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Jiang Tian frowned slightly and looked at the Lanpao shopkeeper, but the latter looked strange, shaking his head and sighing.

"Fellow Daoist heard it. This is also a crafting master who is fascinated by the way of crafting. Before this retreat, it is said that he was advised by an expert and vowed to make that magic weapon. As a result, he has been frustrated repeatedly in the past few days. It seems that he won't be successful until the end of his retreat, and this man has a very strange temper. I advise fellow daoists to ignore this nosy, as long as he waits patiently for a few days."

"I don't have so much time to wait, please come out!" Jiang Tian slowly shook his head, his expression resolute.

"Okay! As I said in the next paragraph, if there is any conflict later, fellow Taoists can be more worried!"

The blue robe shopkeeper couldn't hold back Jiang Tian, so he had to communicate with the people in the hall.

He took out his identity token, put it on the groove where the spirit patterns converged at the gate of the temple, and then began to send information to the temple.

"Friend Li, is the refining going well this time?"

"Don't come to make fun of Lao Tzu, don't you understand that the smooth is not going well?" There was a burst of scolding in the hall, and the old man surnamed Li was in a rather bad mood.

"Haha, Fellow Daoist Li is calm. I came down to find you for the purpose of refining tools. A fellow Daoist said that he can help you refine this magic weapon. He also asked fellow Daoist to open the temple door and show up!"

This purple refining hall is specially built for external renting. There are strong restrictions inside. The treasurer, deacon and elders of the Tianxiang Pavilion cannot be opened during the rental period. In special circumstances, the pavilion owner must personally handle it. Turn it on.

Such strict rules are to ensure that the VIPs renting this refining hall are not disturbed by external forces and enjoy the quiet and stable refining environment to the greatest extent.

"Huh! If it's the same kind of parallel imports or scumbags from last time, get out as early as possible, don't delay my time!"

The old man in the refining hall roared angrily.

"This..." The Lanpao shopkeeper frowned, with an embarrassment on his face.

Of course he didn't dare to make a package ticket. In fact, he didn't think that Jiang Tian had the ability to solve the other party's problems. Hearing the roar of the old man surnamed Li, he subconsciously looked at Jiang Tian and stopped talking.

Jiang Tian frowned slightly, but was not annoyed.

The opponent's refining device was frustrated, and this reaction was purely normal. It seemed that if he didn't show his strength and level, the opponent might not even be interested in opening the palace gate.

Facing the blue robe shopkeepers eager and silent eyes, Jiang Tian took a step forward and said lightly: "I dont know what level of magic weapon Li Daoist wants to refine. If it is a fairy treasure, there is naturally nothing that can be done, but if it is a sacred treasure. Existence is no difficulty for the next."

"Xianbao? Your tone is really not small!" The old man surnamed Li smiled angrily. "The old man refining is indeed a holy treasure, but it is not an ordinary holy treasure. To tell you the truth, this treasure is even a lot of senior refiners. The masters are all hesitating, otherwise, why does Li need to spend such effort? Listening to your young voice, you must not have a high level of refinement skills, you still have to go as far as you can, don't delay the old man's time!"

"Friend Li Daoist is wrong! There are not tens of thousands of sacred treasures I have seen below, but there are thousands of sacred treasures. I have kneaded a batch of sacred treasures of different temperaments and powers into a formation. Harder?"

"What?" The blue robe shopkeeper's expression changed, and he couldn't help but look at Jiang Tian again.

This person is young, even if he is a person who specializes in cultivators, he would not have a high level, but judging from his convincing posture, it seems that he has deep attainments?

"Can you knead a batch of holy treasures?"

The old man surnamed Li in the hall was also taken aback!

He didn't think about it or didn't do things like this, but based on a limited number of experiences, not only the success rate is extremely low, but the risk is also very high.

After a brief silence, he spoke again, and the evidence seemed to have converged.

"What is the specific batch you mentioned?"

The Lanpao shopkeeper also looked at him expectantly, waiting for the answer.

Jiang Tian smiled mysteriously: "Not many, probably... a dozen or so!"

"A dozen pieces!"


The Lanpao shopkeeper and the old man surnamed Li exclaimed together, startled by Jiang Tian's tone.

"No!" The old man surnamed Li questioned: "Dare to ask the sacred treasures mentioned by the Taoist friends, are these sacred treasures newly refined in the kneading process, or more than a dozen ready-made sacred treasures?"

Jiang Tian pondered for a moment, and said solemnly: "The small half are newly refined, most of which are ready-made sacred treasures. These sacred treasures come from different sources, and the refining time span is extremely large, and some may reach more than a thousand years!"

"Hi! How is it possible?"

The Lanpao shopkeeper sucked in a cold breath, and was stunned by Jiang Tian's words!

The old man surnamed Li in the hall also fell into silence, seeming to be considering the authenticity of this matter.

After a moment of silence, the old man surnamed Li spoke again.

"If the Daoist is true, your refinement skills are really amazing, but the old man feels that the Daoist is mostly just bragging, and may not have good skills. If the old man is right, he should have many senior trainings. Master Qi helped, even led by them, assisted by fellow daoists, and even spoke a little bit less politely. Fellow daoists might just watch the whole process and barely occupy their heads. Isnt the old man right?"

The old man surnamed Li sneered coldly, a bit of sarcasm and contempt in his voice.

Just kidding, as this young man said, many senior crafting masters may not be able to do it. To succeed, you must gather more than one senior craftsman master, and success can only be possible if you are fully prepared.

Jiang Tian shook his head and smiled: "I can only regret to tell Fellow Daoist Li that you guessed wrong!"

"I'm wrong?"

"That set of sacred treasures was made by me and three friends around me. From front to back, there was no senior master crafting master to help!"

"How is it possible?" The corner of the blue robe shopkeeper's eyes twitched, and he couldn't believe what Jiang Tian said.

"Haha, hahahaha! Limou thought he was arrogant enough on the refining tool. I didnt expect that there would be someone more arrogant than me. To be honest, I cant believe what Daoist said, but if Daoist really has the courage to come in and help, old man I can also give you a chance, but my ugly words are at the forefront. If things happen, the old man will be grateful, but if the things dont happen or even ruin the materials Ive collected so hard... Hmph, the old man has to talk to you! "

"It's easy to say!" Jiang Tian smiled indifferently, no nonsense, this attitude changed the face of Lanpao shopkeeper!

"Friends, wait a minute!"

"what's happenin?"

The blue robe shopkeeper's spiritual power transmission sounded, with a look of jealousy said: "This powerful Daoist has a weird temperament and is extremely strong. Even the elder of the pavilion will give him three points. If there is any difference in this matter, the Daoist is afraid that he will be in a dire situation. Remember to think twice!"

"What kind of cultivation is this fellow Daoist Li?"

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