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"How could the stone formation collapse on its own?"



Long Xun and the group of demigods standing outside the trap area were full of doubts.

Gazed at each other.

But then they realized something.

If this trap area collapses, doesn't it mean that the place where the dragon corpse treasure is located, can drive straight into it without hindrance.

Long Xun, who stepped on the black dragon, let out a low roar under him, flapped his wings a few times, and set off a fierce gust of wind on the spot, and then headed towards the treasure trove of dragon corpse.

The many demigods behind them looked at each other, and they all hurriedly performed their escape techniques to catch up with Longxun, who was flying in front of him, and followed him closely.

If the dragon corpse treasure is still there.

Even if they can't get many treasures, at least they can drink some soup while the dragon is looking for meat.

In the demigod behind.

There was also Shangguan De who followed him. Although he was also extremely puzzled, he couldn't figure out why the guardian stone pillar forest of this core circle suddenly collapsed, but this is for the demigods who rushed into the stone formation.

It's all a great thing.

Perhaps this time, he was able to obtain one more demigod treasure of the thirteen realms, and he naturally didn't want to miss such good things.

Just wait in Longxun.

When desperately flying towards the empty dragon corpse treasure center, Qin Ye flew out of the stone array in another direction outside the stone array, and flew towards the dragon corpse stone array on the other side.

There are two dragon corpses stone formations left.


There will always be a 50% chance.

The nearest stone formation, Qin Ye arranged for Hannah, Xavier, and Emma to enter the stone formation.

And another stone formation.

Qin Ye arranged for Thea to investigate the news. The two stone formations had arrangements. There were many clones of Thea, and the natal lotus seed was still placed in the void domain. Even if it encountered an irresistible enemy, the body was destroyed.

It can also be revived through the natal lotus seed.

After dozens of breaths.

Long Xun first arrived at the center of the Dragon Corpse Stone Formation.


At the center of a flat stone formation.

A gust of wind blows above, rolling up dust in the sky.

In that place.

It just left a dent where the half-divine dragon corpse was originally staying. The trace of nearly a hundred meters was enough to be able to see that the dragon corpse in the center was originally huge.

On the ground hundreds of meters away, there were some broken stone pillars.

A lot of forbidden spells were also left on those stone pillar fragments.

From the void.

There was still a wave of energy that was not weak. Obviously, not long ago, someone had already taken a step ahead and looted the dragon corpse treasure. All the demigod treasures in it were looted clean.

Only a messy scene was left.

"A person from the Longevity Sect?"

At this moment, Long Xun, who had released his spiritual power to explore the surroundings, sensed a chilly evil spirit power from a breath of it, when he met with the Changshengzong group.

He noticed several demigods that were unfamiliar to the other party. Among them, there was one demigod, which was very similar to the evil spirit aura just now, and they were definitely in the same vein.


Long Xun was surprised.

In this, he also perceives another powerful breath of half-step fourteenth realm. That breath only left some lingering power, but it made the half-step fourteenth-real black dragon under Longxuns feet all have it. Some restlessness.

"It's not the golden armored woman from the Changshengzong."

"It's another half-step fourteen-level strong."

"The other elders of the Changshengzong, or did the Wu Chaoguo do it?"

At this time, Longxun also had some confusion, and there were too many forces that could be used. Perhaps the Longevity Sect was also blended into it, after all, there was a breath of the Longevity Sect demigod.

If it was really what the Longevity Sect did, then the collapse of the trap area in the core circle just now might have been done by the other party.

This made Long Xun pay more attention to that longevity school.

Immediately after.

The many forces that followed Longxun all rushed here, but looking at the empty dragon corpse treasure chest, only some messy remains were left, which made them many demigods. Can not accept.

Long Xun took one of the seal fragments into his hand.

This stone, even if it is broken.

But on the broken stone, there is still a not weak sealing power, if there is such a sealing power, if you build a stone house with this kind of stone.

I am afraid that even a general thirteen realm demigod can be trapped in it.

Many later demigods.

After sensing the effect of the sealed stone, one by one released the brilliance in their eyes and began to **** up the sealed pieces.

And Longxun.

But they didn't intend to **** it, their Long Family didn't lack such a sealed thing.

What he thinks now.

Instead, he immediately went to the other two stone formations. This time his chance could only be found in the other two stone formations.


In another stone formation.

Outside the core circle.

Yuan Tianlei, a cultivator of Wu Dynasty in the 14th realm, was dressed in a purple robe, and on that robe was embroidered with a lifelike unicorn thunder beast, supported by the power of his demigod.

On his robe, the unicorn thunder beast that was protected by the red lightning, a few steps away from his side, revealed a phantom nearly five or six meters tall.

Thunder roared in the void.

The condensed illusory Qilin Thunder Beast seemed to be able to control the lightning and attack.

Yuan Tianlei was in the Wu Dynasty.

On the public list of demigods.

Ranked among the top 30 strong players, with one-handed Heavenly Thunder Sword Technique, coupled with their Yuan Family's Heavenly Thunder bloodline, they are rare opponents in the same rank.

In this dragon corpse stone formation.

Even the two beast trainers in the half-step fourteenth stage of the Royal Dragon Kingdom did not dare to fight with him, and retreated on both sides of Yuan Tianlei. He was the main one and attacked the trap area of the core circle. .

Two and a half-step fourteen realm beast trainers, one of their destiny battle pets is a giant mysterious iron tortoise floating in the air, with a lot of luster on the whole body, and there are lines on the turtle shells that imply formations.

The giant golden tortoise.

An astonishing wave of gold magical power was released from his body, and in the space of several kilometers where the gray demon vines had grown, there were sharp giant thorns of profound iron that broke through the ground.

Each of the sharp thorns is more than 100 meters long.

From the outside of the trap area, it looks like a jungle of steel spikes, penetrating a lot of gray devil vines into a few fragments, with the fire type war pet on the side, a six-tailed fire phoenix. Flame attack.

With every breath they can strangle large tracts of Grey Demon vines.

As for Yuan Tianlei's Heavenly Thunder Knife, wherever the sword gang passed, countless gray demon vines were stained with the power of Heavenly Thunder, and it instantly turned into a piece of flying ash, blending into the wind.

Three and a half-step fourteenth-level strongmen pushed down.

In a matter of minutes, a trap area can be launched, and together, it is estimated that it will not take a few hours to find a way to the core of the stone formation.

At that time, if there are any weapons and treasures in the dragon corpse treasure, they will be snatched by their own means.

I like to call a little fire dragon at the beginning, please collect it: (Wuxiaworld) Summon a little fire dragon at the beginning. The literature is updated fastest.


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