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Translated by HoneyCat (@catlovesmilktea)

Proofread by Daed (@itsanotherreader)

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Chi Zhao looked at Li Yihan foolishly. He froze, not because of Li Yihans question, but because Li Yihan smiled.

He looked like he would be very happy if he (CZ) did like him.

Chi Zhao suppressed the strange feeling in the bottom of his heart. He pursed his lips and finally nodded.

Anyway, lets first follow the script.

Li Yihans expression didnt change, and the two men looked at each other in silence. About a minute later, Li Yihan raised his hand and patted him on the head. Chi Zhaos hair is thick and fluffy. With a pat like this, it can go down two centimeters shorter and then bounce back immediately.

There was a faint smile in his eyes. "Still too young, focus on your studies first."

After this sentence, Li Yihan turned around and went back upstairs. Chi Zhao blinked, then asked the system in his mind.

"System, what does Li Yihan mean?"

It seems you are too young.

"If Im old enough, he can accept me?"

Prob Probably.

One person and one system were shocked. The original owner had worked hard for two years, before finally splitting open the iceberg and let the older man successfully accept him. But Chi Zhao only worked hard for two months, no, he didnt even really try. It was just an average and dull two months. And then, the iceberg unexpectedly split itself!

Chi Zhao was immediately moved to tears: "The novice world is really friendly to novices ah. Im sorry, I misjudged you, system."

The system was even more shocked than him. Li Yihan was extremely difficult to get along with. Before, several systems brought their hosts to try, but all of them failed. They didnt even make it to confirmation of the relationship because from the beginning till the end, Li Yihan didnt like the Qi Yuan that was played by the others. Even after discovering Qi Yuan liked him, he still showed disgust.

All the worlds are assigned randomly. When they were first assigned to this world, the system had been a bit depressed. However, on second thought, this is a novice world. The main goal is to train Chi Zhao. If it fails, it fails, and it can also let Chi Zhao accumulate experience. It didnt expect Chi Zhao to succeed, and the speed of success was so fast!

The system felt that its logic library was in some disorder. Chi Zhao was still asking him, "Then, can I finish the task ahead of time?"

No, all plot points are fixed and must be carried out in strict accordance with the time. For example, if you give Li Yihan a green hat, there are some people from the ones that you are supposed to give him a green hat with that only appear at a later period. And Chang Qing hiring you to steal information will only happen several years later. At the moment, Chang Qing still hasnt opposed Li Yihan, so he wont intentionally approach you.

Chi Zhao was a bit confused, "Then now that Li Yihans attitude has changed, do I still have to treat him well? If by any chance, I treat him well and he says he wants to be with me, then do I agree or not?"

Agree! You must accept him! This is your only chance. The standard evaluation of plot points is if it has occurred in the plot. The plot point two years later is that you and Li Yihan are together. No matter when you get together, its alright as long as you two are together at that particular plot point.

Chi Zhao suddenly realized, "Then about me betraying Li Yihan and giving him a green hat, I dont necessarily have to wait that long. If I put a green hat on him now and Im still putting a green hat on him at that time, then its also the same. Ill still be judged to be successful, right?"

Right, right , right

But how can anyone be so impatient to give other people a green hat ah!

The system first picked Chi Zhao, because it thought that he had a high desire to live and was relatively well-behaved. At first glance, he was a good child who would listen to the system. After interacting for several months, the system discovered that it was gravely mistaken.

Chi Zhao is just like a tangyuan with sesame filling, white on the outside and extremely black on the inside!

The system was bewildered and thought he really wanted to put a green hat on Li Yihan now. Fortunately, Chi Zhao wasnt so dark. He currently attached more importance to another matter.

The final exam is starting soon. If you dont study, your son will be sent to Zhang Bos family as a grandson

College students have always been cramming for exams. The three days before exams were the busiest time for students. Everyone was forced to study assiduously and tirelessly. Chi Zhao usually studies hard, and wasnt so desperate before the exams. There were five major courses in total. When he finished the last exam, Chi Zhao put away his pen and began to head out with his bag.

Seeing that he was leaving, a slim figure chased after him. Chi Zhao looked at the person in front of him blocking his path . He didnt remember who she was for half a day.

It was the class monitor who stopped him. Originally, Qi Yuan wasnt popular. But ever since the inside was replaced with Chi Zhao, the students in the class found that Qi Yuan didnt seem so snobbish and gloomy as before. Although he still wasnt very talkative, he loved to smile a lot more and understood a lot more manners. The girls in the class suddenly noticed that Qi Yuan was very good-looking, especially that he has the feel of a small school grass.

Half of the students in the class are from this city, and the remaining half have to stay here for practice. They will only go back before the new year. Those left behind intend to travel to a neighboring provincial capital for a few days to accumulate source materials for social practice. The girls wanted Qi Yuan to participate, thus, they asked the class monitor to trick Chi Zhao over.

The class monitor and Qi Yuan werent familiar with each other. At this moment, she was somewhat embarrassed as she spoke. After listening to her, Chi Zhao did not even think about it and directly agreed, "Sure, when will we go?"

The class monitor was stunned and immediately laughed, "This Friday, and well come back next Monday. We are going to book a hot spring hotel. Do you like to soak in hot springs?"

Chi Zhao smiled amiably, "I like it very much. Just let me know when you decide on the time. Ill go first."

"Ah, okay."

Chi Zhao walked out of the school gate and was about to find the subway station when two honks sounded abruptly. Chi Zhao squinted and discovered it was Li Yihans car.

He didnt need to return home by himself anymore. Chi Zhao was happy. He quickly walked to the blue sapphire sports car, pulled open the door, and took a seat.

Zhou Hetian was right behind him. Li Yihan drove by himself and swept past him. Zhou Hetian watched the cars shadow getting smaller and smaller, and couldnt help sneering.

Recently, its getting much colder outside. Sitting in the passenger seat, Chi Zhao rubbed his hands. This body has thin skin and is especially afraid of the cold. As long as he stays for one minute in an environment at or below zero degrees, his hands will immediately turn red and be completely frozen.

Seeing this, Li Yihan handed him a glass containing freshly brewed health-preserving tea. The glass doesnt stay warm, but it worked very well as a precious hand-warmer. Chi Zhao obediently thanked him then took it over.

Holding a nice and warm glass, the hands were soon not very cold. Chi Zhao suddenly remembered an issue, "Dont you dislike tea, sir?"

Li Yihan gazed fixedly ahead, "I drink it occasionally."


Chi looked at the various kinds of medicinal herbs floating in the glass and he was very puzzled, "No, wait, dont you hate the taste of jujube?"

Li Yihans face did not change color, "Last time I checked my body, the doctor asked me to drink more jujube tea."

Chi Zhao still felt that it wasnt quite right, "Milkvetch root, Chinese wolfberry, jujube, rose Why does this recipe look familiar, ah, isnt this the blood tonic and beauty-nourishing tea that girls in our class drink for a few days each month?"

Chi Zhao was stunned, "Sir, do you also lack blood?"

Li Yihan: ""

He shouldnt borrow tea bags from the secretary again next time

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