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[Swordsman Frost Moon] Carlo's enchantment is expected, and it is certain to happen.

In the desert before, Guy had introduced the "evil sword" [Da Qian Qi Ye] to Ren in detail, as well as the experience of his enchantment.

Gay said that the swordsman is the most important profession for killing.

Anything "the world's number one sword" is extremely conceited of oneself, and believes that one's own will can tame this evil sword.

This is also the reason why Guy himself was hit.

Ninety-nine percent of swordsmen in the world must have two major pursuits, famous sword and kendo.

And that "evil sword" perfectly meets these two points.

It is a magic weapon and contains supreme kendo!

The evil sword [Da Qian Qi Ye], legend has it that the seventy-two gods used the "eight-armed Jizo" sword to slay millions of living creatures, and the resentment was soaring.

Proper magic weapon.

All magical soldiers must have spirits.

(Spirit: It is not an independent will, it's a bit like Yijing, its a mysterious feeling that the weapon and the user merge into one, derived from Guys words.)

The other **** soldiers handed down from the ancient times, because the age is too old, the "spirit" has disappeared.

But this evil sword is an exception.

This evil sword will appear once every few decades, and every time it will definitely cause a killing.

Every time some creatures are slaughtered, the "spirit" on the sword can be warmed and retained, and it seems that it never stops.

The owner of this evil sword before Gay was "Okawa Ryoma", the most famous swordsman in the southern part of the Sid Empire 90 years ago. After that supreme swordsman became invincible, he killed no less than 100,000 people in his life, and finally disappeared.

The last owner was a certain Duke-level collector of the Sid royal family two hundred years ago. He used this sword to kill more than 3,000 people in his own Dukes mansion. His spouses, children, and servants had no survivors. In the end, he killed himself with the sword.

The last master was the legendary [Jian Sheng] Jon Leno three hundred years ago

The recorded master dates back thousands of years.

But every master did not end well.

Ren once asked Guy why he asserted that this [Frostmoon Swordsman] Carlo must be enchanted.

Guy said that no swordsman can resist the temptation of this evil sword.

Because the "spirit" of this sword contains a mysterious and mysterious "Supreme Sword".

In Guy's words, even though the "swordsmanship" he now comprehends is no one in the world, it is not enough for the swordsmanship contained in that evil sword.

With it, the swordsman will have the feeling of "a sword in hand, I have the world".

It's like taking "Divine Power Crystal", so that the swordsman can see the feeling of higher level power.

It was passed down from ancient times to the present. The kendo perception of the **** "Eight Arms Jizo", and the kendo perception of the masters of this sword.

With this sword, you get "Supreme Swordsmanship". This is where swordsmen, especially top swordsmen, have a fatal allure.

However, the "spirit" in this sword lives for killing.

There are millions of dead souls under the sword, and they have killed the ancient demon gods in the hands of the gods. Among them, the resentment, evil spirits, and death spirits are so strong that no one with strong will can withstand the impact of this negative mental power.

Therefore, it is an "evil sword".

Although knowing it is evil, no one can give up the feeling that makes people feel "a step up to the sky".

Therefore, after Carlo used this sword for the first time, it was a matter of time before he became enchanted by the sword.

Back then, Guy slaughtered an entire city in this state.

Ren looked up, on the top floor of Mechanical City.

At this moment, the sword tycoon Carlos eyes were red, and the vindictiveness rising from his body was no longer the light blue of the wind, but the red color like blood transpiring. What's even more terrifying is that the "Magic Jade Garuda" phantom behind him is red at this moment, and a deity that was originally majestic has become extremely mysterious.

And the source of the weirdness came from the **** knife in his hand.

The **** sword, which was originally crystal clear as jade, exudes a mysterious sharp luster at this moment, and a thick red blood mist haunts it.

The "spirit" of this magic weapon was activated.

Carlo had a wicked smile on his face. Seeing that he had been defeated by the great witch offering Marfa before, the laughter in his mouth also turned horrible: "Tsk, there are so many masters who can kill, my big sword is already hungry. It's too much"

When Carlo chose to become enchanted, the Glory King Kiplin not far away was not surprised, but seemed to be prepared.

Several red-robed mage behind him suddenly took out some bottles and cans, and they smashed to the ground, what kind of biological essence and blood.

The essence and blood were exposed to the air, and a thick **** gas escaped in the air. But visible to the naked eye, wisps of blood were absorbed by the **** knife.

For every point absorbed, the scarlet mist on the knife gets stronger. At the same time, Carlo showed a silky happy expression on his face, and the injuries on his body that had been besieged by Bazel before, healed slowly.

This is another miraculous effect of this "evil sword" that can be called a magic weapon [drinking blood]!

It can absorb the essence and blood of the gods, restore its own fighting energy and injuries, and never die.

It also means that as long as someone kills him on the battlefield, the more his vindictiveness will never dry up, and his injuries will heal automatically.

Ren also realized that Kiplin had already included Carlo in the battle.

Now that the Mechanic City has been closed, Carlo has become a demon. He is a fighter machine that can't kill. His limited will will let him kill his "enemy" first.

But at this moment, blood engulfed the entire ducal mansion, and the red shadow enterprise holding the sword suddenly disappeared in place.

In the next instant, Carlo appeared hundreds of meters away, raised his hand and slashed towards Marfa.

"King" there was a crisp metal sound.

Marfa Great Witch Ji's expression did not change at all, and he raised his hand to block the sword that had come from him.

After receiving the sword, he immediately frowned.

Because, he was obviously that the "sword intent" of this sword was completely different from before.

This is not Carlo's own power at all.

This contact made people see the faces of demons crying and howling in the blood and energy, like countless souls struggling in the sea of blood, and they will never live beyond life.

Marfa shouted: "Be careful, this sword will affect people's minds."

Although this sword was followed by him, the sword energy was not exhausted. The ten-meter-long moon arc sword energy cut hundreds of meters in a blink of an eye, overturned the vine armor army in the distance, and then rushed into the Glory Knights. In the crowd, dozens of people were cut into two parts!

And Carlo's figure disappeared again, like a rushing wind.

Where that scarlet figure passes, the stumps and heads must fly around, and every time a person is killed, he will be stronger

Seeing this, King Kipling's eyes were full of indifference. This was originally his backup plan, and even calculated his knight army into a "blood food" for feeding evil swords.

There are hundreds of thousands of people in the city, enough to feed an "evil sword" that can kill everyone.

According to this situation, Carlo will absorb the essence and blood in the evil sword to reach the ultimate power that this world can withstand.

At that time, no one could help him, but he could kill anyone.

Once the evil sword drank blood, no one could stop it until Carlo killed everyone here.

In the end, when Kiplin wanted to come, under the restrictions of the barrier, the people in Black Dragon City would also be severely injured, and even destroyed.

Cane Armour?

Flying dragon?

Hehe by the time they must be the dead souls under the sword.

When Ren saw this, he understood: It turns out that this is one of the purposes of Kiplin's use of barriers to block the Mechanic City.


Not to mention that this barrier couldn't trap Ren and the others, and this evil sword was not uncontrollable.

There is one more person who can suppress this evil sword!

Carlo fell into the demon, the blood burst into the sky, and the movement was tremendous.

At this moment, a figure quickly climbed upstairs.

Whoo~ whoo~ whoo

Instead of climbing the winding streets on the top floor, he jumped up on the outer wall of the steel building. With each step, the figure jumped tens of meters.

Before anyone arrived, the sword energy waterfall behind him already made people feel the overwhelming sword intent.

This sword intent was "righteous and awe-inspiring", as if a rainstorm washed the dirty air, making the **** air of the Duke's mansion disappear in an instant.

It was the Guy who had been looking for this evil sword for a long time!

The sudden appearance of kendo masters caused everyone in the Duke's Mansion to stop.

The Black Dragon City side had been informed by Renn in advance, so no one was surprised. But the Guanghui City side was a little surprised.

Because at this time, as soon as Guy appeared, he immediately joined the trick with the enchanted Carlo.

, , ,

The touch of the sword is as dense as raindrops.

Guy's impenetrable fast sword entangled Carlo unable to get out, and he didn't give him a chance to kill and restore his vindictiveness!

In the eyes of others, this is simply incredible.

No one thought that a stranger who appeared randomly would actually stop Carlo, who was almost invincible at the moment.

The key is that Guyi was not affected by the evil sword, but his "evil does not suppress the righteous" sword intent actually forced the sea of blood behind Carlo to not raging at all, and was suppressed a little bit!

Originally, Carlo was a swordsman with extraordinary swordsmanship. If he used his own power, he could still suppress Gay, who was not healed.

It is a pity that the dignified "Ten Legends" have been reduced to sword slaves controlled by swords, using the "killing sword intent".

If anyone in this world knows this sword best, it is Guy.

Evil does not suppress the righteousness, Guy's sword intent is derived from his enlightenment back then, specifically targeting all evils!

He was very aware of the bloodthirsty attributes of this [Da Qian Qi Ye], and he deliberately forced Carlo to a place with few people, not giving him a chance to **** blood.

The two fought farther and farther, and in a blink of an eye they left the battlefield of the Duke's Mansion.

The demon of the battlefield suddenly came, but calm was restored in an instant.

Before a "big demon" has been developed, don't Guys stay in the embryonic stage, and the face of Kipling, the instigator in the distance, has become very ugly.

He didn't expect that he would suddenly break out and ruin his plan.

At this time, the great war of the Great Wizard of Marfa to sacrifice these black dragon cities did not give them a chance, and once again violently attacked and killed them.

The high warriors of Glory City looked like ashes.

The battle in the Ducal Valentin's Palace has entered a fever pitch. But in fact, apart from those top combat powers that are still struggling to support, the Glory City side has actually begun to show signs of one-sided defeat.

After all, the "Black Wind Collar" is a waste hunter city. Although there are less than 100,000 troops in the Mechanical City, there are still more than 300,000 civilians and temporary residents in the city.

Originally, once mobilized, at least another 200,000 combat power could be raised. Under the deadly battle, there may be some opportunities.

But because of the previous broadcast

Oh no!

It was a broadcast that was still broadcast in the realm now. After affirming that the conquest war launched by the "Black Dragon City" had nothing to do with ordinary people, the free hunters had no interest in participating in the war.

The wounded who had been lifted from the upper battlefield of the Mechanical City with missing arms and legs screamed again and again, making people panic. Everyone knows that the exaggerated movement in the upper level of the machine city is the top transcendence fighting.

As long as you are not stupid, no one dares to come forward at this time.

On the streets leading to the upper level in the Mechanic City, the army continuously surged upwards. Gradually, the offense became the defense, and the courageous and well-fighting Coleman warriors rushed from the Ducal Palace to the second and third floors of the knight camp, like a broken bamboo.

"Legion Commander, the intersection on the second floor is lost, those savages are too powerful"

"York Street intersection also fell"

"The eight brothers are dead, what should we do now?"

"Shut up! Haven't you seen that His Majesty is fighting to death! Give me a shot"


It was defeated everywhere, and the fighting was extremely tragic.

A group of Coleman vine armor warriors with an average of Tier 3 and above, against a knight army that does not have an average of Tier 2, their combat power is not on the same level.

This is still the kind of huge gap in the high-level transcendent watershed.

Besides, there is still a gap in equipment.

It collapses at a blow, and disperses at the touch of a touch. The hundred-member group of the Vine Armour can easily break through the thousand-member Knights of Glory City.

A wave of death, a wave of death, and now the knights of Glory City are shocked.

Everyone understands that to rush up is to die.

The morale of the army fell off the cliff.

The panic spread rapidly on the side of Glory City.

The enchanted Carlo Gay was restrained. Although there would be no winner or loser for a while, it was definitely bad news for the Glory City side.

A legendary combat power is restrained, not to mention the killing of the strongest swordsman, which means that the remaining top supernatural pressure will be even greater.

With the passage of time, the scales of victory have completely inclined to their Black Dragon City.

Ren Guardian was next to Uduo, repelling a few groups of guys who wanted to sneak attack.

The Flying Dragon Legion is really invincible. She commanded such a group of big guys to fly around in the sky, supporting everywhere. The flying dragons spouted their old sputum, and even the high-level transcendents were instantly wiped out.

At this time, almost no enemy would come to attack Uduo, Renn was a little bored, looking up at the fierce battlefield fighting on the Duke's Mansion.

There, Tier 5 Transcendent has also begun to have casualties, and if this continues, the battle will probably end soon.

Now the defeat of the Glory City side is set, and there are barriers restricted, and there is no way to escape.

Either give it a try or die.

very good.

But things are not that simple, UU Reading www. Uukanshu.com Glory City has been operating in the Alcoln Mountains for decades, and its background is by no means as simple as it seems.

Before, he learned a piece of information from Master Kavo, there is a magic weapon in the treasure house of Glory City [Lavinia's Mirror of the Necromancer].

Seeing this, Ren raised his brows and said to himself: "Kiplin, this guy can count Carlo in the battle, and that thing, 80% of it will be used."

However, once the thing is used, it is really "frenzy".

Ren just thought about what kind of mirror it would be for Master Kavo to visit in person, and the next second, King Kipling did not disappoint.

Knowing that the defeat was irreversible, Kipling Winster, standing on the top floor of the Mechanic City, took out a silver mirror with densely carved bones on the back.

At this moment, a long sigh of disappointment sounded.


Master Kavo, who has not shown up, finally appeared.


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