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[The baby of the dragon and the phoenix in the small theater]

On May 28th of the following year, Su Hunhou successfully gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix babies in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Nangong Hospital.

The elder sister came out 3 minutes earlier than the younger brother, her name is Huo Xixian and her nickname is Xianxian.

Regarding the name of his younger brother, Huo Jingshen originally hoped to have a daughter, but was disappointed when he found out that it was a fetus.

However, the elders of Huo Su's family were very happy.

The names Huo Jingshen gave to the two baby daughters have been planned in advance, namely Huo Xixian and Huo Xia, which means that he hopes his daughter is calm and elegant.

After waiting five months, it was found out that it was a fraternal dragon and phoenix. There was no alternative but to rename it.

Elder Huo asked for it automatically, but Huo Jingshen seemed not so caring about his son, so he let him think about it.

A few days later, Mr. Huo sent a WeChat message with three words: "Huo Shengqin".

Just look at the name and it is domineering, as if there is something wrong with the hero in a martial arts novel? !

Su Houhou thinks this name sounds nice, but isn't it a bit too big?

But Huo Jingshen didn't have any comments, and even said, "He is my son, no matter how big the name is, he can live in it."

Su Houhou: "..."

[The second child in the small theater is here]

"Did you deliberately!"

Xiao Yebai just pushed open the bedroom door when suddenly a pillow smashed over.

He grabbed the pillow quickly, "What happened?"

"Are you still pretending to be garlic?" Mo was the only one exasperated. This time, he directly threw the contents in his hands.

Xiao Yebai had taken precautions this time even more. On one side of her body, something fell to the ground with a "clang".

He bent over and picked it up, frowning slightly, "What is this?"

"Install! Continue to install!"

Xiao Yebai: "..."

He really doesn't know what this is?

After a closer look, there are two red bars on it, and a logo mark beside it, which says... "Pregnancy Test Stick", so...

Xiao Yebai raised his eyes, "Are you pregnant?"

"Yes!" Mo Su gnashed his teeth and glared at him, "Did you do a ghost! Xuehuo is avoiding pregnancy. Isn't it a hole in the sleeve?"

"I do not have."

"you have!"

"I really don't."

"I don't believe it!" Mo only did not believe, "You must be jealous of Huo always has a daughter, right?"

Not long ago, Shi Huan and Su Hunhou gave birth separately. Shi Huan gave birth to a handsome son, and Su Hunhou was a beautiful pair of twins.

Since then, Chu Xiuhuang and Huo Jingshen seemed to be winners in life instantly, and every occasion where the three families gathered together, they became the home of those two men's crazy show off.

Xiao Yebai has always been reluctant to talk. Even if the relationship between the three family members is getting better and better, each time he is more taciturn.

Mo Dui hasn't thought much about it until now...

So he was stimulated by those two men?

On the surface, it seemed calm and calm, as if she didn't care, but in fact she was flustered, so she secretly made her pregnant with this indiscriminate method, and wanted her to give birth to a daughter?

Sure enough, do men love their daughters more?

"I really don't." Xiao Yebai still denied it.

"How do you prove?"

Xiao Yebai: "..."

He really didn't know how to prove it.

"Yesterday Master also asked me to go to Shanghai on a recent business trip. The training invited all famous senior lawyers from across the country. I was the only one selected in our firm. As a result, I suddenly found out that I was pregnant. How did I go? ?"

Xiao Yebai could only coax, "Give up the business trip opportunity to Xia Chuyun..."

"Don't she want to take a child?" Mo You only became angry.

Xiao Yebai, "..."

Rong An was recovering from his injuries in the hospital after a car accident that year. For three months, Xia Chu Yunyi's inextricable personal care finally touched him with a sincere heart.

Later, the two tried to start dating, they got married less than half a year later, and then quickly became pregnant and had children...

Don't go too smoothly!

Xiao Yebai let out a low cough, and coaxed warmly, "Since it is found out that you are pregnant, let's put things aside for work..."

"Then stay with you at home like Houhou every day, right?" Mo Dui sneered.

"That was not what I meant."

"That's what you mean!"

Xiao Yebai: "..."

Forget it, he shut up.

In fact, if possible, he really would rather have no children at home.

Although he loves Noono very much, to be honest, this little light bulb...sometimes it is a little too intrusive.

After he reconciled with Mo One, the little guy occupied his mother on the bed every day, causing him to go to the bathroom while his son was asleep every night when he wanted to have sex. He couldn't make too much noise for fear of being given to him by the child. Hear...

Finally, after Xiao Nuo Nuo was four years old, at his request, the child was forced to sleep in a separate room. How long did it take to find out that he was pregnant?

"I see, did it last month?" Mo Dui thought suddenly, "That afternoon, in your office, there was no set at the time. I said no, no, no, you were still trying to do it. Now something has happened! I blame you!"

Xiao Yebai coughed, "Then... how do you say?"

Mo Only was taken aback, "What do you mean? What do you mean?"

Xiao Yebai was also taken aback for a moment, "No, I'm asking what you mean..."

"Do you still want to ask me what I mean? Do you want me to kill the child?" Mo Youyi immediately increased his volume.

"Of course I don't want to..."

"Then why did you desperately pressed me to do it!"

Not waiting for Xiao Yebai to speak.

"I won't admit it when I pull up my pants, scumbag!"

Xiao Yebai, who was scolded by a scumbag man: "..."

Forget it.

The only thing that is emotional now, he doesn't speak, he endures it.


The next day, early in the morning, Xiao Yebai did not go to the company, but took Mo Duong to the hospital.

When they were pregnant with Xiao Nuonuo, their situation was a bit complicated. Later, Mo Only left Nancheng and went abroad. For three full years, the two were separated. Xiao Yebai missed her pregnancy and childbirth, and also missed it. The birth and growth of Xiao Nuonuo.

So this time, he secretly decided to follow her from start to finish. After arriving at the hospital, he was always by her side, serving her hard work and asking the nurses patiently and meticulously.

The two of them have good looks, from beginning to end, the little woman pouted and seemed a little impatient.

But the tall and upright British drama man always held her little hand, lowered his head slightly when speaking, his voice was low, and his speech was gentle...

The pregnant women who were waiting for a pregnancy check-up next to them looked at their sloppy and impatient husbands, and suddenly felt...so disgusting!

"Congratulations, your wife is currently pregnant for 42 days. It seems that the pregnancy response is good. During this time, you should pay more attention to bed rest, avoid strenuous exercise, and also pay attention to nutritional balance..."

Xiao Yebai listened very seriously, but Mo Only felt nothing.

After all, this is already the second child. It's not like when she was pregnant with the first child, she was excited and nervous. In addition, the relationship with Xiao Yebai at that time was stalemate, and the whole person's mood was complicated. On the contrary, it was much more relaxed now.

The doctor is a female doctor about fifty years old with a friendly smile.

Xiao Yebai kept asking various questions. After a long time, Mo You Duan became a little impatient... But the doctor was still very patient and was responsible for answering in detail.


"In the first three months of pregnancy, it is best not to have **** with each other."

Xiao Ye's eyebrows jumped, "Can't you have sex?"

"Yes, because at this time, the embryo has not fully developed, so you must not do any strenuous exercise at this time."

"Can't it be lighter?"

"..." Mo Youyi coughed twice.

The doctor is worthy of being a doctor, and said without changing his face, "It is recommended that you have better control at this critical moment, otherwise it will easily cause redness or miscarriage."

"Then when can you share the same room?"

Mo Only once again: "..."

Although she is not so twitchy about that kind of thing, but...Don't ask so plainly, right?

The key is that someone still has a serious expression.

"After four months, you can have a moderate life as a couple. However, it is recommended to use the side position so that the baby will not be pressured. Of course, the frequency should not be too much."

Xiao Yebai nodded, "Four months later, sideways, I know."

Mo Only: ""

Kill her!


When he got in the car, Mo Youyi immediately lost his temper, "You said you, why do you ask so many such questions?"

"Don't ask clearly, don't worry."

"Are you plausible?" Since knowing that he was suddenly pregnant with a second child, Mo Zui hasn't been in a good mood last night until now. "Don't you like to read books? Otherwise, you can check the information online? I think you did it on purpose!"

In this way, the whole way was babbled.

Xiao Yebai drove the car quietly, letting her vent.

The doctor said that the mood of a pregnant woman is easily unstable, just follow her, otherwise it will affect the fetus in the abdomen.

And although she doesn't want to get pregnant again, now that she is pregnant, she can only adapt and prepare.

When he got home, Mo Youyi immediately took out his mobile phone and vomited with his girlfriend, "Houhou, I am really unlucky. I just agreed to go on a business trip yesterday, and today I found out that I was pregnant for more than a month.

"Didn't you always take safety measures?" Su Houhou asked, "Could it be that your husband is doing the same thing as my husband?"

Mo Only sighed, "Is it interesting to investigate these now? I am already pregnant, and I can't get rid of it."

"So, man, it's not a good thing! You reminded me this time. I can't let my husband touch me anymore. I finally started working. What if I am pregnant with a second child? "

"Then you are pregnant, just be with me."

"I don't want it!" Su Houhou smiled on the other end, "Actually, whether you are pregnant, the Mo family is young, you have a little beauty, and you can just be my daughter-in-law in the future."

"But I want to have a daughter. In this case, Nono has a sister to protect."

"My home is different. My sister protects my younger brother!"

Huo's little princess Xianxian was born three minutes earlier than her younger brother Qinqin, so she was honored to be her sister.

Judging from his usual performance, Xianxian is quiet and well-behaved, Qinqin is noisy and crying, which is really in line with the personality of the younger brother...

"I really want to give birth to a beautiful little princess," Mo Youzu touched his still flat belly, "but now I can't find out whether it is a male or a female. If it is still a boy, I guess I will cry."

"Your Dong Xiao likes boys and girls?"

"He?" Mo Youyou asked directly, "Xiaobai, do you want me to have a daughter or a son?"

Xiao Yebai has been quietly listening to her phone calls by her side. Although she can't hear what Su Houhou is saying, she still wants to know that women are only talking about her husband...

Hearing this question at the moment, I immediately said with a high emotional intelligence, "As long as you give birth, I like it."

Mo Only: "..."


"Fuck! I didn't expect Xiao Dong to be cold on the surface, and sorrowful in private. It's like my husband. He always dislikes Qinqin every time. I know holding Xianxian all the time. I suspect that my son is Its not because my father doesnt like him that makes me cry every day, but the more he cries, the more my husband bothers him. What can I do..."

Mo Only smiled and said, "Then I want to have a daughter too, Xiao Bai must like it very much."


After five months of pregnancy, one day during a pregnancy check, the doctor looked at the B-ultrasound and said with some uncertainty, "It should be a boy."

As soon as he heard this, Mo Only felt that his eyes went dark.

Xiao Yebai frowned even more.

There is already a little Nuonuo in the family, and as he grows up, boys are always a little naughty, with excess energy, jumping up and down every day, it's almost...

So selfishly, he also hopes that there will be another girl in the family, who looks like the only one, wears a princess dress, and has a cute and cute personality.

The doctor looked at the frowning couple and couldn't help but complain: the first time I saw a boy so unhappy!


When I got home, I entered the living room.

"Paba! Ma Ma!" Four-year-old Xiao Nuonuo rushed over like a small rocket.

Xiao Yebai's eyes and hands were quick, and he immediately stepped forward to block it.

Xiao Nuo Nuo hit his father's long leg with a "gudong", and then his whole body fell backward due to inertia.

Fortunately, Xiao Yebai stretched out his hand and held him with a serious tone, "Mom is pregnant, and Nuonuo can't bump her mother's stomach like this in the future, understand?"

Xiao Nuonuo blinked his big eyes, "Pregnant?"

"Well," Xiao Yebai explained, "Mom has a little brother in her belly. After another nine months, she can go out to play with you."

"Little brother?" Xiao Nuonuo's gaze fell on her mother's stomach.

Mo Yaoxiong smiled and asked, "Nuo Nuo, do you like brother?"

Compared with the young couple, Mo Yaoxiong was very happy to know that Mo's only child was pregnant with another boy.

After all, the three generations of the Mo family are single-passed. He has always hoped that the only one can have a few more children, men and women do not matter, boys are better, so that the family will be lively.

Who knew Xiao Nuonuo immediately shook his head like a rattle, "I don't like it!"

"Why don't you like it?" Mo only asked.

"I want a sister!" Xiao Nuonuo said gruffly, "like a beautiful sister like Xianxian!"

Mo Youyi couldn't help but smile, "So Nuno likes salty?"

Xiao Nuonuo nodded vigorously, "Salty and cute!"

"Then let Xianxian be your wife in the future, OK?"

"What is a wife?" Xiao Nuonuo, who was just four years old, couldn't understand.

Mo Only said, "Daughter-in-law will be with you forever, just like mom and dad."

Xiao Nuonuo finally understood, "Okay, I will be together with Xianxian forever!"

Xiao Yebai on the side: "..."


Since it was decided that it was a boy, so I started to name it.

Mo Yinuo's name is the only one given by Mo, which means "Yinuoqianjin".

The family thought about the name of the boy for a long time, especially Mo Yaoxiong's "Chinese Dictionary", "Book of Songs", and even "The Book of Names" after several days.

In the end, he finally chose 10 names that he liked very much and had a lot of meaning, and happily printed them all.

In the end, Xiao Yebai didn't even look at it. "The name has already been chosen."

"Huh? What is it called?"

"Mo's words are words that must be done."

Mo Yaoxiong thought for a while, "Yes, the name He Yinuo is the brothers."

Mo Only was satisfied, "Then call it this name."

Unlike other parents, she has never advocated making children's names too complicated and profound.

Just say her own name. She remembered that when she was in kindergarten, because the word "ink" was always missing a "dot", she was often said by the teacher in public...

In case of psychological weakness, it is really easy to cause psychological pressure on children.


Over the next few months, Mo only's workload plummeted.

Because it was the second child, she didn't think she should be so nervous, after all, she also had experience.

But Xiao Yebai paid great attention to it. Not only did Lu Chenyu give her maternity leave in advance, he also worked at home as much as possible.

In fact, there are quite a few bodyguard servants in the old house of the Mo family, so you can rest assured that this...causes Mo only to feel flattered.

He even booked a bed in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Nangong Hospital one month ahead of the expected delivery date, and moved in with Mo Yu.

Its also worry-free to have a baby in the hospital, especially the obstetrics and gynecology department of Nangong Hospital is also well-known throughout the country. The accommodation, catering, and services here are first-class, and the privacy is excellent.

In short, the second child of Mo You had a very smooth pregnancy. Even on the day of delivery, the pain suddenly began in the middle of the night, Xiao Yebai methodically immediately hugged her and put her on the delivery bed, and then pushed her into the delivery room.

Upon receiving the news, Mo Yaoxiong rushed over with Shi Bo and a few servant bodyguards overnight.

As soon as I got out of the elevator, I saw a young man wearing slippers in the corridor walking back and forth, frowning, and a woman's hysterical cry came from the delivery room next to it...

Probably because Xiao Yebai had not experienced it when Mo was pregnant with his first child, and his imagination was far less shocking than when he came to the scene today, causing the man in the mall who has always been calm and self-sufficient to look like an ant on a hot pot at this moment, panicking. If you become another person...

Finally, a baby's cry came loudly from the delivery room.

"Born!" Mo Yaoxiong stood up immediately.

Shi Bo and Aunt Zhou were also very excited.

"Congratulations sir!"

"Congratulations Master Xiao!"

"This is the second young master of the Mo family!"

As a result, when the nurse came out holding the baby, "Congratulations, everyone, you are a beautiful daughter."

Mo Yaoxiong was taken aback, "Daughter?"

Xiao Yebai also frowned.

Uncle Shi asked hurriedly, "Isn't it a boy?"

Aunt Zhou nodded fiercely, "Yes, yes, didn't it mean that the little princess is pregnant with a boy? How come it is a daughter?"

"What's the matter with you family members?" It was the obstetrician and gynecologist who was in charge of delivering the baby, a woman in her forties who had just delivered a baby and was sweaty and tired. He heard this at this time. I was really angry, "When are you still playing the patriarchal style? Pregnant women have so hard to give birth to children, what you have to do is to calm her emotions, it is not easy for women..."

"Doctor, you misunderstood." Mo Yaoxiong explained hurriedly, "We didn't dislike girls. It's just that the B-ultrasound showed that it was a boy before, so it was a little unexpected..."

"B-ultrasound cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, after all, there is a layer of belly."

"Yes, yes." Mo Yaoxiong nodded hurriedly, "Good girl, so that the Mo family will have both children, just to make up the word "good"."

"That's right." The obstetrician and gynecologist's face looks better.

And because the girl was born, the name "Yiyan" was changed to "Yiyan" with the same pronunciation.




[Fan Wai's Baby Kiss]

On this day, the Huo familys dragon and phoenix had their third birthday. The Huo family booked a show at the Mingdu Hotel and invited many relatives and friends from many big families in Nancheng to congratulate them.

As a good friend of Su Hunhou, Mo Youyi naturally brought her husband and a pair of children to participate.

Mo Yinuo was seven years old at this time. He was wearing a small black suit with the same style as that of his father. His hair was painted with oil, and he combed a twenty-eight, revealing a white and tender small forehead. His little hand was held by his mother. Here, the silent appearance is so cute.

Mo Yiyan is only two years old this year. She is wearing a red princess dress of the same style as her mother. She has a cute baby head and a small crown between her hair. His lips are red and teeth are white. The cute face hung on Xiao Yebai's body.

As soon as he saw the four-year-old birthday star Huo Xixian, Mo Tong's eyes lit up and he immediately let go of his son's hand and rushed over, "Xianxian baby!"

"Hello Aunt Mo!" Xiao Xianxian also cocked her mouth happily.

I like the beautiful Aunt Mo the most!

Every time I meet, I will give her many gifts.

However, the little girl was educated very politely, not forgetting to say hello evenly in the rain and dew, "Good Xiao Shu! Good brother Nono! Good sister Yanyan!"

Because Su Hun Huns agent is very busy, it can be said that this pair of dragons and phoenixes are almost all brought up by the elders of Huo Jingshen and Huo Su's family. As he expected, the little princess Xianxian lives as the name. , Demure and elegant, sensible and well-behaved, with a celebrity style at a young age.

Mo Youyi also especially liked this little princess of the Huo family.

He is well-behaved and sensible, and he looks very beautiful, with a pair of big grape-like eyes flashing, perfectly inheriting the advantages of Su Hunhou and Huo Jingshen, and at first glance it is a little beauty.

After blowing the candles, while everyone was not paying attention, she quietly hugged the little girl and asked, "Xianxian, will you be a daughter-in-law for Aunt Mo when you grow up?"

Xiao Xianxian didn't understand, so she pursed her mouth and asked, "What is a daughter-in-law?"

"Daughter-in-law is the bride of Brother Nono!" Mo's only flicker spared no effort. After speaking, he pointed to the "eternal heart" on his neck, "Do you think this necklace is beautiful?"

Little girls love beauty!

Love jewelry!

She remembered that when she was young, every time she saw Xu Xian wearing this necklace, she felt so beautiful and shiny.

Sure enough, Xianxian nodded, "Pretty!"

"Do you like Xianxian?"

Xianxian continued nodding: "I like it!"

"As long as you become a daughter-in-law for Brother Nono in the future, this necklace is yours." Mo only felt like a grandmother wolf who fooled Little Red Riding Hood...

But no way, the little girl is too pretty, and Huo Jingshen seems to have a better relationship with Chu Xiuhuang. The stinky boy in Chu Xiuhuang's family always likes to pester her...

So you must hurry up!

"Promise Auntie?"

Heard this sentence.

"But Baba said..." Xian Xian repeated what his father said seriously, "You can't just promise Aunt Mo's words."

No way, my baby girl is so cute, Huo Jingshen also broke the heart of an old father, this is only a few years old, so I will teach these things...

Mo Sui said immediately, "Then...Do you like Brother Nono?"

Brother Nono?

Mo Sui immediately pointed his finger forward.

Xianxian raised his head and saw the little boy sitting in front of the piano table preparing to play the piano.

"Brother Noono can play the piano." Mo You only added more energy. "He can also play the violin, draw pictures, and taekwondo can protect you. He will look as handsome as your Uncle Xiao when he grows up! Do you like it?"

The melodious piano sound of Ding Dong sounded.

Xianxian looked at the little boy who played the piano like a prince charming, and subconsciously replied, "Hi-Huan."

"From then on, will you be the bride of Brother Nono, OK?"

Xianxian continued: "Good."

Mo Soong immediately stretched out his hand, "Come on!"

Xian Xian looked at Mo Yinuo intently, her little hand motionless, "pull-hook."

Mo Only looked at her, and then at his son.

Hey, my son's handsome face is more useful!

The little girl is fascinated...


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Chapter 492: 492 What Should I Do If My Girlfriend Loves Money Too Much? Chapter 493: 493 Money Can Make Xiao Huanhuan Push? Chapter 494: 494it's Easy To Say Everything When The Money Is In Place. Chapter 495: 495 For One Hundred Thousand Yuan Chapter 496: 496 Funding Is Burning Chu Er Spends Money To Buy Sin Chapter 497: 497 The Nightmare Is Coming Back Chapter 498: 498 Bullying Him Without A Girlfriend? Chapter 499: 499 Relying On Having A Big Brother Backing? Chapter 500: 500 Bullying Your Sister In Law Behind My Back? Chapter 501: 501 Do Not Lose Weight Chapter 502: 502 I Huo Jingshen Will Not Be A Son In Law Chapter 503: 503people Will Change. Chapter 504: 504 Such A Cold Man Chapter 505: 505 It Turned Out To Be Bought By An Assistant Chapter 506: 506the Arrogant Xiao Always Can't Offend Chapter 507: 507 The Princess Said To Sleep In The Second Bedroom Chapter 508: 508 Ten Years Of Feelings Are All Fed To Dogs Chapter 509: 509are You Leaving The Mo Family? 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Chapter 552: 552the Secret Was Overheard. Chapter 553: 553 Let My Brother Teach You Chapter 554: 554help Your Wife Steal Wine. Chapter 555: 555 Houhou Is Drunk Chapter 556: 556it's Really Going Down. Chapter 557: 557what's The Matter? Chapter 558: 558 The Only Thing Changed Welfare Chapter 559: 559 Take Xiaobai Back To The Hospital For Infusion Chapter 560: 560 I Will Never Get Married In My Life Chapter 561: 561 Why Don't You Even Send Me A New Year Red Envelope Chapter 562: 562the Little Princess Who Knows Nothing About The World Chapter 563: 563tianye Likes You Chapter 564: 564 Such Beautiful Hands How Good To Play The Piano For Me Chapter 565: 565 And The Kid Chapter 566: 566 Did You Make Your Little Girlfriend Angry? Chapter 567: 567 The First Day Of The New Year Show Affection Chapter 568: 568 People Spend The New Year With His Wife He Wants To Accompany The Children Chapter 569: 569 The Little Thing With No Conscience Chapter 570: 570 Hyoubori: Want To Count Me? Chapter 571: 571 Nothing To Show Courtesy Whoever Treacherous Or Steals Chapter 572: 572i Have No Obligation To Accompany The Wine. Chapter 573: 573silly Son Chapter 574: 574 A Giant Baby With Insufficiency? Chapter 575: 575 The Door Can't Get In Chapter 576: 576it's Not Allowed. Chapter 577: 577 My Husband Said To Pay Attention To The Image Outside Chapter 578: 578the Scum Girl's Scheming Chapter 579: 579 Self Defeating High Energy Warning Chapter 580: Chapter 580 Chapter 581: 581 Sister Zha Eats Bad Results The Scandal Is Exposed Chapter 582: 582it's Not Scary To Hit The Shirt Who Is Ugly And Embarrassed Chapter 583: 583the Face Is Round. Chapter 584: 584the First Snow In South City Chapter 585: 585 Mr. Xiao Is Shy Chapter 586: Chapter 586 Chapter 587: Chapter 587 Chapter 588: 588 Rosemary Fairy Chapter 589: 589 A Slap Can't Make A Sound Chapter 590: 590 Secretary Shi Shocked Thousands Of Waves With One Stone Chapter 591: 591there Are A Lot Of Enemies. Chapter 592: Chapter 592 Chapter 593: 593 The Mysterious Girlfriend Exposed Chapter 594: 594 The Little Princess Tears On The Spot Chapter 595: 595 Xiao Bai Was Cucked? Chapter 596: 596 The Only And Little White Horse Farm For Valentine's Day Chapter 597: 597 Such A Handsome Xiaobai Belongs To Her Chapter 598: 598 Xiao Bai: Call Her Husband Chapter 599: 599 Mr. Xiao And His Beloved Wife Are Like Glue Chapter 600: 600 Ko Bite Finished Chapter 601: 601 You Must Be Responsible To Me Chapter 602: 602 Master Chu You Really Know How To Play Chapter 603: 603 Secretary Shi Happy Valentine's Day Chapter 604: 604 Chu Er's Domineering Abuse Of Scum Chapter 605: 605 Chu Er Shamelessly: I Will Rely On You Chapter 606: 606 Take My Wife To The Beauty Pageant Chapter 607: 607 Xiu Xiu Xiu Right Here Chapter 608: 608 Houhou Is A Straw Bag? Chapter 609: 609 Hit A Swollen Face To Fill A Fat Man? Chapter 610: 610 Mr. Huo Showed His Affection Chapter 611: 611 Houhou Got The Charm Goddess Chapter 612: 612 Houhou Joined Mingli Club Strong Face Chapter 613: 613 Where Did The Pheasant Come From? Chapter 614: 614is The Valentine's Day Present Removed? Chapter 615: 615when Did My Husband Fool You? Chapter 616: 616 High Energy Warning Chapter 617: 617 High Energy Warning Spring Breeze Once Chapter 618: 618 Go Shopping With The Little Princess Chapter 619: 619i Want These Clothes. Chapter 620: 620 Illegitimate Daughter? Chapter 621: 621 Chu Er: Are You Les? Chapter 622: 622 The Little Princess Domineering Chapter 623: 623 I've Beaten My Bodyguard First. Chapter 624: 624 The Only One Admitted By A Law Firm Chapter 625: 624drunk Car Accident Chapter 626: 625straight Boy White Chapter 627: 627i Can't Imagine Xiao Yebai Washing The Dishes Chapter 628: 628 The Little Princess Has An Accident Chapter 629: 629 Miss Mo Family Clumsy? Chapter 630: 630 Xiaobai Noodles Chapter 631: 631 I'm Not Picky It's Really Unpalatable Chapter 632: 632the Little White Who Is Damaging The Country And The People Chapter 633: 633 Cut Her Face And Break A Leg? Chapter 634: 634 Have A Beautiful Baby Girl Chapter 635: 635 Huo And Houhou Couple Clothes? Chapter 636: 636 Good Practice Chapter 637: 637 Chu Er Who Eats Dog Food Chapter 638: 638 Huanhuan Bought Me The Phone Chapter 639: 639 Luoluo Is My Daughter After All Chapter 640: 640hey Chapter 641: 641 Dead It's A Hundred Chapter 642: 642 The Young Version Of The Cowherd And Weaver Girl Chapter 643: 643 Chu Er And Lawyer Lu Have A Couple Set Meal Show Chapter 644: 644 Chu Er Was Taken Away By The Fairy? Chapter 645: 645 Can You Finally Regain Your Freedom? Chapter 646: 646is The Secretary Cheating Again? Chapter 647: 647 Shao Chu I Decided To Resign Chapter 648: 648 Chu Er: What Should I Do If You Leave? Chapter 649: 649 Huanhuan Can You Not Leave? Chapter 650: Chapter 650 Chapter 651: 651 Shi Huan Was Killed: Is She Dying? Chapter 652: 652 Shi Huan Don't Blame Me Chapter 653: 653 Go Home And Sell Sweet Potatoes Chapter 654: 654 Something Happened To Shi Huan? Chu Er Called The Police Chapter 655: 655 Brother You Should Be Mentally Prepared First Chapter 656: 656 Chu Er's Strong Abuse Of Scum Chapter 657: 657 The Boss Behind? Chapter 658: 658 Old Man Chu Finally Has A Great Granddaughter Chapter 659: 659 Alzheimer's Chapter 660: 660 Second Brother The Secretary When He Woke Up Chapter 661: 661 The Sleeping Beauty Woke Up Chapter 662: 662 Luoluo Is Your Biological Daughter Chapter 663: 663 Still Beloved Chapter 664: 664 Get Married Get Married Right Away Chapter 665: 665 Huanhuan Let's Get Married Chapter 666: 666 Father Chu: My Grandson Is Rich And Handsome Chapter 667: 667 The Turtle Chapter 668: 668 A Lot Of Age Advise You Not To Do Chapter 669: 669 Studying In France Chapter 670: 670 The Truth Of The Year Must Stamp Chapter 671: 671 Civet Cat For Prince Chapter 672: 672 Be A Good Man Look Back Chapter 673: 673 Hot Houhou: The Hospital Is Really Low Grade Chapter 674: 674 The Little Goldfish Is Also A Pet? Chapter 675: 675being A Teacher For A Day And A Father For Life Chapter 676: 676occupy The Pit Without Shit Chapter 677: 677 The Sweetest Baby Chapter 678: 678 The Gossip Old Lady Huo Chapter 679: 679 Shave Your Husband Chapter 680: 680 Xiaobai Looks So Beautiful With A Smile Chapter 681: 681 Is Lawyer Lu Confused By The Little Princess? Chapter 682: 682i Can't Chapter 683: 683 Someone Is Blowing A Rainbow Fart To My Husband Chapter 684: 684 Su Huhou This Name Is So Nice Chapter 685: 685 My Husband Is For Your Good For Our Children Chapter 686: 686 Chapter 687: 687 The First Gold Medal Female Lawyer? Chapter 688: 688 The Opposite Is True Love Chapter 689: 689 Don't You Really Want A Son? Chapter 690: 690ye Bai's Body Is Not Your Blood Chapter 691: 691 Want To Kill Her Chapter 692: 692 Sixteen Year Old Nightmare Chapter 693: 693 Seems To Have A Fever Chapter 694: 694 He Won't Scold You If He Asks For Leave Chapter 695: 695the Proud Little Princess Chapter 696: 696who Makes Me Beautiful Like A Flower? Chapter 697: 697 When Will Lawyer Lu Dismiss This Vase? Chapter 698: 698 Lawyer Lu Finally Went Crazy Chapter 699: 699 Lu Chenyu Hopes You Can Retreat Chapter 700: 700 Die This Heart Chapter 701: 701 There Are So Few Similarities Between The Eyebrows Chapter 702: 702 A Lot Of Age Is Still Sprinkling Dog Food Every Day Chapter 703: 703 Hirobori: Fortunately My Husband Has No Prodigal This Time Chapter 704: 704 This Is What The Chairman Asked Me To Give You Chapter 705: 705 Richer Than Her Husband Chapter 706: 706 Emerald Piglet Bracelet Chapter 707: 707 The Only One: The Original Master's Nickname Is Lao Si Chapter 708: 708 Xiaobai Actually Came To Pick Her Home? Chapter 709: 709 Is Xiaobai Jealous? Chapter 710: 710 Xiao Bai Do Our Mo Family Have Enemies? Chapter 711: 711 Let's Go Back To The Cold Little Princess Chapter 712: 712 Houhou Relying On Her Husband To Walk The Back Door? Chapter 713: 713 Praise Me Chapter 714: 714 The Little Sister In Law Is Mighty And Domineering Chapter 715: 715 Ko Was Rejected By Everyone Chapter 716: 716 I'm So Awesome Chapter 717: 717 Older Rebellious Children Chapter 718: 718 The Sky Will Descend To The People Chapter 719: 719it's Okay To Starve. Chapter 720: 720 The Head Was Stuffed Into The Toilet Chapter 721: 721 Who Can Withstand This? Chapter 722: 722 Chapter 723: Chapter 723: Instant Petrochemical Chapter 724: 724i Rolled My Eyes To The Sky. Chapter 725: 725yan Jin Didn't Die. Chapter 726: 726 Wife And Ko Get Along Very Well Chapter 727: 727 Can I Bring Xiaobai To The Barbecue? Chapter 728: 728 The Dog Returns To The Original Owner Chapter 729: 729 Mrs. Huo Was Grilling Outdoors Chapter 730: 730 The Smiling Tiger Chapter 731: 731 Old Fox Chapter 732: 732hoppy Chapter 733: 733 How Could A Fairy Have Foot Odor Chapter 734: 734 Auntie Is In Love? Chapter 735: 735 The Aunt Has A Man? Chapter 736: 736 Birthday Present Chapter 737: 737 This Child Can't Stay Chapter 738: 738 The Dark History Of Zhan Yao Chapter 739: 739 Twenty Four Filial Piety A Good Husband Chapter 740: 740 Being Too Beautiful Is A Sweet Burden Chapter 741: 741 Chapter 742: 742 Why Did Xiao Yebai Come Here? Chapter 743: 743 How Can I Let My Girlfriend Buy Tickets? Chapter 744: 744 Popcorn A Bit Sweet Chapter 745: 745 Xiaobai Fouled Chapter 746: 746 My Little White Will Kick Open The Toilet Door Chapter 747: 747 Is She Just A Vase? Chapter 748: 748 Don't Tell Xiaobai Chapter 749: 749 You Want To Hide Jiao Jinwu? Chapter 750: 750 Auntie Yan Chapter 751: 751 Chapter 752: 752 A Glass Of Wine 10000 Yuan Chapter 753: 753 Mom Braided Ko Again Chapter 754: 754 The Dog Follows The Owner Chapter 755: 755remember The Past Chapter 756: 756 Memories 1 Fourteen Year Old Mo Only Chapter 757: 757 Memories 2 19 Year Old Xiao Yebai Chapter 758: 758 Memories 3 Cigarettes Are Good Things Chapter 759: 759 Memories 4 Xiaobai Hao. Chapter 760: 760 Tian Ye And Xiao Yebai's Photo Chapter 761: 761 Temptation Design Chapter 762: 762 Mo Youyi Suddenly Felt Sick Chapter 763: 763 The Princess Began To Doubt Chapter 764: 764 Houhou Baby Drinking Chapter 765: 765 Princess Happy Birthday To You Chapter 766: 766 Be More Festive Chapter 767: 767 Ye Bai Won't Let You Go Chapter 768: 768the Necklace Has Been Changed. Chapter 769: 769 The Last Chance Chapter 770: 770 On The Spot Thief Chapter 771: 771 The Aunt Is Pregnant? Chapter 772: 772 The Poisonous Woman Chapter 773: 773 You Make Me Sick Chapter 774: 774 The Blood Of The Mo Family Chapter 775: 775there's A Mother Who Has A Daughter Chapter 776: 776mo Only Has A Black Eyes Chapter 777: 777 Xiaobai Is Dirty Chapter 778: 778 The Only Thing Chapter 779: 779 Looking At You Is A Waste Of Time Resuming Update Chapter 780: 780 I Think You Are Dirty Chapter 781: 781 Tian Ye And I Have Nothing Chapter 782: 782 Let's Go Home Chapter 783: 783 I Live In The Downstairs Room Tonight Chapter 784: 784it's Like Being Gnawed By A Dog. Chapter 785: 785 Master Xiao Drove Out Chapter 786: 786 The More Indifferent A Man On The Surface The More Sensitive He Is Chapter 787: 787 You're Not In Bed I Can't Sleep Chapter 788: 788 This Kind Of Pain The More Times I Get Used To It Chapter 789: 789 A Man Like Xiao Yebai Is Terrible Chapter 790: 790 The Call Is From Young Master Xiao Update Complete Chapter 791: 791 I Don't Have Such A Shameless Elder Chapter 792: 792 Xiao Yebai Do You Love Me? Chapter 793: 793 I Beg You Let Me Down Update Completed Chapter 794: 794 Good Let's Go To The Hospital First Chapter 795: 795 Huo Zong And Xiaobai Are Embarrassed? Chapter 796: 796 A Knife On The Arm Updated Chapter 797: 797 What Should I Do If My Wife Is A National Server? Chapter 798: 798 What If I Kill This Child? 1 Chapter 799: 799 I'm So Wronged By Kissing You? Chapter 800: 800 A Beast In Clothing Chapter 801: 801 Men Are Cheap Xiao Yebai Is Even The Best In The Cheap Chapter 802: 802 I'm Only Shameless To You Chapter 803: 803 The Man's Dark Eyes Gradually Became Cold Chapter 804: 804 Why Are You Drunk And Lie Dirty On My Bed Chapter 805: 805 Xiao Yebai Is Sick Right? Chapter 806: 806he's Not The Man You Can Imagine Chapter 807: 807in Fact Xiao Yebai Is Not As Good As You Think. Chapter 808: 808 Xiao Yebai Don't Go Too Far Chapter 809: 809 I Want To Hear You Call Me Husband Chapter 810: 810 It's Over Chapter 811: 811 Don't Worry I Won't Touch You Chapter 812: 812 Did You Run This Hotel? Chapter 813: 813 Huo Is Always A Dog Chapter 814: 814 I Didn't Expect Mr. Xiao To Be A Scumbag Too Chapter 815: 815 I Have Long Admired Mr. Xiao Chapter 816: 816 President Mo And The Ladies Of The Zhou Family Spent One Night In The Hotel Chapter 817: 817 Need..i Coax You? Chapter 818: 818 I Was Secretly Photographed Like Your Manager Xiao Chapter 819: 819 How Come You Have A Picture Of Ye Bai When You Were A Kid Chapter 820: 820 The Men Of The Huo Family Have Strict Wives Chapter 821: 821 The Fake Princess Two More Chapter 822: 822 Flowers Are Given To Beautiful Men 1 Chapter 822: 822flowers For Beautiful Men 2 Chapter 823: 823 The Little Princess Is So Good Chapter 824: 824 Let You Show Your Face Today Chapter 825: 825the Fairy Operation Of The Little Princess Chapter 826: 826 You Are Not The Princess Of The Mo Family Chapter 827: 827 You Really Are Not Xu Xian's And Me Chapter 828: 828 Congratulations You Are The Final Winner Chapter 829: 829 What If He Really Had An Illegitimate Child Suddenly Appeared? Chapter 830: 830 The Legendary Houhou's Liger Chapter 831: 831men Are Not Good Things. Chapter 832: 832 If You Hit Ko I Will Fight You Hard Chapter 833: 833 A Kiss 1.5 Million Chapter 834: 834 Master Xiao Said To See You Soon Chapter 835: 835hypocrite Chapter 836: 836want To Be Nice To My Ex Wife Chapter 837: 837 All Three Legs Are Interrupted Chapter 838: 838 The Most Beautiful Cub On The Street One More Chapter 839: 839 International Superstar Ruan Qiyang Two More Chapter 840: 840 The Problem Of The Century Three More Chapter 841: 841 A Green Expression One More Chapter 842: 842 I Want To Divorce Him two More Chapter 843: 843 After All One Person Took Everything Three Shifts Chapter 844: 844 Kneel Down Xiang Hou Hou Admitted His Mistake one More Chapter 845: 845 Try Divorce Again? two More Chapter 846: 846 Even If You Kneel You Have To Kneel At The Wedding Three Shifts Chapter 847: 847 The Dog Hates Stupid When It's Used One More Chapter 848: 848 Your Biological Mother Should Be This Woman Two More Chapter 849: 849 The Beautiful Three Dimensional Features Are Momentarily Confused One More Chapter 850: 850 This Time I Will Accompany You To Have A Good Time Have Fun two More Chapter 851: 851 She Is My Wife one More Chapter 852: 852 Mrs. Huos Bitter Tricks Two More Chapter 853: 853 I Want The Only Black Card Exactly The Same Chapter 854: 854 Your Bath Is Only Half Washed? Chapter 855: 855 A Knife On The Head Of The Color Chapter 856: 856 Always Stand On The Same Front With The Baby Chapter 857: 857 I Am A Child Adopted By The Mo Family Chapter 858: 858 Go To Kyoto 1 Find Someone To Follow Him Chapter 859: 859 Go To Kyoto 2 How Much Do You Want? Chapter 860: 860 Go To Kyoto 3 Mo Only You Are Really Stupid Chapter 861: 861 Go To Kyoto 4 You Are Satisfied Chapter 862: 862 Go To Kyoto 5 I Will Be A Father Soon Chapter 863: 863. Does Mr. Xiao Have Any Family Genetic History? Chapter 864: 864 Xiao Yebai Is Actually Mo Yaoxiong's Biological Son Chapter 865: 865 I Can Only Blame This Child Is Bad.. Chapter 866: 866 Mr. Mo Died Of Illness Chapter 867: 867 I Want To Travel Abroad Chapter 868: 868 The Little Princess Of The Mo Family Has Always Had A Sense Of Existence Chapter 869: 869 The Princess Is In A Good Mood Just Went To The Duty Free Shop To Buy Some Things Chapter 870: 870 The Lovely Little Princess Of The Mo Family Also Has The Ability To Calculate Men Chapter 871: 871 I Have Officially Divorced Xiao Yebai Chapter 872: 872 She Won't Care About Me Anymore Chapter 873: 873 Xiao Yebai Do You Love Her To Death? Chapter 874: 874 Nancheng's Most Eye Catching Business Boss Chapter 875: 875 Mr. Xiao Is True Love To The Little Princess. Chapter 876: 876 Chu Er Is A Dog? Can't A Dog Eat Shit? 1 Chapter 876: 876 Chu Er Is A Dog? Can't A Dog Eat Shit? 2 Chapter 877: 877 Throw This Crazy Woman Out Chapter 878: 878 Am I Your Biological Daughter? Chapter 879: 879 No One Is Allowed To Leave Chapter 880: 880 Do You Guys Want To Die? Chapter 881: 881i Deserve It. One More Chapter 882: 882 Enter The Entertainment Circle Be A Broker Make A Career two More Chapter 883: 883 The Passionate Little Huanhuan Emperor And Cp End Chapter 884: 884 Don't Do To Others What You Don't Want One More Chapter 885: 885 Baby Is Sweet Two More Chapter 886: 886 The Chin Was Bitten Out Three Shifts Chapter 887: 887 Fu Ziyang's Fairy Mother One More Chapter 888: 888 Is My Son's Bed Someone Else's Bed? two More Chapter 889: 889 He Killed Someone Three Shifts Chapter 890: 890 Are You Free Tonight One More Chapter 891: 891 Don't You Like It Now? two More Chapter 892: 892 Master Xiao Is Sleepwalking Again Chapter 893: 893 Your Mistress Is Gone One More Chapter 894: 894 Xiao Yebai Who Has Always Been Gentle Would Actually Do Something To Her? two More Chapter 895: 895 This Mr. Xiao Doesn't Seem To Like Dogs Very Much Chapter 896: 896 My Uncle Made My Aunt Angry Chapter 897: 897 The Little Girl Offered To Date Chapter 898: 898 Hirobori Frantic: I Have Tolerated You For A Long Time Chapter 899: 899 A Handsome And Tall Man Half Kneeling On One Leg Chapter 900: 900 Crazy At Night Calm During The Day Chapter 901: 901 Amputation Warning: Mr. Huo's Accident Chapter 902: 902 Listen To This Is Human Words? one More Chapter 903: 903 The Driver Has A Bottle Of Wine The Relatives Two Tears Chapter 904: 904 The Finale 1 1 Chapter 905: 905 The Finale 2 Chapter 906: 906 The Finale 3 Chapter 907: 907 The Finale 4 Chapter 908: 908 The Finale 5 Chapter 909: 909 The Finale61 Chapter 909: 909 The Finale 6 2 Chapter 910: 910 The Finale End Chapter 911: Mo Bai Fanwai 1 Xiao Bai You Hug Me Chapter 912: Mo Bai Fanwai 2 Ma Ma Ultraman Chapter 913: Mo Bai Fanwai 3 My Son Does Not Shoot Commercials Chapter 914: Mo Bai Outside 4 Xiao Yebai And I Are Already Divorced Chapter 915: Mo Bai Fanwai 5 My Dog Chapter 916: Mo Bai Fanwai 6 The Only One My Heart Hurts Now.. Chapter 917: Mo Bai Fanwai7 Shouldnt He Be Xiao Dongs Illegitimate Child? Chapter 918: Mo Bai Fanwai 8 No Longer Allowed To Touch My Dog Chapter 919: Mo Bai Fanwai 9 We Take Nono Back To China Chapter 920: Mo Bai Is Outside 10 Will You Go Home With Your Mother? Chapter 921: Mo Bai Is Outside 11 This Is His Son Of Xiao Yebai Chapter 922: Mo Bai Fanwai 12 Shu Mi Hush? Chapter 923: Mo Bai Fanwai 13 I Am Her Husband Chapter 924: Mo Bai Fanwai 14 Oh Its A Heartbeat Feeling Chapter 925: Mo Bai Fanwai 15 Destroy It I'm Tired Chapter 926: Mo Bai Is Outside 16 Her Son Was Held In His Arms By A Man Reunion Chapter 927: Mo Bai Fanwai 17 I Dont Like Those Women Chapter 928: Mo Bai Fanwai 18 Our Family Of Three Live Together Chapter 929: Mo Bai Fanwai 19 I Just Want To Hold You To Sleep Chapter 930: Mo Bai Fanwai 20 Shu Mi Playing With Cars Chapter 931: Mo Bai Fanwai 21 We Are Not Divorced Chapter 932: Mo Bai Fanwai 22 My Promise Is Long Term Effective Chapter 933: Mo Bai Fanwai 23 Didn't Buy You A Gift So Jealous Of Your Son? Chapter 934: Mo Bai Fan 24 We Spent A Lifetime. Chapter 935: Mo Bai Fanwai 25 A Woman Is Really Uncertain Chapter 936: Mo Bai Fanwai 26 Do You Know What Love Is? Chapter 937: Mo Bai Fan 27 Nono Will Call Dad Chapter 938: Mo Bai Fanwai 28 He Said He Loved Her And She Said He Didnt Understand Love Chapter 939: Mo Bai Fanwai 29 Dignified Chairman Playing Over The Wall In The Middle Of The Night Chapter 940: Mo Bai Fanwai 30 Xiao Yebais 520 Perfume Lily Chapter 941: Mo Bai Fanwai 31 The Beauty Smiles And Looks Beautiful Chapter 942: Mo Bai Fanwai 32 The Pulling Tractor One More Chapter 943: Mo Bai Fanwai 33 Not An Ex Husband But A Husband Two More Chapter 944: Mo Bai Fanwai 34 Xiao Yebai Looked Down At Her With A Handsome Face Three Shifts Chapter 945: Mo Bai Fanwai 35 Xiao Yebai Gave Another 520 Roses Four More Chapter 946: Mo Bai Fanwai 36 Chairman Xiao Caught A Cold Five Change Chapter 947: Mo Bai Fanwai 37 5 Million Vases From Chairman Xiao Six More Chapter 948: Mo Bai Fanwai 38 Xiao Yebai Still Sleepwalking? seven More Chapter 949: Mo Bai Fanwai 39 Is It Possible For You And Ye Bai Eight More Chapter 950: Mo Bai Fanwai 40 Young Master Xiao Will Come Every Night Nine More Chapter 951: Mo Bai Fanwai 41 Thin Lips Pressed Down Ten More Reconciliation Chapter 952: Mo Bai Fanwai 42 Holding You To Sleep Eleven More Chapter 953: Mo Bai Fanwai 43 Where Is Nono Who Asked You To Kiss Me? 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Chapter 987: Mo Bai Fanwai 77 I'm Hungry Chapter 988: Mo Bai Fanwai 78 Have You Used Up The 200 Million That Xiao Yebai Gave You Back Then? Chapter 989: Mo Bai Fanwai 79 When Did I Not Let You Touch It? Chapter 990: Mo Bai Fanwai 80 The Only One Are You Upset? Chapter 991: Mo Bai Fanwai 81 Xiao Yebais Character Can Never Be Changed Chapter 992: Mo Bai Fanwai 82 The Finale 1 Chapter 993: Mo Bai Fanwai 83 The Finale 2 Chapter 994: Mo Bai Fanwai 84 The Finale 3 Chapter 995: Mo Bai Fanwai 85 The Finale 4 Chapter 996: Mo Bai Fanwai 86: Finale End At A Glance The Love Will Last Forever Chapter 996: Mo Bai Fanwai 86: Finale End At A Glance The Love Will Last Forever Chapter 997: Fanwaizhixiao Theaterpart 1 Chapter 998: Fanwaizhixiao Theaterpart 2