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With a strong Haitian accent, the AP Math teacher Mr. Baptiste spoke, "Alright, class. It was a very easy day today. I hope you all learn something. I tell you what though. If I were you, I would talk to this girl here from Italy named Vanessa or this girl here named Jaivva. I would then buy them some stuff for them and cheat off of their work. We are already in September".

The class laughed hysterically to which Mr. Baptiste affirmed, "Listen. This is no laughing matter. I don't know why the school put you all in my class. They do this every year. I teach this class. It is supposed to be a bunch of kids who are smart at math. But instead, I teach it and everybody looks at me like I have horns on my head. Then everybody treats me like my wife".

The students continued laughing as many didn't take the teacher seriously. Another AP Math Teacher named Adi intervened with a Haitian accent, "Hey Mr. Baptiste, let them students go before they tell their parents".

Mr. Baptiste stuttered, "So that's how it is. Everybody wants to go tell their parents on me? And get me fired? Then good. Class dismissed".

Vanessa walked out of the classroom laughing with all of the other students when Jaivva tapped her on the shoulder.

"Hey, you're the smart one from class," said Jaivva.

Jaivva was a darker mocha complexion with nice soft shoulder-length curly hair. She wore sweats with a small top that showed off her stomach with a hoodie over it.

"Who are you?" asked Vanessa

"I am the other smart one that he told everybody to copy off of".

"Oh, sorry. I was not paying attention".

Jaivva quenched her face saying, "No worries. Wanna get lunch? You seem cool".

Vanessa was hoping to meet more friends and saw this as an opportunity. Thus the two chatted their way slowly down the stairs into the cafeteria. They talked about family, school, and one another's country.

Jaivva was an overachiever, born and raised in Opa Locka Florida. Her parents were not too worried, but Jaivva was anxious over her future. She held all AP classes like Vanessa. Now she was bored, from quitting gymnastics, and was looking for something new. Sitting outside, Vanessa watched as Jaivva pulled out a flip phone with an anime key chain to it.

"It's my mom," said Jaivva as she opened her phone. "Hey mommy" answered Jaivva.

Vanessa stared idly waiting for Jaivva to get off of the frustrating phone call with her mom. Once Jaivva closed her phone, cursing under her breath, she looked at Vanessa who held a blank stare.

There was a moment of silence until Jaivva asked, "Is something wrong"?

"Oh nothing," answered Vanessa, "I just saw your key chain and realized you like Ayumi".

"And don't ever forget that she is a princess," said Jaivva in a serious tone before she broke out laughing.

Vanessa replied with a smile, "My favorite was Rika. She was so strong and took care of everybody".

"Eh, kinda. Them girls were wild and giving all kinds of trouble," said Jaivva, "What's your favorite anime"?

"No Game, No Life," said Vanessa as she held out her tongue and two fingers.

Jaivva smiled answering that Magikano was one of her favorites until she realized Jeff and Hakim were standing at the table. "Can we help you?" asked Jaivva.

"Sorry to bother you," said Jeff, "We just need to tell Vanessa something".

Hakim asked Vanessa to pull up her app as Jeff explained, "We already got the hint that this theme will be heavily shooting-based. So make sure you have a good gun".

"What kind should I get" asked Vanessa.

Hakim broke it down that he and Dani specialized in mortar weapons. Logan was great with demolitions and grenade launchers. Andres held a riot shield and small rockets. Jeff had a sniper rifle. There was no pressure on Vanessa to pick anything special. The choice was up to her. Especially since she was still new.

Vanessa was only scrolled on her phone, founding only handguns available. Hakim looked at Vanessa's phone, realizing that she still had testing to complete before she can get a more advanced gun. All the more, Jaivva's interest was peaked.

Jeff turned towards Jaivva and said, "It's called the Isekai Game. It's an extreme larping sport held in a stadium"?

"Sounds cool. Is it competitive?" asked Jaivva.

Both Hakim and Jeff stared at Jaivva, nodding their heads yes.


The Wild Bunch had met up outside the stadium at 7:00 AM where they each began formulating their strategy.

"Do I really only get a handgun?" asked Jaivva in utter confusion, "Because I think since we are new players we should get the good ones first you know. At least until we get a little better and some more points".

Jeff answered, "No. the game will make the gun break. Then nobody can use it".

"So what if we find a better gun," asked Vanessa.

"Only if it is a gun that you are trained to use," answered Hakim.

"So it's easy," said Jeff, "We have seven members. We are going to split into two teams. Team One will be Andres in the front, with Vanessa in the middle and Hakim in the back. Then it will be me in between the two teams staying well protected because I am the leader. The second team will be in the back. Jaivva in the front. Then Dani with Logan in the far back.

"Wait, why am I in the back team? Ain't the back team the first one to die?" asked Jaivva.

Her question was ignored by all except Logan who laughed and Dani who reassured her that the fun stuff will come soon. The team began lightly rehearsing everything from movement to repeating commands and giving ADDRACs. After only 1 hour of rehearsal, Jeff called it quits and allowed everybody to rest until 9:00 when the studio opens.

"Why are we stopping so early," asked Vanessa.

"Believe me, events like these get rough," said Andres.

Hakim added, "Also, it is a community-based theme. So we will be working with other teams to beat the game".

Jaivva asked with her voice low and lost, "What do you mean we will be working with other teams to beat the game".

Dani answered, "Sometimes we need to beat other players to beat the game, but this month we need to all work together to beat whatever they have in there for us".

"So what do they have in there for us," asked Jaivva.

"We don't know" answered Logan with a big smile knowing that Jaivva was intimidated and aggravated.

"What do you mean you don't know" asked Jaivva.

"We never know until the event starts," said Jeff.

"That makes no sense. Y'all don't recon for intel or anything," persisted Jaivva.

Hakim answered from annoyance, "We do. And that's how we know which weapons to bring and focus on".

Jaivva was about to continue with her rant until Dani placed her hand on Jaivva and said, "Don't worry, I'll protect you".

Jaivva smiled as she stared into Dani's big brown eyes knowing she was the only one she could trust.


Inside the studio, they collected their gear from the studio workers.

Jaivva began asking them questions such as, "Do you know what we are fighting in there? and can I get a machine gun with a shield"?

The workers only laughed, disregarding Jaivva's insane questions. Jaivva stormed her way to the girls' locker room where she got changed with Dani and Vanessa.

"Don't worry, it will be fun" said Vanessa.

Dani denounced the allegation of 'fun' and began ranting about how it will suck. Vanessa couldn't help but wonder if Dani had any friends.

Everybody had met together in a small room that was closed off. Jeff took the count of everybody and placed them into their teams.

"Don't mess this up Jeff" yelled Dani.

Jeff stared idly around at everybody in shock that his own sister had just said that.

"No pressure" added Hakim with his lips held tight.

The Isekai Game System had openly announced, "Squad: The Wild Bunch has now been deployed".

Andres held up his shield as the door for the game had slowly opened. It was a metal walkway that ran across the team's door with a ledge on the other side. The team saw it was a largely dimmed room after the walkway with debris and scratches everywhere.

"Split stack" called Jeff.

Everybody echoed "split stack". Jaivva was scared to go to the front alongside Andres. Logan realized her fear and placed himself as the first man in the second team. Jaivva happily let Logan go first while she stayed behind him up on his butt.

"Go" yelled Jeff. Andres and Logan had simultaneously exited the room. Logan hooked left while Andres hooked right. Jaivva stayed on Logan's butt while Vanessa fell behind prompting Hakim to push her.

Gunshots were heard from the two boys as they shot aliens jumping at them. After running out in a panic, Jaivva's shots went into the air and everywhere. Dani backed up Logan, of which the two blew up a number of oncoming aliens.

The walkway couldn't sustain the consecutive blasts which caused Logan, Jaivva, and Dani to fall to the lower flooded floor.

"Are you guys alright?" yelled Jeff, staring 30 feet down at his comrades.

Hakim and Andres began pushing through the aliens with Vanessa flowing with them.

"Jeff, let's go!" yelled Hakim.

Jeff was staring as Logan, Dani, and Jaivva rose up and continued to push forward. Hakim began dragging Jeff who was yelling at his fallen teammates to stay put.

Hakim assured him that Dani and Logan would've ignored him anyway. Jeff felt his voice coming to a loss, threw his hands up, and ran with Hakim to catch up to Vanessa and Andres.

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