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"Finally, I want to take this opportunity to announce one thing to everyone."

At this point, Luo Tiantian chuckled her lips and smiled.

This smile is like a sunny spring in March, spring blossoms.

Driven away, the haze in many people's hearts...

Everyone held their breath, immersed in an inexplicably tense atmosphere.

Luo Tiantian's eyebrows bend and said: "I have a baby. I am a pair of twins. I want to share this joy with everyone who loves me."

"Congratulations Tianbao..."

The doughnuts and ice cream shouted in unison.

The voice had an aura that seemed to penetrate the clouds.

Luo Tiantian made a gesture of silence, and the fans stopped obediently.

"On the third day of next month, it will be my husband and I's wedding. For this unprecedented wedding, he put a lot of effort into it.

So he decided to hold a blessing event.

Fans who forward the Weibo of our husband and wife about the "holographic wedding" and write our sincere wishes will have the opportunity to experience the holographic game for free.

The quota is..."

Luo Tiantian deliberately sold it.

The fans in the audience were really excited.

Holographic games are things that rich people play.

A game warehouse, not to mention millions, may not be bought.

Exclusive research and development, only this one.

The whole world is rushing to pre-order.

Luo Tiantian and Xuefeimo's goal is to democratize holographic games within ten years.

Let the game warehouse be available in every city, just like an Internet cafe, as long as you pay to experience it.

However, nowadays the cost is too high and the materials are rare.

So they simply cannot realize this ideal.

Seeing that the atmosphere is almost over, Luo Tiantian said: "One hundred thousand people take turns to experience, whether it is the first or last batch, they can personally participate in our wedding and become our VIP guests."

As soon as this remark came out, the audience was boiling.

A hundred thousand people!

How much does it cost?

Without waiting for everyone to come back to their senses, Luo Tiantian continued: "Finally, let me tell you one less important news.

From today, I will devote my time to work and studies.

Therefore, will temporarily withdraw from the entertainment circle.

Time to be determined! "

After that, under the protection of bodyguards, she quickly left the scene.

After the award ceremony.

On the Internet, hot searches about Xuefeimo and Luo Tiantian dominated the top ten rankings like a rocket.

This time, there is no black hot search.



#holographic game listed#

# Sharing holographic experience one hundred thousand people#

# According to #

#Temporarily retreat entertainment circle time to be determined#


Many, many.


Too many topics were hanging on, Luo Tiantian ordered one by one at random.

Once inside, the following is an explanation video of her speech at the award ceremony.

There are everything for long-range and close-range shooting angles.

Luo Tiantian had to sigh with emotion in this information age.

If it weren't for her fair skin and beautiful long legs, there would be no dead ends at 360 degrees.

It is estimated that the ugly photos are overwhelming her here.

Reading some comments casually, they all said that she and Xue Fei Mo Lang are talented girls, and they are perfect match.

She nodded with satisfaction: "It's worthy of a navy bought with money, just better at being a man than Heizi."

is not that right?

One hundred thousand experience places, how much money has to be spent?

It is estimated that you can circle your city several times...

Luo Tiantian put down the phone with satisfaction and looked at the two little babies in the crib.

The happiness in my heart will drown her...

"Baby, you are the continuation of the love of Mom and Dad. Our family will be together for life and life..."

Luo Tiantian turned to look at the sound of footsteps from far and near.

Xue Feimo, dressed in a black suit, walked towards her step by step.

Inexplicably, Luo Tiantian's heart beat faster, as if she was about to leave her chest cavity.

Obviously they are already old husbands and wives, even children.

But every time she saw Xue Feimo's serious appearance, she couldn't help but throb.

That kind of expectation, tension, excitement...

All the strange emotions are mixed together, which always makes her uncontrollable.

She stood up suddenly and threw herself into his arms.

The two embraced each other tightly, and the years were quiet.

For a long time, the two looked at each other affectionately.

In his eyes, as always, she was the only one.

It seems that everything does not exist.

For a long time, Xue Feimo said in a hoarse voice: "My wife, it's time to go."

"Where to go?" Luo Tiantian asked softly.

Xue Feimo replied: "Try the wedding dress."

"But, isn't it a holographic wedding? Just change it in the game?" Luo Tiantian whispered.

Xue Feimuo bent down, hugged the person sideways, and walked out.

Luo Tiantian suddenly lost weight and exclaimed in shock.

Xue Feimo looked at her shy look, and the corners of her mouth curled up perfectly: "How can my wife, Xue Feimo, be like this?"

"..." Luo Tiantian.

The heart jumped wildly again uncontrollably.

Suddenly, she leaned against his chest and touched affectionately: "Uncle, I am satisfied to be your wife."

Xue Feimo lowered her head and pecked the corner of her lips lightly: "Me too."

Finally, continue to say: "It is my honor to marry you."

Luo Tiantian bent her eyebrows and said, "It is also my luck to marry you."



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