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Chapter 857 She is actually Fu Xiaozhu! !

There are very few magic weapons to maintain air luck, and not many of them have brought to this world.

In a group of people, only the old Xuan, the left guardian, and the right guardian can use it.

Baipao Physician, as one of the many subordinates of Xuan Lao, naturally can't use magic weapons to maintain the spirit of the spirit.

Therefore, if their subordinates want to stay in this world and not be excluded from this world, they can only find a human body to stay in this world for a long time.

In other words, if she is now accidentally killed by Pei Xiubai.

Although her spirit will not be injured in any way, she will be immediately rejected from this world, and then discovered by Tiandao, she will impose extremely severe punishment.

In this way, it is almost dead.

The white-robed woman didn't dare to joke about her own life. Seeing the knife's tip approaching, she couldn't care too much. She didn't even have time to pinch the spell. She staggered and awkwardly went to the side to hide.

But this is the case, her arm was still blood-red by Pei Xiubai's dagger!

The white-robed woman gritted her teeth fiercely. Seeing Pei Xiubai's defeat, followed by another brutal attack, she didn't give her a chance to react at all. In desperation, the white-robed woman could only dodge desperately and even pinch the spell. There is no time to call other people over.

On the contrary, it is extremely embarrassing to hide!

Melee combat without magic spells is undoubtedly beneficial to Pei Xiubai.

He didn't like to fight, and made a faint move. After the white-robed woman dodges, the dagger in his hand suddenly turned around. The sharp blade stabbed the white-robed woman's eyes, and it clearly showed the astonishment in her eyes. .

Seeing the inevitable dagger is about to pierce her neck.

The blood temperature of the woman in the white robe faded instantly.

However, at this moment, a yellowish spell struck straight, turning the dagger in Pei Xiubai's hand into powder!

Obviously, the gray-robed man who was knocked out by Pei Xiubai before woke up!

Probably the man in the gray robe who had spirit power in his body, who was supposed to have been in a coma for more than three hours, woke up within a few minutes under the restoration of the spirit power in his body.

Peixiu's white pupils darkened.


I knew this, he should have wiped his neck with a knife!

The white-robed woman gave a happy expression. Without thinking about it, she shouted directly at the gray-robed man: "Catch him! He wants to kill Mr. Xuan!"

The white-robed woman is not stupid. Since Pei Xiubai escaped from the room, he not only didnt want to get out from here, but also walked into the old Xuans room in stealth. It was nothing more than seeing that the old Xuan was seriously ill, and wanted to take this opportunity to kill the old Xuan. .

Naturally, these subordinates would not agree.

The gray-robed man looked cold, and he wanted to cast a spell.

Pei Xius white eyes were cold, knowing that this place shouldnt be stayed for a long time. For the convenience of fighting, he carried a knife on his body. Now that the knife was destroyed by the spell, only powder is left. Now he can't kill the white-robed woman with his bare hands. .

Furthermore, the gray-robed men are also awake now, and the situation is very unfavorable for them.

The white-robed woman was killed by Pei Xiubai just now and she was hiding very embarrassed. Now that the situation has turned around, she quickly read a spell in an attempt to catch Pei Xiubai and tortured it severely, so that she could get the bad breath just now.

Seeing this, Pei Xiubai couldn't care too much, so he could only deal with the white-robed doctor alone, and he kicked the white-robed woman who was chanting the curse to the ground.

In this way, undoubtedly leaving behind to the gray-robed man.

And this gray-robed man prefers not to die. He had to enter the room and kill Pei Xiubai and Lu Li. Unfortunately, Xuan Laos condition aggravated and called away one of the two men. Now, I see Pei Xiubai here. This.

The gray-robed man would naturally not be merciful. He accumulated a bunch of spirit power and was about to completely kill Pei Xiubai.

When Pei Xiubai was fighting with the white-robed woman, he naturally saw the yellowish, but extremely powerful soul power in his hand from the corner of the eye. Without even thinking about it, if he received such a blow, he would not only die, but also There is a possibility that the soul will be scattered!


The gray-robed man sneered: "Today is your death date!"

Speaking, the gray-robed man was about to use his spirit power to attack Pei Xiubai.

But in the next second, the spirit power was not released from the gray-robed man's hand. Instead, a loud "boom" came from the gray-robed man's neck.

He had a wrong look, but his body was faltering, and then he fainted directly on the ground!

The white-robed woman was stunned, what's going on?

Soon, she waved over there and she knew it!

It turned out that Pei Xiubai was not the only one who came in invisibly!

I saw a cute little loli standing on the chair, and little loli was holding an iron bed leg in her hand...

The white-robed woman's eyes shrank fiercely.

turned out to be Lu Li!

Yes, Pei Xiubai can escape, why can't Lu Li!

She was careless!

Obviously, she was the one who knocked the gray-robed man on the back of the neck after learning from Pei Xiubai's appearance!

Perhaps the height is not too high, the little girl can only climb on the chair and knock.

Before the count of knocking people out, the little girl climbed down from the chair again, holding the leg of the bed, acting as a stick, and banging on the gray-robed man lying on the ground unconsciously!

Tap, Xiaozui'er grunts angrily:

"You are not allowed to bully Brother Xiubai! No! No!!! No!!! No!!!"


The white robe woman stared at the leg of the bed in her hand.

Bed legs?

Where did the bed legs come from? !

The white-robed woman widened her eyes, as if thinking of something.

Sure enough, he turned his head and saw that the bed where Old Xuan was sleeping had collapsed by a quarter.

One of the legs of the bed was violently broken off.

White robe woman: "..."

Pei Xiubai: "..."

If Lu Qidong were here, he would definitely praise the little girl softly, for being a person who does great things quietly.

In the few seconds when the white-robed woman was shocked, Pei Xiubai pulled out a small knife from the wholesale bag carried by the little girl.

Before the white-robed woman hadn't reacted, Pei Xiubai directly stabbed her in the neck!

Blood splattered on her neck, staining Pei Xiubai, and even her own eyes.

The white-robed woman's eyes widened, but there was no chance to resist her any more. She just fell straight down, but before falling, her consciousness fell completely into darkness.

She seemed to have seen something in the aftermath, her breathing suddenly became a bit short, as if she wanted to struggle...

Fu Xiaozhu!

Lu Li!

Lu Li is Fu Xiaozhu!

She is actually Fu Xiaozhu! !

The white-robed woman's fingers trembled violently, pointing to Lu Li as if she was going to kill her, but in the end, she lost too much blood and lost her vitality, and fell heavily to the ground.

Pei Xiubai noticed the white-robed woman's gaze, and then looked over.

I saw it, on the fair skin of the back of the neck of the little Lolita who was bending over and beating the bad guy.

I don't know when, there is a weird and coquettish red pattern like blood.

That is

Pei Xiu's white pupils shrank hardly.

A lively, tail is like a small koi with layers of light yarn.

It's exactly the same as the one he grabbed at Pei's house before.

[Yes, the pattern is a seal! The more complete the pattern and the redder, the weaker the seal.

(End of this chapter)

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Chapter 604: Jane West Say: You Are Not Worthy Of Being My Father Chapter 605: I Didn't Have A Father Before Chapter 606: Just Write To Death Chapter 607: Change Parents Chapter 608: Once Again Took Out A New Composition Chapter 609: Dads' Counterattack 1 Chapter 610: Dads' Counterattack 2 Chapter 611: Little Luli Is Almost Crying Chapter 612: My Dad Is A Big Liar Chapter 613: Sign The Composition Chapter 614: Is It Dead? Chapter 615: Are They Cute Chapter 616: Do You Misunderstand Me Chapter 617: Didn't You Take Precautions? Chapter 618: Really Cute : Ask A Question And Ask For Leave By The Way Chapter 620: The Best Way To Shut Up A Woman Chapter 621: No One He Can't Tame Chapter 622: No Is It Necessary To Play This Big? Chapter 623: Let's Substitute Chapter 624: The Second Player To Play Is Mo Wuan Chapter 625: I'm Over Chapter 626: The Third One Mu Qi Chapter 627: We Will All Die Chapter 628: You Won't Have A Baby Anymore Chapter 629: Weirdness Chapter 630: She Completely Passed Chapter 631: What Is She Doing Outside In Such A Cold Day? Chapter 632: The Second Variety Show Begins Chapter 633: There Will Be Two Groups Of Special Guests Coming Chapter 634: Push The Truth Video Chapter 635: Is There A Problem With Uncle's Brain? Chapter 636: You Sell Seafood Chapter 637: Ashamed To The World Chapter 638: All Four Of Them Have To Starve To Death Today Chapter 639: Sit Till Death Chapter 640: Soliciting Chapter 641: How Much Is This Fish Chapter 642: You Won't Have A Daughter If You Sell It Chapter 643: As A Feng Shui Master Chapter 644: Brother Xiubai Is Here Too Chapter 645: Lili Has A Beautiful Little Brother Chapter 646: No Money For This Fish : Start To Update Ask For Monthly Ticket No Charge Chapter 647: How Can You Be So Poor Chapter 648: I Am Poor I Am Too Poor Chapter 649: Uncle Beauty And Brother Xiubai Are Gone Chapter 650: You Lied To Me Monthly Ticket Plus More Chapter 651: Do You Remember That You Are Recording A Show Chapter 652: Dad This Is For You Chapter 653: Purple Banana Chapter 654: This Is The Banana Vol 2 Chapter 1: .6 Take A Leave Vol 2 Chapter 655: Didnt You Say Its Not A Purple Banana? Vol 2 Chapter 656: Run Our Father Wants To Sell Us Vol 2 Chapter 657: Can't You Just Throw It Over? Vol 2 Chapter 658: What Did Your Father Give You A Note? Vol 2 Chapter 659: Went To Sleep Together Vol 2 Chapter 660: Is There Such A Trick? Vol 2 Chapter 661: Why Did My Banana Die In Half Vol 2 Chapter 662: Your Daughter Don't You Care? Vol 2 Chapter 663: Start Of The Afternoon Mission Vol 2 Chapter 664: You Draw I Guess Vol 2 Chapter 665: It's Just A Matter Of Life To Change Games Vol 2 Chapter 666: It's Better Not To Struggle After Struggling Vol 2 Chapter 667: Our Father Is So Stupid Vol 2 Chapter 668: You Guessed It Right Vol 2 Chapter 669: This Time Its Brother Xiubai Vol 2 Chapter 670: But It Can't Be A Beast Right Vol 2 Chapter 671: Was There A Dance To Add To The Fun? Vol 2 Chapter 672: It's Completely Different From The Father In This World Vol 2 Chapter 673: This Time It's Really A Credit To Lili Vol 2 Chapter 674: The Sky In The Capital Is About To Change Vol 2 Chapter 675: It's Nothing But Pretty And Cute Vol 2 Chapter 676: Your Marriage Contract With Huo Suiwang Is Annulled Vol 2 Chapter 677: Only Father Can Push Others Vol 2 Chapter 678: Dad.. Do You Want To Die? Vol 2 Chapter 679: People Who Watched Can't Wait To Knock The Bottle In Her Hand Vol 2 Chapter 680: But They Can Go Vol 2 Chapter 681: I Beg You Let Others Make A Living Vol 2 Chapter 682: When Did You Become So Dark? Vol 2 Chapter 683: Han Qin's Phone Was Unlocked Directly Vol 2 Chapter 684: Qu Sinian Needs To Come Forward To Protect Lu Li Vol 2 Chapter 685: When Li Yues Video Came Out It Instantly Attracted The Attention Of Many Fans Vol 2 Chapter 686: Qu Sinian Needs To Come Forward To Protect Lu Li Vol 2 Chapter 687: When Li Yues Video Came Out It Instantly Attracted The Attention Of Many Fans Vol 2 Chapter 688: The Rage Deceived By Qu Sinian Vol 2 Chapter 689: I Seem To Be Crying Vol 2 Chapter 690: How Did It Resemble Life And Death? Vol 2 Chapter 691: As If The Whole Bed Belongs To Her Vol 2 Chapter 692: No Wonder She Has Nightmares Vol 2 Chapter 693: There Was A Heart Piercing Cry Suddenly Vol 2 Chapter 694: Sister Lili Why Are You Crying Too.. Vol 2 Chapter 695: Is Uncle Qu Going To Take Sister Qianqian To Kill? Vol 2 Chapter 696: You Don't Need To Pay For Anything Vol 2 Chapter 697: I Was Thrown On By My Father And Couldnt Get Off Vol 2 Chapter 698: Have You Been Thrown Up By My Father? Vol 2 Chapter 699: Hang Up Directly Vol 2 Chapter 700: Hang Up All The Hooks So That Ghosts Have Nowhere To Hang Vol 2 Chapter 701: Father You Are Too Much You Lose Chocolate Vol 2 Chapter 702: You See That Your Face Is So Hungry Vol 2 Chapter 703: This..may Be A Little Difficult Vol 2 Chapter 704: The Players Are All Locked In The Classroom Vol 2 Chapter 705: Everyone Remembered Vol 2 Chapter 706: It Seems That Lili Was Really Scared This Time Vol 2 Chapter 707: Don't You Care? Vol 2 Chapter 708: They Are Also Greedy Ghosts Now : February Is Coming Ask For A Monthly Pass Vol 2 Chapter 709: Did I Forget Something? Vol 2 Chapter 710: Dad Lu And Dad Pei Are Not Shallow Vol 2 Chapter 711: I Didn't Let You Come Here Vol 2 Chapter 712: Xiyan Brother He Is Inside Vol 2 Chapter 713: Lili What Is He Talking About? Vol 2 Chapter 714: Greedy Ghosts Have Appeared Again Vol 2 Chapter 715: Qu Sinian Just Cracked The Secret Room Door Code Vol 2 Chapter 716: The Money Scammer Is Ready Vol 2 Chapter 717: You Do Look Good Without It Vol 2 Chapter 718: Maybe I Went Back To Get Snacks For Sister Qianqian And Brother Yiming Vol 2 Chapter 719: Cover the lights and push people! Vol 2 Chapter 720: Are these four little guys so small that they will kill each other? Vol 2 Chapter 721: I haven't come back yet Vol 2 Chapter 722: Have you met my dad? Vol 2 Chapter 723: At first glance, it looks like a dog Vol 2 Chapter 724: Why Is It Like Killing Someone? Vol 2 Chapter 725: Four Dads Exactly 400 Vol 2 Chapter 726: Little Fat Girl You Are Vicious Vol 2 Chapter 727: As Long As She Is Cute I Love Her Vol 2 Chapter 728: There Are No 10 Dads To Fight But 2 Actually Do Vol 2 Chapter 729: Come On What's Up With Me Vol 2 Chapter 730: People's Head Is Going To Break.. Vol 2 Chapter 731: Even If A Ghost Posts Money To Them They Dont Want Other Dads Anymore Vol 2 Chapter 732: He Suspected That He Raised A Pig Vol 2 Chapter 733: They Didn't Go From Here Vol 2 Chapter 734: Brother Hu They Are Not Afraid Vol 2 Chapter 735: Driving Crazy So Quickly Vol 2 Chapter 736: Only People Can Kick Dad Vol 2 Chapter 737: That Little Guy Must Be Fine Vol 2 Chapter 738: Dad You Just Don't Want To Kick Others Vol 2 Chapter 739: Because They Kidnapped You Vol 2 Chapter 740: Our Lion Is Gone Vol 2 Chapter 741: Let's Worship Lili For Luck Vol 2 Chapter 742: Only To Die Vol 2 Chapter 743: The Matter Is Far From Over Vol 2 Chapter 744: Where's My Carrot Phone Vol 2 Chapter 745: It's Okay To Just Give 20 Vol 2 Chapter 746: Lu Junhan This Sinister Dog Vol 2 Chapter 747: It Happens To Be Second In The Ranking Of The Richest In The Country Vol 2 Chapter 748: Song Qingwan Avoided Seeing Vol 2 Chapter 749: There Is No If In The World Vol 2 Chapter 750: That Biological Daughter Is Not Ye Rourou At All Vol 2 Chapter 751: You Can Treat Us And Our Father As If We Dont Exist Vol 2 Chapter 752: She Thought She Would Be Beaten By Dad Again Vol 2 Chapter 753: So She Will Fall Vol 2 Chapter 754: Finally A Normal Person Answered Vol 2 Chapter 755: To The Second Question Vol 2 Chapter 756: Your Father Has To Die Anyway Right? Vol 2 Chapter 757: Little Luli Is Not A Normal Person Vol 2 Chapter 758: Take The Old Grandma To The Hospital First Vol 2 Chapter 759: I Have Been Looking For Her Before Vol 2 Chapter 760: People Have Already Given You One Minute Vol 2 Chapter 761: Grandma Fell In Front Of Us Again Vol 2 Chapter 762: Once I Had A Dad.. Then He Died Vol 2 Chapter 763: That's Not A Real Grandma Vol 2 Chapter 764: I'm So Happy I Want To Hit Someone Vol 2 Chapter 765: You Just Have Another Daughter Vol 2 Chapter 766: There Are Real Signs Of Miscarriage Vol 2 Chapter 767: There Are Abnormalities Every Year Especially Today Vol 2 Chapter 768: Your Biological Daughter Is It Ye Rourou Or Ye Wan? Vol 2 Chapter 769: Her Fake Father Is So Cool Vol 2 Chapter 770: Dad Can Only Be Lili's Father Vol 2 Chapter 771: Lu Junhan Is Sick And Has A Fever Vol 2 Chapter 772: She Will Help Dad Wash His Hair Vol 2 Chapter 773: Staying With Your Father For A Long Time You Will Also Get Sick Vol 2 Chapter 774: Harmful Lili Suffers With You Vol 2 Chapter 775: She Must Be Fine Vol 2 Chapter 776: Dad People Want To Hear Stories Vol 2 Chapter 777: Dad Do You Find It Annoying? Vol 2 Chapter 778: Do I Have To Book My Child? Vol 2 Chapter 779: Lili Went To The Basement To Play Vol 2 Chapter 780: I Can Be Her Father At My Age Vol 2 Chapter 781: Go Find A Stick And Break My Brother's Leg Vol 2 Chapter 782: I Just Want To Show Off Lu Li Vol 2 Chapter 783: Old Man Qin Can't Afford To Offend Him Vol 2 Chapter 784: Every One Of Them Comes Prepared Vol 2 Chapter 785: Where Is Lu Li's Little Girl What Will She Do? Vol 2 Chapter 786: Son Do Our Lili Look Good? Vol 2 Chapter 787: I Don't Owe Your Grandpa Any Money Vol 2 Chapter 788: You Must Have Forgotten Vol 2 Chapter 789: Dad Look We Are Rich Vol 2 Chapter 790: Dad Looks Dumb Vol 2 Chapter 791: Reborn 25 Times Vol 2 Chapter 792: What I Think And What I Say Is The Current World : March Is Coming Ask For A Monthly Pass Vol 2 Chapter 793: Fu Xiaozhu We've Been Looking For Vol 2 Chapter 794: It's Useless If You Come Back Vol 2 Chapter 795: He Sees This Little Fat Girl Really Doesn't Want To Live Vol 2 Chapter 796: Hello Grandpa Dog Vol 2 Chapter 797: Didnt You Go To Kindergarten? Vol 2 Chapter 798: I Think Your Great Granddaughter Is Possessed By The Disaster Star Vol 2 Chapter 799: Do Not Touch Porcelain Like This Vol 2 Chapter 800: These Three Are Bad Grandpas Vol 2 Chapter 801: I Suddenly Want To Eat Cake Vol 2 Chapter 802: You Have Hurt Me Miserably Vol 2 Chapter 803: The Task Was Once Again Corrupted Vol 2 Chapter 804: Your Dad.. He Still Beats Kids? Vol 2 Chapter 805: You Will Definitely Run Away This Time Vol 2 Chapter 806: You Must Not Run Away Vol 2 Chapter 807: Lu Junhan Is Not Fat Vol 2 Chapter 808: I Want My Father To Be A Human Vol 2 Chapter 809: He Actually Thinks Lin Yue And The Little Lady Are Very Similar : Tell Me About Mom's Story Vol 2 Chapter 810: The Principle Of Being A Man Vol 2 Chapter 811: People Will Work Hard To Be Human Vol 2 Chapter 812: Brother Xiubai Is Here Vol 2 Chapter 814: Pei Xiubai Is Recognized As Yeheng 1 : Let's Talk About It. Vol 2 Chapter 815: Pei Xiubai Is Recognized As Yeheng 2 Vol 2 Chapter 816: His Daughter Will Come To The Mortal World To Find Him Vol 2 Chapter 817: The Way To Choose Interest Classes Is Very Simple And Rude Vol 2 Chapter 818: He Will Cry To Death Vol 2 Chapter 819: Have You Been So Uncompromising? Vol 2 Chapter 820: Who Is That Person? Vol 2 Chapter 821: What To Do If You Don't Have Money To Marry A Wife Vol 2 Chapter 822: The Tv I Watched Is My Dad Vol 2 Chapter 823: Lili And Dads Treasure Hunt 1 Vol 2 Chapter 824: Lili And Dads Treasure Hunt 2 Vol 2 Chapter 825: It's Still Dead.. Vol 2 Chapter 826: Yuyu Will Not Be Pitiful Vol 2 Chapter 827: Let's Go Catch Four Fish Vol 2 Chapter 828: You Are A Girl Now Vol 2 Chapter 829: Why Can't She Just Eat? Vol 2 Chapter 830: Bai Xinlian Assassinated Lu Li 1 Vol 2 Chapter 831: Bai Xinlian Assassinated Lu Li 2 Vol 2 Chapter 832: Started To Deal With Boys Vol 2 Chapter 833: Is That A Breakdown? Vol 2 Chapter 834: White Heart Pity Death Vol 2 Chapter 835: I'm Afraid Of Killing Uncle Jane Vol 2 Chapter 836: Clear The Site In The Tent Vol 2 Chapter 837: Dad I Want To Drink Water Vol 2 Chapter 838: He Thinks This Little Fat Girl Wants To Die Vol 2 Chapter 839: Sorry I Can't Cure This Vol 2 Chapter 840: So My Ten Babies Died Vol 2 Chapter 841: People Say You Will Die If You Take The Medicine Vol 2 Chapter 842: Otherwise Three Stories Are Okay Vol 2 Chapter 843: The Peach Must Be On Him Vol 2 Chapter 844: The Wicked Sue First Vol 2 Chapter 845: I'm Sitting In Someone's Place Vol 2 Chapter 846: Something Happened At Home Vol 2 Chapter 847: The First Person To Look At Is The Villain Lu Junhan Vol 2 Chapter 848: She Was Also Caught Vol 2 Chapter 849: Came Back From Sanya Safely Vol 2 Chapter 850: They Are Not People In This World At All Vol 2 Chapter 851: Lord Let Us Kill Them Two Quickly Vol 2 Chapter 852: You Pinch My Leg Five Times Vol 2 Chapter 853: I Am Afraid It Will Be Difficult For Him To Survive Vol 2 Chapter 854: Unless Its Blind It Cant See Vol 2 Chapter 855: Let Us Hide Vol 2 Chapter 856: Someone Came In Invisibly Vol 2 Chapter 857: She Is Actually Fu Xiaozhu Vol 2 Chapter 858: Save People 1 Vol 2 Chapter 859: Save People 2 Vol 2 Chapter 860: The Popularity Of The Entire Room Is Increasing Vol 2 Chapter 861: The Doctors And Nurses Stayed There Vol 2 Chapter 862: Thank you Lili Vol 2 Chapter 863: There is a cute little Lili to ask... Vol 2 Chapter 864: Make people have to believe Vol 2 Chapter 865: I have an extra memory in my mind Vol 2 Chapter 866: There is an unweaned kid chattering Vol 2 Chapter 867: You scared me Vol 2 Chapter 868: The trust value for you is really only 0 Vol 2 Chapter 869: What did you do to me? Vol 2 Chapter 870: Knife in hand Vol 2 Chapter 871: May have a fetal gas Vol 2 Chapter 872: I think Lu Li is really important Vol 2 Chapter 873: Dangerously avoiding the key position of the heart Vol 2 Chapter 874: Have so much luck Vol 2 Chapter 875: Lili committed suicide Vol 2 Chapter 876: No, really no Vol 2 Chapter 877: Is it bad aunt? Vol 2 Chapter 878: Dad doesn't understand her heart that wants to fly Vol 2 Chapter 879: She and Dad are both stupid Vol 2 Chapter 880: Why do you have a fish Vol 2 Chapter 881: She wore down jackets and trousers Vol 2 Chapter 882: Crying even more fiercely Vol 2 Chapter 883: She is a fish! Vol 2 Chapter 884: And you still scold others for being ugly Vol 2 Chapter 885: Dad works outside and sells fish Vol 2 Chapter 886: Personal attacks are too much Vol 2 Chapter 887: It's really possible, all cut off Vol 2 Chapter 888: My grandpa can't compare to a pot of sour and vegetable dead fish Vol 2 Chapter 889: As expected of us from the Lu family! Vol 2 Chapter 890: What exactly is going on Vol 2 Chapter 891: The real daughter of the Jiang family Vol 2 Chapter 892: What a essayist Vol 2 Chapter 893: Dad will die happily Vol 2 Chapter 894: Don't take the exam so well next time. Vol 2 Chapter 895: Copy Lu Junhan when he was a child Vol 2 Chapter 896: Lu Junhan's composition Vol 2 Chapter 897: Broke your barbie's leg Vol 2 Chapter 898: How much affects children's learning Vol 2 Chapter 899: Did parents fight like this to participate in the parent conference? Vol 2 Chapter 900: I really can't take Dad there Vol 2 Chapter 901: As if being beaten Vol 2 Chapter 902: Arched her as an ancestor Vol 2 Chapter 903: Isn't there anyone else in the Lu family? Vol 2 Chapter 904: You won't be happy anymore Vol 2 Chapter 905: I come to the parent meeting Vol 2 Chapter 906: Was dragged out by their father again Vol 2 Chapter 907: Can this make Lu Gou white? Vol 2 Chapter 908: This is uglier than my father Vol 2 Chapter 909: Ultraman doll Vol 2 Chapter 910: I'm a big liar