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Each of the nine purple lights changes into three and three turns into nine, turning into ninety-nine and eighty-one purple lights that swim underground, covering a range of nearly a thousand feet.

At the same time, a huge and vague phantom appeared in his divine sea.

"what is this?"

Jiang Tian frowned, not knowing why.

This phantom is intermittently incomplete, forming an irregular fuzzy outline, making it difficult for him to judge, but one thing is almost certain, this is still not all of it.

"Come again!"

Jiang Tian pinched the tactics to urge, "Hua" word tactics wrapped continuously into the ground with a huge divine mind.

Nine-nine-nine-eighty-one purple lights change into three, three into nine... After several divisions, they have become as many as ten thousand ways, each of them is as slender as a cow's hair, but they maintain a subtle connection with each other.

With tens of thousands of purple light, Jiang Tian's spiritual thoughts continue to spread in all directions, covering a range of thousands of feet!

At this time, the outline that appeared in the Shenhai became extremely large, and the intermittent and unusually fuzzy phantom was slightly clearer. Jiang Tian closed his eyes slightly and looked at Shenhai, his heart was shocked!

This tens of thousands of purple lights suddenly showed a huge dragon shape!

"This is the dragon clan inheritance that the Yunyuan Mountain Range Dragon Clan has worked so hard and unscrupulously to find?"

Jiang Tian was deeply shocked by this spectacular scene, as if an invisible hammer was constantly tapping his mind.

After a moment of loss of consciousness, he forcibly pressed his mind and began to examine this outline.

The dragon-shaped outline runs across a large area of the ground from east to west. The dragon head, dragon body, dragon claws, and dragon tail are connected to one or even several mountain peaks, which almost occupy most of the main vein of the Tianyao mountain range!

"The mountain is the bone, the bone is the vein, the vein is the array, the dragon is hidden... What kind of inheritance is this?"

Jiang Tian took a deep breath, his thoughts surged.

At this moment, he was extremely grateful for his previous choice. If he hadn't played against the ten elders, he would not use the word "transformation" to condense the purple dragon. Without the purple dragon's induction, he would not be able to discover the inheritance hidden underground. .

In the final analysis, all of this is due to chance, and even if it is only one step away, there will be no present discovery.

After a brief period of rejoicing, his face became dark and he quickly became sober!

Although the dragons, the uncle family and the Peng clan powerhouses have left, they have not gone far. From time to time, a low roar and furious roars can be heard above the high clouds. The situation is changing rapidly, and they may return to the ground at any time. Come up.

Once that happens, let alone getting the inheritance underground, even self-protection is an extravagant hope.

"Come on, let me see your true colors!"

Jiang Tian urged the word "Hua" to draw out the huge dragon shadow underground, but no matter how hard he tried, the dragon shadow remained motionless.

"how so?"

Jiang Tian frowned and couldn't help feeling a little impatient.

The danger is high above the clouds, and every moment he stays there will be more danger, and he doesn't have much time.

"Come again!"

He suppressed the depression in his heart, continued to try, and after repeated several times, he suddenly saw some clues!

Although the entire dragon shadow was difficult to shake, some smaller parts reacted slightly.

Such as the dragon beard and dragon claws, under his urging, they were eager to show signs of lifting, but they were suppressed by some force and could not really rise.

Observing carefully for a moment, he immediately understood the problem!

Those parts that reacted are mostly connected by the purple light differentiated by the word "Hua", forming a half-virtual and half-solid purple outline.

And those intermittent parts are indifferent to his call!


Jiang Tian's eyes lit up, and he already thought of a way to crack it.


He urged violently, the tens of thousands of purple lights scattered in the ground burst open, as if it exploded into a sea of purple stars!

At the same time, his spiritual thoughts were madly poured into the ground, scattered into countless paths and fully integrated with these light spots.

For him, this is not easy, and it can even be said to be very costly. Although his divine mind is far beyond ordinary people, and he has practiced the "disillusionment sword axis" and has been tempered by many opportunities, the strength of his divine mind is more than that of the strong in the galaxy realm. High, but at this moment, there is still a heavy feeling of powerlessness.

The bursting purple light rolls backwards like a shooting star, sticking to the huge dragon shadow little by little, connecting each other, turning into a straight or curved purple light, and finally outlines a huge dragon body. !


A deep roar sounded from the ground, and the dragon shadow seemed to be awakening from its deep sleep, and the surrounding mountains trembled gently.

"Sure enough!"

Jiang Tian's spirit was lifted up, and with his violent spiritual thoughts, he fully urged the "Hua" word tactic.

"Get up!"

The huge purple dragon shadow slowly opened the dragon moo, then stretched the dragon's whiskers, swayed the dragon's head, and then led the dragon's body, stretched the dragon's claws, and swayed the dragon's tail, as if it was gathering momentum for the upcoming soaring into the sky!


The shaking of this mountain range gradually intensified, and the roar that came out also increased.

Click... Boom!

Suddenly, two long and narrow mountains in the southeast collapsed together!

The corner of Jiang Tian's eyes jumped, and his heart felt that it was where the dragon's whiskers were.

Immediately afterwards, two more mountain peaks collided and collapsed, and it was the purple dragon closing its huge mouth.

In a short moment, a series of peaks collapsed one after another from east to west, stretching thousands of feet away.

When all of these peaks collapsed, the sky-shaking Dragon Yin rushed out from the ground, rushing to the top of the cloud, and the wind and clouds rolled!


The purple dragon rushed out of the ground, shook its head and waved its tail and roared vigorously, as if it was about to fly away from this mountain.



"not good!"

Su Wan's complexion changed drastically!

Such a violent noise will surely alarm the three powerhouses above the clouds, and the next situation is simply unimaginable.

Jiang Tian naturally knew that the situation was critical, but he couldn't take care of it too much. He finally called out the underground dragon, and naturally he had to do his best to subdue it.

"Want to go? Leave it to me!"

Jiang Tian yelled violently, and urged the word "Hua" with all his strength to suppress the restless Zilong with the blood of the savage dragon.


Zilong seemed unwilling to be tamed, but under the dual suppression of "Hua" and the will of blood, his momentum quickly weakened.

The next scene surprised Jiang Tian and the three companions.

The purple dragon twisted and struggled, and the huge dragon body of thousands of meters began to shrink sharply, shrinking to about a hundred meters in an instant!

Jiang Tian was surprised and delighted. Compared with the huge dragon body of thousands of feet, it was obviously easier to control in front of him.

The next scene surprised him!

After Zilong's body shrank to a hundred feet, his spirituality climbed sharply. After changing from the mania he had just now, the dragon's eyes became superbly luminous, and the dragon's head frowned and glared, as if becoming cold and wise.

It hovered in the air, lowered its head and looked down at Jiang Tian, with a look of vigilance in its deep eyes.

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