi Fan nodded and said: "Yes!"

"If you do this, you will be able to escape like a wasteland." Yi Ming dissatisfied.

"If you want to go to a good place, you can see more people from other countries. If you are lucky, you can find the other half there." Yi Fandao.

Yi Ming Shen for a long time, biting his teeth and said: "Well, I will go there to see the situation."

Mu Tingxuan came out and said: "Are you leaving Amin?"

Yi Fan shrugged his shoulder and said: "It is better to let him go out and distract."

"What do you think Zhuang Yun means!" asked Mu Tingxuan.

"I think he should like A Ming, but he is too embarrassed to speak." Yi Fandao.

Mu Tingxuan nodded and said: "I think so too. What are your plans?"

Yi Fan inserted his waist and said: "If it is the general situation, I will find someone to fight and give him a horse."

"But, you are not afraid of Zhuang Yun's opponent." Mu Ting Xuan Road.

Yi Fan nodded and said: "Yes!" Although he is more than twenty years older than Zhuang Yun, Zhuang Yuns qualifications are too far-fetched. He perfectly inherited all the strengths of Yan Shaorong and Zhuang Yu. The time to enter the holy level is even more in the morning than Zhuang. Mu Tingxuan looked at Yi Fan and said: "You admit that it is really refreshing!"

Yi Fan shrugged and said: "The use of force does not mean everything."


Zhuang Yu looked at Zhuang Yun, full of helpless words: "Are you robbing Yi Ming's fancy?"

Zhuang Yun did not care: "Yes."

Zhuang Yiman is helpless: "You always do this, it seems that you are not kind! Those people can't look at them, and they will be thrown away."

Zhuang Yun squinted and said: "He is astonished to please others, and his vision is not good."

Zhuang Yu held his chin and said: "There are always a few excellent people in the world. The average person is an idiot. You should lower the requirements a little. I have already raised your boss with your father when you were so big. After calculating the time, Yi Ming is almost ready to open up."

Zhuang Yun frowned, his face was not happy. "This guy is not anxious, it is an idiot."

"Yi Fan seems to have Yi Ming to go to the cloud country." Zhuang Yu hesitated.

"Cloud country, what is he going to the cloud country?" Zhuang Yun asked.

"I don't know! There is something wrong with the business there. Of course, it is also possible to find a partner. The place in Yunguo is close to the Elf Forest, and there are many elves and beautiful people." Huaxia Commercial Bank has been very close to the Elves in these years.

"Father, will he look at the fairy beauty?" Zhuang Yun asked.

Zhuang Yan shook his head and said: "I don't know! However, his request for a partner is not so high. The Elf Queen has long wanted to go to the top of the Huaxia Commercial Bank."

Zhuang Yun blinked and said: "The fool must resist the temptation."

Yan Shaorong came in and said: "Ayun is gone."

Zhuang Yi nodded and said: "He may have to go to the cloud country. If he really wants to go to the cloud country for a while, then we will have to be alone for a while."

Yan Shaorong looked at Zhuang Wei, full of helpless words: "What are you thinking about this guy?"

Zhuang slammed his mouth and said: "When I raised Ayun, the stinky boy, I didn't think about it. He would stay like a debt collector for more than 20 years! He should also learn to grow up. It is."

"Our son is very experienced?" Yan Shaorong is full of helplessness.

"Its so big, the first kiss is still there! Where is the old! Zhuang Yi is helpless.

Yan Shaorong: "..."

Yan Shaorong turned his eyes and said: "Be careful when you speak, the strength of our son is not worse than you, give him the hearing, be careful that he is anxious with you."

"This guy is powerful, but it's almost worse than me. However, this guy has to win Yifan, but it is more than enough..." Zhuang Xiao smiled.

Many places in the original country have traditions. One of them is to get the approval of the father-in-law. The son-in-law needs to challenge the father-in-law to defeat the father-in-law. In most cases, the father-in-law will release the water. Zhuang is not sure if Zhuang Yun and Yi Ming become. Yi Fan will not release water, but it is estimated that no matter whether Yi Fan will release water, there is not much chance of winning.

Yan Shaorong: "..."

Yi Ming looked at the person in front of him and grabbed his hair with irritability. "How come you?"

"I heard that there is a problem with the business here, so take a look." Zhuang Yundao.

"I didn't know before you came. Did I come over and solve the problem?" Yi Ming asked, inserting his waist.

Zhuang Yun nodded and said: "I heard, but I think that with your ability, it may be a bit problem to resolve the dispute, so I will come over and see."

Yi Yun inserted his waist and couldn't bear to growl. "Zhuang Yun, I tell you! I have been holding you for a long time. You are a bastard. If you are so big, you haven't opened it yet. Can you not!"

Zhuang Yun blinked and said: "You don't have it? According to you, you are not doing it?"

Yi Mingman is not convinced: "I didn't open it, it's not because of you... every time I spoil."

Zhuang Yun: "..."

Yi Ming waved his hand and said: "I don't have time to talk to you now, I have to go."

Where to go? Zhuang Yun asked.

Yi Ming looked at Zhuang Yun, and he was not angry: "Is there anyone telling you that you are annoying!"

"No, most people are proud of being able to catch up with me." Zhuang Yun said proudly.

Yi Ming: "..."

"Step aside."

"Where, I will go with you."

"I am going to the party now. If you are not invited, you will know a little bit to hide." Yi Mingdao.

"Do you think that you have invited your party, will you not invite me?" Zhuang Yundao.

Yi Ming looked at Zhuang Yun with dissatisfaction and said: "You guy, what do you mean! Forget it, I don't talk to you more, listen, there will be many beautiful people at the banquet today, I must open today, you Come again, be careful, I will fight with you."

Zhuang Yun: "..."

Yi Jia.

An eagle fell in front of the window sill, and Yi Fan took off the small bamboo tube on the eagle's foot. "Sure enough, it is still this step!" Yi Fanman is helpless.

Mu Tingxuan turned to Yi Fan and asked: "What happened?"

Yi Fan squinted and said: "Nothing, A Ming and Zhuang Yun went to the banquet hosted by the Elves. Two people at the same time saw an elf beauty and wanted to invite each other to dance. However, the elf beauty could not dance with the two. Therefore, A Ming and Zhuang Yun will drink and decide."

"Its drinking again. In those days, they used to be like this. A Ming took juice as a wine, and almost urinated pants for a few drinks. Mu Tingxuan was helpless.

Yi Fan licked his forehead and said: "They drunk the best of the elves, and they were drunk, and they were unconscious. Then, roll the sheets."

Mu Tingxuan smashed his forehead and said: "I have already told A Ming that it is necessary to drink this thing."

Yi Fans hand ignited a flame, and the letter paper was turned into ashes. "The thing that doesn't stop drinking is that Zhuang Yun has been premeditated. Even if he doesn't drink alcohol, I am afraid it is also the result." A Ming is really drunk, but Zhuang Yun is a bad boy. Eighty percent is not.

Mu Tingxuan: "..."

"In any case, Zhuang Yun is not a bad guy." Mu Tingxuan said.

Yi Fan: "..."

Mu Tingxuan held her arms and took a deep breath, revealing a very complicated look.

Yi Fan looked at Mu Ting Xuan and said: "What do you think, you seem to feel very touched."

Mu Tingxuan smiled and said: "Nothing, I just thought that when I taught our sons to rob him of his rivalry, the young master taught her son to marry him to death. Now it seems that the young master's suggestion is more reliable."

Yi Fan: "..."

Yi Ming walked into the house with anger and slammed the table and chairs that blocked the road.

Yi Fan looked at Yi Ming and said: "What happened!"

"Zhuang Yun that bastard, I want to kill him." Yi Mingdao.

Yi Fan licked his forehead and said: "The idea is good, but Zhuang Yun is not so good."

"That guy drunk me, actually doing that kind of thing to me..."

Yi Fan smiled and said: "Son, maybe you can think so, Zhuang Yun this guy is really good, looking for a cowherd like him, it takes a lot of money."

Yi Ming blackened his face and said: "If I want to find a cowherd, it must be that I got him, not let him..."

Yi Fan took a shot of Yi Mings shoulder and said: Its already here, I dont think so much...

"He said that he was responsible, and he was responsible for his mother's responsibility!" Yi Mingman was dissatisfied.

Yi Fan: "..."

"Being looked at by someone like Zhuang Yun, its good or bad to say bad!" Yi Fandao.

Yi Ming looked at Yi Fan with some suspiciousness. He said: "Daddy, what are you talking about? This is just a drink and chaos. Zhuang Yun didn't look at me."

Yi Fan smiled and said: "You made a mistake, Zhuang Yun he was premeditated."

"Daddy, what are you talking about?"

"Zhuang Yun that kid, early childhood love, I have long been eyeing you." Yi Fandao.

"Daddy, we are dead."

"What kind of person is Zhuang Yun! If he doesn't like you, he won't be thinking about it for you." Yi Fandao.

Yi Ming: "..."

"Come back." Zhuang Wei looked at Zhuang Yundao.

Zhuang Yun nodded and said: "Yes! Dad, you can give me a wedding."

Zhuang Yu held his arms and looked at Zhuang Yun and said: "Are you sure Yi Ming will marry you?"

"I slept with him, I must be responsible." Zhuang Yundao.

"Do you think he will accept your responsibility?" Zhuang asked.

Zhuang Yun raised his eyes and looked at Zhuang Yu. He asked, "Daddy, how did you get engaged with you?"

"This, you are like a beautiful old man, and you are old and I am just handsome." Zhuang said.

Zhuang Yun smiled coldly and said: "Uncle Biliuyun doesn't say that."

Zhuang Wei: "..." This is not a filial son.

"Daddy, you are so bad, why are you married to you?" Zhuang Yun asked.

Zhuang Yan shrugged and said: "Nature is because I am charming!"

When Xiao Shaorong came out, he smiled and said, "Is it? I really don't know."

Zhuang Yun turned to Shao Shaorong and said: "Hey, I know that Zhuang Hao can catch up with you because he never bother to harass you and entangle you. According to Uncle Biliuyun, father is the toughest dog skin plaster. , stuck on the cover can not be revealed"

Yan Shaorong: "..."

Zhuang Yun smiled and said, "The method is somewhat shameless, but it has to be said that it is a solution..."

Yan Shaorong: "..."

So, Zhuang Yun wants to follow Zhuangs footsteps?

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