Home Douluo: Opening Sign In To Ancestral Dragon SpiritChapter 312

"Then, it's almost the last step. Connect the different soul guide inscriptions and the auxiliary soul guide array to form the final core soul guide array, and transform the prototype of the battle armor belt into a real one-word battle armor component. !"

Looking at the prototype of the battle armor belt in front of him, Yao Xuan took a deep breath. The spirit power, the power of vitality and the spiritual power in his body rose, and the power of the ancestor dragon emerged, quickly pushing Yao Xuan's aura to its peak.

"Yao Xuan, so handsome, he deserves to be the man that Naer and I value..."

Staring at Yao Xuan, Gu Yue's eyes flashed with love, and the corners of her mouth curled up slightly, revealing a sweet smile. Staying next to Yao Xuan was really a huge enjoyment for Gu Yue.

Feeling Yao Xuan's breath, Gu Yue felt that his bloodline was jumping for joy. The noble bloodline belonging to the Silver Dragon King bowed its head and became a minister under Yao Xuan's ancestral dragon breath, and was constantly nourished and transformed.

In Gu Yue's perception, Yao Xuan was really like the sweetest honey, and like the most delicious delicacy, she almost couldn't help but want to get in and lick it crazy.

Of course, relying on her own reason, Gu Yue finally restrained the impulse of her own blood. Yao Xuan is now at the key part of building the battle armor. If he disturbs him, it will definitely lead to the failure of building the battle armor.

Because of this, Gu Yue just stood beside Yao Xuan, staring at Yao Xuan with fiery love, sucking on his red lips, and swallowing a sip of spiritual liquid.

At this moment, in front of the workbench.

After accumulating momentum, Yao Xuan's momentum finally reached its peak, and his right hand was completely covered with nine colors, exuding magnificent and bright brilliance, very beautiful.

Immediately, with Yao Xuan's thoughts, these nine-color energies followed his arm, rushed into the prototype of the magic silver battle armor belt in front of him, and rushed into those soul guide arrays.

Along with the injection of Nine-Colored Energy, the prototype of this magic silver battle armor belt continuously burst out with nine-color brilliance. The bright light flickered, and the soul guide arrays were lit up and merged, making the prototype of the magic silver battle armor belt. Evolve to the real magic silver battle armor belt.

"Gu Yue, drop blood to recognize the Lord!"

Finally, a few minutes later, the prototype of this magic silver battle armor belt completed the final transformation, and at the moment the battle armor belt was born, Yao Xuan immediately shouted to Gu Yue beside him.


Hearing what Yao Xuan said, Gu Yue, who was beside him, stepped forward and instantly came to Yao Xuan's side. Immediately, the water element appeared out of thin air, condensing into a sharp ice blade in mid-air.

Immediately afterwards, Gu Yue raised her left hand, while her right hand picked up the ice blade and ran it across the arm of the left hand. A faint silver gleaming blood sprayed out, and went straight to the newly born magic silver battle armor belt. go with.

Along with Yao Xuans spirit power, a drop of Gu Yues blood was not wasted, and it was completely integrated into the demon silver battle armor belt. In an instant, a strong silver light flashed from the original nine colors, and at the same time, a powerful The incomparable momentum spread out.

At this time, Yao Xuan stepped back and gave up the golden position, while Gu Yue took a step forward. The spirit power aura of his body was released, wrapping the newly born battle armor belt, and began to brand it with himself.

"Oh my God, it succeeded! They really forged the parts of a battle armor! It's not easy!"

In the distance, sensing the powerful aura of Yao Xuan and Gu Yue, Wu Changkong nodded in satisfaction, and was amazed in his heart. The ability to create battle armor parts within a month of enrollment is unprecedented in Shrek Academy. of.

At the same time, Wu Changkong is also a little curious. Yao Xuan seems to have never said that he has learned mecha manufacturing, but considering that so many things have happened to Yao Xuan, it is not too surprising that he knows mecha manufacturing. Surprised thing.

"What is that? What a terrifying coercion!"

"Yeah! What exactly are the squad leader and deputy squad leader building? There is such a big movement."

"I know! If I'm not wrong, they are building battle armor! In a month's work, we have not yet learned to make mecha, and everyone has successfully made parts of battle armor. This gap is really too big! "

"Hi! It's actually a part of the battle armor! The squad leader and deputy squad leader are so terrifying!"


As soon as the Doujiao belt was born, all the students in the class cast their gazes and talked a lot, with shocking expressions in their eyes, and looked at Yao Xuan and Gu Yue with great admiration, with a cold breath in their mouths. .

Under the gaze of the students, Gu Yue also established a very mysterious connection with the battle armor. The battle armor belt in front of her seemed to be an extension of her body and a part that she could completely control. , The brilliance it emits has also changed from nine colors to silver.

"This feeling is really amazing! Is this the battle armor? What a wonderful experience!"

Feeling this magical and indescribable feeling, Gu Yue couldn't help but think secretly in her heart. Immediately, she slightly urged her spirit power and waved to the battle armor belt in front of her.

The next moment, the battle armor belt in front of Gu Yue flickered suddenly, then suddenly rose into the air, galloped toward her body, and finally merged with her body.

Immediately, with Gu Yue's thoughts, a faint silver particle bloomed from her waist. They flew in the air, and immediately condensed into shape, and turned into a silver skirt-like battle armor, exuding a beautiful brilliance. .

At this point, the entire battle armor manufacturing process is over. What Gu Yue has to do next is to keep warming the battle armor belt with his soul power to increase the corresponding degree of fit, and at the same time, make appropriate adjustments to the core soul guidance array as needed. Fine-tune until she and the battle armor fit perfectly.

"Thank you, Yao Xuan."

Feeling the magic of the battle armor, Gu Yue did not forget Yao Xuan who made the battle armor. She walked to Yao Xuan's side, smiled, stood on her toes, and immediately kissed Yao Xuan on the cheek. For a moment.

"Yes, Yue'er. Wearing this battle armor, you have become more attractive."

After receiving Gu Yue's compliment, Yao Xuan also stroked her hair with a smile, and said sincerely.

"Ahem, Yao Xuan, Gu Yue, is it convenient for you to come forward and show it?"

When Yao Xuan and Gu Yuexiu were in love, Wu Changkong on the podium coughed lightly and said immediately.

"Yes, Teacher Wu."

After listening to Wu Changkong's words, Yao Xuan and Gu Yue looked at each other with a smile, then shook hands and walked onto the podium together.

"Today, we are very happy to discover that some students in our class have successfully built the parts of the battle armor. Now, let us ask them to show us their battle armor."

Seeing Yao Xuan and Gu Yue on stage, Wu Changkong introduced to the students that all the students immediately turned their eyes to Yao Xuan and Gu Yue, full of admiration, admiration and envy.

After today, they are already five-body to Yao Xuan and Gu Yue, especially Wu Si Duo, and they have a faint love for Yao Xuan. After all, he is so handsome and so powerful.

"According to the normal course requirements, you will not start to build the battle armor until the third grade. Yao Xuan and Gu Yue can take the lead in completing the battle armor. This is their accumulation and hard work. You must learn from them."

Looking at the envied and shocked students down the stage, Wu Changkong used Yao Xuan and Gu Yue as the examples and loudly urged the students to continue their efforts, and then encouraged Yao Xuan and Gu Yue a few words before letting them leave the podium.


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With Gu Yue Enter The Mid Level Spiritual Promotion Platform During The Riots Thanks To Repentance Big Brother Wan Reward Chapter 320: Meet Tianfeng Douluo And Encounter Beast Tide Seeking Monthly Ticket At The End Of The Month Seeking A Starting Point For Subscription Chapter 321: King Kong Wild Boar Group Fierce Battle Thanks To Flower Blossom And New Year The Big Guy For 30000 Points Chapter 322: Gu Yue Shot Element Fusion Storm