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"Second Uncle, Second Uncle... Put me down..." Little tangyuan cried out in her baby voice.

Lu Jingli looked determined. "No way! I'm telling you even if God were here today, He wouldn't be able to save you!"

Little tangyuan begged pitifully, "Second Uncle, I know I'm wrong! Please don't be angry, okay?"

Lu Jingli was not moved at all. "Don't come at me with this. You've already said such things over eight hundred times!"

Little tangyuan then said, "Second Uncle, you can't be angry!"

Lu Jingli then replied, "Why can't I be angry? I'm about to be angered to death by you!"

Solemness filled the tangyuan's delicate little face as she said earnestly, "Even though you look very handsome when you're angry, Second Uncle, you look even more handsome when you're not angry!"

Lu Jingli's fury had calmed down a little although he was still angry as he shot her a side look. "Are you telling the truth? How handsome?"

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Chapter 308: Let Him Sleep For A While Chapter 309: The Only Way I Can Repay You Chapter 310: Indeed You Did Something Bad Chapter 311: You're In Love With Him Chapter 312: Every Woman's Dream Chapter 313: Trouble Came Knocking Chapter 314: A Gorgeous Evening Dress Chapter 315: Cheap Flea Item Chapter 316: Examining The Authenticity Chapter 317: All Of Them Are Real! Chapter 318: Big Fat Liar Chapter 319: No Comparisons, No Hard Feelings Chapter 320: An Enemy's Enemy Is A Friend Chapter 321: I Have Good News Chapter 322: Be In The Way And Do Nothing Chapter 323: Bite Her To Death Chapter 324: I Miss Her Too Chapter 325: Surveillance Monitors Chapter 326: A Date With The Little Bun Chapter 327: Unique Way Of Interacting Chapter 328: She Taught Well? Chapter 329: As Long As You Like It Chapter 330: The Master Is Back Chapter 331: Are You Worried About Me? Chapter 332: Queen Of Bad Acting! Chapter 333: An Unexpected Discovery Chapter 334: Rearranging Scenes Chapter 335: What Has Gotten Into Her? Chapter 336: Tender Or Cherishing Chapter 337: Rarely Relaxing Chapter 338: She Seemed More Attractive Chapter 339: The Seduction Move! Chapter 340: Morons Full Of Themselves Chapter 341: The Devil's Grand Entrance Chapter 342: Shes The Apple Of My Eye Chapter 343: The Wife-Protecting Devil Flares Up Chapter 344: You're Too Beautiful Tonight Chapter 345: My Dear, Be Good Chapter 346: Wonderful Love Letter Chapter 347: Mysterious Surprise Chapter 348: The World Ended Chapter 349: Cursed Love Letter Chapter 350: I Will Conquer The World For You Chapter 351: Iron Chef William Fee Chapter 352: A Grand Proposal Chapter 353: The Most Tempting Gift Chapter 354: Awesome Food Plus Handsome Man Combo Chapter 355: Such A Surprise, And So Unexpected Chapter 356: For Miss Ning Chapter 357: Who's The Head Chef Tonight? Chapter 358: My Thigh Is Bruised From Pinching Chapter 359: Dont Let Anything Go Wrong Chapter 360: The Beautiful, Honorable Ms. Ning Chapter 361: Exclusive Dessert Chapter 362: Actually Quite Cute Chapter 363: Who's The Main Highlight?! Chapter 364: A Phone Call Chapter 365: Tonight Belongs To You Chapter 366: The Start Of War Chapter 367: Carrots and Cabbages, To Each Their Own Chapter 368: Let Me and Bro Yan Invite Chapter 369: True Epitome Of Perfection Chapter 370: Ning Xi Is Way Too Sturdy! Chapter 371: Whos The One Getting Her Out Of The Pinch? Chapter 372: Battle Of The Century Chapter 373: Completely Flawless Chapter 374: The Spotlight Of A Joke Chapter 375: Hard To Compare Chapter 376: Xiao Xi Xi! Youre The Bomb! Chapter 377: Cabbage Lu And Carrot Yun Chapter 378: A Sleepless Night Chapter 379: Miss Was Wronged Tonight Chapter 380: Bad Jinx or Lucky Star? Chapter 381: Strange Behavior Chapter 382: Not A Mole, But An Undercover Spy! Chapter 383: Little Treasure Is Not A Man Chapter 384: I'm not going anymore! There's no love anymore! Chapter 385: Daddy Is So Mean Chapter 386: Motherly Emotions Chapter 387: The Devil's Skills Upgraded! Chapter 388: An Initiated Hug! Chapter 389: My Eyes! I Just Fixed It Now It's Blind Again! Chapter 390: The Attitude of A Hostess Chapter 391: This Is Ning Xi? Chapter 392: This Request Isn''t Too Much, Is it? Chapter 393: The Label Of A Shameless Villain Chapter 394: I'm Back Chapter 395: Indeed Very Intelligent! Chapter 396: You're Really Addicted To Looking At It Chapter 397: You Have Such Balls Chapter 398: Take Off Your Clothes Chapter 399: Im Blind Anyway Chapter 400: Not Embarrassed Enough? Chapter 401: An Unexpected Ending Chapter 402: Im Just A Girl Chapter 403: Enter The Peak Of Life Chapter 404: The One Above Lu Jingli Chapter 405: This Script Is Exciting! 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Chapter 425: Good Luck Beyond Comparison Chapter 426: Explore Later Chapter 427: Gifts Are Not All About The Price Chapter 428: Lu Corporations Lady Boss Chapter 429: Poor Yet Trying To Act Big Chapter 430: Some Dogs Are Biting Your Woman Chapter 431: Some Good Words In Front Of CEO Lu Chapter 432: Out Of This World Flattery Chapter 433: As Long As Youre Satisfied Chapter 434: Its My Pleasure To Serve You Chapter 435: No Face Given Chapter 436: Counting Wrongs And Punishing Them Chapter 437: Boss Asked Me To Protect You Chapter 438: Could It Be Related To YS? Chapter 439: Careful Conduct Chapter 440: Youre Going Down With Me Chapter 441: An Interesting Game Chapter 442: How Did She Get In Here Chapter 443: What Now, Am I Right Chapter 444: Dont Jump To Conclusions So Quickly Chapter 445: Why Don't We Change The Rules Chapter 446: I Have My Rules Of The Game As Well Chapter 447: What Sort Of Marksmanship Was That! Chapter 448: Her Speed Is Too Quick Chapter 449: Dont Be Scared, Im Here Chapter 450: Taking Boss On A Ride Chapter 451: Yun Bastard! Chapter 452: Just For A Woman Chapter 453: My Dear Junior Chapter 454: Im Impressed Chapter 455: The Devil Is Too Dirty Chapter 456: Dont You Miss Your Father? Chapter 457: A Grown Son Cannot Be Kept For Long Chapter 458: Everything Is Possible Chapter 459: Crazy Style Chapter 460: The Auditions Began Chapter 461: Determined To Get It Chapter 462: Ning Xi's Audition Chapter 463: Suddenly Forgot His Words Chapter 464: Perfectly Fitting The Theme Chapter 465: Been Very Attracted Chapter 466: A Beyond Splendid Collaboration Chapter 467: Use It To Look Cool Chapter 468: To Visit Someone Chapter 469: Uninvited Guest Chapter 470: Innocently Take The Shot Chapter 471: Nerve-wrecking Confrontation Chapter 472: Young Man, Ya Need A Few Shots? Chapter 473: Im Super Duper Cool Chapter 474: You Dont Get My Sense of Humor Chapter 475: Silly Leader Chapter 476: Useless Boss Chapter 477: Youre So Cute In A Girls Outfit! Chapter 478: Whos This Little Bunny? Chapter 479: I Know You Love Me The Most Chapter 480: Be More Ideal To Him Chapter 481: Getting Rich Overnight Chapter 482: Totally Charmed By Her Chapter 483: Why Do You Keep Staring At Me? Chapter 484: They Stole My Children Chapter 485: Endless Spring Chapter 486: Are You Done Showering Yet? Chapter 487: I'll Pick You Up From The Airport Chapter 488: The Lady Boss Brought A Strange Man Back Chapter 489: It Couldn't Be...His Wife? Chapter 490: Could He Possibly Be Jealous? Chapter 491: Throw Herself Onto Him For A Kiss Chapter 492: Did Something Happen To Little Treasure? Chapter 493: Little Treasure's Old Troubles Chapter 494: Even More Serious Than He Thought Chapter 495: Call Ning Xi Over To Try Chapter 496: Lightly Held The Little Bun In Her Embrace Chapter 497: Mommy Loves You, Mommy Likes You Chapter 498: Still Could Not Leave Ning Xi Chapter 499: This Girl Can Bless Our Little Treasure Chapter 500: Little Treasure's Mother, My Wife Chapter 501: What's Wrong With Little Treasure? Chapter 502: The Devil's Skill Is Really Good Chapter 503: No! Baby Little Treasure Is Mine! Chapter 504: Little Treasure Said Something!!! Chapter 505: A Beautiful Voice Chapter 506: Our Little Bun Is So Cute Chapter 507: A Child With A Mother Is A Gem Chapter 508: Trying To Make Little Treasure Talk Chapter 509: Take Little Treasure Away Chapter 510: Great! Father Is Giving Me Away! Chapter 511: Could You Stay Over Tonight? Chapter 512: Could Not Help But Get Closer Chapter 513: Unable To Control Himself Chapter 514: What Is Carrot Yun Trying To Do? Chapter 515: Should I Propose? Chapter 516: A Hug First Chapter 517: Father-Son Alliance Chapter 518: Little Master Is So Handsome, So Cute Chapter 519: Whos The Mother? Chapter 520: Thankfully, She Came Chapter 521: Red Little Blob As Still As A Stone Chapter 522: My Wife, It's Hard To Take Care Of Kids Chapter 523: Sister-In-Law, Come Back Quickly! Chapter 524: Who's The Little Master Waiting For? Chapter 525: Little Master Became Little Hades Chapter 526: Extremely Cute Chapter 527: You're My Favorite Baby Chapter 528: Bring The Kid Along To Play Chapter 529: Seems Like She Was Tricked? Chapter 530: Uninvited Guest Chapter 531: Hog Him To Herself Chapter 532: An Entrance With Flair... Chapter 533: Practically An Evil Incubus! Chapter 534: If I Were A Woman, I Wouldn't Be Able To Resist Either! Chapter 535: Are You Trying To Crash My Party? Chapter 536: Trying To Mess Around Chapter 537: Anger From The Bachelors Chapter 538: Truth Or Dare Chapter 539: Girlfriend For Half A Day Chapter 540: Public Kiss Chapter 541: No Girlfriend, But Has A Boyfriend Chapter 542: Stealing Man From Bro Xiao Chapter 543: Do You Really Have That Kind Of Relationship With Him? Chapter 544: Personal Property, No Trespassing. Do Not Even Look Chapter 545: As Flirty As Your Bro Tang? Chapter 546: Its Brother Who Kissed A Guy, Not Me Chapter 547: Even Of Different Species Chapter 548: Advanced Love Rival Repellant Chapter 549: Clear-Cut Description Of Their Relationship Chapter 550: Real Child, Fake Lady Chapter 551: Cute Little Child Chapter 552: Successor With The Blood Of The Ning Family Chapter 553: Announce Xiao Xis Identity Chapter 554: Everything Would Be Hers Eventually Chapter 555: It's Only Been Two Hours Chapter 556: Worried About The Wife Being Alone Chapter 557: Drastic Changes Chapter 558: How Could She Cut Herself Off From Worldly Desires When There Are Temptations Chapter 559: Questionable Present Chapter 560: Priceless Treasure Chapter 561: Not Enough After Showing It Off 800 Times Chapter 562: High Praises Chapter 563: Plotting About My Granddaughter Chapter 564: Set Up For A Blind Date Chapter 565: Priceless Chapter 566: Little Treasures Crying For You Chapter 567: Personal Welcome Chapter 568: Who Are They Here For? Chapter 569: Lu Familys Second Master Lu Jingli Chapter 570: Devil's Treasure Xiao Xi Xi Chapter 571: Exploitable Value Chapter 572: Full Of Your Doses Of Love Chapter 573: Please Continue To Ignore Me Chapter 574: Romantic Rivals Everywhere Chapter 575: Unusual Aura Chapter 576: Do You Like My Brother? Chapter 577: The Wife Is Going For A Blind Date Chapter 578: Pretend Further and You'll Lose Your Wife! Chapter 579: Oh Man, This Romantic Rival Is Tough! Chapter 580: Completely The Type She Liked Chapter 581: Aunty Xiao Xi is On A Date? Chapter 582: Have Babies With Another Man Chapter 583: A Belated Fate? Chapter 584: Like A Husband Bringing Their Kid to Catch Her Cheating Chapter 585: What Relationship With Ning Xi? Chapter 586: Did Not Understand The World Chapter 587: That's Why I Kissed You Chapter 588: This Was Too Much Chapter 589: The Boss Doesn't Allow Me To Date Chapter 590: Father, Don't Go Chapter 591: This Is My Reward For Helping You Today Chapter 592: Are You Sleepwalking? Chapter 593: An Unexpected Development Chapter 594: A Great Punch of Destructive Power Chapter 595: He's Fallen In Love! Chapter 596: Changed Totally Chapter 597: Dear Lord, Can You Speak Like A Normal Person? Chapter 598: Nearly Point-Blank Chapter 599: Damn It, He Was Toppled! Chapter 600: The Master Drew Her A Flower Chapter 601: Life Without Flirting With Girls Chapter 602: Where's Your Humanity? Chapter 603: Exclusively For Aunty Xiao Xi Chapter 604: Find Someone To Marry Chapter 605: First Senior Brother and All That Chapter 606: Never Thought of Her As A Girl Chapter 607: Little Junior Sister, Long Time No See! Chapter 608: S Class Mission Chapter 609: Marry Me Chapter 610: Wheres My Knife?! Chapter 611: Didnt Second Senior Brother Satisfy You? Chapter 612: Wild Chapter 613: Meet You At Our Old Meeting Spot In Philadelphia Chapter 614: My Brother Went On A Rampage Chapter 615: Go And Get Me A Bottle Of Wine Chapter 616: Boss, Can I Bribe You? Chapter 617: I Cant Sleep Chapter 618: I Switched It Off, Any Complaints? Chapter 619: No Bribing The Boss Chapter 620: Sis Xi, Your Boyfriend Skills Are Amazing! Chapter 621: The Biggest Competition Was Himself Chapter 622: The Most Perfect Work Chapter 623: Even If Bitten, I Will Report! Chapter 624: Wait For The Results Chapter 625: Do Your Designs Have To Be So Good? Chapter 626: The Last Participant Chapter 627: Full Score Ten Points! Chapter 628: My Baby Ze Is Awesome Chapter 629: By Ones Capabilities Chapter 630: Who Is It? Chapter 631: Is She Even Legal Yet? Chapter 632: Woman, Youre Playing With Fire! Chapter 633: Lu Tingxiao, I Like You! Chapter 634: Providing For Lu Tingxiao Chapter 635: That Woman Has Reached Philadelphia! Chapter 636: Im A Decent Person Now Chapter 637: My Lord, What Do You Want? Chapter 638: Youre Satans Woman? Chapter 639: Have A Taste Chapter 640: How Is This A Romantic Misfortune? Chapter 641: Come To Us On Your Own Chapter 642: Stay Here Forever Chapter 643: Even Satan Has To Follow Orders Obediently Chapter 644: Miss Me, My Dear? Chapter 645: Serves Him Right That Little Sister Ran Off Chapter 646: Cheat On Me Chapter 647: What The Hell?! My Eyes! Chapter 648: My Wife Is In Their Hands Chapter 649: No Ordinary Businessman Chapter 650: Holding Back A Curse Chapter 651: A Dumbfounding Situation Chapter 652: Whos Your Wife? Chapter 653: Taken Away! Chapter 654: Me, Me, Me! Im His Wife! Chapter 655: My Baby VS. My Wife Chapter 656: I Will Take You Away! Chapter 657: Aiyo, I Can't Look Anymore! Chapter 658: Dont Ask A Man If He Can Do It Chapter 659: They Kissed!!! Chapter 660: Sorry, Im Late! Chapter 661: We Will Meet Again Very Soon Chapter 662: Little Junior Sister Had Become The Lady Boss! Chapter 663: My Dear... Chapter 664: My Dear, What Kind Of Wife Do You Like? Chapter 665: Teach Me How To Confess My Feelings To A Man! Chapter 666: Offering Myself Out Of Gratitude Chapter 667: Xiao Xi Xi, Who Do You Want To Confess To? Chapter 668: Loosen Up Or Start A Fire! Chapter 669: Success Rate Was Too High Chapter 670: Lu Tingxiao, I Like You, I Really, Really Do Chapter 671: Worried It Would Not Be Exciting Enough Chapter 672: Because I Realize I Prefer Cabbage Chapter 673: Do You Not Want To Be Responsible For Me? Chapter 674: You're Too Easily Seduced Chapter 675: Not Beneficial For The Body To Hold It In Chapter 676: You Were Looking Very Cute, I Could Not Help It Chapter 677: What? My Brother Wants To Jump Into The River? Chapter 678: Who Told You I Was Lovelorn? Chapter 679: None Of Them Could Survive Beyond A Week Chapter 680: Definitely Won't Let You Become An Ex-Boyfriend! Chapter 681: Please Call Me Aunt From Now On Chapter 682: Revenge Of The Blondie Chapter 683: The Man Behind Ning Xi Chapter 684: Plot Twist Chapter 685: Lu Tingxiao, Come Up! Chapter 686: I'm Not Going To Eat You! Chapter 687: Lets Do Something Meaningful Chapter 688: Who Is This Woman? Chapter 689: Being Lu Tingxiaos Mistress Chapter 690: Make Me Forget About Work Every Morning Chapter 691: Pregnant Chapter 692: A Five-Year-Old Daughter! Chapter 693: I Need Your Help! Chapter 694: Why Dont We Meet Up? Chapter 695: Your Husband Is Dating The Vixen Chapter 696: Are You Making Me Your Mistress? Chapter 697: I'm Not Interested In Your Husband! Chapter 698: Lu Tingxiao's Woman Chapter 699: Now Youll See What Real Bullying Is Chapter 700: Causing Bankruptcy Without A Word Chapter 701: Boss Is The Best! Chapter 702: Parental Activity Chapter 703: Of Course, You Can Chapter 704: Boss, Carry Me! Chapter 705: Im Avenging My Son! Chapter 706: My Son Is Handsome! Chapter 707: My Wife Is The Best Chapter 708: Just Too Cute! Chapter 709: Little Treasure, Take Good Care of Mother! Chapter 710: Let's Fight! If You Win, I'll Give It To You! Chapter 711: Beat The Crap Out Of You Chapter 712: Is This How You Make Your Husband Obedient? Chapter 713: Find A Master For Little Treasure Chapter 714: There's No Way My Brother Can Be This Cute! Chapter 715: Dismissal of The Rumor Chapter 716: Evil Idea Chapter 717: Ill Grant You Your Wish Chapter 718: Big Bad Wolf, Are You Going To Eat Little Red Riding Hood Up? Chapter 719: Cruel Big Bad Wolf Chapter 720: Will She Get Eaten Up Once She Healed? Chapter 721: Have A Taste Of Your Own Medicine Chapter 722: Jiang Muye Has Gone Missing Chapter 723: Arent You Overdoing It? Chapter 724: Im Telling Ning Xi You Like Her Chapter 725: My Body Looks Much Better Chapter 726: Arent You Going To Give Me A Kiss? Chapter 727: My Son Chapter 728: Lu Tingxiao Has Such Weird Taste Chapter 729: Finally Meet Again Chapter 730: My Dear, Are You In Love? Chapter 731: A Mysterious Ambassador Chapter 732: Amazing Everyone Present Chapter 733: Definitely Something To Watch! Chapter 734: Fighting Back With Capability Chapter 735: Tables Turned Chapter 736: It's Not Suitable For Children Chapter 737: Or Else...I Can Help You? Chapter 738: Don't You Think It's Very Exciting? Chapter 739: Wait For Me A While More, Okay? Chapter 740: Or Do You Want To...Stay Here? Chapter 741: Good News Indeed Chapter 742: Single, Torturing Devil Lu Tingxiao Chapter 743: Lu Tingxiao, Do I Look Cute? Chapter 744: Lu Tingxiao Has A Girlfriend? Chapter 745: Stop Mocking Us Single People Chapter 746: Not A Simple Little Bunny Chapter 747: Youre Pampering Her Too Much Chapter 748: I Love You, Like How The Fish Loves The Sea, Like How The Birds Love The Forest Chapter 749: Little Bunny, You Know How Too? Chapter 750: Boss, Youre So Sharp! Chapter 751: Whos The Fool Here!? Chapter 752: Damn It! Let Me Die! Chapter 753: I Would Never Lose You! Chapter 754: Who Was It?! A New Challenger? Chapter 755: Its That Little Bunny! Chapter 756: This Was Practically A Witch! Chapter 757: Poaching Chapter 758: The Devil Was Just Too Sweet! Chapter 759: He Will Definitely Marry This Woman! Chapter 760: Okay, My King! You Win This Time! Chapter 761: Would You Get Together With Her? Chapter 762: Little Treasure's Inexplicability Chapter 763: Along Came A Bear Chapter 764: Your Son Isn't Blind Chapter 765: An Unexpected Harvest Chapter 766: I Would Even Wear A Gunny Sack Chapter 767: It's A Deal Chapter 768: Watch Me Kick Your Balls Chapter 769: She's Hooking Up With Girls Behind Your Back Again Chapter 770: You Should Just Stay Single Forever! Chapter 771: Go, Pikachu! Chapter 772: Can You Not Break Up With My Brother? Chapter 773: The Process Of Making Is Corrupt! Chapter 774: Epitome of True Love Chapter 775: Little Treasure Won't Be Angry, Right? Chapter 776: An Unexpected Surprise Chapter 777: Key Timing Chapter 778: Give You An Extra Drumstick Chapter 779: My Brother Is So Lucky Chapter 780: Finally Showing True Colors Chapter 781: If You're Satisfied, Please Give Five Stars Chapter 782: Afraid The Devil Would Be Jealous Chapter 783: Traded The Most Precious Thing Chapter 784: Gave Me A Person Chapter 785: Exchanged With Blood, Sweat and Beauty Chapter 786: Little Treasure Fed Her Chapter 787: How Could The Man I Choose Be Wrong? Chapter 788: I Feel Like The Two of You Are A Super Good Fit! Chapter 789: You Are Already A Gangster! Chapter 790: She Really Wasn't Messing Around Chapter 791: Gold Will Glitter Chapter 792: A Short-Lived Bloom Would Nevertheless Leave A Legacy Chapter 793: Breathtaking Finale Chapter 794: Master Has Been Admitted To The Hospital Chapter 795: I Want You To Have Someone To Rely On Chapter 796: He Won't Make It Pass This Winter Chapter 797: I Did Give Birth To Her Chapter 798: You Deserve Everything Chapter 799: Lend Me Little Treasure Chapter 800: This Is Your Great-Grandson Chapter 801: My Value Rises With The Child Chapter 802: Im Driving, Dont Mess Around Chapter 803: Not Her Type Chapter 804: The Male Lead Belongs To The Female Lead, The Secondary Male Lead Belongs To Everyone! Chapter 805: What Happened? Chapter 806: Helping Jiang Muye Chapter 807: That's My First Love Chapter 808: I Would Tank You First Chapter 809: Make Her Fall In Love With You! Chapter 810: Happy Collaboration! Chapter 811: Setting A New Sail Chapter 812: Did You Manage To Invite CEO Lu? Chapter 813: Flamboyant Entrance Chapter 814: Got Hit Again Chapter 815: Aiyo! This Has Gone Overboard... Chapter 816: Ask For A Kiss Chapter 817: How About I Just Sacrifice Myself For A While? Chapter 818: Amazing! The Timing Is Perfect! Chapter 819: Really Wanted To Kiss Him! Chapter 820: Its Like A Secret Lovers Meeting Chapter 821: Strip Off Your Top And Do Some Pushups Chapter 822: Really No Feelings At All? Chapter 823: Lost Of Principle Chapter 824: How Shameless! Chapter 825: Feeling Of Love Chapter 826: Not Jealous? Chapter 827: Or Did She Not Come Back At All? Chapter 828: Kissed Again Chapter 829: Ill Do Anything To Sleep With Him For A Night Chapter 830: Charm So Many Girls Chapter 831: The Little Buns Extraordinary Genes Chapter 832: Little Treasure Is Here! Chapter 833: The Only Grandson Chapter 834: Little Treasure Has Gone Missing Chapter 835: Little Treasure Avoided The Security Cameras Chapter 836: Wife-Protecting Devil Activated Chapter 837: Did Something Happen To Little Treasure? Chapter 838: Fully-Automatic Treasure-Seeking Ability Chapter 839: Little Treasure Had Found Her Chapter 840: Home Was Wherever Mother Was Chapter 841: Improve Relationship With Little Treasure Chapter 842: He Was Still Charming! Chapter 843: Uniform Seduction Chapter 844: Little Treasure Is Hungry Chapter 845: Im Not Worthy Of Xiao Xi Chapter 846: Like Father, Like Son Chapter 847: That Was Some Big Talk Chapter 848: Little Bunny! Its You! Chapter 849: Possessed By Archimedes Chapter 850: Id Like To Have Some! Chapter 851: He Has Autism! Chapter 852: Little Treasure Spoke Chapter 853: So Cool, I Want To Marry Him! Chapter 854: As Expected Of His Grandson! Chapter 855: Priceless Gift Chapter 856: The Essence Of The Lu Family Chapter 857: That Guy Is Treating You This Way? Chapter 858: Good Men For You To Choose Chapter 859: The Devil Is Here! Chapter 860: Id Really Miss You! Chapter 861: A Familiar Vibe Chapter 862: Your Grandchilds Future Mother Chapter 863: Thats Right, Real Child Chapter 864: Youre My Only One Chapter 865: Problem With Being Too Good-Looking Chapter 866: A Beauty Out Of This World Chapter 867: Can You Not Be Lovey-Dovey For Once? Chapter 868: Do You Have Honey On Your Mouth? Chapter 869: Was That Not A Military Compound? Chapter 870: Damn It! Who Tripped Me!? Chapter 871: Her Shooting Is Even Better Chapter 872: Accidental Heart Stealing Chapter 873: Sometimes, Im Impressed By Myself Chapter 874: Shes My Type Chapter 875: Could I Have Eaten Her Up? Chapter 876: Lu Tingxiao, Youre Too Much! Chapter 877: Feeling Like She Was Being Caught Cheating Chapter 878: My Devil Sure Is Impressive! Chapter 879: Do You Hate Me? Chapter 880: You're My Insider Chapter 881: Still Confused About Whether I Like Men or Women? Chapter 882: Pack Them All Up Chapter 883: Mmm, All For You Chapter 884: Love For Someone Extends To Even Crows On Their Roof Chapter 885: Pampered Chapter 886: Want To Play? Chapter 887: Pick Up Skills Switched On Chapter 888: I Want To See Xiao Xi In Men's Clothes Chapter 889: Caught By The Devil Again! Chapter 890: Say That Again Chapter 891: Unexpected Windfall Chapter 892: A Real Beauty! Chapter 893: I Have To Sit On Her Lap! Chapter 894: There Can Only Be One Top Dog Chapter 895: They're...Boobs! Chapter 896: They're For You To Ruin Other People Chapter 897: Go Easy On The Newbie! Chapter 898: Arent You Exaggerating? Chapter 899: Lets Have A Moment Of Silence For The Male Lead Chapter 900: Dont Look At Me Like That Chapter 901: Absolutely Stunning! Chapter 902: Limelight Snatched By A Woman Chapter 903: As Different As Heaven And Earth Chapter 904: Doesn't Even Know The Basics Of Being Handsome Chapter 905: Treat Men As Coldly As The Autumn Wind Chapter 906: Softened Chapter 907: A Stupefying Kiss Chapter 908: Aren't I In Danger? Chapter 909: Go Change Chapter 910: Teach You How To Be Human! Chapter 911: I'm Going To Steal A Wife! Chapter 912: Here To Cause Trouble! Chapter 913: Would My Man Need To Steal Your Woman? Chapter 914: Which Girl Did You Hook Up With Now!? Chapter 915: Such A Weak Actor, No Fun To Torture Chapter 916: Master, Enlighten Me? Chapter 917: Taking It To Give A Girl Chapter 918: A Kissing Scene! Chapter 919: What Did You...Just Say? Chapter 920: There's Love Between These Two! Chapter 921: Changed Into A Whole Different Person! Chapter 922: Everyone Was Shocked! Chapter 923: Practically Fallen Into The River of Love Chapter 924: Practically Seducing Me Chapter 925: Wish She Could Peel Him Layer By Layer Chapter 926: How Can She Be So Cute!? Chapter 927: Totally My Type Chapter 928: Shouldn't She Be Your Love Rival? Chapter 929: How Exciting! Chapter 930: Ning Xiao Xi, Don't Court Disaster! Chapter 931: Can You Warn Me Before Displaying Affection? Chapter 932: Don't Randomly Hook Up With Girls Chapter 933: Stop Seducing Her Again! Chapter 934: A Mysterious Message Chapter 935: There're Many Pretty Girls Here Chapter 936: Im Waiting For You Chapter 937: Can I Die Happily? Chapter 938: All The Best! Chapter 939: Would It Kill You To Get More Cute Girls? Chapter 940: Is One Kiss Enough? Chapter 941: Soft and Fragrant Mommy! Chapter 942: Don't Want To Be Separated From Little Treasure Chapter 943: It's About To Be Frightened To Death Chapter 944: Little Treasure Is Here To Visit! Chapter 945: Cute Little Expression Chapter 946: Go And Look For Your Mother Chapter 947: Found Out By His Son Chapter 948: How Unfortunate! Chapter 949: Little Treasure-Brand Father-Seeking Device Chapter 950: When Will You Marry Me? Chapter 951: Happy Family Chapter 952: An Unexpected Guest Chapter 953: After His Beauty Chapter 954: Charmed By The Little Bun Chapter 955: He Is Lu Tingxiao's and Yours? Chapter 956: A Totally Different Lu Tingxiao Chapter 957: Thank Little Treasure For Me Chapter 958: Wishing You Happiness Chapter 959: Youve Been Persuaded! Chapter 960: She Will Come Crying To Beg Me Chapter 961: Spirit is On Fire! Chapter 962: The Story Behind It All Chapter 963: Teacher Lu's Words of Wisdom Chapter 964: One Step Closer To Making Big Boss My Wife Chapter 965: Big Boss You're So Corrupted! Chapter 966: We Meet Again Chapter 967: A Really Awesome Store Chapter 968: Followed All The Way To The Store Chapter 969: Now I've Seen It All Chapter 970: Money Is Not A Problem Chapter 971: Wouldn't I Be Stupid If I Agree? Chapter 972: Our Boss Is Here To Reallocate The Stock Chapter 973: Their Boss Is Ning Xi?! Chapter 974: Your Boss Has Stronger Support Chapter 975: Make Him Wake Up Chapter 976: Biased! Chapter 977: Everyone Has A Secret Chapter 978: How Matching Chapter 979: The Devils Being Flirty! Chapter 980: Its About A Mans Pride Chapter 981: I Like Someone A Little Stupid Chapter 982: Busy Arguing With My Wife Chapter 983: The Third Wheel Chapter 984: Did Lu Tingxiao Break Up? Chapter 985: They've Made Up Chapter 986: Im Impressed By Bro Xiao! Chapter 987: Lu Tingxiao, Youre So Cruel! Chapter 988: Doting On Her To This Extent Chapter 989: Not Even Our Son Chapter 990: Can't They Be Any Purer? Chapter 991: Who's The Third Party Chapter 992: Ning Xi Fell Down! Chapter 993: What The Hell!? Chapter 994: You're A Monster! Chapter 995: Show Me How You Fell! Chapter 996: He Was Really Wrong! Chapter 997: Tied To The Waistband Chapter 998: Very Exciting Chapter 999: Husband? Chapter 1000: Getting Better At Games! Chapter 1001: Do You Really Need To Be Beaten Up? Chapter 1002: It Must Be Very Exciting... Chapter 1003: Still As Wild! Chapter 1004: Bastard! How Is It You!? Chapter 1005: He Snatched My Girl! Chapter 1006: One Game To Decide Chapter 1007: Just How Much Do You Hate Me? Chapter 1008: Road To Destruction Chapter 1009: Too Late To Turn Back Chapter 1010: This Bastard Will Lose For Sure Chapter 1011: This Is Our Family's Child! Chapter 1012: Put On A Girls Outfit Chapter 1013: Zhuang Familys Bloodline Chapter 1014: Counterattack Chapter 1015: All For This Day Chapter 1016: An Open Challenge Chapter 1017: My Love Chapter 1018: Ill Make You Impotent! Chapter 1019: A Sudden Public Display Of Affection! Chapter 1020: Torture To The Heart and Body! Chapter 1021: They Would Have Weak Points Chapter 1022: Meet His Idol Once Chapter 1023: Bring The Little Bun Out For Fun Chapter 1024: My Hands Are Itchy! I Want To Beat Someone Up! Chapter 1025: Little Treasure and Little Bunny Chapter 1026: It Should Belong To My Stomach Chapter 1027: Teach Little Treasure To Play Cards Chapter 1028: This Mother is Increasingly Professional Chapter 1029: As Husband and Wife Chapter 1030: Don't Be Sad, I'll Let You Stroke Me! Chapter 1031: Indeed My Lucky Star! Chapter 1032: Someone Wants To Move In? Chapter 1033: Indirectly Because of Ning Xi Chapter 1034: Just Getting Soy Sauce Chapter 1035: Ive Always Been A Cute Little Bunny Chapter 1036: Ears Were Heating Up Chapter 1037: If I Were In A Male Outfit Chapter 1038: Scare Her To Death? Chapter 1039: Who Are You Keeping Yourself For? Chapter 1040: Who Wants Your Heart? Chapter 1041: Do You Want To Try Me? Chapter 1042: We Meet Again Chapter 1043: Naive Child Chapter 1044: Are You Flaunting To Me? Chapter 1045: Theres A Woman In Boss House! Chapter 1046: She Walked Towards Me Chapter 1047: Anyone Who Dares To Hurt Her Chapter 1048: Kiss Me Again, Then It Wont Chapter 1049: Her Tail Fell Off! Chapter 1050: Is Your Wife Pregnant? Chapter 1051: Extremely Jealous Chapter 1052: He Needs Money Chapter 1053: Fed By Little Treasure Chapter 1054: Shamelessly Chapter 1055: A Cute Side Chapter 1056: The Boss Wont Allow It! Chapter 1057: Our Matrimonial Home Chapter 1058: Too Inhumane Chapter 1059: Eat Three Bowls Of Rice Chapter 1060: One Darker Than The Other Chapter 1061: Charm of A Professional Chapter 1062: Midnight Snack Chapter 1063: Giving The Devil Some Advantage! Chapter 1064: You Look Good Chapter 1065: You...Pervert! Chapter 1066: Fulfilling Promise Chapter 1067: Super Beauty! Chapter 1068: Call Her Sister Chapter 1069: An Uninvited Guest Chapter 1070: Bad Intentions Chapter 1071: New Threat Chapter 1072: Break His Leg Chapter 1073: Gently Chapter 1074: Interesting News Chapter 1075: How Should I Feel? Chapter 1076: You Profiteer! Chapter 1077: A Real Talent Chapter 1078: Find A Madman Chapter 1079: Private Visit Chapter 1080: Extremely Severe Issue Chapter 1081: Personnel From Main Branch? Chapter 1082: Bear The Consequences Chapter 1083: Interesting Person Chapter 1084: Playing Around Lovingly Chapter 1085: End Him Anytime Chapter 1086: Bro, Youre Really Creative! Chapter 1087: Not Recognize The Real Master Chapter 1088: He Must Be Crazy! Chapter 1089: Let's Begin Then Chapter 1090: Some Things To Say Chapter 1091: Furious Chapter 1092: Didn't Even Get Half A Share Chapter 1093: Stabbed In The Heart Chapter 1094: Switched Lives Chapter 1095: A Beautiful Past Chapter 1096: Help Me Do Something Chapter 1097: Your Man's Analysis Chapter 1098: Born To Be The Bane of Me Chapter 1099: Give The Most Perfect Life Chapter 1100: Don't Even Have A Girlfriend Chapter 1101: Shes My Future Wife Chapter 1102: Youre Really Good At Joking Chapter 1103: Surname Chapter 1104: Lu Tingxiaos Woman Chapter 1105: Somethings Wrong, Smells Fishy Chapter 1106: Go Along With The Plan Chapter 1107: This Isn't Over! Chapter 1108: Cooperate With The Wife's Performance Chapter 1109: Carrying A Little Bun Chapter 1110: Mommy! I Want Mommy! Chapter 1111: About To Really Die From Happiness! Chapter 1112: I Will Definitely Be Your Mommy Chapter 1113: No Use Looking For Anyone Chapter 1114: Call Father Chapter 1115: Call Mother Chapter 1116: My Baby Is So Smart Chapter 1117: Little Treasure, What Is This? Chapter 1118: Meat Pie From The Sky Chapter 1119: An Aura That Made One Relax Chapter 1120: Do I Need A Reason? Chapter 1121: Not Up To An Outsider Chapter 1122: Little Treasures The Most Important Chapter 1123: Mother! Chapter 1124: Little Treasure Calls Grandfather Chapter 1125: To Become Mothers Leg Accessory Chapter 1126: Get One Yourself! Chapter 1127: Initial Success Chapter 1128: Breach Of Contract Chapter 1129: Aces Move Chapter 1130: An Eye For An Eye Chapter 1131: Bumped Into Someone Familiar Chapter 1132: He Isn't Fertile Either Chapter 1133: Come Over To Support A Friend Chapter 1134: Hooked Chapter 1135: Born From Mother's Womb Chapter 1136: Angry Little Treasure Chapter 1137: Fall Into The Trap Chapter 1138: Just Chop It Off! Chapter 1139: How Dare You Touch These Things Chapter 1140: So What If We Crippled You? Chapter 1141: Don't Touch My Sister Chapter 1142: An Alluring Woman Chapter 1143: Tyranny! Chapter 1144: Practically A Monster! Chapter 1145: No One Leaves Tonight Chapter 1146: Xiao Xi, Calm Down! Chapter 1147: Wanted To Be Someone Like That Chapter 1148: Are You Still A Man? Chapter 1149: Sleep With Me Tonight Chapter 1150: Such A Brother! Chapter 1151: Two People In Bed Chapter 1152: Damn It! Listen To Me My Dear Wife... Chapter 1153: Rumored Fear Of Wife? Chapter 1154: Overnight Growth Chapter 1155: Get Lost! Chapter 1156: Who Did It? Chapter 1157: Did He Lose His Mind? Chapter 1158: I Deserve It Chapter 1159: Become Someone Like Sis Xi Chapter 1160: What Had She Been Through Chapter 1161: Good Luck Chapter 1162: Wed Like Your Help Chapter 1163: Direct Invasion Chapter 1164: Such Beauty! It Must Be A Boy Chapter 1165: I'm Quite Interested Chapter 1166: How Long Do I Need To Kneel On The Washboard For? Chapter 1167: My Mommy's Right! Even If She's Wrong, She's Right! Chapter 1168: Calling You Handsome Chapter 1169: Have To Trouble You Chapter 1170: Earn Marriage Capital Chapter 1171: Breathtaking! Chapter 1172: Black Religion Chapter 1173: Beauty! Chapter 1174: Nothing, On Abstinence. Training Chapter 1175: Youre Really Good At Looking For Trouble Chapter 1176: Kneel To This God Chapter 1177: Compete Chapter 1178: Even More Astonishing Work Chapter 1179: Im Here To Give You A Gift Chapter 1180: Can't We Chat Happily Chapter 1181: Would It Hurt You? Chapter 1182: Definitely Big News! Chapter 1183: What The Heck Are They Doing? Chapter 1184: Grand Entrance Chapter 1185: Found Him? Chapter 1186: Second Highlight Piece! Chapter 1187: Furious Chapter 1188: I'm Here To Eat, Not To Chat! Chapter 1189: Related To A Woman? Chapter 1190: Han Xiao: Even If I'm Enemies With The World Chapter 1191: Your Boss Needs To Work Too! Chapter 1192: Next Time I'll Go For Sure Chapter 1193: Bidding Up The Prices Chapter 1194: For The Beauty's Liking Chapter 1195: Want To Attempt Courting Her Chapter 1196: Such A Dumb Backup Chapter 1197: Intense Bidding Chapter 1198: Ask My Wife For Instructions Chapter 1199: Spending Money Recklessly Chapter 1200: Spend Money Like Nothing! Chapter 1201: Refreshing! Chapter 1202: What A Beast Chapter 1203: Little Junior Sister Was Extra Touched, Wasn't She? Chapter 1204: An Incompetent EQ Chapter 1205: Someone Is Stealing Your Wife! Chapter 1206: Preparing A Gift Chapter 1207: Why Are You Suddenly Here? Chapter 1208: Only You, I Only Like You Chapter 1209: Didn't You Want To Do Business In Bed? I'll Satisfy Your Wish! Chapter 1210: I'll Give You This Number Chapter 1211: Over This Time Chapter 1212: Of Course It Was On Purpose Chapter 1213: Pleasant To The Eyes Chapter 1214: Mysterious Audience Chapter 1215: A Breathtaking Opening Chapter 1216: Updated Like Mad Chapter 1217: When Girls Become Handsome Chapter 1218: Confidence In My Flirting Abilities Chapter 1219: Resign As The CEO Chapter 1220: Throwing Business Away Chapter 1221: Bent Into A Mosquito-Repellent Chapter 1222: Beyond Imagination Chapter 1223: Maiden Heart Beating Chapter 1224: Return Of The King! Chapter 1225: Instant Fame! Chapter 1226: Overwhelming Confession Chapter 1227: Be Responsible For Flirting Chapter 1228: You Seduced Me Chapter 1229: I'm Only Trying To Please You Chapter 1230: Creating Legend Chapter 1231: Everyones Victory Chapter 1232: Sweet Taste Of Love Chapter 1233: Don't Overestimate My Self-Restraint Chapter 1234: Little Treasure is Very Happy Chapter 1235: Obedient and Sweet-Talking Chapter 1236: Because Mother Looks Great Chapter 1237: Prince Charming to Goddess in One Second Chapter 1238: Overnight Popularity Chapter 1239: Defeated Terribly Chapter 1240: Go On A Show With The Devil Chapter 1241: It Belongs To The Devil! Chapter 1242: Blessing From The Heaven Chapter 1243: Sweetheart? Chapter 1244: Be Gentler To My Girls Chapter 1245: Beloved One Chapter 1246: Attacked By PDA Chapter 1247: How Does It Feel To Live Off A Woman? Chapter 1248: He Cant Kiss... Chapter 1249: Its Not Over Yet Chapter 1250: Gathering The Seven Male Idols Chapter 1251: Almost Puked Blood Chapter 1252: Think Very Highly of Me Chapter 1253: The Big Boss Will Attend Chapter 1254: Opportunity For The Hero To Save The Belle Chapter 1255: Final Say In This Industry Chapter 1256: Breathtaking Chapter 1257: Disdained "Beings" Chapter 1258: My Brother Will Definitely Come Tonight Chapter 1259: Attacked by PDA Chapter 1260: Fantasy Shattered Chapter 1261: Revenge For The Wife Chapter 1262: Boss Taste Chapter 1263: Now Taken Chapter 1264: Who Could It Be? Chapter 1265: Amazing, My Brother! Chapter 1266: Totally Unfair! Chapter 1267: Bad Hand! Chapter 1268: Fateful Match Chapter 1269: Something Major Happened! Chapter 1270: Fell From Pedestal Chapter 1271: Who Else Are You Remaining Your Chastity For? Chapter 1272: Ill Go And Get You Chapter 1273: You Wont Die If You Dont Ask For It Chapter 1274: Karma Chapter 1275: Utterly Shocked Chapter 1276: That Man In Ning Xi's Room Chapter 1277: Chance Encounter With Lu Tingxiao? Chapter 1278: Arent You Going To Apologize To My Girlfriend? Chapter 1279: Its All Over Chapter 1280: One And Only Bed Scene Chapter 1281: Let's Meet Up Chapter 1282: Crazy Fangirls Chapter 1283: Prince Charming That Girls Wanted To Sleep Most With Chapter 1284: If Heartache Can Be Exchanged For My Dearest Chapter 1285: The Calm of A First Wife Chapter 1286: Ning Xiao Xi! You're Too Cruel! Chapter 1287: Even If Bent Broken, It's Nothing Chapter 1288: Just Wanted To Cause Trouble! Chapter 1289: Fallen In Love With Someone Else Chapter 1290: He Was Jealous Chapter 1291: I Want Ning Xis Character Chapter 1292: Ning Xi Stole His Woman? Chapter 1293: My Dearest Is Here Chapter 1294: Bro, Your Charm Crushes Everyone Chapter 1295: You're Too Cool Chapter 1296: I Wont Do It Again! Chapter 1297: Date Me Chapter 1298: Im Going Back To My Wife Chapter 1299: Its Too Late Chapter 1300: They're All Trash Chapter 1301: As Long As I Like You Chapter 1302: Playing With My Heart Chapter 1303: It Wont Fall Into Someone Elses Hands Chapter 1304: Only To People I Like Chapter 1305: This Is My Niece, Ning Xi Chapter 1306: Person Under Her Chapter 1307: Someone She Liked For Many Years Chapter 1308: Arrogant Appearance Chapter 1309: A Moving Gold Mine Chapter 1310: That Woman Must Be Blind Chapter 1311: What Sin Had She Committed? Chapter 1312: I'll Give You $ 1 Billion Chapter 1313: Acting Unconventionally Chapter 1314: Almost Passed Out Chapter 1315: My Dear, Im Your... Chapter 1316: Shameless Chapter 1317: The Lady Of The Ning Family Chapter 1318: Is She Any Nobler? Chapter 1319: Share Transfer Agreement Chapter 1320: You Cant Cover It Up Forever Chapter 1321: The Stupidest Thing Chapter 1322: Just A Fake? Chapter 1323: Decide As Soon As Possible Chapter 1324: Someone To Rely On In The Future Chapter 1325: Pregnant Chapter 1326: Beat Him Up Chapter 1327: Sudden Jealousy Chapter 1328: Mistaken? Chapter 1329: Might Be Infertile Forever Chapter 1330: Take Responsibility Chapter 1331: He Didn't Have The Capability Chapter 1332: Bring Me Back My Grandchild! Chapter 1333: Genes Chapter 1334: Too Small Chapter 1335: How Dare You Mess With My Woman? Chapter 1336: You Almost Hurt My Baby Chapter 1337: Come Out and Hang! Chapter 1338: Is She Crazy? Chapter 1339: Lu Tingxiao Come! Chapter 1340: Do You Have A Girlfriend? Chapter 1341: Lu Tingxiao, Is This How You Teach Your Child? Chapter 1342: Wife-Protecting Devil Chapter 1343: Little Treasure's Only Mother Chapter 1344: Important Announcement Chapter 1345: Only One Way Left Chapter 1346: Something So Sweet Chapter 1347: Beautiful Trap Chapter 1348: So Cool! Chapter 1349: Girls Left And Right Chapter 1350: Bite Me! Chapter 1351: A Gathering of Ex-Boyfriends Chapter 1352: Gathered Enough For Mahjong Chapter 1353: Can I Go On Strike? Chapter 1354: Chicken And Phoenix Chapter 1355: Blessed Day Chapter 1356: A Breathtaking Chance Encounter Chapter 1357: How Many Girl's Hearts Have You Stolen Chapter 1358: Want To Be In Dearest's Embrace Chapter 1359: So, Then, Still Want To Continue? Chapter 1360: Seen As A Romantic Rival Chapter 1361: Wanting To Break Up With You? Chapter 1362: Making The Ladyboss Happy Chapter 1363: Xiao Xi Xi, You Traitor! Chapter 1364: Second Uncle, Youre Overthinking Chapter 1365: Affectionate As Always Chapter 1366: Who Bullied You? Chapter 1367: Where It All Began Chapter 1368: Because The Person He Loved Was There Chapter 1369: Never Treated Us As Family Chapter 1370: Exception Chapter 1371: Lu Tingxiao, Her Light Chapter 1372: Do It Once Before Breaking Up? Chapter 1373: I Seduced You Chapter 1374: That Strange Man Chapter 1375: You That I Love Most Chapter 1376: Rotting Little Cabbages Chapter 1377: Drag That Beast! Chapter 1378: We're Both On Your Side Chapter 1379: Loved For So Many Years Chapter 1380: You Just Want Me To Marry Her Chapter 1381: Goodnight, Goodbye Chapter 1382: Mother Loves You Chapter 1383: Late Night Call Chapter 1384: Who Is Stupid Now? Chapter 1385: Unexpected Ending Chapter 1386: Security Camera Footage Chapter 1387: My Wife's Hands Might Be Injured Chapter 1388: Just Wanted To Take A Look Chapter 1389: The Only Thing You Can Do Chapter 1390: I'm Just Afraid You Don't Need Me Chapter 1391: Triggered? Chapter 1392: Would You Not Die Finishing Them? Chapter 1393: Stuffed To Death Chapter 1394: Dont Let Him Get Near Chapter 1395: The Mystery of Ning Xi's Boyfriend Chapter 1396: Pleased As Punch Chapter 1397: Could Only Rely On Herself Chapter 1398: I Dont Believe That I Cant Chapter 1399: Not Knowing Where Love Comes From Chapter 1400: Take A Look At Her Chapter 1401: Seven To Summon The Dragon Chapter 1402: How Bored Was He? Chapter 1403: Good Daughter, Wait For Me Chapter 1404: I Really Want To Kill My Father Chapter 1405: I'll Add In Arsenic For You! Chapter 1406: It's That Beast! Chapter 1407: Do You Think Id Get It Wrong? Chapter 1408: Oh God! He Was So Dead! Chapter 1409: Looked Exactly Like Ning Xi Chapter 1410: Such A Beauty Can Shoot? Chapter 1411: My Dear Son Chapter 1412: Ill Call You Father Chapter 1413: Inherited Shooting Talent Chapter 1414: My Father Would Have Killed Me Chapter 1415: Dear Wife, Its Your Genes Chapter 1416: Do You Like Little Treasure Chapter 1417: Ning Xi's Blood Sample Chapter 1418: Little Heart About To Jump Out Chapter 1419: Battle Between The Exes And The Current Boyfriend Chapter 1420: That Person Was Wooing Her Chapter 1421: The Creatures Called Ex-boyfriends Chapter 1422: Pick Up Skills Awakened! Chapter 1423: Wipe Out Using Acting Skills Chapter 1424: How Dare You Touch My Man!? Chapter 1425: Someone Is About To Run Out of Luck Chapter 1426: Who Overshadows Who? Chapter 1427: Great Flash of Anger For Great Beauty Chapter 1428: Its Just Getting Started Chapter 1429: How Violent Chapter 1430: Which Hand Did She Touch Chapter 1431: Providing For A Pretty Boy Chapter 1432: Feeling of Being Protected By The Wife Chapter 1433: No Problem Chapter 1434: Obviously The Woman Chapter 1435: Ideas About The Zhuang Family Chapter 1436: Free of Worries Chapter 1437: Everyones Trying To Get You Girls Chapter 1438: Urging For A Blind Date Chapter 1439: Overseas Chapter 1440: Freaked Out Little Goldfish Chapter 1441: Madly In Love Chapter 1442: No Matter The Results Chapter 1443: Little Treasures Hero Chapter 1444: Too Dominant Chapter 1445: Dream Without Clothes? Chapter 1446: Sex Scene With The Devil Chapter 1447: Control The Scale Well Chapter 1448: How Dare You Ruin My Happy Occasion? Chapter 1449: Youre The Cure Chapter 1450: Real Kiss or Fake Kiss? Chapter 1451: My Dear, Youre Amazing Chapter 1452: Clearly I Forced Myself Onto Him Chapter 1453: Sharp Eyes! Chapter 1454: Thanks For Your Trouble, My Wife Chapter 1455: Su Family's Eldest Daughter-In-Law Chapter 1456: My Mother Chapter 1457: Third Daughter Chapter 1458: Did She Really Say That? Chapter 1459: Ill Surely Come Chapter 1460: Let Me Blow The Pain Away Chapter 1461: Are You Sure You Want Me To Go? Chapter 1462: His Lucky Star Indeed Chapter 1463: Not So Simple Chapter 1464: See Through The Trick Chapter 1465: Going Along With The Plan Chapter 1466: True Support Chapter 1467: They Have Strong Support Too Chapter 1468: An Unexpected Surprise? Chapter 1469: To Steal A Chicken and Lose The Rice Used To Lure It Chapter 1470: Getting Out Of Hand Chapter 1471: Might As Well Donate It Chapter 1472: These People Are The Ones I Invited Chapter 1473: People Are Gone Chapter 1474: Make It Even Better Chapter 1475: Eh, Another One? Chapter 1476: Dear, You Were Blind! Chapter 1477: Married A Wild Fowl Chapter 1478: Really A Huge Loss! Chapter 1479: Divorce and Remarry Chapter 1480: Have Fun With You Chapter 1481: Play Mahjong Chapter 1482: Youre Here After All Chapter 1483: Whos My Man? Chapter 1484: Jump Onto Him Chapter 1485: Romance-Ending Device Chapter 1486: Thorough Preparation Chapter 1487: Comments War Chapter 1488: Instant Turn Chapter 1489: Not Brought Up Wrongly Chapter 1490: Only To Pave Way For Others Chapter 1491: Real Lady Chapter 1492: Still Have Feelings For Ning Xi? Chapter 1493: Stay Away From Imperial Chapter 1494: Taking Away Opportunities Chapter 1495: Nothings More Important Than My Grandson Chapter 1496: Did Darling Not Miss Me? Chapter 1497: Drastic Changes Chapter 1498: Something Went Wrong Chapter 1499: Youll Definitely Get In Chapter 1500: Outcome of Despair Chapter 1501: I Have A Brother-in-law? Chapter 1502: My Boyfriend Chapter 1503: Impressive Chapter 1504: Thanks To You Chapter 1505: What Did We Do? Chapter 1506: Youre Cute When You Dont Mean What You Say Chapter 1507: I Must Be A Fake Male Lead Chapter 1508: Sudden Misfortune Chapter 1509: Go Along With It? Chapter 1510: How Unfortunate Chapter 1511: Help You To Recover Chapter 1512: Ill Pay Back For What She Owes Chapter 1513: I'm Not Interested In Men Chapter 1514: More Will Be Snatched Away Chapter 1515: Show No Mercy Chapter 1516: Position In Her Heart Chapter 1517: Theres No Way Chapter 1518: Play Until She Dies Chapter 1519: It's Easier To Invite The Devil In Than Send Him Away Chapter 1520: We Try Switching To Woman? Chapter 1521: Believe It Or Not Chapter 1522: Can I Still Make It If I Castrate Myself Now? Chapter 1523: Historic Moment Chapter 1524: A Happy Welcome Chapter 1525: Feel The Sadness Chapter 1526: The Situation Was Very Chaotic Chapter 1527: They Were Here To Rescue The Kidnappers... Chapter 1528: Bloodbath Chapter 1529: Stray Dog Chapter 1530: Support Request Denied Chapter 1531: Why Dont You Try Something Else? Chapter 1532: Spoiling Chapter 1533: Your Wife Is The Best Chapter 1534: Companionship Is The Best Confession Chapter 1535: Whos Going To Win? Chapter 1536: Warzone of Female Stars Chapter 1537: Male Companion Needed Chapter 1538: A Big Cut Above The Rest Chapter 1539: Stand Out Even More Chapter 1540: Were In The Same Boat Chapter 1541: Stars of The Night Chapter 1542: His Pride Chapter 1543: Thank You To My Boss Chapter 1544: Unexpected But Reasonable Chapter 1545: Gave It Her All Chapter 1546: This Is The Best Female Lead Award Chapter 1547: The Soul of A Film Chapter 1548: For The Person I Love Chapter 1549: She Would Not Allow This Chapter 1550: Completely Replace Chapter 1551: Simply Inhumane Chapter 1552: Wicked People Will Be Afflicted With Wickedness Chapter 1553: Irrefutable Evidence Chapter 1554: Zero Relations Chapter 1555: The Truth Will Come Out Chapter 1556: Told The Truth Chapter 1557: Wanted A Son Chapter 1558: Perfect Plan Chapter 1559: Bro Xi Has Us Chapter 1560: It Must Be A Girl Chapter 1561: Hes My Man Chapter 1562: A Hole In His Brain Chapter 1563: At Last She's A Match Chapter 1564: He Was Married Chapter 1565: I Want A Child Chapter 1566: Are You Free Tonight? Chapter 1567: Wear Nothing Chapter 1568: Mothers Baby Chapter 1569: To Let Other People See Me Chapter 1570: More Normal Entrance Chapter 1571: Blow It, I'll Be There Chapter 1572: Dont You Think These Are Cuter? Chapter 1573: Kiss of Punishment Chapter 1574: Too Flirtatious Chapter 1575: My Brother Is Not Easy To Bully Chapter 1576: Woman's Lip Stain Chapter 1577: I Want To Wear The Same Thing As Father Chapter 1578: The Prince Is The Key Chapter 1579: His Little Bun Is Secretly Evil Chapter 1580: Cannot Let Her Down Chapter 1581: Reduced To Such State Chapter 1582: Ill End You! Chapter 1583: Night Has Fallen! Chapter 1584: Came From Hell Chapter 1585: Those Secrets Chapter 1586: Who Is He Actually? Chapter 1587: Not That Simple Chapter 1588: Is Your Ex-Boyfriend Chapter 1589: Frightened Silly Chapter 1590: You're The Best Second Child Chapter 1591: A Girl Was Lying There Chapter 1592: Dont Mind It Chapter 1593: Find Someone Little Treasure Likes Chapter 1594: I Will Protect Mother Well Chapter 1595: Bunch of Idiots Chapter 1596: Im Brother Little Treasures Wife Chapter 1597: Little Bunny Doll Chapter 1598: It Was Exactly Like Xiao Xi Xi's Chapter 1599: So Cool Chapter 1600: I'll Turn Everyone That Comes Gay Chapter 1601: Always Be With Little Treasure Chapter 1602: True Capability Chapter 1603: Small Disturbance? Chapter 1604: Its My Own Problem Chapter 1605: Liking You More and More Chapter 1606: Brought Upon By Him Chapter 1607: Unpredictable Outcome Chapter 1608: Feels Like Honeymoon Chapter 1609: Bro Xi Is Amazing Chapter 1610: Add Scenes Chapter 1611: Im Head Over Heels For You Chapter 1612: Directors Invitation Chapter 1613: Itll Surely Be Wonderful Chapter 1614: Please Accept My Love For You Chapter 1615: Separating An Affectionate Couple Chapter 1616: Reluctant To Part Chapter 1617: I'll Kill This Romance Myself Chapter 1618: Aroused Beyond Redemption Chapter 1619: That Person Is... Chapter 1620: Personally Come Over and Kill The Romance Chapter 1621: I Want A Kiss and A Hug Chapter 1622: So Cool It Gave Her Butterflies Chapter 1623: Truly Enemies On A Narrow Road Chapter 1624: She's Not That Kind of Person Chapter 1625: I'll Be Here To Accompany You Chapter 1626: Honest Body Chapter 1627: Not Bother Her Chapter 1628: Second Audition Chapter 1629: Last Chance Chapter 1630: Staking It All! Chapter 1631: Don't Torment Us Anymore Chapter 1632: Im Worried About You Chapter 1633: Get Me Out Of Here Right Now Chapter 1634: How Cruel! Chapter 1635: You'll Be Mine From Now On Chapter 1636: Most Easily Hooked Up With Chapter 1637: Personally Carried You Onto The Bed Chapter 1638: Youd Be Single Forever Chapter 1639: I Never Doubted That Chapter 1640: Who Could Have Done It Chapter 1641: Your Judgement Is Not That Bad Chapter 1642: A Warm and Gentle Sensation Planted On Her Forehead Chapter 1643: Lady Boss Is Right Beside Chapter 1644: Uncontrollable Kiss Chapter 1645: Find Some Maize Field To Roll In Chapter 1646: Aim Achieved Chapter 1647: You Don't Even Love Me Anymore! Chapter 1648: Her Capabilities Don't Need It Chapter 1649: Can The Boss Do It? Chapter 1650: Too Cool Too Considerate Chapter 1651: The Real One Appeared Chapter 1652: Just Using That Face Chapter 1653: Turning Around To Charge The Victim Chapter 1654: Extremely Beautiful Face Chapter 1655: Devote Her Life Chapter 1656: His Brothers Secret Date Chapter 1657: What I Want Is... Chapter 1658: Forgoing His Glory Chapter 1659: Could Not Be Stolen Away By Anyone Chapter 1660: Not Your Romantic Rival, She's Mine Chapter 1661: Quite Cute Chapter 1662: Helping In Secret Chapter 1663: Taking My Spotlight? Chapter 1664: Cute Little Grandson Chapter 1665: Not Love Chapter 1666: All Good Things Must Come To An End Chapter 1667: Unconditional Assistance Chapter 1668: Nothing Compares To Mommy Chapter 1669: I Love You Chapter 1670: Foolish Humans Chapter 1671: Impressive Character? Chapter 1672: Our Baby Is Beyond-This-World Cute Chapter 1673: Feel Sorry For Baby Little Treasure Chapter 1674: Second Uncle, Help Me Chapter 1675: What's Wrong With Little Treasure Chapter 1676: Where's Mommy? Chapter 1677: I Will Settle Everything Chapter 1678: You Have Me For Everything Chapter 1679: Just At This Level Chapter 1680: Reel The Fish In Chapter 1681: Hes So Persistent Chapter 1682: Spectator Chapter 1683: Sorry, Mother Chapter 1684: Mommy Only Likes You Chapter 1685: Wish That I'm My Mother's Child Chapter 1686: Definitely Not Normal People Chapter 1687: Mother Wont Let You Be Alone Chapter 1688: Quickly Rescue Little Treasure Chapter 1689: He's Your Grandson! Chapter 1690: Compromise Chapter 1691: That Would Definitely Be Very Interesting Chapter 1692: As Long As Im With Mommy Chapter 1693: Mommy Wont Let Bad Things Happen To You Chapter 1694: Dont Forget Shes Tang Xi Chapter 1695: Treat You To A Good Show Chapter 1696: Dies Right In Front of You Chapter 1697: Give You Your Heart's Content Chapter 1698: Bastards! Ill Kill Them! Chapter 1699: Please Be Alright Chapter 1700: Finally Found The Place Chapter 1701: I'm Afraid They're Already... Chapter 1702: Unknown Whereabouts Chapter 1703: My Little Treasure Is Dead Chapter 1704: I Want To Kill You Chapter 1705: Wait To Become The Lady of The Lu House Chapter 1706: Do You Deserve The Surname Yun As Well? Chapter 1707: I'd Like To See Who Dares To Touch Him Chapter 1708: Who The Mysterious Person Was Chapter 1709: Is She Going To Run Off? Chapter 1710: Which One of You Is This Girl's Man? Chapter 1711: You Said Little Treasure Is Alright? Chapter 1712: Weve Tried Our Best Chapter 1713: Xiao Xi, Forgive Me For Being Selfish Chapter 1715: Little Treasure Woke Up Chapter 1716: That Was His Mother Chapter 1717: Mommy Needs You Chapter 1718: Things Might Go Wrong Chapter 1719: I'm Setting My Mind On This Daughter-In-Law Chapter 1720: Sometimes I Want To Listen To My Heart Too Chapter 1721: Did Not Want To Be Wrong A Second Time Chapter 1722: A Proper Explanation Chapter 1723: Wait And See Chapter 1724: Being Used Chapter 1725: Couldn't Resist Temptation Chapter 1726: It Is All Over Chapter 1727: Said They Want To Take Miss Xiao Xi Away Chapter 1728: Here To Retrieve Our Ms. Ning Xi Chapter 1729: Top Family Chapter 1730: No One From The Lu Family Is Good Chapter 1731: Off The Charts Chapter 1732: Only One With Better Judgment Chapter 1733: Today We Must Take Her Away Chapter 1734: Do Not Be Nice, Slam Him! Chapter 1735: Exactly What He Wanted Chapter 1736: Who Are You Calling Kiddo? Chapter 1737: So Aggrieved That He Almost Threw A Tantrum Chapter 1738: Don't Want Father To Leave Chapter 1739: Someone Who Can Definitely Get In Touch Chapter 1740: Im Here For Ning Xiao Xi Chapter 1741: I Cant Keep The Pretense Up For Very Long Chapter 1742: Im Sorry, Its My Fault Chapter 1743: Betrayal Chapter 1744: Did Not Trust Anyone Chapter 1745: Mother-Protecting Dragon Little Treasure Chapter 1746: Lure Him Out Chapter 1747: Do Whatever You Want Chapter 1748: You Want It? Chapter 1749: Am I Your Most Beloved Younger Brother Chapter 1750: Better Watch Out! Chapter 1751: Chase Away All The Gloom of This World Chapter 1752: I'm Done As Well Chapter 1753: Might Have Went To Look For Tianxin Chapter 1754: Relieved Chapter 1755: Go With The Heart and Instincts As Long As The Conscience Is Clear Chapter 1756: The Only Thing I Can Do For You Chapter 1757: Call Xiao Xi Too Chapter 1758: Tempted Chapter 1759: Who Else Is An Outsider? Chapter 1760: Fair Competition Chapter 1761: This Is What I Got You Chapter 1762: Peak Popularity Chapter 1764: Without You Chapter 1765: Cant Be Solved By Normal Means Chapter 1766: Diagnosis Results Chapter 1767: Sealed Truth Chapter 1769: Witness Chapter 1770: My One And Only Wife Chapter 1771: Shes Irreplaceable Chapter 1772: He Never Gave Up Waiting Chapter 1773: All Good Today Chapter 1774: House Is Not A Home Chapter 1775: Early Morning's First Beam of Sun Chapter 1776: After A Nights Sleep Chapter 1777: Unreal Feeling Chapter 1778: Long Time No See Chapter 1779: Evil Spirit That Could Remove Seals Chapter 1780: Wow, I Was So Amazing! Chapter 1782: You Think Ill Eat Him Alive? Chapter 1783: Darling, Im Back! Chapter 1784: Accompany Me For A Little Longer, Alright? Chapter 1785: You've Scared Him Chapter 1786: Can't Move Around Vigorously Chapter 1787: Always Be By Your Side Chapter 1788: You And Little Treasure Chapter 1789: Never Forgotten Chapter 1790: Am I Not Calm Enough? Chapter 1791: Contract Signing Ceremony Chapter 1792: Played Games For The Whole Night Chapter 1793: Do I Have A Choice? Chapter 1794: Erupting Blondie Chapter 1795: Enough Time To Accompany Chapter 1796: Cannot! Get It Going! Chapter 1797: Im Already Married Chapter 1798: Youre Right My Wife Chapter 1799: Spare My Life Chapter 1800: Your Mother Thinks You're Cold Chapter 1801: My Daughter-In-Law Chapter 1802: The Whole Story Back Then Chapter 1803: A Nightmare Chapter 1804: Head Lady Chapter 1805: Little Treasures Only Mother Chapter 1806: Husband Chapter 1807: Still His Turf In The End Chapter 1808: History Was Written By The Victors Chapter 1809: How To Coax Someone? Chapter 1810: Still King of The World Chapter 1811: He Was Flirting Again! Chapter 1812: The Boss Is Back! Chapter 1813: My Wife Talks Sense Chapter 1814: So Frightened That The Bunny Was Tossed Away Chapter 1815: My Dear Sister-in-law Chapter 1816: Chaotic Battlefield Chapter 1817: Like My Wife Ran Away Chapter 1818: The Nourishment of Love Chapter 1819: Continue To Live Well Chapter 1820: Toss About In Bed Chapter 1821: Fight For Love Chapter 1822: A True Winner In Life Chapter 1823: It Has Nothing To Do With Stamina Chapter 1824: Even If The Emperor's Father Returned Chapter 1825: Let's Go Get It Back Chapter 1826: Classy and Intelligent Chapter 1827: The Only Chance To Surpass SS Chapter 1828: True Capabilities Chapter 1829: Fulfill Any Requests Chapter 1830: Both of You Don't Need To Come Anymore Chapter 1831: Shield Chapter 1832: Crash The Party Chapter 1833: Only They Can Surpass Themselves Chapter 1834: Actually Didn't Need To Push Chapter 1835: Countless Highlights Chapter 1836: Best Meng Changge Chapter 1837: One More Person Chapter 1838: Outdated Female Star? Chapter 1839: Her Existence Itself Was The Highlight Chapter 1840: Who Is The One And Only Main Character? Chapter 1841: Live PK! Chapter 1842: Continuous Brilliance Chapter 1843: Final Hit Chapter 1844: Shine In All Its Splendor With You Chapter 1845: No Ning Xi No The World Chapter 1846: Who Said That I Wasn't Here To Mess Things Up? Chapter 1847: Strong Support Chapter 1848: Amazing, My Queen! Chapter 1849: Want To Change? Chapter 1850: Thought Too Highly of Her Chapter 1851: The Missing Person Returns Chapter 1852: Not So Thirsty Chapter 1853: Be Good, Call Me Aunt! Chapter 1854: The Real Phoenix Was Back Chapter 1855: My Daughter-In-Law Is Capable Like That Chapter 1856: Changed At Lightning Speed Chapter 1857: A Title Chapter 1858: Head Lady Chapter 1859: Were A Family Chapter 1860: Enemies On A Narrow Road Chapter 1861: Here To Get Connections Chapter 1862: Warning Chapter 1863: Lady's Diplomacy Chapter 1864: Unrelated Person? Chapter 1865: Meng Linlangs Niece Chapter 1866: Apologize In Front of Everyone Chapter 1867: For What Reason Did All of This Belong To Her Chapter 1868: Shocking Gossip Chapter 1869: Head Lady Candidate Chapter 1870: Set His Eyes On Girls Chapter 1871: Soul Mate Chapter 1872: You're Really Interested In Xiao Xi? Chapter 1873: Too Breathtaking Chapter 1874: Raised Thoughts Chapter 1875: Switch To The Real Phoenix Chapter 1876: Reason of Retirement Chapter 1877: The End Results Will Not Change Chapter 1878: Suddenly Feel Like I'm Very Bright Chapter 1879: I've Given Them The Guts Chapter 1880: So Cool Chapter 1881: Get It Back From Her Chapter 1882: Truth Chapter 1883: They Abandoned Her Chapter 1884: Who Gave You The Confidence? Chapter 1885: Yearned For By The Public, Irresistible Trend Chapter 1886: Ning Xi Again Chapter 1887: Definitely Get It Chapter 1888: Abandoned By Everyone Chapter 1889: His Cabbages Chapter 1890: Your Brother-in-law Chapter 1891: Start Over Again? Chapter 1892: Who I Really Love Chapter 1893: Where Did He Get His Confidence Chapter 1894: Ill Get Distracted Chapter 1895: Its Easy To Push You Down Chapter 1896: Ferocious Display of Affection Chapter 1897: The Huge Temptation of Benefits Chapter 1898: Status Is Fitting Chapter 1899: Getting Things Back On The Right Track Chapter 1900: Have A Child With You Chapter 1901: Foreign Feeling Chapter 1902: Struggle Chapter 1903: Definitely Won't Yield Chapter 1904: Do You Think I'm An Idiot? Chapter 1905: Most Desired Man To Be Married Chapter 1906: Rank Slaying Chapter 1907: If I Get Serious Chapter 1908: I'm Slaying The Poll This Time! Chapter 1909: Night of Starlight Chapter 1910: Phantom Chapter 1911: Only For You Chapter 1912: Almost Bent Sideways! Chapter 1913: Turn You Gay, In Three Seconds Chapter 1914: I'm Just Going To Drape A Sack On Me Chapter 1915: Dumbfounded Chapter 1916: Too Killer Chapter 1917: Long Awaited Stage Play Chapter 1918: The Female Lead Has Changed? Chapter 1919: Racing Heart Chapter 1920: Bewitched Chapter 1921: Our Bodies Entwined Chapter 1922: Kissing Scene Chapter 1923: Grand Success Chapter 1924: Bro Xi, Long Time No See Chapter 1925: Undo Buttons Chapter 1926: Ning Xiao Xi, You Pervert! Chapter 1927: Slay Ranks! Chapter 1928: Shocking Change of Ranks! Chapter 1929: On The Rise Chapter 1930: Ill Give Ten Times More Chapter 1931: Tired Of Me? Chapter 1932: Choose Lover Over Friends Chapter 1933: No. 1! Chapter 1934: This Affection Is Poisonous! Chapter 1935: Being On The Same Ranking As The Devil Chapter 1936: Slaying The Novice Village Chapter 1937: Seen All Kinds of Beautiful Girls Chapter 1938: Have A Date Tonight Chapter 1939: Try Here? Chapter 1940: Not As Handsome As Me Chapter 1941: Revival Chapter 1942: Passed Out Chapter 1943: Pregnant Chapter 1944: Waver Chapter 1945: Advancing Into Hollywodd Chapter 1946: For Show Chapter 1947: Shock Chapter 1948: Mysterious Producer Chapter 1949: Pie Falling From The Sky Chapter 1950: Miracle Chapter 1951: Obviously My Wife Can Chapter 1952: Be Careful Chapter 1953: Female Lead of This Movie Chapter 1954: Appearance of The Master Chapter 1955: Being Followed Chapter 1956: Seeing The Crazy Person Again Chapter 1957: This Is Not Too Logical Chapter 1958: Still Sis-in-law Who Cares About Me Chapter 1959: Wild Beast Chapter 1960: What? Chapter 1961: Super Cool! Chapter 1962: Super Abnormal Chapter 1963: Look For White Tiger Chapter 1964: Darling Follow Me Home Chapter 1965: Good-for-nothing Foodie Chapter 1966: Get Me A Girl Chapter 1967: Ning Xiao Xi, You Maniac Chapter 1968: Face Would Be Slapped Swollen Chapter 1969: Brought Your Cameo Chapter 1970: Ignorant Humans Chapter 1971: Stunned Chapter 1972: I Am Ning Xis Fan Chapter 1973: Capability To Crossdress Chapter 1974: China's Pride In Hollywood Chapter 1975: Be Closer To Her Chapter 1976: Warning Chapter 1977: That Woman Bewitched You Chapter 1978: Dear Brother Chapter 1979: You Get Lu Family, Ill Get Tang Xi Chapter 1980: Guaranteed Financial Support For The Rest of Its Life Chapter 1981: Trespassing A Tiger's Lair Chapter 1982: Trick A Master To Be Bodyguard Chapter 1983: Have Fun With The Master Chapter 1984: Instant Kill Chapter 1985: I Dont Need A Foot Accessory Chapter 1986: First Senior Brother Was Cheated On Chapter 1987: Give People Some Dignity Chapter 1988: Extortion Chapter 1989: A Miracle Chapter 1990: This Assassin Is Tough Chapter 1991: You Guys Are Too Cruel! Chapter 1992: Have Supper Before You Go? Chapter 1993: Poach Chapter 1994: I'll Definitely Be Responsible Chapter 1995: You Only Care About Your Darling Chapter 1996: Youll Never Abandon Me, Will You? Chapter 1997: Small-Time Extra Chapter 1998: Ning Xis Exclusive Chapter 1999: Payback Chapter 2000: Not The Same Level Chapter 2001: I Cant Protect Myself Chapter 2002: Youll Not Survive Chapter 2003: Who Did I Seduce Again Chapter 2004: Trash Man Cheap Woman Chapter 2005: Scandal's Hero and Heroine Chapter 2006: Clean Up Chapter 2007: Leave It To Me Chapter 2008: Being Suppressed Chapter 2009: Chances of Rising Chapter 2010: Impatient Chapter 2011: Just Worried That You Would Not Pretend Chapter 2012: Once On The Red Carpet Chapter 2013: Dogfight Chapter 2014: Too Irresponsible Chapter 2015: Indescribable Scene Chapter 2016: Really Done For This Time Chapter 2017: Eye-opener Chapter 2018: What A Dogfight Chapter 2019: A Satisfactory Answer Chapter 2020: As You Wish Chapter 2021: Fake Princess, Real Mistress Chapter 2022: Through Thick and Thin Chapter 2023: Never Been Defeated Chapter 2024: Playing Dumb Chapter 2025: What Are You? Chapter 2026: Its Too Late Chapter 2027: Blame Chapter 2028: Endure For Now Chapter 2029: Final Struggle Chapter 2030: I'll Let You Take It All Off Chapter 2031: I Believe You Chapter 2032: Fate Made Me Meet Mother Chapter 2033: Im Focusing Chapter 2034: My Poor Eyes Chapter 2035: Not Alone Anymore Chapter 2036: Why Don't They Die? Chapter 2037: The Circle Which Was A Class Lower Chapter 2038: Nothing Chapter 2039: Rainbow Feathers Chapter 2040: Heart-wrenching Pain Chapter 2041: It's My Design Chapter 2042: Stolen Design Draft Chapter 2043: If I Can Prove It Chapter 2044: Gong Shangze! Chapter 2045: Shocking Twist Chapter 2046: Unique Technique Chapter 2047: It Was All Over Chapter 2048: The Truth Revealed Chapter 2049: Final Struggle Chapter 2050: A Big Liar Chapter 2051: Future of Chinese Style Chapter 2052: Endless Treasures Chapter 2053: So Angry She Could Go Mad Chapter 2054: Poach! Chapter 2055: Founder of Spirit Chapter 2056: Like Owner, Like Dog Chapter 2057: Torturing Little Elf Chapter 2058: Ears Blinded Chapter 2059: Amazing, My Blondie! Chapter 2060: How About We Hug Too? Chapter 2061: Listen To Whoever Wins Chapter 2062: A Bunch of Sheep Chapter 2063: Boss, You've Finally Returned! Chapter 2064: That Idiot Is You! Chapter 2065: Which Idiot Hired You? Chapter 2066: You Do It Then Chapter 2067: Double Joy Chapter 2068: Forcing Her Onto The Path Of Death Chapter 2069: Blondie Is Going To Kill Me Chapter 2070: Love Rival Too Abnormal Chapter 2071: An Accident Happened Chapter 2072: Chaos Chapter 2073: Everything Was Done For Chapter 2074: Personal Grudges Chapter 2075: Set Her Mind On Chapter 2076: Go Home To Be Stuffed With Displays of Affection Chapter 2077: Miss You, Miss You, Miss You Chapter 2078: Acting Skills Chapter 2079: Solid Evidence Chapter 2080: Come Prepared Chapter 2081: Kneel To Heaven, Earth and Parents Chapter 2082: Admit Chapter 2083: Not Interested In Re-marrying Chapter 2084: H-Holding Hands? Chapter 2085: High Up In The Sky Chapter 2086: Not Worthy Chapter 2087: Like Something So Exciting Chapter 2088: This Was Impossible Chapter 2089: Where Did She Go Wrong Chapter 2090: How Terrifying Chapter 2091: Its Not Over Yet Chapter 2092: Darling, Lets Go Home Chapter 2093: Not Xiao Xi's Fault Chapter 2094: Heartbreaking Truth Chapter 2095: Devil In Human Disguise Chapter 2096: Chased Out of The Company Chapter 2097: Nothing To Do With Each Other Chapter 2098: Little Treasure Hit Someone Chapter 2099: Heart Jabbed, Baby Chapter 2100: Gossipy Heart Ignited Chapter 2101: Someone Wants To Steal Your Wife Again Chapter 2102: Competition Chapter 2103: I Lost Chapter 2104: Thank You, Milady Chapter 2105: Prince Charming Is Taken Chapter 2106: It's the Lu Family's Blessing Chapter 2107: She Was A Phoenix Chapter 2108: She Was A Phoenix Chapter 2109: All These Images Chapter 2110: Those Photos Chapter 2111: Little Treasure Is The Child of Ning Xi and I Chapter 2112: That Child Didn't Die Chapter 2113: To Everyone's Delight Chapter 2114: I'm Sorry, That Person Was Me Chapter 2115: Best Thing Ever Chapter 2116: Calling Father For The First Time Chapter 2117: Clouds of Doubt Chapter 2118: Sister-in-law Doesn't Trust Me? Chapter 2119: Only One Day Left Chapter 2120: How Could It Be!? Chapter 2121: Instant Change Chapter 2122: This Matter Has Nothing To Do With You Chapter 2123: Were The Same Chapter 2124: How You're Going To Be Unkind To Me Chapter 2125: Three Little Fishes Chapter 2126: Don't Make Me Hate You Chapter 2127: Pair of Maniacs Chapter 2128: The Master Is Here Chapter 2129: Trash Scraps? Chapter 2130: Surfaced Chapter 2131: Darling Was Just Too Cute Chapter 2132: Exceptionally Obedient Chapter 2133: Not Afraid of Taking In Too Much? Chapter 2134: Settle All The Grudges Chapter 2135: Is This Reason Enough? Chapter 2136: Grandfather, Mine! Chapter 2137: Younger Generations Will Surpass Us In Time Chapter 2138: Such A Past Chapter 2139: Jealous of The Master Chapter 2140: Display of Affection? Chapter 2141: Honey Trap Chapter 2142: Too Boring Chapter 2143: Definitely Not Getting A Divorce Chapter 2144: Repentance That Came Too Late Chapter 2145: Pregnant Chapter 2146: This Time, I Want To Go Public Chapter 2147: Fans Riot Chapter 2148: Admit Chapter 2149: The Child Is Mine Chapter 2150: Calm Down Okay, Darling Chapter 2151: Its A Massacre Chapter 2152: They Told The Whole World About It Chapter 2153: I Can Take Their Affection Anytime Chapter 2154: Unavoidable Chapter 2155: Wedding 1 Chapter 2156: Wedding 2 Chapter 2157: Wedding Night 1 Chapter 2158: Wedding Night 2 Chapter 2159: Wedding Night 3 Chapter 2160: Wedding Night 4 Chapter 2161: Wedding Night 5 Chapter 2162: Finally, Wedding Night Chapter 2163: Naming The Little Princess Chapter 2164: My Heart Belongs To You Chapter 2165: My Little Heart Chapter 2166