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Lao Long took Long Er and Nuan to the Luoxian Mountain Range and came to the gate of the courtyard.

"Go knock on the door yourself, I will continue to go back to the old lair." After the old dragon said, his body directly turned into golden light and dissipated.

"I can see my brother again, happy." The girl bounced forward and knocked on the door.

"Boom boom boom."

"Brother, I'm back with Ryuuji."

"I'm coming."

Li Nianfans voice came from the courtyard, and then accompanied by a "squeak" and opened the door.

When she saw Nuan and Longer, she smiled, "Hahaha, you two little girls still know to come to see me? How are you playing outside?"

He can imagine that these two little girls have good cultivation skills, and their background connections are not small, so they must be very comfortable mixing. It is estimated that they are at the level of the little devil in the world.

"Smearing demons and eliminating demons, traveling all over the world, it's fun."

Ryuuji dragged a bunch of big monsters behind him, offering a treasure: "Look, brother, we have brought all the delicious big monsters from all over the world."

"so much."

Li Nianfan looked at the many big monsters lined up in front of him in surprise. Many of them hadnt seen them before, but they were definitely delicious at first sight. He swallowed his saliva involuntarily.

I have to say that human beings have the urge to eat special strange creatures, especially large creatures. Seeing so much food, Li Nianfan is indeed quite greedy...

Although the years are quiet and good in the courtyard, the food is really monotonous. Ryuer and Nunnan are caring, and they directly wholesale so much for themselves.

What a good boy.

Li Nianfan smiled like an old father.

"Come on, slow down, don't damage the meat."

Li Nianfan immediately spoke, and began to call friends and friends, "Da Hei, Xiao Bai, Xiao Daji, Huofeng, Man Yun and Situ Qin, all come over to help and transport them to the refrigerator."

Fortunately, the courtyard has been widened a lot, otherwise it would be impossible to let go of these big monsters.

Li Nianfan saw the Chaos Black Feather, and said in surprise: "Awesome, there are not only seafood, but also a big black-bone chicken. Look at the feathers, this black-bone chicken is absolutely purebred."

took out the nourishing grass and said with a smile: "Brother, look at me again."

"This grass is...mint?"

Li Nianfan was immediately attracted to the attention, took the Nourishing Herb from the hand of Nuan, and put it in front of his nose and sniffed it lightly.

A scent that is exclusive to mint suddenly rushed into the nasal cavity, shocked the brain and got refreshed.

"It's really mint! You can do it, and I have added more to my backyard." Li Nianfan was happy, and the empty backyard was really getting more and more fulfilling.

Long Er and Nun Nun focused on Da Hei who was on the side, and suddenly wrinkled their small faces and said distressedly: "Da Hei, you are actually bald, so pitiful."

Da Hei said indifferently: "If you are bald, you will be bald. Take a look. My leather pants are not handsome."

Everyone worked together for a while, and finally arranged everything.

Li Nianfan said: "There are so many rare ingredients. Let me tell you what you are going to eat. I will prepare a big meal for you today."


Everyone's mouth suddenly became greedy, and the food cooked by the expert is really exciting.

"Sashimi, I want to eat sashimi."

"Brother, I want to eat black-bone chicken stewed with mushrooms. It's been a long time since I tasted what my brother cooked."

"I want to eat skewers, skewers..."

"I want to eat abalone in sauce."

Everyone was in high spirits, lively discussion, spotting the ingredients and ordering food, before eating, the saliva was about to flow out.

"Everything, everything."

Li Nianfan was in a good mood, and said to God of Cookery: "God of Cookery, your cooking skills have also improved a lot, but you haven't cooked a big meal yet. This time, I will come directly to a high-intensity dish and make a few hard dishes!"

The God of Cookery rolled up his sleeves and prepared to go on a big fight, and solemnly said: "My Lord Shengjun, don't worry, the little God must do his best!"

Present, there are three chefs, Li Nianfan, Xiao Bai, and God of Cookery. There must be enough staff, even if you are a full-fledged man, it is more than enough.

"Boiling water, plucking hair, setting the table, preparing for a big meal."

Ryuer and others enthusiastically helped to lay hands. The courtyard was full of excitement, and even the chickens laying eggs in the corner screamed and lay a few more eggs.

"This Aolong is big, so help remove the cramps from the shell. I will cut it and make it into a lobster sashimi!"

"Xiao Bai, pluck the feathers of that black-bone chicken a little bit. Remember to chop off the **** of the chicken."

", add firewood and set fire."

"Such a big fish, choose steamed, Beierxiang."

Huofeng smiled and touched Long'er's head, and praised: "If you are interested, you still know that you brought so much food back, not bad."

Long'er smiled and narrowed his eyes, "Hehehe."


Soon, there was a burst of smoke in the courtyard, and the fragrance emerged, and the smoke rose up.

"Hurry up and make it on the table and start serving."

"Assorted sashimi."

"Chicken steak on skewers."

"Steamed turbot."

"Broiled turtle in brown sauce."

The same dishes are on the table, as if they emit a colorful halo, which instantly illuminates the space, and a breath of Taoism is manifested, which is far beyond the description of the fairyland.

"Wow, this sashimi is so thin, it's almost transparent, tender, too tender, so delicious~"

"It's so fragrant, you quickly try this braised turtle, it is delicious and juicy, and the taste is great."

"Yeah! Don't grab my skewers, save me some!"

The foothills of the Luoxian Mountains.

In contrast to the excitement of the Siheyuan, here is just a figure sitting cross-legged, subject to gusts of cold wind.

Jiang Liu looked at the Luoxian Mountain, with firmness and piety in his eyes.

He has been thinking about it for a long time, and he is more and more in awe of the expert in the mouth of the old man.

can make those strong people willingly call the superior, and sincerely admire the people on this mountain, I am afraid that it is unimaginable!

He knows that his grandfather only respects the legendary Nine Supremes, and the masters on this mountain are very likely to be comparable to the Nine Supremes!

"Grandpa said that on the road of cultivating the Tao, you must be sincere and determined! I can't come to disturb the masters, then I will live at the foot of the mountain, and I will have a chance!"

After the words, his eyes showed firmness, and he slowly walked under a tree with a long sword, raising his hand and slashing out!

He is going to cut some wood to make a wooden house, living at the foot of Gaorens mountain.


Jiang Liu felt a strong counter-shock force, which made his hand numb for a while.

Forget it, the key is that the tree in front of me didn't even break the bark, and only a shallow print appeared on the trunk.

how can that be?

Jiang Liu fell into self-doubt.

Although he was injured, but he still has some cultivation base, how could he be unable to cut an ordinary tree?

He frowned, gritted his teeth and swung out again!

"Boom boom boom!"

At the foot of the Luoxian Mountain Range, there was a pretty boy who kept cutting down trees with a sword...

In the courtyard.

The sky has gradually dimmed.

Everyone ate and drank, with contented smiles on their faces, lying half-lying, digesting the food in their abdomen.

Longer and Nunnan have already lie down, stroked their chubby belly with their hands, and said: "So full, too full, I haven't felt so satisfied for a long time."

Since they left the courtyard, apart from eating some spiritual fruit, they couldnt eat anything else. Whenever they thought of the food that Li Nianfan made, they would tickled with the cat in their hearts. This time it was a satisfying meal!

"At this time, you need to drink a glass of wine to help digestion."

Li Nianfan smiled slightly, "I will let you taste the latest wine I developed, as well as the effects of calming the mind, helping sleep, and beautifying the skin."

Ryuer's eyes brightened immediately, expecting: "Brother, can I drink this kind of wine?"

Li Nianfan smiled and said, "Children can drink a little, but they shouldnt be greedy."

"Xiao Bai, go get my dusty grape wine, and put the luminous cup for us."

"Yes, my dear master."

Xiaobai immediately took the order.

Not long after, a small wine jar was moved by Xiaobai, and then he took out a luminous cup like a transparent beautiful jade and placed it in front of everyone.

At this time, the sky was already a little dim, and the luminous cup, as its name suggests, was surrounded by a layer of holy light. Everyone could see that the cup was emitting a glowing light, and it was so beautiful.


Purple wine glowing with bright luster, poured out from the wine jar, falling in the luminous cup, suddenly complemented each other, people can't help but want to indulge in it.

At the same time, a scent of wine wafted out, refreshing, with a hint of sourness in the sweetness, and let the people's teeth leave the fragrance before drinking.

The luminous cup is not big, but looking at the wine in the cup, it is like seeing the entire starry sky.

Under the moonlight, Li Nianfan smiled and toasted, and couldn't help saying: "The luminous glass of grape wine is really beautiful and comfortable. Come on, everyone, cheers!"


Ryuuji could not wait to raise his glass and drank it in one fell swoop.

The small face turned red in an instant, and a drop of wine flowed all over her body, causing the mana in her body to be restless, and she began to tell and revolve without knowing it. From the late Da Luo Jinxian, she surpassed the huge bottleneck in one fell swoop, and reached Quasi-Saint!

Nun Nun is practicing the magic power of swallowing the sky, can swallow all things in the world to practice, she is born with a strong ability to digest aura. Since this time, her cultivation has caught up with Long'er, at this time the wine flows into the limbs and corpses. He was quickly swallowed by it, and his cultivation also entered the quasi-sage!

The God of Cookery is carefully savoring the taste of fine wine, and comprehending the way of food in wine. During this time, he has accumulated too much in the courtyard, and his realm is like a rocket, which changes every day.

At this time, his whole body mana is rolling, from the early stage of the quasi-sage to the middle stage of the quasi-sage!

Qin Manyun and Situ Qins accumulation in their bodies was like gunpowder. They were ignited by this glass of wine, exploded directly, and reached the pinnacle of Quasi-Saint in one fell swoop.

Daji and Huofeng also rose with a blush on their small faces, and the magic power of the whole body and the sentiment of the road in the heart were washed again, a heat wave emerged, and the bottleneck in the body had become ready to move.

The quasi-sage capital is divided into three types: the early-mid and late-stage. Hunyuan Daluojinxian naturally also has it, and even more detailed!

Because the higher the realm, the slightest gap is often the sky!

Daji and Huofeng are already in the late Hunyuan Daluo Jinxian's late stage, but the realm of heaven is too difficult and difficult. At this time, they can finally touch the bottleneck, and hope is right in front of them!

Obviously it was only wine, but after a glass of it, everyone was a little drunk.

They shook the luminous cup in their hands, then looked at the wine jar, and were amazed. This luminous cup was originally the treasure of chaos. Combined with wine, it was an unimaginable combination. After drinking it, it can perfectly guide the inside of the body. , To maximize the potential.

"The master is so great, every wine made has an effect against the sky."

"The expert took out this wine for us to drink, just to help us stimulate our potential and help us break through the bottleneck, which is great for us."

"Helping digestion, it turned out to be this..."

"This wine is delicious, with a touch, top!"

licked her lips, with endless aftertaste, looking forward to: "Brother, can I still have a drink?"

"Everyone said that you can't be greedy."

Li Nianfan paused, and then smiled: "But Im happy today. Its okay to drink more."

"Yeah, brother is the best!"

Long Er and Nun Nuan cheered suddenly, one by one, firmly hugged Li Nianfan's thigh and rubbed their heads.

The moon is high and the stars are shining.

Luminous glass with wine, this situation really made people intoxicated, and could not help but drank a few more glasses.

In the end, Long'er and Nun's little faces were already flushed, and they couldn't open their eyes. They were mumbling and talking nonsense.

Situ Qin and Qin Manyun are unsteady, holding their heads on their hands, their faces are weak, they are exactly the appearance of beauty under the moon after drinking, causing crime.

The God of Cookery reluctantly got up, and said to Li Nianfan, "Master Shengjun, it's getting late, so the little **** will leave."

Li Nianfan couldnt help but reminded: "Well, pay attention to safety, be careful when driving under the influence of alcohol."

"Don't worry, Lord Shengjun."

The God of Cookery patted his chest and walked out of the courtyard. The hat on his head was crooked, and he walked crookedly down the mountain.

Li Nianfan looked at the mess in the courtyard and couldn't help but shook his head and smiled: "These two little drunks, who can't drink enough, and love to drink, are all drunk and confused, but you can definitely sleep soundly tonight. Good thing."

Carrying Long Er and Nun Nun back to the room, and helping Situ Qin and Qin Manyun back to the room, Li Nianfan took Da Ji and Huo Feng back to the room to sleep.

At the foot of the mountain.

Jiang Liu still rolled up his sleeves, and cut down the tree with his sword.

After a days hard work, the place finally broke a little and cut out a hole...

At this moment, he heard a humming, and when he looked up, he saw a drunk fat man humming a little song, swaying down the mountain.

He was surprised, the one who came down from the mountain?

The God of Cookery also saw him, his slightly dizzy eyes looked at the river, and he couldn't help but smile, "Boy, you look like Wu Gang when you chop wood. Would you like me to introduce you to a job on the moon?"

Jiangliu directly knelt on his knees and said sincerely: "Junior Jiangliu, I have heard that there are opportunities on this mountain, and I am waiting for the superior here. I sincerely want to worship the superior as a teacher, and I sincerely ask the senior to recommend it."

"Come here to apprentice?"

The God of Cookery shook his head and was amused, "What an unrealistic fantasy! Not to mention being taken by an expert, it is unimaginable to be able to learn a little bit by his side, and there is only one way."

Jiang Lius eyes lit up suddenly, "What can I do?"

"Good luck!"

The God of Cookery had a firm tone, and then said: "I am just a little cook with Gao Ren, but do you know what kind of wine I just drank from Gao Ren?"

Jiang Liu shook his head.

"The Chaos Supreme Treasure is a cup, containing the peerless fairy brew made by the chaotic spirit fruit! Only one cup is enough to stir up the chaos!"

The God of Cookery was dimly drunk, shaking his head and poking his head, opened his mouth wide, "Come on, I am willing to let you smell it, ah."

Jiang Liu's face was strange, and he instinctively stepped back.

He feels that the God of Cookery is talking drunk again, his mind is not clear, and he is whimsical.


The God of Cookery smiled indifferently, and clouds flew towards the heaven under his feet.

Halfway through the flight, he turned around and said casually: "For the sake of you being like Wu Gang, I'll give you a piece of advice. If you really meet an expert, don't kneel down like you did just now, an expert. I don't like this very much, remember, remember!"

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Chapter 617: The world alliance is destroyed, the eternal situation Chapter 618: Zhang Jianya, the trouble of the river Chapter 619: Holding a sword down the mountain, a mysterious legend in the realm of God Chapter 620: The eighth sword servant, sharpening the sword Chapter 621: The blood of the sword servant stains the sky Chapter 622: The clan of colorful butterflies, the legend of spiritual sacrifice Chapter 623: I have an expert behind me, I'm not afraid Chapter 624: Swallow a bowl of chicken soup into my stomach, my life is my fate Chapter 625: The ninth world, take off melon seeds with life Chapter 626: Going downhill Chapter 627: The ninth generation, the plan of the sword master