Home Heaven Devouring Dragon EmperorChapter 5295

"Huh?" Elder Thirteen narrowed his eyes slightly.

"I believe that no one can refuse with the background and reputation of the Dragon Clan, and it can be regarded as my Yun Family's contribution to the Dragon Clan, or my heart."

The third elders of the Yun family were smiling, and their gazes were profound.

The three branches of the Yun family are almost the same. In fact, it is not easy to say who the strongest son will be. Although the Scarlet Cloud City is well prepared, it may still be a waste of marriage.

And if you can use these three women to win over the thirteen elders, you can be regarded as having some friendship with the dragon clan. If there is any need in the future, the other party will have to give a little face when thinking about today's affairs.

"The third elders have been thinking too much, if I really have this intention, why do you need your Yun family to come forward?"

The thirteen elders shook their heads and sneered, with disdain on their faces.

Those three women's talents are indeed good. If they can bring them back to the Yunyuan Mountains, whether they are serving as a furnace or rationing the genius of the clan, it will be a credit.

But having said that, Dragon Clan geniuses abound, and each of them is an existence with unparalleled aptitude. The value of these three women in his eyes is actually not as high as the three elders of the Yun family imagined.

And what he really cared about was always Jiang Tian!

"Then...what exactly does the Thirteen Elders intend?" The third elders of the Yun Family were a little confused.

The thirteen elders ignored him, looked at Jiang Tian coldly, and said through Spiritual Power: "Boy, you are going with me by yourself, or let me do it myself and choose by myself!"

Facing such a high posture, Jiang Tian sneered coldly.

"No matter how strong you are, you don't have the qualifications to force me!"

"So courageous! It seems that your confidence is stronger than I thought. If so, then let you understand the power of my dragon clan!"

The Thirteenth Elder's face sank, and his whole body became more and more astonishing.

"Jiang Tian, what's the matter?"

"My son, what's the matter?"

Su Wan and the three had already noticed something wrong, and they had already seen that the problem was with the thirteen elders of the Dragon Clan. They surrounded Jiang Tian, and they were extremely nervous.

"do not be afraid!"

Jiang Tian did not explain much, but silently guarded the thirteen elders of the dragon clan.

Depending on the opponent's posture, he could take action at any time. In terms of hard power, he couldn't ask the opponent, but with the holy referee in his hand, he still had the confidence to deal with the opponent one or two times, retreat ten thousand steps, and he could at least take his companions to leave safely.

But I have to say that in the territory of the Yun family, fighting against the 13th elders of the Dragon Clan is indeed a great risk.

No matter how strong the thirteen elders of the Dragon Clan are, it is only one person's power, but if the Yun Family powerhouses are also mixed in, the situation will be very different. Once that happens, he may not be able to protect himself, and it is even more difficult to protect his companions, so even if he has With all kinds of trump cards, he didn't dare to overthrow them.

At this moment, the pressure that originated from the 13th elders of the Dragon Clan became stronger and stronger, and the atmosphere in the square suddenly became tense.

The warriors next to them had already noticed the strangeness, and they rushed to avoid them one by one, leaving a small space in a moment. At the center of the space was Jiang Tian and the three companions!

"Before my Yun family mansion, if anyone dared to offend the thirteen elders, then it was my Yun family's fault. Therefore, if this matter is not successful, the thirteen elders will take action. Yun will teach them!"

The three elders of the Yun family weighed for a moment and insisted on taking action for the thirteen elders.

The so-called visitor is a guest, and the thirteen elders are members of the Dragon Clan of the Yunyuan Mountain Range. They have noble status, and the Yun family cannot afford to make a mistake.

Although he doesn't think these young people can bring any substantial threat, he must try his best to avoid any possible trouble!


Without waiting for the opponent to refuse, the third elder of the Yun family's breath surged, and layers of vigorous fluctuations shook his body.

The thirteenth elder frowned slightly, but did not stop the opponent, because he could easily get ahead of the third elder of the Yun family.

"Who is this kid, and why is he so bold to go with him to offend the 13th elder of the Dragon Clan?"

"Maybe he has some identity and background, but there are too many people with backgrounds. There are always some idiots who live and die, and use their lives to challenge the patience of the strong!"

"This kid's cultivation is only in the middle of the Void Breaking Realm, and 10,000 heads can't withstand the opponent's frenzy!"

"Maybe he is relying on the three companions around him?"

"What are you kidding? Although the three women are not low-level, they are only in the Star River Realm. Even if the three of them work together, they can't stop the Dragon Clan elder's move!"

"Not to mention the thirteen elders of the Dragon Clan, the third elder of the Yun family alone can make him unable to eat!"

"I have seen a lot of people who live and die, but I have never seen someone as arrogant as him. Look at it, he will definitely die miserably!"

"It's just a pity that those three women with good aptitude!"

"What a pity? Hehe, no, they are very qualified, even if the Dragon Clan elders look down on them, the Yun Family will be tempted!"

The warriors in the square talked a lot, some ridiculed and contemptuously prepared to watch Jiang Tian's jokes, some shook their heads and sighed unbearably, as if feeling sorry for him and his companions.

Although Jiang Tian's realm was not high, but his aptitude was obviously not bad, it was too stupid to kill his life in this way.

There were ridicules and sighs, and the atmosphere in the square was extremely tense. Many people seemed to have seen Jiang Tian being crushed by the Dragon Clan elders and the Yun family three elders.

The only suspense is that the person who shot will be the elder of the dragon clan or the third elder of the Yun family!

Jiang Tianmu has cold light, silently urging his spiritual power, ready to call out the holy judge at any time.

Whether it is the Dragon Clan elder or the third elder of the Yun family, they are the strongest existence he has encountered, and he can't tolerate the slightest hesitation. At the first blow, he will use the strongest means!

The ultimate pressure is the greatest motivation. The "Tyrannosaurus" has reached the bottleneck, but has not been able to break through. His own strength is not enough for the time being, that is, if so, he will have to use external force to hit the solid bottleneck. Accelerate the transformation of the physical body.

The atmosphere was extremely tense, and the thunderous fierce battle seemed to be on the verge, but in the eyes of everyone, it was just an unwavering crush.

"If those three women didn't make a move, it would be okay. If they forcefully made a move to protect Jiang Tian, the ending will definitely be extremely tragic!"

"Perhaps the two elders will take care of them as appropriate for their usefulness!"

"I hope so, otherwise it would be too regrettable!"

Regretful voices sounded one after another. This collision seemed inevitable to everyone, and Jiang Tian had already made all preparations to receive the opponent's thunderous blow at any time.

At this moment, an unexpected situation occurred!

"Elder Thirteen, things have changed!"


A long roar came from the Yun family's mansion, and before the words fell, a figure stepped out of the sky from the mansion.

"Huh?" The thirteen elders of the Dragon Clan frowned, and immediately turned to look back, his face uncertain, "What's the matter?"