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After killing the two spiritual sect's seventh-level powers, there is no treasure chest that bursts out, and Ye Qing is speechless.

After finally pitting the West Wind Demon Lord, he hasn't killed him yet.

It seemed that Xifeng Demon Lord was worthy of being the overlord of the ancient times. As a top-notch group of Heavenly Demon, it was not easy to kill him.

However, the West Wind Demon Lord was slashed by Ye Qing's Demon God's battle axe, which might take some time to cultivate.

The four ancestors of the Demon Race stepped forward, processed the corpses of the two heavenly demons, and wiped out the treasures from them.

However, the two big tycoons of the demon tribe, almost like beggars, were so poor that they didn't have any valuable treasures on them.

Anyway, with Ye Qing's vision, he was totally indifferent.

I thought that the big bosses of the Heavenly Demon clan in the ancient times, who lived for hundreds of thousands of years, must have some valuable treasures on them.

But it is a pity that there is no hair at all, it's all garbage.

"let's go!"

Ye Qing waved his hand and motioned to the four demon ancestors to continue on their way.

This trip is to save the Demon Empress, and it shouldn't be delayed for too long.

As time passed, Ye Qing and his group walked into a desert.

There is no grass here, there is wind and sand everywhere, a scene of broken walls, desolate, decayed, and there is no breath of life.

The crowd walked for a long time, but still could not get out of the desert.

Saying to go, in fact, everyone present is the power of cultivation to reach the sky, of course it is going to go from the sky.

It's just that, even if people walked through the air at extremely fast speeds, they still failed to fly out of this desert.

It seems that this desert really has no end.

Two days passed.

Ye Qing was still in the desert and couldn't help but feel suspicious.

"What the **** is going on? It shouldn't be!"

Ye Qing's face was solemn, and he noticed something was wrong, and the four demon clan ancestors also stopped.


After walking in the desert for a long time, at their speed, in theory, they should be able to get out of the desert long ago!

But in fact, they have been spinning around in the desert, seeming to be caught in a certain formation!

Ye Qing's eyes were bright, and he kept flying in the air for a long time, but he couldn't get out of the desert. Naturally, he felt strange in his heart.


An extremely powerful spirit power was released, and Ye Qing noticed that there was a powerful formation restraining force around them!

"It's not good, we broke into the formation!"

Ye Qing reminded that the ancestors of the demon clan present had also noticed the existence of the formation restriction.

At the beginning, they didn't notice it at all, presumably that formation had the effect of hiding aura, and if they didn't sense it carefully, they wouldn't notice it at all.

It wasn't until people were trapped in the formation for a long time that they sensed the existence of the formation restriction.

"Yes, this must be an ancient big formation, if it weren't for this, we would definitely not be affected by the formation without knowing it!"

The face of the ancient green snake demon was extremely solemn, and what he didn't expect at all was that the life essence in his body had begun to flow away!

This must have been affected by the formation, otherwise, with the cultivation base of the ancient green snake demon, the life essence in the body can always be maintained in an extremely vigorous state.

"Withered Vine Demon, you are more familiar with the ancient formations. Let's take a look. What is the restriction that traps us?"

The ancient green snake demon solemnly said that the big bosses of the demon clan stopped and stopped to check the situation of the formation restriction.

Among the four ancestors of the demon clan, the one who is most adept at the way of formation is the withered vine demon.

Seeing, the withered vine demon released a powerful divine soul power, and began to search for the aura of the formation.

After a while, the Withered Vine Demon's expression became extremely solemn, and it was even more ugly than Black Iron.

Just listen to the withered vine demon slowly said: "Everyone, if I expected it well, the formation that trapped us is the great formation against the sky in the ancient times, and the life is withered! In the formation, our lives are all Will slowly wither, and eventually become a corpse!"

The words of the lonely vine demon are shocking. In ancient times, there was indeed a large array of life withering. Everyone knows that it is an absolutely terrifying array. Can only endure painful suffering, slowly exhausted his life force and died.

"It turned out to be the life withering array? So, we are afraid that we can't get out..." The strong gold-patterned ant demon slowly said, with a look of despair in his expression.

He is very aware of the horror of the life withering array. Now that he is trapped in the life withering array, the chance of being able to go out is very small.

Even if someone could go out, it would definitely have to pay a huge price, not so easy.

According to the estimation of the strong golden-stripe ant demon, among the elders of the demon clan present, there will be no more than ten people who can escape from the death-death formation in the end!

"What to do, don't we just sit back and wait to die?" Ancient Phoenix Demon said solemnly.

"Of course not, we still have a chance to live, as long as we can unite the strength of everyone present, we have the possibility of escape!" The ancient green snake demon said slowly, calming people's hearts.

Trapped in the formation, the expression on Ye Qing's face was always calm, and there was no mood swing.

In fact, Ye Qing didn't take it seriously at all about that life withered.

If it were other ancient great formations, Ye Qing might still be a little bit jealous.

But the life withering array is not worth mentioning at all. You must know that among Ye Qing's eternal pagodas, the most indispensable thing is the vitality of life.

As long as Ye Qing is willing to release a little bit of the life essence in the Eternal Pagoda, the big monsters present will not exhaust the vitality in the body and die, and there will be a greater chance of escape from the sky!

"Lord Demon Emperor, according to your opinion, what should we do now?" the ancient green snake demon asked.

As the demon emperor of the demon clan, Ye Qing is the backbone of the main body. Now that something has changed, everyone's eyes are focused on him.

"Don't worry, wait, we have an old friend coming."

Ye Qing smiled slightly, with a sinister smile on his face. Under the influence of the power of his soul, he found the breath of the West Wind Demon Lord, and several other powerful members of the Celestial Demon clan.

Not long ago, Ye Qing injured the West Wind Demon Lord and beat his body to an explosion.

With the help of the elders of the Celestial Demon clan, the West Wind Demon successfully escaped, but his injuries were not light.

As the overlord of the Heavenly Demon Clan, the West Wind Demon Lord suffered a big loss under Ye Qing's hands. After recovering from his injury, he immediately came to Ye Qing for revenge.

In addition to revenge, the West Wind Demon Lord was still thinking about Ye Qing's Demon God's Axe.

At this moment, the West Wind Demon Lord was not far from Ye Qing, and he had already sensed Ye Qing's breath.

By the side of the West Wind Demon Lord, there were fifteen heavenly demons, each of which was a great power above the seventh stage of the Spirit Sect, which was very difficult to deal with.

Compared with the last time, Xifeng Demon Lord brought more powerful men, and he must have summoned all his powerful subordinates.

It stands to reason that there should be more powerhouses in the Celestial Demon clan, but the West Wind Demon Lord does not want to disclose the news of the appearance of the Demon God's Battle Axe. If it alarms the power of other Celestial Demon clan, it is not good.

The powerhouses of the Celestial Demon Race brought by the West Wind Demon Lord are considered to be the generation with very deep foundations, and they are his confidantes and can be trusted.

The West Wind Demon Lord searched for Ye Qing's breath everywhere, and he sensed the presence of Ye Qing, and he was overjoyed.

"That kid is not far away, brothers, let's go together. This time, we must get the Demon God's Tomahawk! From now on, the world of the Heavenly Demon Clan will be ours!" The West Wind Demon Lord laughed fiercely and immediately came out of the sky.

The West Wind Demon was obviously not aware of the existence of the life withering array!

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And Qiao Biluo Chapter 1042: Great Joy Chapter 1043: Yin Han Ming Ling Jin Chapter 1044: Disillusionment Glaucoma Chapter 1045: Zuo Qingchan's Invitation Chapter 1046: Overwhelmingly Toxic Chapter 1047: Zuo Qingchan's Sincerity Chapter 1048: Linghuli Reappears Chapter 1049: Redefine Chapter 1050: Invincible Excalibur Collapse Chapter 1051: Super Ghoul Chapter 1052: King Of The System Chapter 1053: Wei Wei And Zhao Zhao Chapter 1054: Underworld Demon King And Deng Tuo Chapter 1055: Mame Tei Chapter 1056: Six Infinite Rough Stones Chapter 1057: Jackdaw King Chapter 1058: King's Return Chapter 1059: Dark Flower Chapter 1060: Outer Avatar Return Chapter 1061: Please Help From Old Friends Chapter 1062: Mad Corpse King Chapter 1063: War Zombies Chapter 1064: True Dragon Awakening Stone Chapter 1065: Jackdaw Refining Technique Chapter 1066: Budo True Meaning Pink Skull Chapter 1067: Killing The Sky Sword Chapter 1068: Update Chapter 1069: Swift Scout Chapter 1070: Darkmoon Saint Chapter 1071: 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1193: Happy And Happy Chapter 1194: Save The Hundred Flowers Chapter 1195: Murong Yan Chapter 1196: Let Me Go Chapter 1197: Appreciate The Peerless Appearance Chapter 1198: Just Take A Look Chapter 1199: Ao Yi Chapter 1200: Stewed Dragon Meat Chapter 1201: Unspoken Rules Chapter 1202: Murong Smoke Breakthrough Chapter 1203: Super Croton Chapter 1204: Golden Winged Roc Bird Arrival Chapter 1205: Bullying The Great Sage Of Flowers Chapter 1206: White Devil Fruit Chapter 1207: Cultural Fruit Chapter 1208: Assess Cultural Literacy Chapter 1209: Brain Teaser Chapter 1210: Tang Bohu Chapter 1211: Words Puzzle Chapter 1212: Guess The Eight Characters Chapter 1213: Couplet Chapter 1214: Poems Chapter 1215: Poetry Ye Qing Chapter 1216: Darkmoon Mark Darkmoon Power Chapter 1217: Control The Power Of The Dark Moon Chapter 1218: Biggest Winner Chapter 1219: Gathering Of The Holy Emperors Chapter 1220: Escape By Boat Chapter 1221: Eat Cantaloupe Chapter 1222: The Problem Is The Cantaloupe Chapter 1223: Two Huangfulan Meet Chapter 1224: Memory Pieces Chapter 1225: Go To The Southern Wilderness Chapter 1226: Meet Liu Ruolan Again Chapter 1227: Palace Of Heavenly Secrets In Southern Wilderness Chapter 1228: Yin Jiu Sheng Wang Chapter 1229: Three Kings Chapter 1230: Big Stealth Chapter 1231: Zhetian Shenghuang Chapter 1232: Sacrificial Artifacts Chapter 1233: Lost Wishful Golden Hoop Chapter 1234: Retreat Chapter 1235: The True Meaning Of Kendo Chapter 1236: Refining The Dragon Slayer Chapter 1237: Second Turn Hallows Chapter 1238: Shiquan Dabu Wan Chapter 1239: Will To Reverse Chapter 1240: Super Spicy Energy Bar Chapter 1241: Return To The Southern Wilderness Chapter 1242: The True Face Of Yin Jiu Sheng Wang Chapter 1243: Kill The Yin Nine Saint King Chapter 1244: Huangpulan Becomes The Saint King Chapter 1245: Scary Spicy Strips Chapter 1246: Help Liu Ruolan Chapter 1247: Farmhouse Experience Life Chapter 1248: Chen Xiaohong Chapter 1249: Eagle Eye King Chapter 1250: Star Gang Chapter 1251: Action Of The Star Gang Chapter 1252: Kill Hu Hansan Chapter 1253: Destroy The Star Gang Chapter 1254: Jitianjiao Chapter 1255: Red Sea King Chapter 1256: Black Tortoise Chapter 1257: Carrying The Coffin Team Chapter 1258: Resurrection Chapter 1259: Jitian Guru Chapter 1260: Shutten Seven Forms Chapter 1261: Nine Infant Pluto Art Chapter 1262: Kill The Hierarch Of Heaven Chapter 1263: Road To Heaven Chapter 1264: Heavenly Mission First Chapter 1265: Worship Huaxuan Capital Chapter 1266: The Ugly Face Of Celestial Messenger Chapter 1267: Taishang Xuanqing Palace Chapter 1268: A Kun Came To The Sacred Gate Of Motian Chapter 1269: End The Holy Emperor Chapter 1270: Akun Beaten Chapter 1271: The Position Of The Motian Sacred Gate Chapter 1272: Attitude Of The Lord Of The Devil Chapter 1273: End The Fall Of The Holy Emperor Chapter 1274: Refining Magic Stone Chapter 1275: Akun Grab The Spicy Strip Chapter 1276: Underworld Skeleton Chapter 1277: Say The Code Chapter 1278: Heavenly King Covers The Tiger Chapter 1279: Return To The Other Body Chapter 1280: Yanziwu Chapter 1281: Huaxuandu's Anger Chapter 1282: Terrifying Formation Chapter 1283: Normal Life Chapter 1284: Three Magic Array Chapter 1285: Destroy Two Big Formations Chapter 1286: Contest Against Huaxuandu Chapter 1287: Fight For The Leader Chapter 1288: Four Candidates Chapter 1289: Fire Feather Dark Wolf Chapter 1290: Boundary Barrier On The Road To Heaven Chapter 1291: Take You Over Chapter 1292: Responsible Leader Chapter 1293: Domineering And Mighty Leader Chapter 1294: Will Never Cheat You Chapter 1295: Great Grace Of The Lord Chapter 1296: Super Battery Car Chapter 1297: Heaven Gold Mosquito Chapter 1298: Cute Monster Chapter 1299: Horrible Celestial Golden Mosquito Chapter 1300: Nemesis Of The Celestial Golden Mosquito Chapter 1301: Please Ye Qing Help Detoxify Chapter 1302: Super Moxa Chapter 1303: Ai Ye Ba Ba Chapter 1304: Ai Ye Ba Ba Can Detoxify Chapter 1305: Ai Ye Ba Ba With Various Fillings Chapter 1306: Fake Version Of Ai Ye Ba Ba Chapter 1307: Ai Yeba Is Invalid Chapter 1308: Catch Mosquitoes Chapter 1309: Grilled Mosquito Chapter 1310: King Of Thieves Chapter 1311: The Battery Car Is Gone Chapter 1312: Stealing Guevara Chapter 1313: Tenmukai Chapter 1314: Throw The Holy Emperor Into The Coffin Chapter 1315: The Tragic Steal Of Guevara Chapter 1316: Stealing Guevara And Surrendering Chapter 1317: Carry The Coffin Personally Chapter 1318: Space Turbulence Chapter 1319: Sacred Demon Flower Chapter 1320: Dark Red Holy Devourer Flower Chapter 1321: Deep In The Underground Palace Chapter 1322: Picking Petals Chapter 1323: Kill The Patriarch Chapter 1324: Fertile Legacy Of The Underground Palace Chapter 1325: Colorful Fried Snake Silk Chapter 1326: I Can't Call Dad Chapter 1327: Gate Of Heaven Chapter 1328: Mu Qianxue Chapter 1329: Chain Bridge Chapter 1330: Heavenly Fire Chapter 1331: Underworld Creatures Chapter 1332: Ling Shuiqin Chapter 1333: Crypt Lord Chapter 1334: Cockroach Spray Chapter 1335: Void Fear Big Bug Chapter 1336: The Weakness Of The Big Bug Chapter 1337: Eat A Kun Chapter 1338: Big Bug Vomiting Chapter 1339: Lollipop Chapter 1340: Dutianhe Chapter 1341: Occupy The Pit Without Shit Chapter 1342: Colorful Bubble Gum Chapter 1343: Stick Bubbles On Chapter 1344: Misunderstood The Leader Chapter 1345: Bubble Gum Burst Chapter 1346: Harvest Holy Emperor Chapter 1347: Heavenly Power Finger Chapter 1348: Kill Huaxuandu Chapter 1349: Ling Shuiqin's Invitation Chapter 1350: The Scene Of The Emperor Xuanqing Palace Chapter 1351: Feng Wuhen Jade Surprised Chapter 1352: Break Through The Holy Emperor Realm Chapter 1353: Tiangang Kamikaze Chapter 1354: Tiaohulishan Chapter 1355: Kill Feng Wuhen Chapter 1356: Refining Clean Lotus Demon Fire Chapter 1357: Emperor Cang Of Heaven Chapter 1358: Power Of Heaven Chapter 1359: Nine Tribulations Chapter 1360: Be Punished By Lightning Chapter 1361: Seventy Two Heavy Purple Heavenly Thunder Chapter 1362: Fire Disaster Chapter 1363: Confronting The Tribulation Chapter 1364: Common People's Great Seal Chapter 1365: Ultimate Celestial Crystal Chapter 1366: Mysterious Chapter 1367: Nine Color Fire Lotus Chapter 1368: Mysterious Old Way Missed Chapter 1369: The Spirit Of The Flower World Chapter 1370: Road Encounter With Bandits Chapter 1371: Baihua Palace Chapter 1372: Bone Eater Chapter 1373: Blazing Fire Chapter 1374: Gangster Chapter 1375: Enter Baihua Palace Chapter 1376: Baihua Banquet Chapter 1377: Green Spirit Demon Stone Chapter 1378: Green Spirit Storm Chapter 1379: Ink Cream Ginseng Chapter 1380: Meat Lingzhi Chapter 1381: Kill Meat Ganoderma Chapter 1382: Elder May Chapter 1383: Four Gentlemen Chapter 1384: Fengyuan Poisonous Mushroom Chapter 1385: Fengtian Poison Cloud Palm Chapter 1386: Stir Fried Chrysanthemum With Loach Chapter 1387: High Price Loach And Chrysanthemum Chapter 1388: The Most Common Rice Chapter 1389: Businessman Of Conscience Chapter 1390: Let Customers Get A Discount Chapter 1391: Real And Fake Fried Rice Cakes Chapter 1392: The Power Of Fried Rice Cakes Chapter 1393: Moshuang Ginseng Eats Flat Chapter 1394: Skeleton King Breakthrough Chapter 1395: Back Mountain Secret Room Chapter 1396: Endless Wood Chapter 1397: Don't Even Want To Enter The Secret Room Chapter 1398: Celestial State Chapter 1399: Mysterious Golden Seed Chapter 1400: Hua Ruoying Chapter 1401: Brothers Breakthrough Chapter 1402: The Tyrannical Hua Ruoying Chapter 1403: Thunder Of Retribution Chapter 1404: Montenegro Chapter 1405: Feng Xing Demon Lotus Chapter 1406: Black Mountain Poisonous Fruit Blows Chapter 1407: Kill The Black Mountain Old Monster Chapter 1408: System Breakdown Chapter 1409: Unblock The Third Stage Of Ruyi Golden Cudgel Chapter 1410: Dao Kun Chapter 1411: Ethereal Dojo Chapter 1412: Two Dragon Eggs Chapter 1413: Research Egg Fried Rice Chapter 1414: Swiftwind Dragon Palace Chapter 1415: Toss A Coin Chapter 1416: Flower God Blood Chapter 1417: Rose Lord Chapter 1418: The Horror Of Flower Seed Chapter 1419: None Of Them Can Run Chapter 1420: Xuanyuan Ancient Sword Chapter 1421: Qingshan Sword Emperor Chapter 1422: Hundred Flower Palace Is In Critical Condition Chapter 1423: Flower Industry Leaders Gather Chapter 1424: air Chapter 1425: Ye Qing Returns To Hundred Flowers Palace Chapter 1426: Tenbu Mie Chapter 1427: Flower Phantom Chapter 1428: The Blood Of Hua Ruoying Chapter 1429: Go To Yuhua Temple Chapter 1430: The Level Of Core Disciples Chapter 1431: Nangong Hongchen Chapter 1432: Succession Ceremony Chapter 1433: Jun Yulong Chapter 1434: Huadie Qingwu Chapter 1435: Haotian Combat Body Qingyun Daoist Chapter 1436: Qingyun Three Punch Chapter 1437: Point Star Point Star Gun Chapter 1438: Lingxiao Sword Gate Chapter 1439: West Wind Chapter 1440: Chaos Knife Chapter 1441: Fight Against The Best Chapter 1442: Infiltrate The Swiftwind Dragon Palace Chapter 1443: Steal Dragon Egg Chapter 1444: The Dragon Egg Is Gone Chapter 1445: Little Nezha Chapter 1446: Ao Bing Chapter 1447: Ugly Chapter 1448: Little Compensator Chapter 1449: Hot Wheels Chapter 1450: Sacred Dragon Court Chapter 1451: Epic Treasure Chest Chapter 1452: Dragon Blood Fourth Awakening Chapter 1453: Supreme Roar Chapter 1454: Sacred Dragon Court Chapter 1455: Three Huangpulan Fusion Chapter 1456: Ancestral Dragon In The Dark Chapter 1457: Two Gods Will Come Chapter 1458: Dark Dragon Chapter 1459: Qianlongyuan Chapter 1460: Light And Darkness Chapter 1461: Necromancer Chapter 1462: Abyssal Quicksand Chapter 1463: Abyssal Bone Dragon Chapter 1464: Know The Sea Twelve Thousand Feet Chapter 1465: Lingyun Zulong Chapter 1466: Lingyun Wings Chapter 1467: Tyrant Ancestral Dragon Transformation Chapter 1468: Leaving Qianlongyuan Chapter 1469: The Plot Of The Holy Dragon King Chapter 1470: Huaxue San Chapter 1471: Dragon King's Claw Chapter 1472: Horror Of The Holy Dragon King Chapter 1473: Xuanyuan Tianmen Is Coming Chapter 1474: Keiko Eigetsu Chapter 1475: Drunk Dreams Chapter 1476: Tian Ji Horse Racing Chapter 1477: Sword Demon Thousand Hands Chapter 1478: The Top Three In Front Of Xuanyuantian Gate Chapter 1479: Challenge The Top Three Chapter 1480: Add Saints Chapter 1481: Nirvana Thunder Chapter 1482: Find Old Friends Chapter 1483: Ghost Sand Gang Chapter 1484: Return To Broken Blade Sect Chapter 1485: Li Gui Chapter 1486: Nine Prince Chuping Chapter 1487: The Strong Convened By Chu Ping Chapter 1488: Eye Kill Chapter 1489: Little Sapling Chapter 1490: Further To Qianlongyuan Chapter 1491: Star Luo Zulong Chapter 1492: Forging Chapter 1493: Small Sapling Blooming Chapter 1494: Primordial Fortune Ancestral Dragon Chapter 1495: The Terror Of Little Flower Chapter 1496: Know The Sea Twenty Thousand Feet Chapter 1497: Three Turn Hallows Chapter 1498: Supreme Dragon Hidden In The Dark Chapter 1499: Tombstone Of Celestial Dragon Chapter 1500: Dragon Emperor Ding Chapter 1501: Guardian Of Light Chapter 1502: Three Spirits Chapter 1503: Mingyue No.1 Chapter 1504: Heavenly God General Selection Chapter 1505: Golden Mile Chapter 1506: Dan Dan Dan Chapter 1507: Old Man With Red Beard Chapter 1508: Hun Yuan Yi Qi Refine Yuan Pill Chapter 1509: Nine Explosion Heavenly Pill Chapter 1510: Big Digestive Palm Chapter 1511: Free Medicinal Pills Chapter 1512: Gentle Akun Chapter 1513: Don't Worry About Me Chapter 1514: Ultimate Digestive Leg Chapter 1515: Rune Master Tian Xiuer Chapter 1516: The Attention Of The Dream Maker Chapter 1517: Show Your Face Rune Chapter 1518: Thanksgiving Rune Chapter 1519: Xiao Shou Shou Chapter 1520: Super Difficult Monster Chapter 1521: Bloody Decepticon Chapter 1522: Manic Flamingo Chapter 1523: I Am A Small Bird Chapter 1524: Tyrannical Flying Rabbit Chapter 1525: Deep Fried Dark Stuff Chapter 1526: Shi Zhenxiang Chapter 1527: Budo Repair For The Arena Chapter 1528: Kill The Jealous Child Chapter 1529: Biphos Chapter 1530: Fighting Residual Biphos Chapter 1531: Two Heavenly Disks Chapter 1532: Loneliness Chapter 1533: Arrived In Heaven Chapter 1534: Beyond Exploration Team Chapter 1535: Kui Wood Wolf Chapter 1536: Light Up The Stele Chapter 1537: Subaru Star Officer Chapter 1538: Golden Rooster Independent Chapter 1539: Howling Rabies Chapter 1540: Tengu Eating Day Chapter 1541: Three Story Real Fire Tower Chapter 1542: Fen Yuan Li Huo Chapter 1543: The Third Floor Of The True Fire Tower Chapter 1544: Nine Days Star Yan Chapter 1545: Wuzhishan Chapter 1546: Three Seafood Chapter 1547: Huang Mao Chapter 1548: Wuzhishan Monkey King Chapter 1549: Is There A Big Stick Chapter 1550: Two Big Sticks Duel Chapter 1551: Ruyi Golden Cudgel Three Turn Hallow Chapter 1552: Black Bear Leader Chapter 1553: Braised Bear Paw Chapter 1554: Flame Puppet Chapter 1555: The Growth Of Small Flowers Chapter 1556: Yandi Cave House Chapter 1557: Lava Golem Chapter 1558: Emperor Yan Chapter 1559: Origin Of Emperor Yan Chapter 1560: Origin Of Fire On The Other Shore Chapter 1561: Out Of Yandi 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