Home Extraordinary Mechanical CityChapter 2

There is an internal response in the city. Nearly a hundred assassins from the "Weasel Thieves Group" successfully climbed the high wall through the rope and entered the city.

The buildings in the steel-burning fort are very dense, arranged like fish scales beside narrow streets.

The pointer on the clock tower indicated that it was two o'clock in the morning, and there were no pedestrians on the street.

The thieves group quietly passed through the slums according to the scheduled route, and went straight to a manor in the courtyard where roses were planted.

Beside the iron fence of the manor, there is a nameplate indicating the identity and title of the manor.

This is the residence of the Empire Baron, Maureen Banderas.


The blood flowed into a river in the manor, and no one could survive.

confirmed the destination, the leader Quinn waved one hand, and a group of assassins instantly disappeared into the darkness.

Fortunately, Ren did not have to participate in the frontal battle.

He and the other two newcomers got a relatively easy task by drawing lots.

They did not go to Moline Manor to participate in the assassination, but followed the new training captain Tiger to open a manhole cover on the street and drilled into the ground.

There is a dense spider web-like sewer network at the bottom of this steel city. They are here to guard and intercept people outside to prevent survivors from escaping.


After passing through the narrow sewer pipe, the four of Rennes came to a spacious main pipe and stopped.

Even though he wears a gas mask, the rot in the sewer still smells bad.

Performing assassination missions is already familiar to Tiger.

He found a dry place to sit down and said to the three newcomers: "In case someone in Morin Manor escapes from the sewer, this is the only way to go. Our task is to defend this place and kill anyone who wants The guy who escaped from here."

"Yes, Captain Tiger!"

Hearing this, Ren and the other two newcomers stood at attention and replied respectfully.

This is the rule of Xin Xun Tuan.

Tiger looked at the three nervous newcomers, and smirked: "Hehe, don't be so nervous, find a place to lie down and wait until the action is over. This action doesn't need ours."

A newcomer was puzzled and asked: "Ah... Captain Tiger, shall we set up traps?"

Tiger waved his hand indifferently, "No need."

Hearing this, the man asked again: "But if there is an enemy coming, what should we do if we have no time to deal with it?"

"Accident? Heh, the leader came in person, what else can be unexpected?"

Tiger shook his head slightly disdainfully, as if he thought it was an absurd statement.

After a pause, he explained lazily: "The goal this time... That Dr. Maureen is also a [advanced] who broke through the two gene locks, and Quinns boss is a three-stage gene awakened [ Demon Hunter]! What's more, even if the rank is the same, a non-combat doctor and a demon hunter assassin, who do you think has the chance? Let you newcomers follow this time, but its just for you to increase your knowledge. There will be no chance for you to do it..."

"Oh...that's how it is."

The newcomer's eyes were stunned, and after hearing this, the hand that touched the dagger around his waist was also put down.

"Besides, if something really happened, isn't Lao Tzu still there? There is no need for you rookie kids to do it..."

Tiger sneered and took off the gas mask.

As he said, he took out a silver jug from his arms, took a sip of wine, squinted and took a nap.

The task is to stop drinking, but Tiger, the old fritters, doesnt care, and the newcomers dont dare to chew.


Seeing the captain's relaxed attitude, the other two rookies also let their guard down, and sat down on the spot.

And in the corner, Ren, who had never spoken, took a few more steps and found a passageway to sit down.

Out of caution, he chose a farther drainage channel that could advance and retreat.


Captain Tiger is an old man in the regiment. He has an arrogant personality, is addicted to alcohol and lust, and his strength is not ranked in the regiment.

Because of his seniority, he became a new instructor.

But even so, Renn did not dare to underestimate this guy.

Because... This seems to be a sick alcoholic, but he is an "awakened man" who has broken through the first-order genetic lock and possesses extraordinary power!

(Remarks: the exclusive title of the first-order supernatural being [Awakened], the second-order [advanced], the third-order [monster hunter], the fourth-order [big hunter]...)

Although this outing was the best chance to escape the bandit's den, Renn did not dare to move.

He is 100% sure, as long as he changes slightly, this Tiger will easily kill himself.

This is an instinct that is crushed by absolute strength.

Even though he has undergone hell-like training as an assassin this year, and has trained as a thieves, he is still an ordinary person.

In front of this "awakened person" who has awakened extraordinary power, it is like the gap between a child and a strong man.

This is a mysterious world where humans can awaken extraordinary powers. Humans can break through their genetic potential by taking genetic medicines and gain superpowers.

Even the most common first-order black iron grade genetic potion can give a person a 3-10 times increase in ability than ordinary people.

That is the all-round increase of speed, strength, toughness, perception, cell activity, neural response... etc.

(Quality of potions: black iron, silver, gold.)

In terms of absolute power alone, this advanced and extraordinary Tiger for many years has stamina at least five times that of Rennes.

So, his current combat power wants to escape from under Tiger's nose, absolutely wishful thinking!


Obviously, Renn was not the only one who wanted to escape.

Not long after, Tiger drank slightly. He looked at the dark passages of the sewer with the eyes of the other newcomer, and sneered as if he had guessed something.

"Ha ha..."

He suddenly said: "Leaving the base for the first mission, 9554, 9623...Do you two guys want to escape?"


The little secret in his heart was broken by someone, and a panic flashed in the expressions of the two newcomers.

"Don't think I don't know what you are thinking about. I think I came here that way back then..."

Tiger didn't care, shook his head and said: "Little ghosts, I know you are not reconciled, but you have to die. Not to mention that you can't do a trick in Lao Tzu's hands, just let you escape and you can't solve it. [Zombie Potion] Poison, you will certainly die within a month."

Hearing this, the two newcomers were like frosted eggplants, and they wilted in an instant.

"Look at Renjia 9527, An Anxin can't wait until the task is over. Why are there those unrealistic delusions?"

At this time, Tiger pointed at Renn who was silent.

This little-spoken newcomer, although his qualifications are mediocre, he can be disciplined and worry-free.

Hearing this, the other two newcomers squatted their mouths, and showed disdain: Ha ha, the tail of a cowardly crane.

9527 is Ren's code name in the new training group. Before becoming an official member of the "Mole Thief Group", the newcomer is not qualified to have a name.

After all, more than 70% of newcomers will not survive the awakening of the extraordinary.

No one will memorize the name of a dead person.

Hearing Tiger "praising" himself, Renn still didn't speak, and continued to play his "little transparent" character.

But when he heard [Zombie Potion], an imperceptible gloom passed across his eyes.

"Intelligent Brain" is projected on the status bar on the retina, and a countdown is continuously displayed: [Unnamed toxin erosion, UUwww.uukanshu.com is expected to be fatal after 26 days, 19 hours and 44 minutes.

This is the method used by the high-level gangsters to control the newcomers, chronic poison!

Even all the newcomers have personally seen a guy who didn't take the antidote on time. He became toxic, and was drained of blood by a mysterious force. He struggled with pain for a quarter of an hour before he died...

"Gululu" took another sip of wine.

Tiger also didnt want his newcomers to make any escape incidents, so he said in the tone of those who came over: "You newcomers should perform well and wait until you have done your work and exchange your points for a genetic medicine to advance to the Awakener. Its when you eat fragrant and spicy food. Hehe... when the time comes, money, women, and cultivation resources will definitely not be less..."

Finally, upon hearing this, there was a glimmer of hope in the eyes of the two newcomers.

Advanced and extraordinary is the beginning of the road to the real strong.

There is a **** reward mechanism in the "Weasel Thief Group".

If you want to get the antidote, or the advanced and extraordinary genetic potion, you have to exchange points for it.

The so-called points are actually constantly participating in the mission of killing and robbery...

When you have enough points, you will find that you have killed people in your heart, and you will no longer be able to do without this bandit gang that relies on burning, killing and plundering.

Ryan doesnt want to become that kind of cold-blooded murder tool manipulated

He wanted to find a chance to escape this "weasel thief group".

But Tigers surveillance and the [zombie potion] in his body have become two chains that lock his deadly throat.

But he didn't expect...

The first time I had a mission, the opportunity came so quickly!

This time a well-planned assassination mission unexpectedly happened...


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