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"...Even if you dispel the power of the Blood Demon Pill, the lost profession will not return!"

Qin Luosheng:? ? ?

I fuck!

I knew it was not reliable.

Actually, you want to make me lose the Shadow Warrior?


My heart is not dead!

"If I do what you say, will it have the ability to kill hundreds of millions of lives?"

Qin Luosheng asked.

"No!" The Blood Demon Sword didn't even think about it, and immediately replied: "You are not Lord Blood Demon, nor am I at my peak. Want to slaughter hundreds of millions of creatures? Are you dreaming? ?"

"Oh? So frank?" Qin Luosheng squinted his eyes and asked: "You are like this, it makes me a little unbelievable!"

"Believe it or not, it's up to you!" The Blood Demon Sword replied, "Even if I am only a sword spirit, but after signing a contract with you, you are my master before I find Lord Blood Demon. During this period, I will not hide it. Everything about you, except secret."

"is it?"

Taking a deep breath, Qin Luosheng pondered over and over again, constantly weighing the pros and cons, and finally made up his mind, gritted his teeth and said: "Well, give me a blood demon pill!"


Qin Luosheng:? ? ?

What are you tm talking about?

Didnt you just say that the Blood Demon Pill can make me become an introductory blood demon and practice "Blood Demon Sutra"?

Why is it not working?

"I was at the end of the crossbow, relying on Li Zhan to absorb the blood of ten thousand people at the beginning, a little bit of strength was restored. But just now, it was all consumed."

The Blood Demon Sword said as it should be: "Within a month, I can't even display the most basic abilities. How can I use the essence and blood to condense the Blood Demon Pill?"

Qin Luosheng:...

Your uncle's.

If you can't, what about a hammer?

A month later?

What do I want you to do in a month?

Three days later, maybe I will die tragically under Longyuan's dragon claws. At that time, you, the hapless person who just signed a contract with me, will become a trophy and become Longyuan's possession.

At the beginning, the dragon race was a race to resist the invasion of the demons, and it was also one of the biggest forces. That battle also suffered heavy losses.

You don't know how many dragon blood magic swords you have drunk, and you might be destroyed by humanity. Do you have a fantasy to find your master blood demon in the future?

Want to eat P?

"Forget it, it's better to ask for yourself, I shouldn't have hope for you!"

Qin Luosheng didn't talk too much nonsense, and directly stuffed the Blood Demon Sword and the Blood Demon Scripture into his backpack, and didn't bother.

If he is the one who wins in three days, then everything is fine, and he will come back in a month.

If you can't, ha ha, ask for more blessings!

"Take a rest!"

First confronted Li Zhan, and fought with the Blood Demon Sword. After the two battles, Qin Luosheng was too tired, especially after using the indestructible fighting spirit, the body and spirit were excited, and the exhaustion and weakness that swept through Feeling, it really made him feel uncomfortable. He didn't have any other thoughts. He just wanted to slump down and sleep him to nothing.

"Now, only the Second Demon King Yi Ping and the Great Demon King Lin Xiao are left. Don't worry!"

After thinking about it, Qin Luo was promoted to be safe, but instead of continuing to set off, he chose to go offline and rest.

Originally planned to spend three days to prepare for the decisive battle, but after trading with the Dragon King, his equipment was strengthened, and three days of preparation time were saved. Now there is plenty of time, so there is no need to rush.


Set the alarm clock.

Qin Luosheng retracted from the game compartment to the bed, fell asleep for a second, and fell into a deep sleep.

Five hours later.

The alarm clock went off.

Qin Luosheng opened his eyes, got up from the bed, stretched his waist, his vigorous look, not at all the tiredness of the sunken eye sockets just now.

The transformed body is so great!

The resilience is too BUG!

After ordering the take-out skillfully, Qin Luosheng took a shower, then sat on the sofa holding the tablet and entered the official website of "Dimension of Destiny".


As the decisive battle with Long Yuan approached, the [Magic Palace] task was extremely cumbersome. During this period of time, Qin Luosheng had not even been offline and could not pay much attention.

Take this opportunity to take a brief look at recent events.

For a master player at the forefront, information is very important.

Take a glance.


A lot of things have indeed happened recently, but most of them are the opening of the enhanced system and the dungeon system. As a result, the various war zones that were still progressing a little slowly, like raging fire, instantly became lively.

Whether it is the welfare of the official copy or the **** of the wild copy, it is a hot topic.

of course.

There are also many players who post pictures.

What is it?

Naturally it is strengthened!

The folk master is indeed Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Strengthen +7?

It's barren!

This is only a minimum enhancement!

Strengthen +8 to barely be able to see.

Strengthen +9 that is the boss.

Strengthen +10?

Forget it!

This is either a **** or a dog, and can't afford it!

"Tsk, this is really amazing!"

Qin Luosheng looked at a picture in the forum, which was a screenshot of an epic enhancement +10 one-handed sword.

Attributes, quite satisfactory, special effects and incidental skills are not very strong, but epic enhancement +10, basic attack +1600 points, external enhancement +10 extra rewards, those equipment that are not strengthened in place are indeed not comparable.

"As the saying goes, wealth is not revealed, this enhanced +10 epic-level equipment is simply a big diamond! Even if you have a reputation with this thing, it will be targeted by some jealous people and people with ulterior motives."

Qin Luosheng's eyes flashed and his face flushed: "For example, me!"

That's right.

Qin Luosheng fell in love with such a one-handed sword.


He is not aiming at this epic one-handed sword that strengthens +10. This B thing is not as good as his most trash [Blood Soldier]. There is nothing to think about. What he is aiming at is the master of this sword Young thunder mad!

This ID, which had gradually faded in his memory, through this sword, once again reminded him of the kindness and grievances he had made.

"Strengthening +10, it's too difficult. Even if I have a high-level crafting technique, plus a lucky bonus explosion, I just got a handful of [Panlong Lishui], and now this full set of enhancements +10, that's the light of Grandmaster Dragon Forge."

Qin Luosheng sneered: "I'm so difficult to do, so how can you be a madman?-I don't believe it. So, the only explanation is that this product must be smashed with a lot of gold coins and strengthening stones. !"

"It seems that this guy's recent days are indeed difficult! This time, such a major event came out, it should be to attract people's attention and improve the reputation of the Thunder Union's deteriorating guild. You said, if I will him I dont know how much money and energy it took to assemble the baby that has exploded. Will he be crazy to die?"

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