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He forcibly pressed his inner impulse, retracted his gaze and looked at the blue-black dragon that Long Tianhao had transformed.

After a short delay, the aura of the blue-black dragon had already begun to rise, and the whole body of blue flames rose wildly, and it was about to break free from the suppression of the purple dragon!

"too strong!"

Jiang Tian's face changed suddenly!

No way, although his blood pressure is strong, his cultivation level is still too low. In the face of Long Tiangao who is stronger than himself, it is a small miracle to be able to suppress the opponent for a while with the help of various methods.

Once Long Tianjiao breaks free completely, it will only be harder to suppress it again!


Jiang Tian yelled violently and urged the "Hua" word jue to launch a frenzied attack again.

The huge head of the purple dragon quickly turned, but eyes were mixed with deep unwillingness. With a roar, he raised two purple-golden front claws and blasted towards the blue-black dragon.

Roar... Click... Rumble!

The sky-shaking scream resounded through the void, and this blow set off a terrifying coercion, and a wave of purple-gold spiritual power blasted the void.


The blue-black dragon uttered a painful roar, and the scales covered on its body surface collapsed one after another, and it seemed that it had suffered a lot.

But in fact, such an offensive can't hurt its roots, and it's not enough to break Long Tiangao's "true dragon body".

"Sword Domain, cut it for me!"

"Holy judge, town!"

"Xuanbing forbidden fire, four spirits mysterious flames, rise!"

"Red Snow Sword Marrow, go!"

Jiang Tian squeezed the tactics with both hands and urged wildly, all kinds of offensives broke out frantically, not giving the blue and black dragon a chance to breathe.

But for him, this is still not enough!

The power of the "Sword Domain" is not enough to suppress the opponent. Although the "Holy Referee" is strong, it can't be killed by one blow. Although the two kinds of different fires, one cold and one heat, are amazing, they can't break away from the "true dragon body" "The cyan dragon flame shrouded in the surface.

Although Chixue Sword Marrow was sharp, it could only injure a few green scales on the opponent, and it was difficult to cause a real serious injury.

However, all these methods exerted all their strength, which still caused a huge consumption to the other party. The aura of the cyan dragon began to fluctuate, and the cyan dragon flame covering the surface of the body also began to show signs of falling.


Jiang Tian is energetic!

Although it is still very difficult, the changes in front of him are enough to prove that his efforts are not useless. If he persists like this, it is not impossible to crush the opponent.

"Dong Xu Fist!"

"The stars are split in the sky!"

"Tyrannosaurus Strike!"

Jiang Tian used the space escape technique, changing the direction and shooting frantically, the tyrannical offensive pouring down like a violent storm.

Phantoms came and went one after another, and in an instant, there seemed to be countless "Jiang Tian" at the same time launching a siege.

Ho Ho Ho!

The blue and black dragon had just turned around and was quickly suppressed.

Long Tianhao roared furiously, and the huge "true dragon body" swept across the void, trying to reverse the passive situation.

However, under the suppression of various methods, the attack of the "True Dragon Body" was greatly consumed, and the bloodline of the purple dragon was suppressed, making him more and more annoyed by the battle, and he was already tired!

"Hurry up, let's do it together!"

"My son, here we come!"

Su Wanjiao slammed her sword violently, Weifeng and Weiyu each spurred a piece of sacred treasure to attack.

The addition of the three makes Long Tiangao's situation even more difficult. If this continues, he is likely to suffer severe damage, and then Jiang Tian may seize the opportunity to completely kill him!

"No, I still want to avenge Kaier, how can I just die?"

Long Tianhao finally woke up and realized that the situation was not right.

He let out a violent roar, swinging a huge dragon's tail, and slamming southward at any cost.

Boom boom boom...crack... boom!

Amid the terrible loud noise, the "Sword Domain" collapsed, and the Saint Treasure Array was drawn to pieces by him, but this crazy attack also caused the large scales to collapse and fall off at a price visible to the naked eye. The breath of "True Dragon Body" fell again.

The blue flame surrounding the dragon's body also became turbulent, but before he had time to worry about these, he rushed southward against the Forbidden Ice Fire and the Four Spirits Profound Flame.

He wants to rendezvous with Long Qitian and the Nine Elders and use their power to deal with Jiang Tian.

At this moment, he couldn't help regretting it a bit. If he calmed down a little bit earlier, first stabilize the situation and then find a chance to shoot with his companions, perhaps he has killed Jiang Tian and avenged him.

But the facts can't stand up to assumptions, and time can't come back, he can only pay for his anger and impulse.

Fortunately, this price is not deadly enough. With his strong background, if he wants to leave, there is no way out.

"Boy, wait for the old man to die!"

Long Tiangao screamed loudly before removing the "True Dragon Body".

"not good!"


"He's going to run away!"

Su Wan's complexion changed drastically!

The escaped Long Tianhao launched a counterattack together, and they would become a drag on Jiang Tian. At this moment, they could only withdraw and avoid causing any more trouble to Jiang Tian.

"Want to go?"

Jiang Tian's face sank, and his eyes were full of coldness.

He finally suppressed the opponent, barely taking the initiative, and of course he wouldn't let the opponent get out easily.

"Huakong Great Array!"

Jiang Tian pinched the formula violently, and a purple pattern suddenly flashed in the void.

The blue and black dragon that Long Tianhao transformed into was too late to react, so he plunged into it!

Ho Ho Ho!

The sky-shaking Long Xiao followed, revealing incomparable rage and fear.

Hum rumbling!

The purple pattern is like a curtain wrinkled by the wind, and the center is constantly collapsing forward, and it emits a heart-palpitating low and strange buzzing, as if it may collapse at any time.


"What a terrifying power!"

"Can the'Huakong Great Array' really hold up?"

The corners of Wei Feng and Wei Yu's eyes throbbed, Su Wan's face turned pale, and her heart was extremely worried.

Although "Huakong Great Array" is powerful, it is only a space secret technique after all. Its attack and defense effects have certain limits, and it is not Jiang Tian's strongest method to use in actual combat.

Long Tianhao's "True Dragon Body" can carry Jiang Tian's violent storm-like attacks under severely suppressed conditions. The strength of the background is shocking. With just one formation pattern, I am afraid that it may not be able to leave the opponent.

The next scene really confirmed their worries!


Accompanied by a piercing noise, the purple pattern that was pulled into a "cone" shape suddenly collapsed.

The spiritual power of the space escapes madly, forming a turbulent flow of space!

The blue-black dragon had no time to escape, and directly shuttled in these turbulent currents. The blue scales peeled off one by one, the breath rose and fell wildly, and it was about to get out of trouble completely.

At that time, Jiang Tian can only flee far away, if he continues to stay, he will only face a more sinister situation!

"You can't go!"

Jiang Tian yelled wildly, pinching his right hand to get rid of the air!


Accompanied by the strange buzzing, several purple formation patterns appeared in the void in succession. The blue-black dragon was too late to react, and snarled and ran into it.

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