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Fuyuki became the center of attention in class 1-B, not only the students in his class who admired Fuyuki, even the homeroom teacher of class 1-B named Midoriya Misaki was amazed to see the figure of this cute man who spoke firmly. Misaki's love for the Shota character from the autoge game made her feel stunned when she saw Fuyuki.

Made Misaki want to hug him.

But there was nothing in particular that Fuyuki liked when he mentioned it in his introductory session. Misaki thought there must be something she was aiming for and started the conversation

"Oh, you are the kid who got the perfect score. What are your dreams?"

"Um ...."

Still thinking about it? don't say you don't have aspirations either.

"There is, but there is only one." Fuyuki sighed and spat his answer, "Make my mother happy" Fuyuki said with a cheerful smile.

Instantly Misaki's heart was touched to hear that, not only cute but a good boy. Misaki imagined if she had a child like that.

Midoriya Misaki, 30 years old.

Current homeroom teacher of class 1-B.

His hobby is playing online games.

Math teacher

"All right, next ...."


Most of the people don't know where Fuyuki's mother is currently, whether she is alive or dead. Mawaru and Hiyori who knew Fuyuki's true figure could only put on a stiff face because it was certain that the smile and expression he had put on earlier were lies.

Hiyori who saw Fuyuki grow up every day without knowing where his mother was sure made him always gloomy. Moreover, he went to school because he was forced, not to mention his job as head of the company and his mission to train both of them. Fuyuki, who has borne a lot of burdens, is in fact not someone who is always cheerful.

The smile on his face was just a mask. Whereas the ranking he got is a reflection of his hard work to survive in this world.


When the introductory session is over, the homeroom teacher asks the students in his class to form a class structure. A person who is a class administrator is elected based on the majority of votes.

The class structure cannot be separated from the positions of class leader, vice class leader, 1st secretary, 2nd secretary, and exchequer. Suddenly a 1-B student named Shinji Akiyama raised his hand and suggested something.

"Excuse, Misaki-Sensei!" summoned Shinji to his homeroom teacher, Misaki. "I have a suggestion, what if Fuyuki Matsuda is appointed as class president? I think many will vote for him."

"Well the proposal is accepted." In her heart Misaki was happy if Fuyuki was chosen as class president, because she thought she would meet each other when there was a class stewardship assignment.

Then a 1-B student named Madara Madarame proposed himself as class president. He wants to be a leader who can be a shield or protector in the class. Fuyuki felt that being class president was very conspicuous for someone who was trying to hide his identity. He had resigned from the nomination for class president. However, based on the most votes, Fuyuki narrowly won between himself and Madara. Some students are also not sure that Madara can lead the class because of his social background.

Finally the class structure is formed!

*Class 1-B structure*

Class Leader: Fuyuki Matsuda.

Who doesn't know Fuyuki Matsuda? The most popular person today. Yes, this is the atmosphere.

Vice Class Leader: Madara Madarame.

It is said that Madara was a former gangster in the Tennouji district. His face seemed stern and fierce, he was also a thug in his middle school. Sometimes he was often visited by nearly 10 attackers at school. What a problem child! But his academic rankings are quite good and very athletic.

1st Secretary: Asada Yuuki

Asada is an alumni of Shimizudani Middle School. Has a good background in playing chess and he is good at recapitulating all chess matches. Reportedly Asada had won against a pro level player. However, afterwards he refused the offer to become a chess player. Uh, what does playing chess have to do with being a secretary?

Asada often recapitulates something, such as a schedule or game strategy written in a book. Maybe his strategic ability was the same as Mawaru's. According to his friends, the recap Asada wrote was neat and easy to understand to read. In fact, his friends often copy Asada's notebooks.

*Asada's current close friends: Daisy Hanazawa, Ran Mochizuki, and Nanoha Tanizaki.*

2nd Secretary: Irie Hatada

Usually called Hairi. He is the handsome boy in the class besides Hiyori Fujisaki and Tou Kikumaru. Since junior high school in grade 2 he often brings guitar to school. He brought this habit to high school and was determined to enter an art club. With full of charisma, he wanted to join the drama club at school. He dreams of becoming an artist and musician. Hairi was chosen as the secretary because he is fast in writing, especially the things that become his inspiration for creating song lyrics.

Exchequer: Baihaki Kaizan

Baihaki Hairi's close friend and confidant. Baihaki comes from a conglomerate family that manages 10 major companies in Japan. Even though he is rich, he is not arrogant and always helps Hairi. He has a cute round face, a kind fat boy.

Once you hear the recess bell, orientation is complete.

In class hours on the next day discussing pickets and class needs.

The thing Fuyuki has been waiting for the most is to return home. For Fuyuki, the school atmosphere was boring and made him even less enthusiastic when he became class leader.

"I have to be in a troublesome position again." Fuyuki muttered.

"Alright enough for today, lessons will start tomorrow!" said Misaki-Sensei.

"Yes maaaaam!" answered all the students 1-B.

"Class leader, please close the lesson!"


After school, Fuyuki intended to lie at home. However, the sound of the cellphone rang and made Fuyuki have to immediately pick up.


"What is wrong?"

"Come to my room!"


Fuyuki hung up the phone and headed for the principal's room, where someone called earlier. However, his footsteps were stopped by a large man, with his hair tied back and this fierce face.

"Eh, Madarame! It's just shocking."

Fuyuki and Madara looked at each other, Fuyuki's cute face was surprised to make Madara not look away for a second.

"W-what's wrong Madara"

"You ...."

"Yes?" Madara slowly brought his face closer to Fuyuki's.

"Isn't this too close?" in Fuyuki's heart. Suddenly he looked away.

"Em ..., can you help me?"


Instantly they didn't move. Then, "Um ...!" the two of them began to speak to each other.

"Go ahead, please." Fuyuki surrendered and gave in. His intention was not to involve himself in someone's life but instead was asked for help by someone.

"I want to ask you to help me fight. You know right? If I'm a gangster, soon my group will be beaten up by Dorgeia's group because of that I need your help to fight with my group. So can you"

Not finished talking, Fuyuki immediately cut the conversation "Sorry I can't. Please find another one."

Fuyuki resumed his steps.

'Tap Tap Tap'

But Madara stopped Fuyuki's steps with his right hand holding his left shoulder.


Fuyuki immediately fell silent.

"Why do you just refuse?", Madara thought "Tch even though I thought my choice was right."

Fuyuki silently ignored Madara. He continues his steps 'tap tap tap'

"Oi! Wait!" Madara grabbed his shoulders again and this time he was in front of Fuyuki and looking at him seriously.

"I think you're the only one"

"Please find another one." Fuyuki replied ignoring Madara's gaze. When Fuyuki was about to take another step, Madara blocked his way.

"Get off!"

"I will not give up."

"How pushy."

Instantly Fuyuki's eyes turned cold.

Fuyuki tried to bully him but, it only made Madara even more interested.

"I like your pure look, not the one full of lies."

Madara continued speaking, "You thought I asked you for free? I know you're a strong person."

"Don't just talk, okay!" Fuyuki responded.

"I'm not just talking."

Fuyuki then fell silent with a flat expression.

"There were once three abandoned children under a tree. Then the grandfather found the three of them and took them to the temple because he was the guardian of the temple. Grandfather took care of them and practiced martial arts on the three children until one of them became strong. become strong, the boy left the temple without saying goodbye to grandfather. A year later the child's existence was found, and he was in a different dimension world. Grandfather knew, one time they would all go to that place. Grandfather could only train him and send the two of them to the same place as that strong child. From the rumors I know, he has tremendous power. You must know who he is!? Fuyuki Matsuda."

"Yes, that's me."

"Finally you confessed."

"But, I can not serve you. Please find someone else."

"You're not even asking how I know all this."

"...." Fuyuki had no other choice but to be silent.

However, he became uncomfortable with Madara blocking his way, "Say it!"

"I'am is a grandson of the grandfather."


"Just 'oh'?"

"Do you want me to help you as repayment to your grandfather? Or if I refuse your request, you will judge me?"

"Not both. This is my own request." A moment after saying that, Madara's face became sad.

"Why are you only asking me for help? Not with the other two kids?"

"You must have forgotten something before you left Grandfather."


"Keep in mind!"

Suddenly Fuyuki's phone rang [Yamada-san]

"Madarame move aside, I don't have time."

Madara squealed "Tch!"

Then leave.

"I await your decision."

What really happened?


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