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Introduction A Cheap Op Brawler

A young Japanese man with eyes that take him as a 'demon,' Jinma Kotori, is killed by his former shady company and gets a second chance to live in a new fantasy RPG-like world as a bodacious goddess' 'Champion.' He begins his new life with the world's default starter class, a Brawler, and a defense-based blessing. Much to the goddess' surprise, Jinma's stats were already high for a human before the blessing was granted, and his first encounter in the new world of Raiza is a high-leveled, Special Monster ...A typical isekai harem story with video-game mechanics and OP MC with monster girls as his main focus of love interests. A.d.u.l.t language, scenes, and content involving s.e.x and gore are to be expected. Viewer discretion is advised.Release schedule: Updates Sundays and Thursdays

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