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Spring is identically with sakura, that flowers bloom once a year. Various office, company, and school activities start from this season. The young people walked in uniforms with neat suits, trousers and mini skirts, decorated by the beautiful pink scenery that walked down the road to the school building, as if a young soul had sprung back.

All students want a fun school life, have lots of extras and have lots of friends. However, for some reasons some students are not able to enjoy their school years.

There are those who only focus on future careers, there are those who only go to school according to their obligations without having a goal and even looking for a boyfriend? could be a reason why someone wants to continue their schooling.

Unlike the case with Fuyuki Matsuda. This cute man who has green eyes and white hair, was forced to go to school again because of his father's orders.

"It sucks." That was all he could say when he entered the gate of Abeno High School, there was nothing of interest to him. During the next three years, he will live life with Hiyori Fujisaki and Mawaru Yoshioka who are his childhood friends.

Due to his extraordinary intelligence, Fuyuki got the highest score on the student admission test, scoring perfectly on all the subject tests. As a result, as the number 1 best student, he became a superstar in his school.

"Why did he become famous? I shouldn't have just intended to take the test." In his mind, Fuyuki knew that he had become the talk of the whole school.

"Don't be like that, the master should be grateful!" said Mawaru who walked over to him and grabbed his shoulder. Followed by Hiyori who was walking casually looking down while playing games on her smartphone, "Please accept it with pride."

Mawaru and Hiyori's words made Fuyuki even more lazy to step his feet and suddenly fell silent. He closed his eyes, reflecting on his goal "Come to think of it, I am here because of keeping a will from father." So, like it or not, we have to go to school.

The silent Fuyuki started to take footsteps and advanced, "Alright!" he muttered as he opened his eyes, his face that had been languid now revived.

"Hmm ...."

"Finally he realized too!" In Hiyori's heart, smiling faintly saw Fuyuki getting excited again.

"By the way, where is our class?" Mawaru revived the atmosphere.

"Eh-!? Don't tell me you haven't seen the notice board at the front entrance earlier." Hiyori started messing around with an annoyed expression.

"R-really?" Mawaru was a little restless.

"Don't you really know, Mawaru?" Fuyuki looked at him in disbelief.

"Yes." Mawaru answered with an expression as flat as a plank. In Mawaru's heart, "I'm so lazy if I have to see him there again."

"I'm in class 1-B." Hiyori said casually while pointing a finger at the classroom in question.

"What about Master?" Mawaru asked Fuyuki who was hoping anxiously with the hope of the same class.

"I don't know." Fuyuki deliberately ignores Mawaru but sneaks into class 1-B.

"Why did you even enter there !?" Mawaru screamed in annoyance as if he had been hit by a prank.

Hiyori and Fuyuki looked for a seat, and they sat close together while Mawaru was pensive in the corner of the classroom door.

Hiyori whispered to Fuyuki who saw Mawaru from a distance.

"Why don't you just say he's 1-B too." Because among the three of them, the only one who saw the class list was Fuyuki.

"I tested his abilities." Fuyuki replied briefly.

"What does it mean?" Hiyori asked in surprise.

Fuyuki sighed for a moment and explained the reason, "He has the ability to read minds, if he were trained for such negligence."

"Oh so that's the reason."

"Yes." Fuyuki got up from his seat and headed for the door. He grabbed Mawaru's hand and brought him into the classroom while Hiyori said "Another reason Mawaru calls you master is because you stand out in a public place like this, right?"

Fuyuki smiled gently, put Mawaru's hand on the empty seat in front of Hiyori and said, "So, just call my name as usual."

Mawaru looked down and grabbed the chair in his hand. He immediately sat down with Mawaru's face blushed because he couldn't read the situation. For a moment this cute girl who was nervous because of her mistake turned towards Fuyuki and said a word quietly, "I'm sorry, Fu-fu-fuyuki."

"Why are you so nervous?" in Fuyuki's heart. "Yes, don't do it again!" the impression is even awkward.

The first time in class there is an introductory session where all students must mention their name, hobbies and reasons for entering this school.

"When it's my turn, I'll say I want to go to school because it's a short distance from home." That's what Fuyuki thought.

But actually, the biggest reason he entered Abeno High School was because of the will of his father who served as president director of the Miyamoto company and died 4 months ago.


That day, January 1, 2012.

The Day of Death of Toushiro Matsuda, Fuyuki's father. Just when he was 16 years old.


[06.30] Fuyuki, who just woke up, got up from his bed and headed for the bathroom.

I woke up and took a shower, did not forget to brush my teeth, after taking a shower I helped my mother

Since Fuyuki's mother was not there, Fuyuki made the bed himself.

Fuyuki's daily morning only looks after the house. He is no longer in school since graduating from the Rakugaki Academy 2 years ago. At the age of 14, he received the title as the number 1 best graduate in Rakugaki.


Rakugaki is a place to accommodate spiritual power users. People who have the potential to control their spiritual power are guided and directed to have jobs according to their abilities. Usually 'they' are called RAIZU and are divided by each division unit according to ability. There are 9 main Divisions that regulate the stability of the Rakugaki. Other divisions such as the executive body, medical unit and contractors are not tied to the main division and are incorporated in special divisions. While the highest division in the Rakugaki is the Zero Division with the code RAIZU-00. Zero Division Only has 4 members where the ability of each member is equivalent to 1 Main Division Unit. One of them is Fuyuki Matsuda, who has an extraordinary level of intelligence and the strongest ice element capable of freezing land. Unfortunately, his powers should not be carelessly used in the real world and there is a special prohibition for the Zero Division itself from harming ordinary humans.

So far Fuyuki has never used his ability to fight with someone. He becomes less sociable and only leaves the house when there is an interest or runs a job from his division.


After cleaning, Fuyuki prepared food as usual. When going to the kitchen, accidentally bumped into his father who came out of the room wearing neat office clothes, "Want to leave this early?" Fuyuki asked Toushiro while looking at his father's cheerful face.

"Soon." Toushiro cheerfully replied to Fuyuki's words. Then Toushiro sat on the sofa turning on the tv watching the morning news.

"Better have breakfast first, I'll make a bento." Fuyuki was very concerned about his father.


He looks so happy, has he won the lottery? Or is the company's stock going up? "Strange" he thought.

So far, Fuyuki only saw his father's face which felt as flat as a wooden plank. Toushiro is masculine and does not smile easily, sometimes he only smiles thinly, never shows his teeth, let alone laughs out loud, even company people say he is a super cool director. However, today it feels different.

Even though Toushiro's cool character is not much different from Fuyuki, whose friends call him an icy cold boy.

With her cooking skills, Fuyuki prepared breakfast very well as if she wanted to eat it heartily. None other than the delicious smell of cooking that lured a 24-year-old woman out of her room, she was Fuyuki's foster sister "Ashina Miyamoto."

Their surnames were distinguished because Ashina was not Fuyuki's real sister, she was adopted by her mother since childhood. The Matsuda family only wants real descendants, therefore there is a prohibition on adopted children not to use their family name. Even though it is only an adoptive sister, Fuyuki already thinks like a sister himself, but he doesn't fully trust him because for Fuyuki he could be a double-edged sword for his family.

"Isn't it time to go?" said Ashina while looking at her watch.

"Yes, is it." Toushiro smiled while looking at his watch, then Fuyuki gave a box of bento to the two of them.

"Thank you Fuyuki, today I will be home at 8 pm." Toushiro's message to his son who was left at home alone.

Fuyuki only drove his brother and father away to the front of the house, they rode a car together and worked at his mother's Miyamoto company.

Toushiro as the main director has a special office, while Ashina is a field worker in the personnel administration. They are already busy with their respective jobs.

If just waiting for someone's arrival makes you bored, Fuyuki uses his time to practice his physical abilities and moves.

When he felt he had been practicing long enough, he stopped for a moment and took his smartphone which was on the table near his training ground. He immediately checked his smartphone, which had read 'kring kring', indicating that there were many incoming messages on his social media.

January 1st, yes.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! "Happy Birthday" a lot of sayings like that in incoming messages on his smartphone. In Fuyuki's heart "Today is my birthday."

I should've just made a cake to celebrate with my brother and dad "When are they home again!?" thought Fuyuki as he hurried towards the kitchen.

Without thinking Fuyuki made his own birthday cake. The cake is neatly polished and decorated with fresh cream with a pile of strawberries on top.

"It's finally finished."

[Fuyuki Matsuda's Stawberry Shortcake, successful!]

Now all Fuyuki is doing is waiting for the two of them to return.

He sat by the window to see the car carrying Ashina and Toushiro, but never came.

It was 8 pm already, "Maybe he forgot." Fuyuki muttered remembering his father's message while sitting waiting in front of the cake.

He returned to see the weather outside the house, cold.

Today it snowed heavily.

Fuyuki returned to the house.

Then ....

1 hour later.

*Knock! Knock! Knock! (The sound of someone knocking on the door)

"Sister is home already !?" Fuyuki was shocked to see Ashina coming home with Mondo, Toushiro's bodyguard.


"Where's dad?"

"He told me to go home first, gave this to you." Ashina, holding out a huge white box.

Fuyuki squealed "Tch!"

"I have bad feeling."

Fuyuki put the box he received from Ashina in front of him. "Eh- !? What's wrong Fuyuki?" Ashina asked in amazement at Fuyuki's attitude which suddenly turned cold with her sharp eyes.

"Did my attitude make him angry?" in Ashina's heart, "It's bad if she brings out her strength it's over my history!"

"Mondo, take me to father's place!" said Fuyuki irritatedly because he waited a long time for his father to return.

"What kind of sensation is this?" in Mondo's heart, "Eve killed him almost choking my neck!"

Mondo had no other choice but to comply with his wishes. Mondo rushed to heat the car, followed by Fuyuki, who was walking behind Mondo.

"Wait Fuyuki, maybe he's still busy right now so just wait a little longer, he will definitely come." Ashina tried to prevent it because she couldn't bear to see her sister go out at night while it was snowing heavily.

Those sharp eyes stared at Ashina, as if she had gone numb in an instant. "Sister, just a separator between me and father." The harsh words from the younger brother pierced his sister's heart.

Making Ashina bowed and teary.


Fuyuki closed the door hard, went out wearing a thick coat, got into the car and sat in front near Mondo who was driving the car.

"Hurry up!"


Mondo was forced to speed up on the streets.

A few minutes later, Miyamoto Company arrived.

Fuyuki immediately searched for his father's office, accompanied by Mondo who had to patrol around the office at night and see his boss again.

"This is the boss's office!"

"Is my father really here?"


Fuyuki knocked 3 times on the door without response. Then Mondo touched the hinges but the door was locked. Mondo broke into it, "Come on in!" and when they entered, the whole place was dark. "Where's the switch?" Fuyuki asked, feeling the nearby wall, he immediately turned on the light. His office is a mess, lots of scattered paper and broken glass. On the workbench was a laptop that was on, a piece of bread that had only been eaten by a small amount and the leftover of a jasmine-scented tea. Fuyuki stepped slowly toward his desk and he saw Toushiro lying behind the work chair. One of the employees accidentally saw the two of them enter the room, then the employee came in but the situation he saw made the employee shiver and his body trembled.

"He's not breathing anymore."

Mondo asked the employee for an ambulance and the police. Fuyuki can only testify to the death of his father. Fuyuki refuses his father's body to be autopsied. He is sure that Toushiro did not die from a work accident but was killed. Toushiro's death made Fuyuki believe that the incident was carried out by a spiritual power user, not an ordinary person. Therefore, Fuyuki didn't want to involve many people and asked the police to start an investigation in secret.

Just then one of the policemen found an envelope that said "For Fuyuki."

Mondo who was standing behind the policeman saw him, "Oh, this is ...!"

"Come here Young Master." Mondo called out to Fuyuki.

"What's wrong, Mondo?" Fuyuki said and walked over to Mondo, then mondo gave the envelope he was holding.

Toushiro left a will for his son in his drawer.

In the will that Toushiro wrote, there were two things that Fuyuki had to live with.

The first: Fuyuki has to go to Abeno High School.

The second: if both of his parents are dead, Fuyuki must inherit Miyamoto's company.

The highest power holder or CEO, an owner of this company is Zakura Miyamoto, Fuyuki's grandfather. He handed over the position of Toushiro to Fuyuki, he was sure that Fuyuki could run this company, this will could be used as a form of training when he inherited the company. With great force Fuyuki had to accept it.


Birthday is the anniversary of a person's birth, marking the day when life outside the womb begins. Usually, birthdays are the most awaited time because birthday celebrations are synonymous with parties, gifts and delicious food. But what happens when something tragic happens on a birthday?

The 16-year-old boy must see his father's death briefly and continue his father's position as chief executive and student at the school. In such a difficult position, as much as possible he should not bankrupt his company and he must have a good reputation in school.

"If we want something but just contemplate on something without trying it won't do us any good."

In front of his father's grave, Fuyuki promised that someday he would reveal his father's death.

This time, it seemed to him that life was solving a riddle.

It all starts with the beginning of this brief introduction.

Next ....

Introduce yourself!

"My name is Fuyuki Matsuda. My wish to enter this school is ...."

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