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Renn didn't like to drink without a sip, and brought the habit of his previous life, asking the bartender to serve a few plates of charred and crispy chickpea snacks.

The old and the young just eat and drink in the tavern.

A cup of "Supreme Jack" with fifty silver nars, and a plate of beans for ten risos, filled the table with empty cups.

Others only know that there is a high-profile guest in this "Iron Anchor Tavern", but they don't know that the unintelligible words that the young man with a small thunderbird on his shoulder talked with the desolate gray-robed mage are actually The top secret of this extraordinary world.

"After the original battle between the gods and demons, [Black Emperor] Moises was defeated. This land seems to have the restriction of living creatures but Tier 5"

"Actually, I have already touched the'mysterious realm' above the fifth level. But that is a power rejected by this world. Once used, it will cause the space to collapse. Therefore, my ontology has always been in the library. Sealed inside, it has been wandering the world as a "mirror clone""

"Master Kavo, do you know what the essence of this black fog is? I suspect it does not exist naturally"

"The treatments I have collected indicate that this mist may be the True Demons Qi in myths and legends. It can help the transcendent to enhance his cultivation, but it is different from natural elements."

"Have you ever thought about defeating [Black Emperor] in the first place?"

"Naturally is a more powerful deity! In fact, in addition to the'seventy-two generals', people in history have also discovered that this world also has very few other inheritances. However, we usually call those inheritances the'law of the taboo evil god'"


I have to say that Master Cavo was hailed as the most erudite [grand polymath] at the time, and he was indeed well deserved.

This chat also made Rennes admire the old mage's extensive knowledge.

Humanities, geography, history, art, customs, potions, magic, alchemy, medicine, curses, machinery, archaeology

Kavo is simply a living "Encyclopedia", he can tell a point or two in almost any way.

There is also the problem of various extraordinary ways.

Not only the magician sequence, even the extraordinary sequences of fighters, assassins, and nurses, he gives people a sense of "proficient".

In the words of Master Kavo, once the extraordinary powers reach a certain height, they are all interoperable.

Rehn sincerely asked the doubts about transcendental practice like this "No. 1 in the world" and gained a lot.

And Master Cavour himself also felt that this wine was quite touching.

Meeting Ren, refreshed a lot of his knowledge.

At the bottom of a deep and gloomy well, a group of frogs lived. While the other frogs were looking up at the sky, a strong frog had jumped to the head of the well.

Unfortunately, there is a manhole cover there.

Now, someone painted him the world outside the well and determined that there is a way to open the manhole cover

Then, Kawo's knowledge of the world was refreshed.

And Ren, is the storyteller.

This made Kavo, who originally thought that he had no desires and desires in his life, see new expectations: an ideal city; and the scenery above the fifth-order extraordinary.

And just when Rennes and Cavour were drinking.

In a magic tower in the Lord's Mansion, Kipling Winster, the current king of the Glory Kingdom, is listening to reports from his subordinates.

"Your Majesty, the magic circle has been set up. But we really want to do that? There are at least 300,000 people in this mechanical city tonight. Most of them are merchants from various chambers of commerce and nobles from the two empires."

"Just in case. I really need to use it, and I don't care about so many. I have a hunch that if I don't get rid of those guys this time, I will have a big problem in the'Glory Kingdom' in the future!"

"Your Majesty, I am sorry for my subordinates to say more. But as far as the current information is concerned, the barbarians in the wilderness have been cleared. The only means of revenge that the barbarian witch sacrifice can use is to launch a'beast tide'. The garrison in the city is very sufficient now, and no matter what the size of the beast tide, we can surely resist it. We spent so many resources to arrange the enchantment formation, is it too"

"Apic, you are my most trusted disciple, and I do not hide some things from you. Do you know that Master Charles had spent ten years of life three times to foretell the outcome of this battle, the'Tarot card' and ' The results of the "Ling Pendulum" are good fortune and one evil. The divination result obtained by the last "astronomy" ten minutes ago was a'great omen'!"

"Ah! This"

"So, for the future of the kingdom, even if I bear infamy, I must completely remove this hidden danger."

"I see, teacher."


Kiplin watched his disciple exit the magic tower, his face growing gloomy.

Originally thought it was a sure-fire "trapping war", but the result of divination was "big murder"!

One's own side clearly occupied the right time, place, and harmony.

Bazel, the barbarian great witch sacrifice, coupled with the mysterious woman, the three "legendary combat power" is indeed a force that cannot be underestimated. But even so, those people who dare to come to Heifengling now will undoubtedly die.

He really couldn't figure out any reason for losing on his own side.

That means, I hope it wont work

In the iron anchor tavern.

The empty cups were full of the table, and it seemed that Ren and Carvo had been drinking slightly.

"Master Kawo, it is true that my goal has never been the two empires or the glorious kingdom now, but the world outside the mist. In this life, I want to see the legendary transcendence that can lead to the gods. road"

"Little friend Ryan has great ambitions. However, if there is a chance to peek at the scenery above the fifth level, the old man would naturally want to see it. Also, I am very interested in the territory built by your Royal Highness and the Princess. I will definitely check it out then"

"Welcome to cheers!"



It was supposed to be a very serious negotiation, but in the process of pushing the cup and changing the cup, we talked about it in a "braggering" way.

Although he didn't sign any contract, Ren felt that the words of Master Kavo were more effective than any contract.

At this moment, when the last glass of wine was finished, Cavo was not drinking too much, saying, "I made my little friend Ren spend a lot of money today. This old wine man had a great drink. But I'm here today."

Renne thought it was too early: "You don't want to drink anymore?"


Cavour shook his head and gestured towards the street outside the window, "Your friend is here for you."


Ren fixed his eyes, but it was a group of people from the Black Gold Chamber of Commerce headed by Canossa.

Looking back, Kavo said again: "Little friend Ren, goodbye." Update the fastest mobile phone terminal::

Ren also saw that he didn't want to meet other people, so he didn't stay too much, and said respectfully: "Master Kavo, next time you will come to my territory, I will give you a drink."


The voice was still in my ears, and the figure of the gray-robed mage was integrated into the crowd

After paying for the wine, Ren walked out of the tavern, and happened to ran into a group of the Black Gold Chamber of Commerce on the side of the road.

Kanosayao sniffed slightly, and naturally smelled the strong smell of alcohol, and snorted: "Oh, my dear Mr. Rehn, you are quite leisurely, why did you come to the tavern during the day?"

In the tone of this powerful chamber of commerce president, it is rare to hear a little feminine.

Renn smiled and said, "I met an acquaintance and drank a few glasses."

Canossa raised her brows: "Acquaintances?"

Ren didn't hide it either: "Master Kavo."

"That one is also in the city?"

When Kanosa heard this name, a dignified look immediately appeared on Qiao's face.

After all, that was the founder of Glory City, his position might indeed affect the night's battle to a great extent.


Ren nodded, knowing what she was worried about with her frowning expression, and said, "However, I shouldn't ask any questions."

The two walked side by side on the crowded street, and he said some of the content of the drinking and chatting just now.

When Kanosa heard this, his frowning brows slowly loosened, and she whispered: "It turns out that Master Kavo has already seen my foundation."

After a pause, she squinted her eyes like a fox and looked at Ren: "Our Lord Lord is very powerful. It seems that he has brought another strong aid. I can guarantee that Master Kawo has seen Black Dragon City. After that, I will never leave again."

Renn smiled, and he felt so too.

This wine is not for nothing.

What's more, if you really want to say that there are hundreds of millions of transcendents in the world, who are most eager for the power of Tier 5 and above, this master Kavo who has touched the ceiling is definitely the first person.

The two chatted and talked, Canossa naturally took Ren's arm and said: "Lets go, go to the post house to change dresses, ready to participate in the auction dinner. You are my male partner, so I have to dress up. ."

Canosha, the "rich woman" travels, can do it with money, it must be the best.

Rehn had already seen this.

Not long after, in the most luxurious inn in the territory, in the "king suite", Renn was trying on clothes in front of the mirror.

The hunters at the bottom probably couldn't imagine that there would actually be such a suite of hundreds of square meters in this inch of gold mechanical city, 300 thousand risos/night. The specifications of this post were originally designed to entertain the top nobles of the royal family level, and it was full of luxury.

In front of the big mahogany framed mirror, Renn looked at himself in a white suit, and for the first time he carefully considered his appearance, and muttered, "Huh, it seems pretty good."

There is no need for him to do it himself. Two maids in black silk short skirts are carefully helping him dress, combing the folds on his clothes from the inside out.

The clothes are handmade custom-made "Black Dragon City Master Clothes".

Glossy white leather shoes, straight trousers, double-breasted buttons and tops, as well as a white cloak with a dazzling style. The details are also luxurious to the extreme. The tassels made of gold thread, the pure gold buttons printed with the dragon, and the earth dragon leather case is the coat of arms of the Black Dragon City.

The appearance of this dress is a bit like the "general suit" of Wren's previous life, except that the word "justice" is not written on the cloak.

This set of top aristocratic specifications, but also unique luxury clothing.

I have to say that people depend on clothes.

Renn used to wear adventurer costumes on weekdays, and suddenly put on such a luxurious dress, his whole aura suddenly changed. The sturdy physique makes the tailor-made suits bulge and look heroic. The murderous aura is restrained, and the aura of a superior person emerges spontaneously.

"So I can eat with my face?"

Rennes played with the silver lion cane in his hand, the corner of his mouth raised slightly

Changed your clothes, I didn't have time to appreciate it.

In the other room of the suite, Canossas voice came, "Ryan, have you changed it? Can you help me take a look, which one is better?"

Hearing this, Renn walked over.

Only then did I realize that she was ready to dress, and Kanosa was still wondering which one she was wearing.

The four maids had just put on an aqua blue dress for her, and there were several optional luxurious evening dresses on the coat rack beside her.

In the dressing mirror, Kanosa saw Renne in a white suit, her crystal eyes shone brightly, and she made no secret of her appreciation: "Hey, our lord of the city wears a formal suit, it seems very handsome~"

Renn smiled.

With a boast, Canossa turned her gaze back to her clothes and asked directly: "Then you are happy, help me see if I look good in this dress?"

Ren fixed his eyes, his gaze stagnated.

Kanosa is now wearing an aqua blue halter dress. Large areas of snowy skin were exposed to the air, and the long skirt was very fluffy, woven with layers of light yarn, which looked like wisps of light blue mist, lingering into the skirt, and faintly seeing those slender legs. Coupled with her beautiful facial features, she is like a fairy in the ocean.

This is a set of luxurious, elegant, **** and charming long skirts. The workmanship and style are impeccable.

This lady's vision of choosing clothes is not bad.


Renn smiled slightly.

However, he also looks like, this seems to be the first time I have seen Kanosa not wearing a cheongsam.

Kanosa seemed a little hard to choose, then pointed to the black dress in the hand of the maid and asked, "What about this black one?"

This is a typical woman's choice of clothes syndrome, Renn originally thought she would look amazing in any one.

But suddenly, when he saw Kanosa's graceful figure in the mirror, he thought of something, with a mean smile on the corner of his mouth, "I think black is more suitable for you, but you don't wear it, I can't see it. It looks better."


Kanosa's eyes narrowed slightly, and a flash of cleverness flashed.

The corner of her mouth raised slightly, not understanding Renn's careful thoughts. But he didn't shy away from it, saying: "Then I change it, and you can help me see it again?"


Naturally, Lei readily agreed and stayed in the room intuitively. There is no such thing as "see no evil" at all, and there is no need to avoid the consciousness.

The maids stared at the man in the room for a moment, but looked at their own president and didn't say anything, they also knew it instantly, and started to act quickly.

Although there are bras in this world, it is clear that backless evening dresses are not suitable for wearing small parts that affect the beauty.

Since you have to change clothes, you have to undress. The maid pulled away the concealed drawstring of the skirt on the back waist. Once the whole skirt was loose, it could no longer hang on the smooth skin, and fell to the ground smoothly.

Large areas of skin were exposed in the air, and there was a sultry atmosphere in the air.

This is a proud figure that makes people unable to pick out any flaws, and this is a charming spring light that makes people unable to move their eyes.

Even if it wasn't the first time I saw it, Rennes still felt that each time he felt differently.

The first two times were because of healing, and I had no distractions. Even if I started, I didnt have much other thoughts. In the desert nights a few days ago, the light was not good and I didnt really see it. Only this time, the lights were bright in front of the full-length mirror. I just watched carefully.

Canossa turned her back to Ren, as if to avoid embarrassment.

But in the mirror, it was clear.

The eyes of the two met, and she did not hide anything, stretched her arms gracefully, and asked the maid to help her change into the black dress.

However, she was not polite in her mouth, and said angrily: "Hey, hey, I said, Mr. Ren, would you please keep your gaze back?"

The maids kept moving with their hands, but the corners of their mouths smiled slightly, as if secretly complimenting the man's boldness. On weekdays, people in the Chamber of Commerce would not even dare to look directly at this guild leader. How could anyone dare to look at her fruit so directly?

Rehn felt that it seemed impolite to look at it this way, so he casually provoked a topic and asked, "By the way, are things going well for you?"

Very blunt special, really straight man. Canossa made a little bit of her mouth, but she also replied: "The person was not released on bail. It seems that the members of the Rosas family are not only determined to eat the Sequoia Chamber of Commerce, but even our black gold, I am afraid we would also want to take a bite. Swallow."

Renn seemed a little absent-minded, "Oh?"

Canossa looked at Renns uncontained gaze, gave him an angry glance, and explained: "Originally, the bail should be okay. But I heard it was George Rosas. My eldest master has spoken, and I need to find him in person to accommodate the chamber of commerce. I didnt pay attention to those guys and came back."

When Ren heard this, he felt that the name was familiar: "George Rosas?"

That guy is not dead yet? Hehe, life is pretty big.

It's just a nonchalant, neither of them cares about it.

Canosha said again: "But it doesn't matter, someone has already been arranged to go there, and it will be fine if the time comes."

Ren nodded

At this time, the skirt is also ready.

Compared to the blue water gauze skirt just now, this one is also sexy.

Low-cut, open back, light waist, but the shoulders and shoulder armor are decorated with scaly gold ornaments, and the black gauze covering the hazy cheeks also adds a bit of seclusion to the night.

Renne felt that this black dress was more suitable for her charming temperament.

Canossa did not turn her head, turned her gaze to Ren in the mirror, and asked, "What about this one?"

"good looking."

Renn looked up and down and said, "Just this one. It just so happens that the white dress I am wearing matches your black dress."


Kanosa also seemed satisfied.

With a wave of her hand, the maid took out another row of jewelry boxes.

When I opened it, a colorful gemstone shined under the light, and there were some exquisite necklaces and earrings.

She asked Renne again, "Which necklace do you think I am wearing?"

Each one is very beautiful, Renn pointed at it casually, chose a sapphire pendant with a style and color matching the black dress, and said, "The blue one?"

Canossa raised her eyebrows slightly, looked over, and frowned again. She seemed to dislike Rennes' aesthetics, but she also nodded and said, "Well, that's it."

With a wave of her hand, the maid picked out the necklace, but she didn't let the servant get close, tilted her head slightly, and asked, "Mr. Lane, would you help me wear it?"


Ren didn't think much, walked over, and took the necklace from the maid's jewelry box. Unbuttoning her head, then as if hugging her from behind, she put the necklace on her chest, around her neck, and put it on.

This posture is very ambiguous. When wearing the necklace, the two people's bodies touched like a detachment, and the extremely gentle feeling of sinking was very real.

Because he was so close, he sniffed unconsciously, and a very pleasant perfume smelled into his nose, sweet.

If it is the prodigal son of Huachang, he can probably say "what number is XXX". But Renn only knew that it was perfume, and said lightly: "Perfume smells good."

Canossa smiled, noncommittal. Update the fastest computer terminal::/

In the mirror, the two admired the matching of necklaces.

With a slender and snow-white neck and a long black gauze dress for a lifetime, Renne felt that Canossa was so beautiful at this moment, and that she was a peerless stunner everywhere.

Looking around, Renn realized that the four maids had quietly walked out of the room at some unknown time, and their eyes became unbridled.

Because he was slightly taller than Canossa by half a head, just from this angle you could overlook the depth of snow.

Looking down the necklace, the field of vision suddenly narrowed, like a flat ski slope, and suddenly encountered peaks.

So spectacular!

Canossa squinted and smiled.

"Look at what?"


"What are you thinking?"

Rehn said solemnly: "I'm thinking about how to make this anti-gravity majestic. Is it the pectoralis major muscle that is too strong to support them, or is gravity a problem."

Kanosa heard this, UU reading www. uukanshu.com chuckled and chuckled, "Doctor Rehn, do you want me to cooperate with you to study the structure of the human body?"

Ryan remembered that this was the first time he met, on the train, he had a conversation with Canossa.

People were still unfamiliar at that time and dare not respond.

Now he is not welcome: "Okay."

Upon hearing this, Canossa gave a triumphant smile.

She turned around, slipped away quietly, and walked out towards the door, looking back and smiling charmingly: "It's a pity, the auction dinner is about to begin, time doesn't allow. Next time."


Ren rolled his eyes.

Looking at her expression, she knew that Canossa would probably retaliate for the last time she burned her clothes in the desert.

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