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Chapter 5317 Violet Dragon Change

The next situation was just as he had guessed. Long Tianjiao's "True Dragon Body" seemed not to be suppressed by his blood aura, and in a blink of an eye he tore the "Sword Realm" and shattered the Saint Treasure Array.

"Even if he uses the so-called'True Dragon Body', he still has the blood of the dragon clan, and it is impossible not to be suppressed at all!"

Jiang Tian's thoughts turned quickly, and he didn't lose his position.

But it is undeniable that his blood anomaly at this moment has almost no obvious suppressing effect on this "true dragon body".

Long Tiangao, who inspired the "True Dragon Body", reached the peak of his aura, making him deeply jealous.

"Holy judge, give me the town!"

Jiang Tian anxiously called the "Holy Referee". Seven or seventy-nine sacred treasures were plundered from all directions and launched a frenzied attack on the "True Dragon Body". This seemingly powerful offensive was surfaced by the "Real Dragon Body" The pieces of dragon scales dissolve, and it is difficult to damage the dragon body for a while.

This dragon scale can defuse the offensive of the "Holy Referee", and naturally can also withstand the slashing of the Red Snow Sword Marrow.

If there is enough time, he may be able to continue the offensive and keep trying, but the problem is that he doesn't have much time at all, and the opponent will not give him a chance to calmly shoot.

The bloodline vision is already one of his cards. If this method fails, he can only find a chance to take his companions away, but Long Qitian and others have found clues to the inheritance of the dragon family, and he really does not want to give up easily.

If the inheritance is truly present, there will be a fierce battle among the six powerful members of the Taishu Family, Peng Family, and Long Family. For him, this may be the greatest opportunity!


Lightning flashed in his mind, Jiang Tian pinched the tactics violently, and used the "transformation" of the dragon heritage!

Ho Ho Ho!

The purple "great dragon" suddenly changed, and suddenly gave birth to a dragon head, dragon claws and dragon tail. Its momentum rose sharply, as if a real dragon swooped down.

"what is this?"

Long Tiangao screamed and was shocked by the scene in front of him!

Jiang Tian had already shown blood anomaly, in his opinion that was Jiang Tian's final means, but he did not expect that in a blink of an eye, the blood anomaly of the other party turned into a "true dragon".

The huge blood pressure shrouded, and Long Tianjiao's "true dragon body" began to tremble violently, and the coercion that it radiated began to fluctuate and was obviously suppressed.

Jiang Tian's spirit was lifted up, and he raised his hand to pinch the tactic to the sky a little: "Ten Thousand Swords Slashing the Immortal Jue!"

The purple sword cloud rolled frantically, condensed into a purple giant sword and fell down, and the huge sword power engulfed the blue-black giant dragon.

The giant dragon transformed by Long Tianhao twisted his body and tried to avoid it, but after all he could not escape the lock of sword intent, so he had to wave his dragon claws to resist forcibly.


A dragon's claw was cut off by a giant sword, and several dragon scales were chopped out of the dragon's body with a huge blood mouth. The blue-black dragon roared in pain, and became more furious after being injured.

Jiang Tian was very energetic, and finally took the initiative, and of course he wouldn't let the other person turn over easily!

"Boom Sword!"


Chixue sword marrow slashed down wildly, the terrifying sword intent suddenly exploded, and the blue and black dragon was shaken by the volley.

"Spinning sword!"

Chi Chi Chi Chi!

The Chixue sword marrow shot out, slashing frantically around the dragon's body.

Long Tianjiao wanted to break free and reverse the unfavorable situation. Jiang Tian used the space escape technique to flash in front of it, using the "Tyrant Fighting Strike" to give a head-on attack, and force it back to its original place.

"See how long you can last?"

With the help of the blood of the savage dragon, Jiang Tian has already begun to take the initiative, but it has to be said that it is not that simple to kill Long Tianjiao.

For Long Tiangao, it was a dilemma at the moment.

Maintaining the "true dragon body" will be suppressed by opponents, and if he returns to the body, he will exert a combat power that does not appear. The situation is really beyond his expectations.

"Sword Domain!"


The purple-red "sword domain" resurfaced, and the sword intent frenzy triggered by the "explosive sword" filled it with madness, erupting with shocking power.

"Holy judge!"

"Xuanbing forbidden fire, four spirits Xuanyan, give me town!"

Jiang Tian seized the opportunity to attack wildly, using various powerful methods to suppress the opponent with all his strength, while pinching his right hand, preparing to summon the "Red Snow Sword Marrow" again to launch a wild attack.

But at this moment, an unexpected situation appeared!


Boom... Click... Rumble!

The strange sound that appeared just now rang out of thin air again. Before the sound fell, a terrible roar came from deep underground, and the entire Tianyao Mountain began to shake violently!



"What's going on?"

All three Su Wan were terrified!

They thought it was an illusion just now, but now they realized that it was not. Something terrible seemed to be hidden under Tianyao Mountain!

"Sure enough, it's weird!"

"Find it out!"


The exclamation of the uncle's family and the strong Peng clan came from the front, followed by the anger and violent shouts of the Ninth Elder and Thirteen Elder Long Qitian.

At this moment, Jiang Tian was also in shock, and even his shot was slowed down!

What really shocked him was not the exclamation and anger in front of him, nor the strange noise from the ground, but the bizarre reaction of the bloodline anomaly!

At this moment, the purple dragon, which was transformed by the "transition" bloodline, suddenly stopped attacking the blue-black dragon, twisted its huge head and looked towards the south of Tianyao Mountain, with two huge dragon eyes. Purple gold divine light burst out in the middle, and a deep roar came from the mouth!

"what happened?"

The corner of Jiang Tian's eyes jumped and he was taken aback!

The combination of the word "Hua" and the blood anomaly gives the purple dragon extremely high spirituality, but it is not a lively real dragon after all. However, the reaction at this moment seems to have a certain independent will, as if not. It's really weird not to be under his full control!

This is the first time this situation has occurred. Jiang Tian's thoughts turned and he immediately thought of a certain possibility.

The abnormal movement of the purple dragon must have nothing to do with the previous strange sound!

"Is it the Dragon Race inheritance?"

Jiang Tian took a deep breath, his eyes brightened!

He ventured to Tianyao Mountain, isn't it just for the inheritance of the dragon clan?

If the purple dragon doesn't have such a strange reaction, he may not be able to judge, but from the current situation, he is almost certain that the cause of this amazing change must be related to the "inheritance" sought by the Yunyuan Mountain Dragon Race!

But what inheritance is that, and why did it cause the purple dragon to react?

Does this reaction originate from the blood anomaly itself, or from the word "Hua", or both?

All kinds of questions flashed in his mind like lightning, Jiang Tian's thoughts surged, and he wanted to rush over to see what happened.

But he knew that if he rushed past this time, he would definitely become the target of the three powerhouses!

In the face of the six galaxy realms whose cultivation bases are all above him, no matter how talented and strong he is, he has to hate on the spot.

For him, the real threat has always been Ten Elder Long Tianjiao. If this threat is not lifted, he and his companions may fall!

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