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The targetted spaceship also vanished like it never existed.

"Reload the Void Disintegrator Cannon and start firing at the big enemy spaceships, Athena"

"Yes, master"

Athena was the A. I of the Fallen Phoenix Spaceship. She was the one who controlled everything happening in the spaceship and reported just to Night Shadow.

But how did Night Shadow get a Void Disintegrator Cannon? He made it from the blueprint of the Void Disintegrator Gun. With his current intelligence, it was easy to custom it.

Night Shadow activated all the long-range guns and started firing at the enemy fleet. The enemy spaceship who met with Night Shadow guns only faced destruction. Seeing this destruction, one of the bigger enemy spaceships targetted Night Shadow and fired 5 missiles. The 5 missiles headed for Night Shadow at a fast speed but Night Shadow did not panic.

Night Shadow said, "Athena, activate the shield and change the control from automatic to manual"

"Yes, master"

Instantly, a translucent shield covered the Fallen Phoenix, and two long prisms diagonally appeared from the ground and stopped before Night Shadow. Night Shadow inserted his hands into the two holes in the two prisms and got control of the Fallen Phoenix. Night Shadow maneuvered the spaceship sideways, and 4 of the missiles passed but the last missile hit Night Shadow's spaceship.

The Fallen Phoenix was pushed back a bit but nothing happened.

Night Shadow nodded and told, "Activate stealth mode, Athena"

The Fallen Phoenix instantly changed color and became darker. From far, it would look invisible due to the matching colors of space and the Fallen Phoenix. Stealth was one of the features Night Shadow added.

At the same time, the spaceships that were going to attack Night Shadow suddenly stopped because Night Shadow disappeared from their radars and kept appearing and disappearing on the radar as if the radar had some glitch. The spaceships could only leave Night Shadow for now but could Night Shadow leave them? The answer was, no.

Night Shadow kept shooting at the enemy ships and moved from one place to another, so they would not figure out his position. Many weapons shot at him but because of the speed and size of the Fallen Phoenix, Night Shadow escaped. Night Shadow started to get bored from fighting and told Athena to take care of the Fallen Phoenix.

This kept going on and the enemy fleet was losing faster than the Cybertronian fleet. The winner of the battle was already decided long ago but...something turned the tides of the war.

A warp hole opened and an enemy spaceship entered the war. Any bot would have thought it was the reinforcement of the enemy fleet but they would have to think again.

The enemy spaceship that entered the war looked like the enemy command spaceship but was even bigger and longer than the Cybertronian command spaceship. It looked dangerous with the deadly-looking cannons that rested on the ship. Its sleek design made look amazing as well as terrifying.

Night Shadow looked at the spaceship with his eyes wide open. He has never seen or felt danger, but now, he felt it for the first time. The Fallen Phoenix kept destroying the enemy ships but Night Shadow didn't pay attention to them.

Suddenly, on the new enemy spaceship, many doors opened, and many small spaceships came out of it. Wherever the small spaceships went, destruction would follow. Night Shadow could rest for now because they were far from the Fallen Phoenix.

Night Shadow was about to tell Deus to start returning back to Cybertron but at that moment...

"Master, the Cosmic Compressor Cannon is ready"

Athena's voice rang out in the whole spaceship and Night Shadow stopped. Night Shadow wanted to test the true power of the cannon but couldn't find a suitable target. He looked at the new enemy spaceship and fell in thought.

After a moment or two, Night Shadow said with a grim tone, "Athena, lock that enemy spaceship and attack with full firepower we have"

"Yes, host"

All the weapons on the Fallen Phoenix targetted the new enemy spaceship and fired. A second later, the bullets touched the targetted ship and...






Many explosions rang from the targetted spaceship and crack appeared on the outer layer of the spaceship. But the cracks couldn't bear with the pressure and started breaking.






Metallic pieces scattered everywhere and the small spaceships, that came out of the new enemy ship, stopped and blasted too.

Night Shadow looked at the scene with awe and a terrified expression. He never expected the Fallen Phoenix's firepower to be so terrific. Night Shadow smiled but the next moment, the smile froze.

"Master, the power of the Fallen Phoenix has reduced to 5% and is recharging. Multiple hostile enemy ships are coming your way and are prepared to fire. I would like to give a piece of advice if the master wishes to"

Night Shadow calmly replied, "Tell your advice, Athena"

"Let it recharge to 10% and escape the battlefield with Warp Travel. If you don't, they will destroy you"

Night Shadow thought about the advice Athena and repeated it over and over in his head. Although the number of enemy ships can be defeated by the Cybertronian army, Night Shadow is only one person and the enemies can kill him easily.

Night Shadow called Deus and waited. A few seconds later, Deus's holographic video came in face-to-face with Night Shadow.

Night Shadow asked, "Will you be able to destroy the remaining ships, creator Deus?"

Deus replied, "Easily"

Night Shadow let out a sigh and said, "I am sorry, Creator Deus, but my time in Cybertron has come to an end. I have to escape or else I will be destroyed. I hope you can listen to my last wish. Please stall them for 5 minutes and then destroy them when I escape"

Deus froze but came out of it and said, "Alright...I hope we can meet again"

Night Shadow quickly said, "I would like to tell a piece of advice, creator"

"What is it?"

"Be careful of Megatron", Night Shadow said and cut the call.

He let out a sigh and asked, "Athena, what is power now?"

"6%, master"

The power of the Fallen Phoenix Spaceship does not run on Energion but on the sun, and the stars. The panels fitted in the spaceship absorb the essence of the sun and the stars and convert them into fuel for the spaceship. Although Night Shadow does not know what the essence of the sun and stars means, he finds it quite interesting.

Night Shadow again asks, "What destination have you chosen?"

"I have decided to go to the Draco Star System. The reason is, it will not go smoothly for the Carbon-Angel Race to find you there, master"

Night Shadow smiled.

The Draco Star System is nearly 20 million light-years away from Cybertron. The Carbon-Angel Race is one of its enemies. It is a peaceful yet powerful star system. A Star System is a type of solar system where there are at least 20 planets that revolve around a star. The Draco Star System had 24 planets revolving around a blue star that is 200 times bigger than the sun of the solar system of Earth.

Night Shadow also nodded in agreement when he thought about it. But he came out of thought and focused on the current problem. Right now, the enemy ships surrounded him and were about to shoot when creator Deus's voice rang out.

"Stop. We will surrender but do not shoot him"

The enemy ships stopped and a voice asked, "Why shouldn't we destroy this small ship of yours?"

"He is someone important to Cybertron"

"What is important about him?"

Creator Deus stopped here but the enemy's voice was stubborn.

"What is so important about him?"

The voice slowly spoke but a little bit of killing intent could be felt in those words.

"That's... because he is the genius behind our weapons and spaceships"


The voice became surprised and stayed silent.

The enemy's voice, after a moment, said, "Alright. We won't kill him, but he will do whatever we tell him to"


The enemy ships create more distance between them and Night Shadow because they think Night Shadow won't run away as he was there hostage. Night Shadow let out a sigh of relief. He thought it won't work but it worked. Now that the problem was over, he asked how much charge the spaceship had and the answer he got was 8%.

'Come on. 2 more minutes'

The enemy's voice suddenly said, "Let's go head our territory now and don't try anything funny or you genius will meet his death today"

"Okay", creator Deus said.

The enemy spaceships sent the Cybertronian Army and Night Shadow in front of them and the main command ship was in the front most, leading them. They moved a few hundred kilometers when Night Shadow heard the charge has become 10%.

Night Shadow messaged creator Deus to get ready and told Athena, "Start the Warp Travel"

"Yes, master"

Before the enemy bots could do anything, the Cybertronian Army spaceships turned around and started firing at the enemy bots while Night Shadow went in another direction and was getting ready to Warp Travel. The enemy bots did not expect this and a lot of spaceships were destroyed in the firing. The enemy command ship also turned around but the Cybertronian Army's command ship started fighting it. In front of the Fallen Phoenix, a warp hole appeared and the Fallen Phoenix moved towards it.

One of the small enemy ships saw the Fallen Phoenix entering a warp hole and also caught up with the Fallen Phoenix and entered the warp hole.

Oblivious to this, Night Shadow's face looked inside the warp hole with awe.

The warp hole looked like a long tunnel with swirling of many different colors which made it look mesmerizing. Night Shadow entered the tunnel and suddenly felt the speed of the Fallen Phoenix increase drastically. A warp hole connects two very distant places and becomes a tunnel between them, so the speed inside it would be faster than the speed of light naturally.

Suddenly Athena's voice said, "Master, there is another spaceship that has followed us. Because there are two spaceships in the same warp hole, the stability of the warp hole will decrease and become very unstable"

At this moment, the enemy spaceship shot at the Fallen Phoenix and the bullet hit. Night Shadow felt the ship creak a bit.

Night Shadow's awe disappeared and was replaced by a cold expression. He used all of his energy to Warp Travel and doesn't have any left for defense or attack. All he can hope is that his ship doesn't take much damage and break. Right now, he was truly hopeless.

Night Shadow asked, "How much time will it take to reach Draco Star System, Athena?"

"30 minutes"

Night Shadow felt his head spinning. Within 10 minutes, his ship would probably break into pieces. But...that's when things became out of hand.

Night Shadow abruptly felt the ship start shaking.

"Athena, what the hell's happening?!"

"The warp hole has started to break down. If the warp hole completely breaks down, everything in it will blow up"

'That's bad!'

"So what should I do, Athena?"

"I suggest leaving the warp hole. Although the chances of surviving are very less, there is still a chance"

Night Shadow started thinking really hard. He didn't know what to do but...

The Fallen Phoenix started creaking loudly now.


Night Shadow started thought he would have a chance of surviving by following Athena's advice. Although it is very less, it is better than nothing.

Night Shadow said, "Alright, Athena. Leave the warp hole"

"Yes, master"

Night Shadow planted his feet into the floor and got ready. Suddenly, the Fallen Phoenix turned its direction and left the warp hole.

At that exact moment, the warp hole blasted, and the Carbon-Angel Race spaceship blasted to pieces.

Oblivious to this, Night Shadow was trying his best to hold on to his life. The Fallen Phoenix, right after leaving the warp hole, started spinning very fast. It was so fast that even Night Shadow was lifted off his feet and stuck to the wall of the spaceship.

"Athena, stabilize the ship"

"I am trying master, but the ship is spinning very fast"

Night Shadow could hear the creaking of the ship but the ship did not break. If anything, Night Shadow was amazed by the strength of the Rarified Energon. But Athena's voice broke him out of his thought.

"Master, we have entered an unknown place and are heading towards a solar system. I have scanned for all the planets in the solar system and have found a planet that might have lifeforms living on it. I cannot stop the spinning of the ship but I can move the ship towards the planet with lifeforms. Should I do that, master?"

Night Shadow replied without hesitation, "Yes, do that"

"Alright, master"

The Fallen Phoenix spaceship started changing its direction very slowly but surely, towards the planet with lifeforms while spinning the whole time.

After 30 minutes, Athena informed, "Master, we have reached the planet and will initiate the re-entry. So please hold on tight"

After saying that, the Fallen Phoenix started re-entry into the planet. Flames started to appear on the surface of the spaceship and it looked like a comet. The re-entry took 5 minutes before he could see where he was going to land.

At the same time,

In the forest, three men with swords surrounded a weaponless, bleeding man.

"Serves you right for messing with the young master", said the boss of the three men to the bleeding man.

The bleeding man used all his determination and said, "Your young master is nothing but an idiot who uses other people and steals their cultivation resources for his own use. An idiot he is. Hahahahahaha!"

The three armed men became furious but before they could say anything, they saw a ball of fire heading their way.

"Boss, what is that? Could that be some treasure?!", one of the subordinates said to the boss with greed.

The boss also looked over and saw it with greed. They were getting paid and getting a treasure and the same time. How lucky were they? But before they could obtain this "treasure", the ball of fire zoomed past the bleeding man and hit the three men. The three men were very weak and died because of the hit.

The ground trembled very heavily as the ball of fire crashed on the ground. The bleeding man got up from the ground and limped with effort towards the place the ball of fire crashed. He reached the crash pit and saw a 19 feet tall, black-colored metallic object with purple eyes coming out.

"Well, that was rough", the thing said as its eyes locked to the bleeding man's eyes.

And that was the last thing the bleeding man saw before succumbing to death.

Those beautiful yet dangerous purple eyes.

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