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Chapter 5325 Cold Spirit Clock

"In the early stage of the Galaxy Realm, the strength is not weaker than the elders of the same rank in this pavilion. I advise fellow daoists not to take risks. In case something goes wrong, this pavilion cannot take responsibility!"

"It's okay, as soon as the gate of the palace opens, it doesn't matter whether things happen or not. I will take care of the rest of the situation alone!"

"Since Fellow Daoist said so, it is not easy to stop him, Dao Fellows must be cautious and do everything for themselves!"

"Friend Li, people have already been brought here, you will take care of the next thing by yourself, and you will say goodbye!"

The Lanpao shopkeeper took back the token and took a few steps back.


The door of the refining hall slowly opened, and a gray-robed old man with a gray head and face, who looked very embarrassed, appeared in front of everyone.

"Boy, I hope you really have that ability instead of cheating the old man, otherwise Li will give you an unforgettable lesson!"

When the old man surnamed Li turned around and walked into the hall, Jiang Tian smiled leisurely and walked into the refining hall with his three companions.


Looking at the slowly closing door of the palace, the shopkeeper of the blue robe couldn't help but squeeze a sweat for Jiang Tian.

From the beginning to the present, he still didn't believe in the skill of this young man, but when he thought of the VIP token given by Tianzaodian, he murmured again in his heart.

"Could it be that the Tianzuodian side looked away?"

The Lanpao shopkeeper murmured to himself, but slowly shook his head to overthrow this guess.

The refinery level of the Tianzao Temple is comparable to that of Wuxiangge. Whether it is the master Jing Tiancheng or those senior refiners, it is impossible to make a mistake in this kind of thing.

But he really couldn't believe that a young man with a shallow cultivation level, and three glamorous women who seemed to have little refinement skills, could accomplish the feat of kneading a dozen pieces of sacred treasures.

"Impossible! Even if four senior master craftsmen join forces, it is difficult to do it!"

The Lanpao shopkeeper shook his head fiercely, and became more firmly convinced that Jiang Tian was bragging. As for the token, perhaps it was obtained in other ways.

For example, they donated a kind of rare refining material to the Heavenly Creation Hall, or made a good bond with the elder over there by accident.

But what is the truth, what does it have to do with him?

The Lanpao shopkeeper suppressed his thoughts, shook his head and sneered.

Getting in is easy and getting out is difficult. The young man deceived the old man Li to open the door of the palace, and the rest of the situation became involuntary.

He seemed to have seen the shocking scene of the old man surnamed Li going wild after the other party was self-defeating. Poorly the three women, he was afraid that he would also be affected by it.

In the Purple Refining Hall, what Jiang Tian saw was a messy scene!

The space in the hall is a full three thousand square meters. On the ground is a huge refining circle. At the center of the circle is a pile of materials with disordered aura. Beyond these materials, there are a few strange cold and hot spiritual powers circulating wildly. !

"What is the magic weapon that Fellow Daoist Li is refining?" Jiang Tian stared at the front, frowning slightly.

"This treasure is called the'Holding Bell', and it is a magic weapon that combines the two spiritual powers of strange cold and strange heat. It has both offensive and defensive capabilities, and it is powerful and violent!"

After arriving in the hall, the two sides had already had a brief exchange. Jiang Tians knowledge and insights on the way of refining tools changed the attitude of the elderly surnamed Li. The original suspicion and contempt were reduced a lot. Answer the questions of God patiently.

"Excuse me, is this treasure Daoist Li's own vision, or does it come from another source?"

"It's true that this treasure is not an idea of the old man, but a refining heritage from ancient times!"

"Inheritance of ancient refining tools?" Jiang Tian jumped at the corner of his eyes, secretly surprised!

The inheritance of refining tools in ancient times is naturally extraordinary. Although this holy treasure has not been refined, it is not difficult to see how powerful it is only from the current situation.

Apart from other things, this turbulent flow alone is enough to suppress any early stage galaxy powerhouse in the outer realm, and once it is refined, its power will be able to threaten the early stage of the galaxy realm in the middle realm.

"If you look at it this way, at least the rank of the'cold spirit clock' is at least a high-rank sacred treasure?"

The old man surnamed Li frowned and said, "This ancient refining inheritance was accidentally obtained by me in a cave left by an ancient strong man. It was carved on a collapsed stone wall. According to the old man's observation, the above record should be incomplete. , Or else you wont encounter so much trouble!"

"So that's it!" Jiang Tian nodded slowly, "So, fellow Daoist has no way of judging its rank?"

"It's true, but its power must not be weaker than the high-ranking sacred treasure!" The old man surnamed Li swears, his eyes firm.

The high-level sacred treasures are powerful, but relatively rare, even the galaxy realm powerhouses in the Middle Territory are not available to everyone.

If this "cold bell" can be made, the background and comprehensive strength of the old man surnamed Li will be greatly improved, and he will be able to take great initiative when facing opponents of the same level in the future.

"So, where does the problem that Fellow Daoist Li is encountering mainly come from?"

"Haha, this question can be a problem for the old man. Daoists may wish to observe and guess for themselves!"

"it is good!"

Jiang Tian nodded lightly, not caring.

Although the attitude of the old man surnamed Li has changed a lot, he obviously does not fully trust him. It is a small test to let him observe and guess for himself.

If he can see the problem, he is naturally an expert. If he can't even see the problem, then it proves that what he just said is bragging.

Jiang Tian carefully observed the situation in front of him. The materials used to refine the "Cold Spirit Clock" were of different colors and shapes. There were hundreds of different kinds of materials, and most of them were huge. The smallest piece was several feet in size.

In addition to these main materials, there are hundreds of auxiliary materials circling and flying around them, and the scene looks extremely messy.

This obviously means that the old man surnamed Li has made a lot of attempts before this, not only did not understand the reason, but made the situation more complicated.

To describe it in one sentence, it is that the old man surnamed Li has entered a misunderstanding and is in a predicament this time!

Jiang Tian let go of his spiritual thoughts covering these materials, and silently sensed the changes in their breath.

The main materials of those larger refining tools are mainly cold and hot, and many of them are extremely rare treasures of heaven and earth, which made him secretly amazed.

Most of the auxiliary materials are relatively common, and only a few of them are types that he has never seen before. From the overall spiritual power situation, the problem mainly stems from the main materials, and these auxiliary materials have little effect.

Jiang Tian silently sensed that these main materials were spiritually violent, and it was not easy to knead them together. With so many quantities, it is hard to imagine how difficult it would be to integrate them into a whole!

The "Cold Spirit Clock" uses the two kinds of spiritual powers of cold and heat as its attack means. To make these spiritual powers merge together, it needs a powerful and subtle method of reconciliation.

Ordinary refining techniques basically don't need to be considered, because this old man surnamed Li has tried it a long time ago, and it has proven that it won't work.

After observing for a while, Jiang Tian already had his own judgment.

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