Home Heaven Devouring Dragon EmperorChapter 5296

"That's it..." The visitor was also a middle-aged man, wearing the same dragon-patterned martial robes as the thirteen elders.

His Spiritual Power Transmission whispered quietly, and even the third elder of the Yun family who was close at hand could not detect what he said.

At this time, the third elder of the Yun family took two steps with interest. In order to avoid disturbing the other party, he had already put away his spiritual power and did not make a move to Jiang Tian for the time being.

"What are you talking about? Dragon..." The thirteen elders of the Dragon Clan spoke suddenly, looking at each other in shock, half-talking, he realized that he was wrong, and he said nothing.

"The credibility of the news is extremely high! The family instructed us to act immediately!"

"Outrageous, why is it so coincidental?"

The thirteen elders of the Dragon Clan frowned, turned his head to look at Jiang Tian, his eyes were full of unwillingness, his fists clenched and he looked a little hesitant.

"What's so great about the few unnamed juniors, don't lose too much! According to the rumours of the clan, some other forces are also acting. It should not be too late. Let's set out now!"

"Boy, if you are lucky, let's go!"

The thirteen elders of the dragon clan made a decision and stepped up into the sky with his companions, turning into two silver dragon-like long rainbows and straight into the sky.

"Send the two elders!"

The third elder of the Yun family straightened his figure and bowed to the sky. After the silver light condensed, he immediately retracted his gaze and looked at Jiang Tian.

"The background of the Dragon Race is beyond imagination. No matter what your background or background, don't provoke your own life. Yun doesn't want to embarrass you. I hope you know yourself and don't mistake yourself!"

"Elder Yun is indeed a wise man, and he didn't offend the 13th elder of the Dragon Clan. It was he who took the initiative to provoke. Please clarify this point for Elder Yun!"


The words spread, the audience was in an uproar, countless eyes gathered on Jiang Tian, full of shock and incredible.

"What are you talking about, the thirteen elders of the Dragon Clan provoke you? Who do you think you are, and what confidence do you have that is worth his provocation?"

The third elder of the Yun family twitched his eyes and was deeply shocked.

Even the Yun Family's top arrogant talent, I am afraid that he would not dare to say such arrogant words. This young man with only a cultivation base in the middle of the Void Breaking Realm, what is the background, what is the confidence to make him arrogant?

At this moment, he wished to take action immediately to teach this arrogant junior, but after another thought, he suppressed the urge to take action.

This young man is indeed very arrogant, but judging from all the circumstances, this person must have some background.

First of all, this young man has a strong aura and looks confident; secondly, the three companions around him are rare in appearance and talents, and this kind of background is definitely beyond the reach of ordinary forces.

As the third elder of the Yun family, he has held great power for a long time, and he has so much experience and experience, and he naturally understands the pros and cons.

For this kind of existence that does not know its origin and background but seems quite mysterious, if it is not necessary, it should never be provoked, otherwise who knows what kind of trouble it will cause the family?

Taking a step back, even if there is no terrible force behind the opponent, as long as there are one or two super powers backing up, it is also a threat that cannot be ignored.

The Yun family is in the light, and the other party is in the dark. If it is deliberately disturbed, the Yun family is really hard to guard against.

Out of cautious consideration, he suppressed the urge to shoot.

"There are people outside, there are heaven outside the world, young people don't know the depth, the old man doesn't care about you, I am a wealthy family of Yun family, and I don't have general knowledge like you, and remember to keep a low profile and forbearance when walking in the martial arts world.

"Has Elder Yun ever heard of a holy son named'Yun Xianghan'?"

Jiang Tian spoke with his spiritual power transmission suddenly.

"Yun Xianghan?" The third elder of the Yun family shook his head subconsciously. "My Yun family has never had a holy son named'Yun Xianghan'. You don't have to find excuses to have friendship with us. If you don't want to cause trouble, please Leave Scarlet Cloud City immediately!"


Jiang Tian shook his head and sighed, deeply disappointed.

Judging from the other's confused reaction, there should be no concealment or deception. In other words, Yun Xianghan has nothing to do with Chiyuncheng Yun's family, and even the Yun family elders in this branch do not know that there is such a person. .

This is enough to prove that the person who took Yun Xianghan in the Boundary Sea of the Lower Realm should be from the other two branches of the Yun family.

As for whether it is Yunlingchuan or Moyunling, it still needs to be verified.

At this time, the thirteen elders of the Dragon Clan and his companions had already arrived outside Scarlet Cloud City, rushing to escape with all their strength.

"Is the news really reliable?" Elder Thirteen asked with a frown.

"There is no doubt about family communication. As for the unreliability of the news itself, it is still unknown. There are many variables about the'dragon' matter. You don't need to say that you are also clear about this."

"If it is true this time, then we must not let it fall into the hands of outsiders. This is very important for us in the Yunyuan Mountain Range!" The Thirteenth Elder looked extremely solemn.

"By the way, what happened just before the Yun Family Mansion? What are the young people?" The middle-aged man looked curious.

"The three women are nothing, the young man in the Void-Breaking Realm seems to be of dragon blood!"

"Are you right?" Companion's face changed slightly, a little surprised.

Dragon blood is not common, and people of the dragon will not walk around easily. The chance of encountering dragon blood in Scarlet Cloud City is extremely small.

"I was about to confirm, so I was interrupted by you."

"The matter is urgent, and the family briefing has repeatedly urged not to delay anything, but if you say this, your judgment may not be accurate?"

"Maybe." The thirteen elders frowned slightly, noncommittal.

The companion waved his hand and smiled: "You don't have to worry about it so much. Even if the opponent is really dragon blood, it may also be a wild vein that lives outside, and a wild vein definitely does not challenge the ability of our Yunyuan mountain dragon clan!"

"I hope so! Fortunately, the matter this time does not conflict with the matter of the Yun Family Saint Child, otherwise we would really be a headache!"

"Huh, compared with this matter, what is the Yun Family Saint Child? And that wild vein, not only you are interested, I am also quite interested, it is better to wait for the end of this matter, let's use the secret technique to find He, I want to take a look, what is his background!"

The Thirteenth Elder smiled coldly, as if he didn't care too much about it: "By the way, how did the Yun Family speculate that the strongest Saint Child's'Man of Destiny' came from our Dragon Clan?"

"This matter is not easy to say, maybe this is just some kind of their strategy, intended to win over us Yunyuan Mountain Range, and strengthen ourselves."

"It is indeed possible, but if we can use this marriage to obtain the inheritance of the ancient immortal clan from the Yun family, it will also be of great benefit to our dragon clan!"

"That's natural. Who would refuse this kind of benefit?"



"Huh, so risky!"

"Looking at the posture just now, I thought Clan Yun would embarrass us!"

After leaving Yun's house, Weifeng and Weiyu slapped their chests with fear.