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Volume Three Haiyan Heqing

The continuous peaks and veins are undulating, a faint haze surrounds it, and the splendid spiritual flowers spread all over the ground, embellished with lush green.

The spirit butterfly danced lightly, and the edge of the flapping wings exudes a light aura, like a dream.

The small road was staggered in the Linghuatian, along the main road, an exquisite attic appeared, standing quietly in the field of vision.

Suddenly, an explosion broke the silence, and the closed door of the small house on the right side of the attic was opened, and thick smoke came out.

A small white dumpling ran out of thick smoke.

"Cough cough cough--"

Her little face was covered with a thick layer of dust, and she couldn't see her appearance.

People nearby came over after hearing the news, "Little? Junior sister, is it frying again?"

When the man saw the little junior girl who had become a little grey cat, she suddenly leaned forward and backward with a smile.

The crunchy little? The milk sounded--

"Failure is the mother of success. One fryer doesn't mean another fryer. It's Brother San, is it time to lift the confinement?"

come! Hurt each other!

Hei Tuanzi's big eyes are groggy, and the white part of his eyes is more conspicuous against the black face.

"Yaoyao Xiao? Junior sister, you are really getting less and less cute." Zi asked? Holding a heart shape, the tone swelled and faltered.

This gray-headed, earth-faced little dumpling is Lu Yaoyao.

She studied the alchemy for two and a half years, and finally got the master nodded, can she refine the alchemy herself.

I dont know if its usually the third brother who asked her? Most of them took her to the alchemy fryer. In the past six months, Lu Yaoyao has also fryered from time to time.

However, she only fryed one, two, three, four... sixteen times. The third brother opened this? Ten furnaces and nine furnaces, so where is the confidence to laugh at her?

Lu Yaoyao couldn't help but roll his eyes as he watched the three senior brothers in front of him perform well.

Zi asked? Can't help but stretch out his hand to squeeze Lu Yaoyao's face, touched a handful of ashes, so he drew a few strokes on her face, revealing her fair and tender skin.

Lu Yaoyao stared, "Senior Brother, if you bully me again, I'll tell Master and Senior Brother and Second Senior Brother that you broke me?"

The child asked?: "..." He retracted his hand angrily, "How can I bully you if I love you so much?"

He didnt want to be confined as soon as he came out. Speaking of this, Zi asked? He was very dissatisfied. He fried a stove, and if he didnt agree with him, he was detained by the master. Yaoyao fry the stove. Master only cares about the younger sister. Have you received it? Huh!

Lu Yaoyao glanced at his hand. Is the evidence still there?

Zi asked? I want to touch it subconsciously

Nose, fortunately, it reacted in time that his hands were gray, otherwise it would become the same face of a small flower cat like Junior Sister.

Lu Yaoyao touched his face, then gave himself a few dust-removing tactics, and instantly turned into a clean ball.

The thick smoke at the door dissipated, and there was no movement in the house quietly, so Zi asked? With a wave of his hand, "Go, brother, help you see what the reason is for the fryer this time."

Zi asked? Leading Lu Yaoyao into the room, he said proudly, "I am the most experienced in this matter."

Lu Yaoyao recognized this very much, and no one did not have as many frying ovens as the third brothers.

The room was in a mess, and there were traces of the sky fire raging on the walls and floors.

The quaint pill furnace was rolling on the ground, and black mist appeared from the half-opened opening.

Zi asked? He leaned over and twisted a handful of waste pill ash, sniffed his nose, "Are you refining Bi Ning Pill?"

Lu Yaoyao nodded? "Yes."

Zi asked? Clapping hands, sighing in my heart, no wonder Master and Senior Brothers all said Yaoyao's alchemy talent was the best among them.

Bi Ning Pill is not a basic pill, Yaoyao will only be able to refine it in half a year. At the same time, he can only refine the most basic pill.

"Let's talk about it, what did you do in the process of alchemy?"

Lu Yaoyao raised his head? Looking at the roof, "I didn't really sit on anything, I? I'm just curious, why can't I train the same spiritual materials in a different order."

Lu Yaoyao defended, "I'm not good at practicing, I just want to try different methods."

Compared with others, Lu Yaoyao's time to enter the alchemy is very short, but she couldn't stand her talents. She succeeded in the first furnace and made three pills, two for father and father. The last one was given to Master, and she herself did not leave it as a souvenir.

However, no matter how talented she is, she can't stand her fryer.

You know that she is a person who is determined to make magic pills, so she will naturally try various postures, so? Can you understand...?

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