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Chapter 0001 The Declining Genius

Lingluo Continent, Qingxuan Kingdom, Tianbao City, Jiang Family!

"I declare that this year's winner of this spirit-building pill is..." Jiang He, the elder of the Jiang family, said, smiling, and proudly glanced at everyone without anger.

There was a hearty laughter in the Jiang family's martial arts field, and many young people shook their heads and laughed lightly.

"The great elder is really interesting, it's sold out!"

"Hehe, of course the owner of this Lingzhu Pill is Jiang Tian."

"You still need to say, to win the first place in the family martial arts competition, who won't you give him the Lingzhu Pill?"

"Well, with his martial arts talent, there is no suspense at all!"

"I also want to compete for this spirit building pill, but unfortunately I don't have that strength..."

Hearing everyone's discussion, Jiang Tian smiled lightly, looking extremely calm.

"Don't be discouraged, everyone, as long as you work hard, you will also have a chance next year!" Jiang Tian smiled and comforted everyone.

For this spirit building pill, he prepared for three full years!

In the past three years, he practiced frantically day and night, and suffered all kinds of hardships, in order to win the first place in this clan competition and get this spirit building pill.

What is Lingzhu Pill?

This is a must-have medicine for martial artists to activate the bloodline spirit power and enter the spirit building realm from the refining realm!

At this point, Jiang Tian has no ecstasy or special sense of accomplishment, because this is what he deserves.

This is what you should get after three years of hard work.

The hardships along the way have long been etched in his heart, and the Jiang family has also witnessed his almost crazy efforts.

This pill finally fell into his hands, it deserves its name, there is no dispute!

Jiang Tian's heart was very calm, he stared at the elder Jiang He with a smile, ready to receive the reward he deserved.

The strange thing is that Jiang He did not respond to him with affirmation and encouragement as usual, but slightly shrank the corners of his eyes and a sneer appeared on the corners of his mouth.

Jiang Tian suddenly felt cold, and felt a little uneasy inexplicably!

The elder Jiang He smiled slowly, his eyes gradually becoming extremely cold.

He glanced at Jiang Tian coldly, but fell on the other teenager with his gaze, and said in a deep voice, "The winner of the Spirit Building Pill is - Jiang Yuan!"

"Hehe, congratulations to Brother Tian... Hey, no! Why is Jiang Yuan?"

"Fuck, it's not Jiang Tian! What's the situation?"

"How could it be Jiang Yuan! I heard it right?"

Hearing this name, Jiang Tian's smile instantly solidified.

The young people who were about to congratulate him also looked embarrassed and were shocked on the spot!

"Isn't it the great elder who read it wrong?"

"This is a family martial arts contest, and it's not a trifle. How could it be possible to pronounce it wrong?"

"How could this happen? Doesn't Jiang Yuan have a spiritual pill? Is one not enough?"

"Shhh! Be quiet! Jiang Yuan is the son of the elder elder. He heard it, do you still want to mix it up?"

There was a lot of discussion, and the atmosphere on the martial arts field became very strange.

After hearing this result, Jiang Tian did not react too violently.

For a moment, he even thought that the elder was joking.

But Jiang He's cold eyes and disdainful expression denied his thoughts.

This matter is by no means that simple!

"Elder, according to the rules of the martial arts competition, I won the first place, shouldn't this spirit building pill be mine?" Jiang Tian frowned and asked in a deep voice.

Despite this astonishing change, he still didn't mess around. This sentence is full of confidence, and many young people in the Jiang family actually think so.

Because Jiang Tian got the Zhuling Pills that everyone expected, no one had expected the changes before him, of course, except for the elders of the Jiang family and Jiang Yuan.

Jiang He shook his head and sneered, looking at Jiang Tian like a stranger, his expression extremely cold!

No matter how shocked everyone was, they already understood something at this time.

In a messy and cautious discussion, everyone retreated to the side, and soon a space was vacated.

Jiang Tian, who was surrounded by them as if stars were holding the moon, suddenly became a lonely man, standing alone.

"Why?" Jiang Tian was not convinced, so he asked for a reason.


A wisp of cool breeze swept across the martial arts arena, and the afternoon sun spit out **** afterglows, casting a long figure on the ground.

This shadow seemed incompatible with everyone, adding a touch of desolation and tragic.

There was no sound in the martial arts field, so quiet that the needle could be heard!

Like Jiang Tian, everyone was waiting for the answer from the Great Elder.

"Why?" Jiang He shook his head and sneered, and replied coldly, "Good question!"

Everyone held their breath and seemed to be waiting for a momentous moment.

Jiang He faintly nodded, and said loudly, "A trash is not qualified to get a spirit building pill!"

When this remark came out, everyone was completely shocked!

"What? Waste!"

"Jiang Tian is so qualified and won the first place in the martial arts competition. How could it be a waste?"

"This reason is too reluctant, right?" Everyone looked different, but most of them were skeptical.

Jiang Tian is a rare genius in the Jiang family for many years. He has shown a strong martial arts talent at a young age, and he can learn the most difficult exercises.

He can understand the things that others can't comprehend at a glance, almost reaching the point where he can understand without a teacher.

If such a person is a waste, how can he be called a genius?

Jiang He's answer couldn't convince everyone. Even if you want to suppress Jiang Tian, should you find a convincing reason?

Everyone looked at each other, and the atmosphere became even more weird.

Hearing this answer, Jiang Tian shook his head and sneered, his eyes flashed with a sharp edge!

waste? It's really a big joke in the world!

"Jiang He, as the elder of the Jiang family, even if you want to seek personal gain for your son, you won't use such despicable means?"

Jiang He didn't feel ashamed when he heard this, but he laughed more wildly!

"Hahahaha! Jiang Tian, you are wrong! The old man said that you are trash and you are trash. Even if this spirit building pill is given to you, it will not activate your bloodline spiritual power!"

"Huh..." Jiang Tian shook his head and sneered, feeling disdainful, even many bystanders secretly refused to accept it.

"Jiang He is right!" Suddenly, there was a sigh from the elder's seat!

A white-haired old man slowly shook his head and looked at Jiang Tian, a trace of regret flashed in his eyes.

After a moment of silence, the martial arts field suddenly exploded!

"My God! The uncle actually said the same!"

"The uncle has always been upright and unselfish. What he said must be true!"

"How could it be! How could Jiang Tian be trash?" Everyone's expressions changed, and they were extremely surprised.

Tai Bo is the only elder of the Jiang family, and never talks empty words in his life!

If there is a trace of doubt about Jiang He's words, then the uncle's words are completely indisputable. No matter how unthinkable things are, no one will doubt it from his mouth.

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