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In the morning, Vanessa woke up to an egg croissant with orange juice from Jeff. He purchased it at the courtesy of Logan's player points. Standing close to Vanessa, he began ranting about how Logan stayed up through the night to keep watch over everybody. Laughing at the nonsense that is Logan, Vanessa watched as he was performing sword tricks with the machete.

Just as everybody was eating their breakfast, a gust of smoke filled the air.

"Ew. Go away losers," yelled Dani as a largely built black boy tackled and tied up Vanessa.

Jeff attempted to grab his gun when a skinny Cuban boy with tattoos and long curly blonde hair kicked it away. A rifle's muzzle was only 1 foot away from Jeff's face, causing his sweat to pour like a fountain.

A bald white guy who looked as though he was 40 years old had stepped out yelling with a big cheesy smile "Well ain't it our favorite team, The damn Wild Bunch. How are yall do-"?

"Let's go baldy!" yelled Logan as he swung the machete towards the man.

Another bigger white guy with two swords had parried Logan's attack and roundhouse kicked him down.

"Stay down," said the white boy, holding his swords towards logan with a foot on the fallen machete.

With a knee pressed in her temple, Vanessa was forced to look away from the action.

"Alright" yelled the bald guy with his hands on his hips, "For the love of god can you all relax. Seriously Mike, you are about to crush her skull. Let up a little. And Carter, I know you hate Logan but damn".

Dani remained sitting untouched eating her egg sandwich. "Baldy, why are you so ugly? You look so old".

"It's genetics" answered the bald guy, "I get it from my father".

"Liar" replied Dani, "I feel so sad for your girlfriend".

"That's why you stay single," said baldy.

"No, that's why you stay single" answered Dani.

A big Cuban guy with multiple piercings and tattoos spoke, "Damn, she's roasting you today".

Baldy threw his hands saying, "I know! We didn't even touch her". After exhaling in frustration, he continued, "First of all, my name is not 'baldy'. It's 'Teddy'. So can the writer please stop calling me "Baldy". It's mean and I don't like it. Now, we're not here to fight. That part is too easy. We want to know if you all have a tablet-like this". Teddy held up an artifact much like the one Jeff threw away the night before.

Jeff apologized to Teddy explaining how they had thrown it away the night before. In disbelief, Teddy demanded to know where Andres and Hakim were. Chiming in with a knee digging into her head, Vanessa told Teddy they were dead.

In his doubt, Teddy informed Vanessa to allow her leader to do the talking. His glare shot towards Jeff who had confirmed Hakim and Andres were already dead despite still being on level two.

"I can't believe this," said Teddy.

"I can," said Carter.

"Alright, toss the new girl," said Teddy.

Mike immediately untied Vanessa and tossed her over the mountain into a river. Shocked by there being a lake at the bottom of the cliff, Jeff was led off as well while being insulted by Teddy for not paying attention to his surroundings. Despite this mistake, the big Cuban guy named Steven wasn't surprised.

Carter drove his blade down to slice off Logan's head. Luckily, Logan flipped a knife out to parry it. Logan drew his sword and ran off the cliff.

After falling into the water, he noticed Jeff struggling to stay afloat. Vanessa who was an adept swimmer began carrying Jeff towards the shore. Logan held his knife and short katana as he swam close to Vanessa and Jeff.

Jeff was yelling loud enough for all to hear, raging about his now kidnapped sister. In an attempt to calm him, Logan tried convincing Jeff that they were only keeping her captive to find the tablet. Yet, he couldn't help to add that he was correct.

Jeff continued swearing on about his sister, even on the dry land. He ranted on about how much he hated the game and wanted it all to end. After hearing something in the woods, Logan had asked Jeff to keep it down.

A giant club smashed Logan in the head, bouncing him against a tree. Struggling for consciousness, Logan evaded the ogre's follow up attack.

"Burn," he yelled in pain as the ogre was ignited in flames.

The ogre grabbed Jeff and bit off his head. The ogre was burning in flames with Jeff's blood dripping from his mouth as the fire spread throughout the forest.

"Run Vanessa! We're dying," said Logan as he was prepared himself to finish off the ogre.

In shock by how quickly the morning went, Vanessa ran away until there was no life in sight. She hid down by a tree recounting the fact that her entire team is dead or captured. To make matters worse, she was lost in a forest with vicious animals and ogres. She sat and contemplated her next move.

After a while, she began creeping through the woods. Hours went by before she finally heard a noise. Turning in every direction, Vanessa looked everywhere for a potential attacker

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