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"The 1023th, no, it's the 1025th."

A ray of sword light flashed through the wet white liquid jade insect cave, and the white jelly-like transparent white liquid jade insect under the silver arc was cut open.

The white liquid lased, turned into white smoke and evaporated in the air.

The boy picked up the white hemisphere that was not melted on the ground, wiped it on the black linen clothes and put it directly into his mouth, chewed it slightly, and swallowed it numbly.

"Bing! Hunting the white liquid jade insects, but not obtaining soul jade, eating the white liquid jade insect meat, there is no increase in basic genes."

Zhang Lie: Mortal life.

Gongfa: Ten levels of general exercises (the highest ten levels)

Number of genes: basic genes 20

Gene Soul Jade: None

"Have you taken too much?"

In fact, as early as three months ago, Zhang Lie could no longer get genetic points from the flesh of Baiye Jade Insect.

For him now, the white liquid jade insect core is just ordinary food, used to obtain energy and nutrients to support physical activity.

The white liquid jade worm, the lowest level insect genetic organism, is not so much a worm in shape as it is the slime in the online games of the old age.

The difference is that the jelly-like transparent patina of this thing has a soft core like white jade, hence the name Baiye Jade Insect.

However, after three months of continuous slaughter, Zhang Lie was very familiar with their body structure, and could kill them with just one sword.

He raised his head and glanced at the white liquid jade insect sticking to the cave, Zhang Lie sighed heavily, "After three months of rebirth, the limit of basic exercises has not been broken. Where is the legendary white liquid jade insect containing the super gene? ?"

Zhang Lie felt a little discouraged after touching the uneven blade in his hand.

The sword will soon be scrapped.

Swinging at least a thousand times a day, of course it will deform. The main reason is that this sword is the cheapest inferior product, and his origin is not good.

Zhang Lie was a little helpless, it was getting late and he had to return to the base first.

The void world at night is quite dangerous.

At the beginning of the last century, the Chakra galaxy fell into war, and human beings were compressed by alien races into small survival circles. When they were desperate, they found magical portals in the ruins. Through these portals, they were teleported to some strange spaces.

In these spaces, human science and technology are completely ineffective, and hot weapons such as guns and missiles, and even nuclear weapons, are completely inoperable in these spaces.

In the space, countless animals with perfect genetic evolution are rampant, and human beings have become the bottom end of the food chain.

It wasn't until someone accidentally killed a relatively weak animal, and the body changed drastically. At the same time, he heard the voice of the void world's will.

Mankind has surprisingly discovered that with the increase in the number of genes, life expectancy also increases, and a new era, the era of genetic evolution, begins.

The Black Iron Base, a small human base in the void world, is not too far from the Baiye Jade Chong Cave, but Zhang Lie came to the gate of the base within ten minutes.

On the lofty steel gate, there are various indentations, like a history of base wars.

Stepping through the gate, walking into the base, in the hunter team resting in front of the gate, someone immediately recognized Zhang Lie and made a deliberate ridicule.

"Look at who this is, the bottom king in Wannian."

"When I first entered the void world, he was at the bottom of the gene list, and he is still at the bottom."

"If I were him, I would have no face to stay longer."

"The Void World is so big, there are really all kinds of rubbish, maybe by the time I am fifty, this guy will still be at the bottom of the gene list."

"Don't say fifty years old, when he is two hundred years old, there will be no change in the ranking of this guy's genetic list."

A lean man asked the beautiful girl beside him: "Wang Xiaohua, I heard that you and this guy are childhood sweethearts who grew up together?"

Wang Xiaohua had been lowering her head and blushing just now. When she heard her teammate suddenly say this, she suddenly became anxious and shouted: "What a childhood sweetheart, how could Wang Xiaohua like this kind of waste."

"It's just that my father saw their poor family and gave a house to live temporarily. It has nothing to do with this guy for a little bit of money. Don't talk nonsense."

After hearing a few people talk, Zhang Lie smiled coldly, and walked past them without saying a word.

The dragon does not live with the snake.

If the dog bites you, wouldn't it be possible to bite it back? If you really do this, Zhang Lie will probably be exhausted. After all, there are too many evil dogs in the void world.

Look up at the electronic light screen erected in the center of the base, which is the gene list they have been talking about.

First place: Yunbing: 12,000 combat power

Second place: Chu Feng: 11,000 combat power

Third place: Qin Xiao: combat power of 10,000

The gene list is based on the number of genes and soul jade holdings, and is a reference after data conversion.

Kunpeng went up 90,000 li from the atmosphere.

Zhang Lie certainly doesn't care about these false names. As a reborn person, he has no advantage to anyone. He has already formulated the most extreme genetic evolution plan, and now everything is ready, only the wind will come.

Go to the base points cashing counter and place the soft core of the white liquid jade insect that has been harvested in three months on the box.

The box closes automatically, after rough calculation of the electronic board.

"A total of one thousand basic genes are delivered, which can be converted into one thousand points."

The base building materials are special and technology products can be used inside the base, but fighting rules are forbidden. No one can violate it. Once violated, no matter who it is, it will be executed on the spot by the powerful guardian.

The remaining half of the white liquid insect soft cores are stored in the base vault. These soft cores are still useful.

Zhang Lie said: "A C-grade alloy sword, and the remaining points are exchanged for cash."

"C-level alloy sword, 800 points, and the remaining points are converted into cash, totaling 20,000 federal coins."

The electronic synthesis sound rang, the box opened again, and a sword and a stack of small red banknotes appeared before Zhang Lie's eyes.

Through the transmission device, I returned to the slums of Ningcheng. In this era, every house has a transmission device, like a home TV.

The price of the teleporter is not expensive, it costs a few hundred yuan.

From the transmission device, a beautiful girl sitting in a wheelchair reading a book quietly, quiet, elegant, and pure, like a holy flower in heaven, spotlessly clean.

The girl heard the sound of the transmission device and raised her head with a beautiful smile and said, "Brother, welcome back."

The indifferent Zhang Lie naturally showed a gentle smile: "Do you have a good family?"

"Of course there is."

Caressed her sister Bai Ting's face affectionately, and the latter took the initiative to rub her, squinting her eyes for enjoyment like a kitten.

Zhang Lies younger sister is Zhang Hanshuang. After her parents disappeared, she and Zhang Lie depended on each other for life, except that her legs were born unable to walk, she was fine with everything.

"Brother, let me heat up the rice for you."

Zhang Lie asked: "No, it's not convenient for you. I have eaten in the void world. How many days have I been there?"

The Void Realm is a high-gene space. The internal time is different from the earth time, and the ratio is approximately 10:1.

"Brother has been there for ten days."

"Where is Aunt Zhao?"

"Leave early, it's late now."

Zhang Lie nodded, and then took a part of the money and said, "Here is 8,000 yuan. You can give me aunt Zhao for the living expenses this month."

His younger sister Zhang Han had trouble moving, and Zhang Lie had to enter the space again, and it was difficult to hesitate.

Therefore, I specially asked Aunt Zhao from my neighbor to take care of me. In fact, it means to give me a bite of rice every day.

"It's your birthday in half a year, what gift do you want?"

"Hanshuang doesn't need any gifts, as long as I can be with my brother." Hanshuang hugged Zhang Lie's arm happily.

Although Zhang Lie had a smile on his face, his eyes were full of worry.

Zhang Hanshuang's next birthday will be 18 years old. According to the federal law, once he reaches eighteen years of age, he must enter the void world.

The world of the void is full of struggle and death. It is not the sister's pure thinking, the spotless little girl can adapt, not to mention the sister has no feet.

In the previous life, I didn't protect my sister and watched her tragically lost her life. In this life, the tragedy must not be repeated.

Of course, there are ways to avoid the law, and the privileged citizens have privileges to prevent an immediate family member from hunting in the void.

It is not too late for my sister to enter until I have full wings in the void and have enough strength as a backing.

Since the beginning of the last century, the Federation began to classify citizens based on the number of genes. Ordinary genes are full of ordinary citizens, enjoying ordinary benefits, mutant genes are full of first-class citizens, and super genes are full of special-class citizens.

Looking at the book next to the wheelchair, my sister likes to read. She wants to be a scholar or writer in the future. His parents are just ordinary citizens. If a disabled child wants to enter a special college, he must become a first-class citizen.

After rebirth, the time has dragged on for too long. After entering the void world tomorrow, if the legendary super creature can no longer be found, then the original plan can only be abandoned.

Although this is the first step in the rebirth plan, how about giving up for the sake of my sister?


There was a knock on the door, and Zhang Lie went over to open the door, and Wang Xiaohua turned out to be outside the door.

Zhang Lie frowned and asked: "Why are you here?"

Wang Xiaohua said with disgust on her face: "You think I am willing to come to such a shabby place."

The younger sister pushed her wheelchair and came behind Zhang Lie and said hello politely, "Sister Xiaohua, long time no see."

Wang Xiaohua's eyes fell on Zhang Hanshuang's disabled leg, her face was full of contempt and disdain, and the corners of her mouth raised a bit of mockery.

Such a posture made Zhang Lie's heart angry, and his eyes sharpened.

It doesn't matter how he is despised by others, but to despise his sister is unbearable.

If it weren't for a paragraph before, Zhang Lie might have done it.

Wang Xiaohua snorted and didn't even bother to go back to the last sentence. She went past Zhang Lie and went into the room to scan around, and said with contempt: "After so long, the house is still so dilapidated. Where is the place where people live? It's no different from the pig cage, it really suits you, Zhang Lie."

Zhang Lie's face was flat and said: "It's boring, if you come to laugh at the living conditions of our two brothers and sisters, you are not welcome here, please leave immediately."

Wang Xiaohua sneered and said: "No serious matter, who wants to come to the garbage dump, today I came to take back this house."

Sisters Zhang Lie and Zhang Hanshuang were shocked at the same time.

Wang Xiaohua took out a contract: "Today I accidentally found a lease contract at my house, and found that the contract was about to expire. After a glance, I found out, oh, this is our house."

Zhang Lie accepted the contract and scanned the text above, his face gradually becoming ugly.

Wang Xiaohua played with taste: "According to the lease contract, the house was transferred to your family for eighteen years. Now that eighteen years have passed, it is time to return the house."

Lao Mo is here for the first time, the new book is open, and the seedlings need to be maintained. I hope everyone will support you!

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