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"How about what?" Chu Yuanxi pretended to be dumb. Although my mother is unlikely to know the list of Pakistani and Xiaokang executives, it is impossible not to know Zhu Yan.

This is also a problem for entrepreneurs. Normally, parents cannot care about their sons business. Only a few people can truly be aloof. Like Luo Yuhua, he became an expert on convenience store issues within a period of time. The old people of the Ba Ren Group cant study it anymore. No matter how they bite, they cant eat the changes of the times. They can only listen to young people such as Li Shen explain to her what Ba people do and how to make money, but I understand the convenience store. ! Isn't it just a small shop with a mobile app?

This self-confidence was not broken until Xiaokang launched the city treasure, it seems that it is not just a small shop? But when Kangkang came out, the confidence returned to Luo Yuhua. Isn't this the cat pounce? We played when we were young! It's just that when the monster city is online, Ms. Luo feels that she will be driven crazy by her son. This coupon has to be dealt with to get rid of? And once she seemed to see other people playing this unlucky game, and she yelled loudly while operating it: "Break coupons, beat your mother!"

At this moment, the elderly mother felt that she was bearing the weight she shouldn't bear in her life.

In short, Chu Yuanxi believed that his mother must know how Zhu Yan came and went, and did not even rule out the possibility of conducting investigations and finding out. This guess is not that the two elders are malicious, but the focus of marriage between the two generations. There must be a big difference. In fact, the two elders paid a lot for Chu Yuanxi. He knew it. For example, he coordinated the relationship with relatives very well and didn't let him become a lonely person. This is not easy.

So why do you suddenly ask such a question now? What else could be the reason? However, Chu Yuanxi himself had not thought about making a decision now.

I only heard my mother say: "Isn't Lin Lin a partner in your company? Our girl is very delicate, not at all like those Internet celebrities, Kazilan has big eyes, her forehead is full, and her chin is bent out like a plow. I can't wait to get together."

"You can do it, you!" Chu Jingxiong gave a strong support, stood up, with a look of annoyance, making Chu Yuanxi had to guess whether the second elder had already been fighting for a long time before he returned. "Don't worry about your son's marriage. Maybe Xiaoguang has to get the certificate, but just won't tell us. Besides, how rude is it to talk about the appearance of other girls?"

"Oh, have you considered being polite and impolite if you haven't married Menneng?" Luo Yuhua glanced at Chu Jingxiong, then turned to Chu Yuanxi and said, "What is your situation? Have you developed with others?"

Chu Jingxiong: "I should ask where it is."

Chu Yuanxi said that it seemed that he was thinking too much, and the two of them were definitely not PKs, and their opinions were quite the same. And dad understands himself, maybe because he is also male, so he is so sure? The problem is that our development is not a development...

"Well, do you think I should marry Zhu Yan? What do you think of her?"

Luo Yuhua was immediately stunned by the question, and then he thought of the situation and said: "I, hey, how can you ask such a child? How can a girl not be worthy of you? I tell you, they are high-quality potential stocks. !"

"Mom, I am also a high-quality potential stock. Believe it or not, I went to Weibo and said that I asked for a marriage, and it is not outrageous that the applicants should go from this row to Tianjin?

"Look at you for Midea! It would be nice to be able to line up to the gate of the community!" Luo Yuhua said irritably, "What's the use of more people? It's not easy to find the right girl these days."

Chu Yuanxi suddenly realized that this was what his mother was thinking about. From a macro perspective, the two parties in a marriage cannot be too far apart, otherwise they will definitely be unhappy. In other words, one of the parties cannot be too strong, at least comparable. But the truth is the truth, this is not your reason for interfering with the freedom of marriage, because this reason is simply too bad!

Therefore, he was very relaxed. Ge Youtan leaned on the fabric sofa and said slowly: "About marriage and love, the advice I can accept is this. For example, this girl is not good, what are the shortcomings, or that? The girl is pretty good. What are the advantages? As for what kind of right person, I work so hard to enjoy a little limited freedom. As for whether our house can be replaced, it is not worthy of the well-off presidents parents. what"

"Don't change the subject!"

"I'm not changing the subject. I will issue another issue of Forbes. If I don't take care of it, I will definitely be in the top 30. I am very distressed. I am afraid that someone will kidnap you when you live in this house. That means the domestic security is good. The first good district, otherwise you think about it, ordinary pony families admit that their house is bigger."

"You kid!"

"It's all right." Chu Jingxiong sat down slowly, "We just want to see you get married quickly. Once you get married, you will be safe."

"I'm only 32 this year, and I'm still young." Chu Yuanxi still said unhurriedly. His birthday habit is according to the solar calendar, which is February 5th, just a few days ago; according to the lunar calendar, it is this night, otherwise why is it called "Yuan Xi"? Its just that Im busy with work. In the past few years, birthdays have become the norm for him, and no one does not need to work overtime during the Spring Festival. But I still have to tell about the new year. After tonight, there is no reason to call myself "in my early thirties."

In his 32-year life, one can simply summarize a law, steadfast is because stability, stability lacks variables. Go masters don't like to finalize each part prematurely, because every time a place is finalized, there is one less option in the future.

However, the elderly prefer stability, which is why the problem of marriage prompting exists in the whole society, right?

Chu Yuanxi thought this way, and heard her mother continue to spray him: "You are young? You will run around as soon as you sway! Why are you young?"

When Luo Yuhua spoke, there was quite a posture that he needed to wake up at 8 o'clock in the morning, but at 7 o'clock he came over to lift the quilt and told his son that it was past 8 o'clock. Chu Yuanxi immediately turned his gaze to Chu Jingxiong, and Lao Chu immediately sat in a distressed tone and said in a very heavy tone: "Xiao Guang, you have been busy with your business, I don't know how scared we are. Dad actually understands you"

Speaking of this, Chu Jingxiong suddenly saw Luo Yuhua's eyes turned sideways, and quickly changed his words: "No, I didn't mean that. I mean, although you were very successful in the past, you are flying too high now. , We are afraid you will fall to death!"

"Why don't you die? Those who celebrate the festival can't speak auspicious words?" Luo Yuhua immediately became gentle after scolding her husband, and said softly, "If you make any financial mistakes, we can't do anything, but life is not a day You are at risk of making mistakes one day after you get married! We are at ease when we are married, and you are at ease."

"Oh, it's for my safety, not for holding my grandson." Chu Yuanxi said in a joking tone. This or calm or inconsequential attitude made Luo Yuhua frowned.

Chu Jingxiong didn't feel any abnormality. Upon hearing this question, he immediately asked Ai Ai, "It doesn't really matter whether it is a grandson or a granddaughter."

"Well, let me guess, if it wasn't for the lack of high-end network resources, did any wealthy princess introduce me a few? What a pity, what a pity!"

"Hey, you kid still mocking your parents for coming!"

"That's because your son deserves the freedom of marriage and love."

How could Luo Yuhua show weakness in front of his son! "Huh? The wings are hard? Let me tell you hey, no matter how big your company is, you are also my son! Don't think that you can show off your majesty by honoring me for a few dollars!"

"It has nothing to do with the company, and it has nothing to do with money. Even if I am still working and working at 996 per day, and the money I earn is barely enough for moonlight, I should have the freedom not to marry. This era is itself free, and your notion is long outdated. Now, even in the feudal era, there was a saying that'children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren'."

"You dare to insinuate that we are feudal! What is my concept is out of date? I think you don't hold your fart! Do you want to be the fifth king of the diamond from the playboy? What about that sentence in the TV series That's right? You mean!"

Luo Yuhua claims to be an open woman in the new era, keeping up with the pulse of the times, when has he been so angry? That is to say, Chu Yuanxi has been disobedient since she was a child, and dared to give her such an angry feeling after a while!

Therefore, she uttered a few sentences and forced her to calm down, and returned to Chu Yuanxi's atmosphere when she was a little kid, and gave him a factual and reasonable atmosphere, "Son, listen to your mother. How much wealth do you have now?"

"If it's cash, it's... hundreds of millions."

A few hundred million is still very flexible, and two hundred million and nine hundred million are both considered several hundred million. He takes a lot of dividends but has to pay taxes in full, and then he has invested a lot of personal capital. Now he barely manages to less than 1 billion.

But my mother is talking about wealth! Moreover, Chu Yuanxi obviously underestimated his mother, and Luo Yuhua was quite prepared for his wealth, so he was not shocked.

"I'm talking about assets. I don't care about the specifics. Anyway, there are many, I will count 50 billion for you. Think about your relationship problem? Take the martial arts small talk, it is your flaw. You Do the math, suppose there is a 10% chance of overturning, and only 10%. I already value you very much, and the company is ruined. That is a loss of 5 billion!

Why do we have to bear such a big loss? Think about the person who returns to China next week. If he marries a wife and a virtuous person, can he get back to China next week? "

Chu Yuanxi couldn't help but look up at his mother a few times. This is called a magic horse? This is called "mathematics expectation", and everyone who has studied advanced mathematics knows it. He never expected that his mother would have such a big heart to persuade him, and he was a little moved at this moment.

"Are you talking about the risks I may face?" In order to be moved, he decided to point out the fact: "No matter whether it is hundreds of millions or tens of billions, it is me, not you. I will bear all the losses. risks of."

"You stubborn child--" Luo Yuhua was speechless for a while, and suddenly recalled Chu Yuanxi's sensible moments from childhood, as if every stubborn Chu Yuanxi was saying, "I didn't earn the money. Well..."

Of course, mother and child have no overnight hatred, so the sun will rise the next day as usual. On the day of the Spring Festival, Chu Yuanxi discovered that his mother was watching a variety show for the talent show with a PAD, which is really amazing!

"Why do you still like to watch this kind of thing?"

"What's wrong with this kind of thing?" Luo Yuhua sneered, "Not for you!"

What did Chu Yuanxi say for me? Choose a concubine for me? I dont have this hobby, OK?

At this time, Chu Jingxiong finally got the opportunity to speak: "Hey, your mom is right. Isn't your company also engaged in variety shows? But you never make your debut in the draft, so your mother thinks that you don't know it? The show is so popular. Not being able to participate is the same as losing it. She can also help you refer to it and give you some valuable opinions if she has a look?"

"Your precious advice, it's a pity, we don't use it. Pakistani Media did not participate in the talent debut variety show because it felt unprofitable or did more harm than good, not because it did not have the ability to participate."

Chu Yuanxi didn't know how many times she had sprayed the variety show for her debut in the draft, and she was very familiar with the drawbacks of this form.

"Huh? Unprofitable? Can't it?" Luo Yuhua looked disbelieving, "There are national koi far away, and last year's masterpieces are almost there. How much does this artist make money? I heard that the money is made by the brokerage company. If you leave, at least half of your profits will be unprofitable?"

"You are right, but this is a tripartite cooperation between the show, the artist and the economic company. After the debut, the agency will have no priority and become a supplier of artists to the platform. It is good to have a national koi. , I admit this, but as for what you are watching now, "Youth has a melon 2", I remember that my mentor Juni J once said such a passage, saying, "The program group did not prepare me psychologically. I was unprepared. Under the circumstances, you have entered the preparation you prepared, right?"

Luo Yuhua had to nod her head, she had watched this episode. Ran Goose, embarrassingly: "What does this passage of car wheel talk mean?"

"It means that the interest of the program group is to make hot spots and then go out of the circle. It is necessary to fill the program effect. As for the program group, it doesn't matter who takes advantage of the program and who loses the program group. In order to achieve the goal, you can do whatever it takes to disrupt the time when editing. When arranging activities, you can arrange conflicting people together to force them to tear up. In short, it is to guide the conflict in a predictable direction. It is definitely not easy for the individuals involved, whether instructors or students, to participate."

"So bad?"

"Unfortunately, it's usually accidents that really get out of the circle, such as'light yellow dress and fluffy hair.' A good rap turned into a poem recitation."

Chu Yuanxixin said that this is not the worst, because the purpose of setting the topic to create contradictions is for the overall popularity of the program. The program group does not mind whether the whole group is popular or all the heat is concentrated on one person, for the program. Effect, through editing and other means to affect the popularity of the players is commonplace, this is the most wicked.

For artists, they can bear any bad idea. The only thing that cant bear is that they should have gained popularity together, but they have nothing to do with others.

However, for the show party, the so-called artists are consumables, whether they are red or not, so it is easier to win a red one, how difficult is it to win a red group? The result is that behind the red one are shots and hot searches that far surpass other artists, and then use a group of people to fight and tell stories to set off the winners.

This is why the talent debut variety show is jokingly called "a group is the peak, debut is unemployment" in the fan circle.

As a strong man in speculation, Chu Yuanxi looked down upon this behavior. The really successful hype is being able to get out of the circle to attract fresh blood, not to be self-confident in the circle. This kind of hype is actually difficult to get out of the circle, which is equivalent to pushing Krypton in the circle and fighting stock.

In this kind of sword, light and sword shadow, each artist must be careful, test each other, and then try to get as much as possible. Even if the fans are harvested, they still get emotional and eating satisfaction anyway, but for this business, they can only leave a relatively imperfect conclusion.

"So let's just say, if you like to watch this kind of variety show, it's okay. Just don't use your brain. With this spirit, you might as well help me to brag about a wave of monsters and strange cities to your elderly group, and let you Sisters get a few more coupons, how affordable it is."

Luo Yuhua suddenly stared! "I said you are a brat, did you make your mother like this?" Luo Yuhua was immediately angrily. "You can't just send us some coupons directly in the game? You have to play games to get discounts, so annoying! I am! I have received a bunch of gift packs after playing your "Troubled Times"!

And you, the monster, will run away if he gets hurt. I dont even say that you just fall into a box obediently. We old people chase the monster around the building to fight, have you suffered? I can't catch up. Let me tell you that someone has stopped going to your place to buy something because they can't get the coupon! "

Chu Yuanxi suddenly stood up: "Oh my mother! You are too right!" He suddenly found that he and the operators of Xiaokang were a little bit arrogant, and said that he had found the reason for the recent unsatisfactory data!

This has to be traced back to the user subsidies that divert well-off people from the monster city. The game is of course to narrow the distance between enterprises and young people, strengthen LBS attributes, and stimulate new social needs among young people. However, such diversion scores must be skillful, and the emotions of old users must be taken care of, and the same coupons cannot be transferred from direct distribution to the game. That would not detoxify, but nakedly forcing old users to play games, causing a lot of trouble to users, and everyone has to scold them.

Therefore, the vouchers of Yaoyi City have been repackaged, which are superficially different from the old-fashioned vouchers that are still distributed in small quantities. Under the cover of this distinction, the two types of coupons are naturally distinct. One is still available for free, and the other requires paid work, although many young people enjoy it.

But for users who do not have any desire to play, it is indeed more negative. It is envisaged that because it is a local life, the user buys firewood, rice, oil, salt, Coke, Sprite, so this contradiction can be resolved in two ways. The first is to let the children fight on their behalf, and the second is to rely on the complete ecology of the well-off society to resolve, provide more services in other areas, and increase the migration cost of users.

Anyway, it is always necessary to detoxify. It is impossible for the user to feel nothing during the detoxification process, and negative factors are difficult to completely avoid.

But her mother's mention of the gift package surprised Chu Yuanxi.

Regardless of whether a serious game is a mobile game or a mobile game, there are systems such as gift packs and gift pack redemption codes, which are usually in-game valuable currencies or equipment items. One is to narrow the distance between non-R players and RMB fighters; the other is to increase the stickiness of old users. Players who want to get out of the hole may be retained by a set of gift packages. It is difficult to say, in short, stay active.

But the gift package is not very useful for getting new.

Most of Xiaokang's operations are not game operations, so I don't understand. Chu Yuanxi should have a concept about this, but it turned out to be a **** point!

If you directly distribute coupons in the game in the mode of gift packs, it will be able to stimulate some activity in the game, but it is back to the old way of generally distributing coupons to subsidize users, so it must not be issued. As for the distribution of game props, what Xiaokang wants to do is the national app. The monster city is also aimed at the national level. Game props cannot be distributed randomly, which will create injustice.

The most important thing in a national game is fairness, order, and a big focus.

This is where Chu Yuanxi got into the horns, he suddenly thought that props could also be posted!

It doesn't matter if it's just the tip of the horns, the key is that Chu Yuanxi listened to her mother's words and read ten years of books, and thought that she had also made another mistake at the same time, that is, the game's fun and difficulty.

The difficulty of the monster city is certainly not too difficult in the eyes of the game designer. As long as the player plays normally, it is not a problem to single out the boss, and it will be no problem to hit the mobs and get some coupons. Only certain conditions in certain scenarios trigger more difficult monsters, and these monsters drop high-quality equipment.

At the same time, in order to make the game more interesting, monsters can't just stand up or appear in the alert range and then all the players will swarm up. It is no different from those fake or true legends. Therefore, although the monsters will not be as scary as Kalanihu in "Diablo 2", they do have an escape mechanism.

However, goose may be too good at making games, and there is a common but not suspicious problem in preparing for the week. From the top to the bottom of the game development, from Chu Yuanxi to Sankei Li Shiping, no one thinks that "the monster will run away" is a game. The difficulty of...

At this moment, when her mother awakened the person in her dream, Chu Yuanxi suddenly realized that she seemed a bit self-defeating from the elderly at this look. This is definitely not good!

For users, if you can stack a 5 yuan coupon to buy something, but if you have a coupon but can't get it, you will lose! And this is not the original intention of the game. The game itself is to issue coupons to users. It can be tolerated that users can't get coupons because they don't play. Elderly users can also be solved by their pragmatic play~wuxiaworld.online~ just a mockery, but the design and operation of this game must go beyond the game field itself, and users are not obliged to own the game to try.

Thinking of a lot and taking a short time, Chu Yuanxi immediately said excitedly: "I think the gift package you mentioned is feasible. All elderly users who are willing to authenticate their real names will send ridicule equipment and it will be over."

"That is! You don't see who your mother is!"

Old readers must have noticed that I have been filling pits recently. Filling pits is very troublesome. I have to consolidate a lot of things and keep up with the previous ones. I need to go back and forth repeatedly to check how I wrote.

The problem with writing more than three million characters is that I have forgotten the plots I wrote myself... I often look fascinated when I look through it. Damn, I wrote this?

So the update may not be so punctual!

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Chapter 849: Chu Yuanxi Is About To Start Zhuangbility .. Chapter 850: The Circle Of Friends Attracts The Love Of The Master And Dad Chapter 851: Fang Shiling Atmosphere Chapter 852: Fang Shiling's Confidence Is Still There Chapter 853: Don't Need An Appointment To See Me? Chapter 854: Information Suppression Chapter 855: Internal Harmony Chapter 856: Li Tietou Comes Home Chapter 857: Jiang Gan Stealing Books Chapter 858: It Will Happen Chapter 859: Milestone Four Opens Chapter 860: Xue Jianhuas Charming Ideas Chapter 861: Fang Shiling Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Chapter 862: Pakistan's Withdrawal Of Shares Chapter 863: The Withdrawal Of The Late Night Gallery Chapter 864: The Answer To The A Round Roadshow Part 1 Chapter 864: The Answer To The A Round Roadshow Below Chapter 865: Well Off Acceleration Mode Chapter 866: Wu Dao Faunjun Change Of Track Chapter 867: Buyer Visits Chapter 868: Chu Yuanxi Took The Initiative Chapter 869: I Caught A Chicken For You Too Chapter 870: Hold Your Head Up To See Far Chapter 871: Big Five G Era Chapter 872: Zhang Ming Is Not Easy To Deal With Chapter 873: Jianghu Road Far Chapter 874: Relaxing Tea Party Chapter 875: Independence Of Banana Chapter 876: Company Daily Chapter 877: Strategic Level Meeting Chapter 878: Strategic Rejection Chapter 879: I Want To Help You So Much Chapter 880: Turned Out To Be My Waste Chapter 881: Only Elizabeth Can Scold Chu Yuanxi Directly Chapter 882: Chu Yuanxi's Persuasive Ability Chapter 883: Standing On The Other Side Of The Causal Line Chapter 884: I Really Don't Want To Be A Comprador Chapter 885: Late Night Gallery Defense War Chapter 886: Liu Lu's Plan Chapter 887: Overconfident Chapter 888: How To Solve Difficult Problems : Update Question Chapter 889: 5 Beetles And 8 Traits Chapter 890: All Staff Mail Top Chapter 890: All Staff Mail Below Chapter 891: Zhao Jie Wants To Hand In Papers Chapter 892: The Value And Price Of Ideas Chapter 893: Fight Against Profiteers Chapter 894: Terms Of Huayun Fund Chapter 895: 1 Leaf Obstacle Chapter 896: President High Level Seminar Chapter 897: Wechat Was Almost Squeezed Chapter 898: Push The Heart Chapter 899: Switch Seamlessly Between Zhizhu Holding And One Face Stunned Chapter 900: Entering A Critical Period Chapter 901: Negotiation Strategy Chapter 902: Both Sides Are Satisfied Chapter 903: Treatment Of Old Options Chapter 904: New Company Establishment : My Idol Has Opened A Book Chapter 905: See Myself In The Mirror Chapter 906: National Strategy Chapter 907: 1 Look Back To His Alma Mater Chapter 908: In The Mood Of Doing Charity Chapter 909: Fang Shiling's Live Broadcast Chapter 910: Institutionalized Transfer Chapter 901: Push Security And Intelligence Services Chapter 902: The Root Cause And Solution Of The Human Resources Department Chapter 903: Consultant Candidates Chapter 904: Wu Dao Faun Jun Is Online Chapter 905: Zhao Jie Was Set A Small Goal : The Entanglement From The Author How To Write The Article Chapter 906: Zheng De's Development History Chapter 907: Zhongchuang Pass Platform Chapter 908: Baren Game Equity Transfer Chapter 909: Explanation To Brothers Chapter 920: Mario's Thrill Chapter 921: Zhang Dong Dong Bai Is Excited Chapter 922: Xiaokang Last 1 Puzzle Chapter 923: Yu 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