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When the bearded old man with glasses appeared on the battlefield, the people of Guanghui City were overjoyed, and morale was immediately boosted.

"Master Kavo!"

Everyone cheered.

After all, he is the head of the "Ten Legends". The old man who once founded the Guanghui City has a very high prestige among the aborigines of Guanghui City.

As soon as he appeared, the soldiers saw hope one after another, thinking that the legend was here to help them against the enemy.

It's a pity that Kavo flashed a layer of halo in front of him, obviously not an entity, this was a five-ring spell [phantom light projection] that could only be mastered by a fifth-order mage.

This projection has no combat power, but it can project a circle of light and shadow within a certain distance.

Kiplin watched the old man appear, but his expression was a little complicated.

Only the projection came, and the body was unwilling to show up, so he naturally guessed the purpose of this show up.

He directly asked: "Master, you want to stop me?"

Cavour shook his head and said, "Kipling, I told you that once the Glory City is established, everything has nothing to do with me. I have heard about the ins and outs of this war from little friend Ren. How do you do it, That is your choice and I will not interfere. However, I don't want to see you use this mirror. The hundreds of thousands of hunters in the city are innocent, and they have nothing to do with this war."

Kiplin's eyes were unwavering, and said: "If these guys are not killed, they must be our Glory City in the future. Today, even if it is burdened with heinous sins, I will not let these people leave alive!"

Cavour shook his head: "No, even if you use this, you can't save the defeat."

"Master, I have decided."

When Kiplin heard this, a strange light flashed across his eyes.

Even if he heard Kavo's words, he didn't shake his determination to use this side [Lavinia's Mirror of the Necromancer].

He knew very well that in this situation, unless Kavo was sealed in the body of the library, there might be some turning points, otherwise, today will undoubtedly be defeated.

It was just a projection, which clearly stated his position: he had no intention of making a move.

Kipling understood that the Master Kavor was no longer on the side of their Glory Kingdom.

That being the case, there is no need to miss old feelings anymore.

Kiplin didn't say much, the magic power surged, and the mirror in his hand was already lit up with black clouds.

In the next instant, terror came.

The palm-sized silver mirror of the skull suddenly grew bigger, like a searchlight, suddenly lit up with grey and white light.

It was this white light shining on the Duke's mansion for a moment, as if adding a filter from the underworld to the entire space, everyone only felt that everything in front of them was haunted by a gloomy horror and deserted color.

At this moment, an even stranger scene appeared.

Because of the battle, the entire Duke's Mansion was already full of dead bodies. But when the gloomy light shone, a wave of white "ghosts" suddenly appeared on the corpses!

Not far away, Renne was stunned when he saw this scene: "Huh, the soul looks like this!"

Facial features are fuzzy, translucent, like a thin sheet of floating

Although everyone in the world knows that there is a soul, holding the blue and white shadow floating in the air, everyone also exclaimed.

This is the first time everyone has seen the existence of souls.

However, in the next second, surprise turned into panic.

In a blink of an eye, those white "ghosts" floating above the corpse that looked harmless to humans and animals were illuminated by the cold light, and the vague facial features suddenly became hideous.

One by one, the white "ghosts" turned into blood-colored "evil spirits"!

These evil spirits are like awakened beasts, crazily stringing together under the cold light of the skeleton silver mirror.

It was the moment when the "evil spirit" woke up.

Renn only felt dense and sharp screams coming from his ears, which made his eardrums hurt.

What's weird is that the system showed that his eardrums did not receive any vibration produced by the sound, but he heard the sharp scream in his perception.

He understands that this is the legendary "evil scream", which is a mental attack.

The system also sent a danger message: [Warning! Eroded by mental power]

And at this moment, the tens of thousands of evil spirits rushed towards the living people present at an extremely fast speed!

The "Blood Evil" ignored the obstacles and directly penetrated the floor, looking for a living person.

By coincidence, a few evil spirits came towards Renn.

Even if they reacted in a timely manner, neither lightning damage nor physical attack had any effect at all.

The evil spirit penetrated in an instant, and then screamed and ran away?

Renn only felt a little dizzy and nothing unusual.

Look again, the system prompts: [ding! Please note that it was attacked by unknown energy and its mental power was weakened by 0.07%]

Is this a scraping soul attack?

Obviously, the ability of this "evil spirit" is far from that.

Attacking these high-level transcendents, the evil spirits did not cause damage. But the evil spirits that attacked those first-order transcendent and severely wounded people directly killed people. Moreover, the evil spirits that killed people passed through the body as if they were full, and the body was visibly fatter.

Ren also understood: "Evil spirits can only attack Tier 1 Transcendents temporarily?"

Almost all of the Coleman fighters on the scene were not affected, because their extraordinary ranks were high enough.

However, there are a large number of low-level transcendents in the army of Glory City. In this round of attacks, thousands of people have arrived.

There was no wound on the corpse, and the soul had been swallowed by the evil spirits.

This method is deadly and scary.

Evil spirits have always been the protagonists in horror stories. Now they appeared in front of the living, and the military spirit of the Knights of Radiance City collapsed instantly.

Shields are useless, armors are useless, mechas are useless

The knights of Glory City, who had been defeated by the Black Dragon City Rattan Army, became the last straw that crushed them because of the appearance of evil spirits.

After watching the thousands of people die helplessly, the knights could no longer maintain their assembled state, and they scattered, madly fleeing towards the lower level of the mechanical city.

"Ah, help!"

"I don't want to die"


Everyone could see it, that King Kipling used this indiscriminate attack, probably to die together.

Naturally, the evil spirit transformed by this mirror can only harm the first-order transcendent.

The evil spirits after thousands of murders became bigger and more bloody. They not only continued to hurt people, but they also swallowed each other. Just between these two breaths, the large evil spirits that have evolved can already kill the second-order transcendent.

Evil spirits can swallow advanced.

Rehn looked at the miserable situation in front of him with a solemn expression: "This mirror is really evil. If you really cannot escape, you will eventually evolve an evil spirit that can kill Tier 5, even legendary and extraordinary."

Enchantment and road closure, [Lavinias Mirror of the Necromancer], to create evil spirits to kill, this is the last resort of the King Kipling.

Kipling used this evil sacred weapon, and he didn't know if he could get away, but the hundreds of thousands of people in this city were probably dead.

After all, it was his own king's choice. Although the high warriors of Glory City did not say anything. If you can kill these "Black Dragon City" people here, it will be considered to have made some contributions to their descendants.

However, those "foreign aids" are not so happy.

"Kipling, are you crazy!"

"Damn it, you even calculated for us!"


Even the [Black Witch] Diya Benilla who was hiding in the vine roared angrily.

This is completely different from the plan mentioned earlier.

The evil spirits only killed people in an instant. They penetrated the steel barrier without any barriers, rushed into the bottom of the mechanical city, and slaughtered frantically.


"Quickly open the gates and let us out"


However, the Mechanical City has been sealed by the barrier, and no one can go out.

For a time, there were wailing in horror everywhere.

Panic spread rapidly throughout the city.

If you change to other forces, I am afraid that you will really be trapped here tonight.

However, not to mention that this magic enchantment can't trap the people in Black Dragon City, there is also a Master Kavo here

Watching Kiplin made the decision that disappointed him the most, Carver sighed: "Kiplin, I watched you grow up. Of course, knowing my persuasion will definitely not make you change your mind. But In any case, you should not implicate these hundreds of thousands of innocent people. You are not doing this to protect the glorious city, but to protect your right to rule."

Kiplin was completely unmoved.

For him, there is nothing wrong with this.

If it wasn't for his Winster family to be in charge of the Glory Kingdom, what would the great Glory City do to him?

Kavo said again: "This is the last thing I did for Glory City. From then on, I Kavo Ramirez has nothing to do with Glory City Yuer!"

Hearing this, Kiplin thought of something, and his face suddenly changed.

Because at this time, he looked up and found that the light blue seal barrier was disappearing.

"Old fellow you!"

One staggered and barely stood firm.

He instantly understood that Kavo actually broke the barrier he had exhausted his efforts to arrange.

There is no enchantment to seal the city, which means that the people in the city can escape, and before the evil spirits grow, the enemy of the Black Dragon City can also escape!

No, not running away, they will definitely kill themselves!

For a moment of stunned surprise, the eight magic towers of the Machine City instantly turned off, and the light blue light curtain suddenly disappeared.

At the same time, the residents of the city also discovered this.

"Look, the barrier is broken!"

"Run, the evil spirit is catching up!"


The raging evil spirits have already scared the city defense army into a fool. At this moment, no one dares to stop the tens of thousands of hunters and residents from attacking the city gate.

The city gate opened, and everyone in the mechanical city was rushing out frantically.

And while the evil spirits shuttled through the machine city, in a small hotel in a hotel, the black cat was pacing the room really anxiously, waiting.

This black cat is naturally Naretta.

When Guy went out, she told her not to run around, she just waited here.

But listening to the increasing movement outside, she was also worried.

Suddenly, she sniffed her nose and seemed to smell something very good, and the cat's face showed a touch of confusion.

At this moment, the red evil spirit has been coming through the wall.

The cat, the evil spirit, hit it.

Both sides are a little bit angry.

The evil spirit seemed to be aware of the danger, and instinctively wanted to escape and turn into the wall.

But at this time, a black shadow spread over like lightning, pressing it down.

Naretta didn't know why she would grab this thing, watched it run, and rushed over repeatedly like conditioned reflexes.

This step actually stepped on it.

The beautiful amber cat looked at the evil spirit stomping on her feet, and rationally told her that the red thing was not food, but some instincts in her bloodline made her drool greedy

Then think about it and try to take a bite.


Surprisingly delicious!

Soft, like cotton candy.

Moreover, a bite was refreshing.

She took another bite, and the evil spirit was chewed.

Huh, it's delicious.

Natasha felt that she had eaten her favorite food in her life.

She turned into a black cat's nose and sniffed, seeming to smell more "delicious" taste.

Listening to the voices of no living people in the city, she thought about it, and cautiously jumped out of the window

As soon as the barrier broke open, thousands of flying dragons in the sky rushed into the attack range again.

Once the dragon army joined, there was no more suspense in the war.

Guanghui City has been defeated.

Seeing the enchantment opened, not only the free hunters fled, the army also began to flee, as well as various foreign aids.

[Black Witch] Dia Benira escaped from the vine and wanted to escape quietly, but did not escape Elder Coleman's breath lock, and followed all the way

"Grandmaster" Rocky Refar, Bazel and a few high-ranking Coleman fighters chased out


The flying dragon legions and blue-tailed eagles in the sky locked the tracks of the strong, and there was nowhere to escape.

The disillusioned Kiplin stood sluggishly in a messy ducal mansion, and behind him, there were several loyal old mages and guards still standing by.

"Your Majesty, go first, we will cover you!"

Kiplin heard this and did not choose to leave.

The originally interlocking plan failed so thoroughly from start to finish.

The flying dragons and vine armor legions in the Black Dragon City are really terrifying, as if they don't belong to this era at all. He hasn't killed it now, and he can't think of any way to deal with this invincible army in the future.

At this moment, all kinds of doubts suddenly came to my mind.

How did so many savages survive in the [Kuroshio]?

Where did you find these flying dragons?

How did they get involved with the "Black Gold Chamber of Commerce" and the princess Omar?

Where is this Black Dragon City?

Although he couldn't figure it out, the reality didn't give him any extra time to think about it.

On the opposite side, that strong and outrageous barbarian witch sacrifice has approached.

Today, he is dead. It's all over.

Originally, the magic weapon [Lavinias Mirror of the Necromancer] was a backup plan, and it had to be successful!

I never thought that I was defeated.

At this moment, an arrow pierced Kipling's body and stuck in his chest.

At this moment, he clearly felt the feeling of life passing by rapidly.

Are you going to die?

As he died, Kiplin still missed his rights, thinking of the king of his glorious kingdom.

I'm not reconciled.

Glory City now has everything and it can clearly become the Third Reich.

As he died, he seemed to hear the voice that had echoed in his ears for countless nights: "Dedicating your faith, you will gain the power of the great Jaliyad, and you will gain everything."

Kipling once knew that this was a taboo, and did not dare to touch it.

But now there is nothing more important than life.

He had no choice but to take out a carved white jade statue, knelt down religiously, and murmured: "The great'Jaliyade' is on top, UU reading www.uukanshu.com, please give me strength, I Willing to dedicate my faith"

The shape of this idol is no different from human beings, but it is not one of the "seventy-two gods". And it had a vertical eye on its forehead.

In the distance, Renn kept paying attention to this dead end fellow.

Such a strong person can't care about it even at the last moment of life.

I thought he would use something to "blow up", but without thinking, he actually took out a statue of God and knelt down.

"Three Eyes?"

He recognized it at a glance. This is not the race recorded in the temple murals that once defeated [Black Emperor] Moises!

What is the operation of temporarily worshiping gods?

Faintly, he felt something was wrong.

Ren didn't understand the significance of Kiplin's move, but not far away, Kavo's face changed drastically, and he blurted out: "Forbidden Law of Cthulhu!"


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