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The Wild Bunch, now fully assembled, hiked out to another mountain range where they set up for camp for the now darkened night. A fire was created to keep the team warm. Meals were purchased using the Reality Check Snack Tool.

"How are we able to purchase snacks," asked Vanessa.

Jeff answered, "By completing conditions for food, setting up a safe area, and then purchasing with our own money".

Logan was showing his tablet around for all to see it.

"Look," he said, "I sneaked into an ogre's lair and stole it. It says":

"I am so sorry that I did not come sooner. I never see you for weeks at a time. You have no idea how sorry I am that I did not do things better for the both of us. But it is okay because I will be here until you get home. And who knows, maybe I can be better for you".

"Let me see," asked Jeff as he held out both his hands

As Jeff read the tablet, he instantly denounced what Logan had read. He began reading the tablet himself:

"Hey, just wanted you to know that you are doing great. We haven't left. We are still here watching over you all. We are proud of what you are doing and what you are accomplishing. Just take your time. There's no rush. And be easy".

Logan and Jeff began bickering over the tablet while Vanessa struggled to speak above them. Fortunately, Andres took control demanding they past the tablet around to allow everybody the chance to read.

He first instructed Vanessa to go first:

"It's easy not to understand when you are young. But this is what we sought to prevent. We dream for the day you come marching home with your head tall and has conquered all obstacles before you. Yet here we are, watching you once more".

Vanessa was shaken by who could be watching her. Dani stood on her toes, taking the artifact:

"It's hard each day knowing how young you were. Grab the treasure that lies in front of you. Cherish what you have. Without much worry, you will find something better than what you have here".

"My turn I guess," said Hakim.

"A strong one of valor. I envy your heroism. If I possessed only half of your strength and courage, perhaps the roles here could have been reversed. You can hide me behind your smile. I know you're strong enough to do it. You will get through this just like before. Just know that I will always love you".

Lastly, Andres took the artifact to see what was in store for him. It said:

"I can't help but say how strong you are in everything you do. I am watching here and time after time I see a strong man who manages to overcome obstacles of all kinds. When it is a war, you stand strong. When there is a storm, you stand against the currents. I only wish I could've shown you the strength you possess so that you know what you are capable of. But for now, I will be here until you get back to your feet".

"Okay," said Jeff, "what do you guys think"?

Logan held his mouth to the side with a thought before saying, "I think we're dead".

"Does anybody with a brain have a suggestion?" asked Jeff.

Vanessa attempted to answer, but Logan had quickly defended himself saying, "look, these all sound like things somebody would say to us if we were dead or dying. So it makes sense".

Jeff was quick to shut Logan up with half of the team backing his decision. It put an odd feeling in Vanessa, yet allowed her to explain her theory. She had believed that there were spirits in the forest that were watching them. Further, she believed there was a war breaking out among the wildlife that they must end.

It made sense to Jeff. However, the tablet itself didn't point them in any direction to solve this case. Instead, it appeared to be meaningless babble. He tossed the artifact over the mountain.

The artifact was falling mid-air when a wolf jumped up biting Hakim's neck. Vanessa instinctively jumped back with Dani while Andres and Logan quickly attacked the wolf.

"Run!" yelled Jeff as he saw a pack of wolves chasing them.

Dani and Jeff took off running as oppose to Andres and Logan who were fighting the wolves. Most of them bit onto Andres, leading Logan to call out, "Lightning".

All of the wolves, along with Andres and Hakim, were fully electrocuted by Logan. Vanessa stood scared in her fighting stance as she saw Hakim's neck bit open and Andres' body torn apart by the lightning.

"Yeah, you're done. My bad guys," said Logan as he looked down on his two dead buddies, "See ya tomorrow".

After grabbing the ring and machete. He and Vanessa ran to catch up to Jeff and Dani.

As the two ran through the woods, Logan began apologizing for the attack. The wolves may have caught them off guard, but it was foolish of them not to have an effective defense of sort.

On the other hand, Vanessa was more concerned with the pain inflicted on their fallen comrades. She began pestering Logan about their well being of which he confirmed the pain. The pain received is oftentimes both intense and real. However, all Isekai Game Players had to get used to this if they ever wanted a shot at pro.

The two kept running until Logan stopped at a bush, explaining what had happened. Dani poked her head out making fun of Logan for letting Andres and Hakim die.

"Yo, this is why I said 'run'. Now we lost two teammates". said Jeff. "What are we going to do now"?

For Logan the answer was simple. They were to set a camp with a fire watch. In the morning, they would raid the houses of ogres in the level three area where he had gone before.

A silence filled the night upon Jeff's orders to simply go to sleep as they will look for the market in the morning instead.

"So no night watch," asked Vanessa to which Jeff immediately answered "no".

The remaining members of The Wild Bunch had laid their heads down in the dirt and went to sleep.

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