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Its not that they dont have confidence in Jiang Tian, but that the Yun familys background is too strong. Apart from anything else, there are dozens of galaxy realm powerhouses in the square alone, and all of them are better than the ones they have seen in the galaxy realm. Stronger, it is a huge trouble for anyone to shoot.

"The Yun family are not fools. Although Jiang Tian had a few quarrels with the thirteen elders of the Dragon Clan, he did not conflict with the Yun family. As the elders of the family, without knowing our details, naturally he would not easily grudge with us. In other words, even if he wants to make a move, he won't be in front of so many people, and he has to be sure that one hit will kill!"

Su Wan's face was calm, with a faint smile on the corner of her mouth.

Wei Yu's face changed: "It really is a sinister heart!"

"Bad girl, do you know how stupid I am now?" Wei Feng gave her a blank look and reprimanded in a huff, "That is to say, we are lucky, meet the son, change to someone else, just your troublesome mouth, I'm afraid it's dead, I don't know how many times!"

Jiang Tianzhi smiled at the words of the two sisters.

Since Yun Xianghan is not in Chiyun City, he should be in Yunlingchuan or Moyunling. According to his original plan, he should immediately turn around and head to Yunlingchuan in the southern part of the Central Region, and then to the west. Moyunling.

However, after he felt the cultivation of the third elder of the Yun family and the thirteen elder of the dragon clan, he had to weigh carefully.

The strengths of the three branches of the Yun family are said to be comparable, which means that the martial arts standards of Hongyunzhou, Yunlingchuan, and Moyunling are basically the same. With his current strength, he cannot match any of the three branches of the Yun family. Confrontation, even if you find Yun Xianghan, I am afraid you can't do much.

Only when his strength is enough to shake the Yun family can he have enough confidence to retrieve Yun Xianghan, and now rashly appearing in the Yun familys line of sight will only make Yun Xianghan fall into a complicated situation, and even cause it. Varieties are born.

"Jiang Tian, what are your plans next?" Su Wan asked.

"Go and see Yunyuan Mountain Range!"

"Yunyuan Mountain Range?" Su Wan was deeply surprised.

The Yunyuan Mountain Range is the territory of the Dragon Race. It is a more dangerous place than the Yun Family. What does Jiang Tian intend to do there?

Could it be that he couldn't let go of today's conflict, what did he want to do in Yunyuan Mountain?

"The strength of the dragon clan is terrible, and there is no certainty. It is best not to be impulsive!"

"Impulse?" Jiang Tian shook his head and smiled, "Don't get me wrong, I have other plans to go there."

"Oh?" Su Wan couldn't guess Jiang Tian's thoughts, feeling a little confused.

However, Jiang Tian's decision to post it will not change easily.

"My son, where is the Yunyuan Mountain Range?"

"I don't know, I'll know by asking."

Jiang Tian smiled leisurely, and led his companions into the Fangshi Street of Scarlet Cloud City.

Although the grade of Fangshijie is not as good as that of large commercial houses and high-end chambers of commerce like Genting Pavilion, there are also some special features. For example, there are many well-informed people hiding here, and they can get news that is hard to find in large commercial houses.

After arriving at Fangshi Street, Jiang Tian took some time, and was led by a black-robed old man to a small shop.

This shop looks unremarkable, but there is a mystery hidden in it!

Jiang Tian handed out a storage bag with a thousand high-level spirit crystals in it. After the old man's divine mind checked, he opened a hidden restriction, and it turned out to be a small teleportation array inside!

Jiang Tian and his companions followed the old man and came to a closed space, where the magic circle of this space could isolate divine consciousness and prevent exploration.

Jiang Tian couldn't judge whether this place was still in Scarlet Cloud City, but he was certain that this was a hidden space that was unknown.

"The guest officer wants to inquire about Yunyuan Mountain Range?" The black-robed old man asked in a deep voice.

"Yes it is!"

"The Yunyuan Mountain Range is the territory of the Dragon Race, and the price of news about the Dragon Race has doubled!" The old man said with a blank expression on his face.

"Okay!" Jiang Tian didn't hesitate, and once again handed over a thousand high-level spirit crystals.

"The Yunyuan Mountain Range is to the southeast of Scarlet Cloud City. That place is surrounded by a strange fog all year round. Even if ordinary people go there, they can't enter it. Only the Dragon Race can get in and out." The old man said lightly.


"Such a message is also worth two thousand high-level spirit crystals?"

Wei Feng and Wei Yu frowned, feeling trapped.

Although the old man pointed out the direction, if he couldn't enter, wouldn't it be the same as he didn't say it?

"In other words, outsiders can't enter the Yunyuan Mountain Range at all?" Su Wan cautiously confirmed.

"That's right, unless someone from the Dragon Clan takes you in, otherwise the Yunyuan Mountain Range is a restricted area for you, a place you can't reach at all!" The old man nodded and said.

"The range of the Yunyuan Mountain Range should not be small. How does the Dragon Clan cover such a large area?" Wei Feng frowned and asked.

"The old man is not clear about this question. It may be a special magic circle, or it may be some other means."

"Unreasonable! Two thousand high-level spirit crystals asked about this, this is too deceptive!"

Weiyu's spiritual power transmitted voice, pouting her mouth to complain to Jiang Tian.

"Calm down!" Jiang Tian waved his hand lightly.

These people make a living by selling news and intelligence, and naturally they will try their best to earn spiritual crystals, but I have to say that the description of the old man does match the superior temperament of the dragon clan.

Imagine that many families and sect residences will be protected by a large forbidden formation. How can the dignified dragon territory be unobstructed, if anyone can easily find and sneak into it, where is the majesty of the dragon?

"Does the guest officer have any other questions? If not, the old man will send you out."

"No more!"

"Guest officer go slowly, don't send it!"

Hum rumbling!

With a flash of white light, Jiang Tian and the three companions shook for a while, and when they fixed their eyes, they came to a forest of mountains.


"This is where?"

Weifeng and Weiyu were surprised.

"Why did you send us here?" Su Wan glanced around, and couldn't help being surprised.

She thought she would follow the old man back outside the shop, but she didn't expect to come to such a place. The shadow of Scarlet Cloud City was no longer visible in her sight, which was obviously far away from Scarlet Cloud City.

"The outlet of that store's teleportation array is actually located in this place. Does it mean that it can be teleported back to Scarlet Cloud City from here?"

Wei Feng scanned the surroundings, except for the little remaining spatial spiritual power beside her, she found no signs of formation.

Jiang Tian slowly shook his head: "No need to look for it. There shouldn't be the teleportation array you imagined here. This should be the special rules of that store. It is a prudent protection method for them and for us."

"Understood!" Su Wan nodded slowly, thoughtfully, "If I'm not mistaken, even if we return to Scarlet Cloud City now, we may not be able to find that shop."