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2:30 pm at the Principal's Office


The sound of the door opening ...

He saw someone sitting in the headmaster's chair holding a cell phone. "I thought you were not coming, young master." Said Kei Yamada, the current principal.

"How can I ignore my subordinates who are working!?" said Fuyuki as he closed the door then walked over to Kei.

"What's calling me?"

"Sit down first." Kei stood up and invited Fuyuki to sit on the sofa provided in the room.

Then Fuyuki sat down and checked his cellphone.

"Sorry, I ignored that call because there was a bit of trouble down the road."

Kei headed to the room behind his office which could be called a kitchen while carrying a glass that he kept in his closet "What do you want to drink? Tea or coffee?"

"Just mineral water."



Finally Kei served Fuyuki a glass of water at the table in front of him sitting down, while he put down a cup of coffee then brewed it.

*Srrrrt "Hmm ... where should I start ...?"


Then Kei put down a cup of coffee that he had brewed.

Fuyuki took the glass filled with water and drank it mouthful by mouth then Kei said, "Young Master, be the student council president."

Suddenly Kei's words made Fuyuki startled and choked while drinking it ....

Instantly made Fuyuki cough and spilled some of the water in the glass.

'Cough cough cough'

'Cough cough cough cough cough'

Cough cough

"Eh, a-are you all right?" Kei took a box of tissue available at the principal's desk and put it near him then pulled out a tissue and wiped the water spilled on Fuyuki's front desk.

"Yes, I am doing okay."

"Sorry, if what I said earlier might startle you."

"I refuse." Again, Fuyuki gets troublesome requests.

"What!!!!!!!!?" Kei shouted loudly while widened his eyes.

"Oi oi lower your voice" Fuyuki finished drinking and put the glass on his front table. Then stand up and say "Thank you for the treat" and step away from the sofa.

"Wait a minute!" Kei shouted towards Fuyuki, "Listen to my explanation first!"


Instantly Fuyuki stopped his footsteps and turned towards the sofa. In Fuyuki's heart, "I don't know why I feel strange about what Yamada-san will say."

Fuyuki returned to his seat earlier.

"There was an incident before I became head of the school." Yamada-san bluntly.

"Incident?" Fuyuki Wonder

"Yes, this was known by the previous student council president."


Kei continued his story ..., "This incident before the graduation ceremony yesterday, Kaito Hirazawa disappeared without a trace in the building behind the school."

"Without a trace huh, sounds familiar ...." Fuyuki was reminded of the case of his father who died in a closed room without stains.

"That afternoon, Akita Hongo 3-A student who is the student council president wants to meet the principal to discuss the arrangements for graduation."

*Illustration of that time:

"Sensei, Yamada-sensei!" shouted Akita from a distance calling Yamada who was then homeroom teacher of class 3-A, the Language Teacher.

"What's wrong Hongo?"

"Sensei, I want to ask for his advice please ...." Akita handed over the detailed schedule as possible, as well as Akita's graduation speech as student council president to the principal and all students. Kei was asked to correct his grammar.

Then Kei invites Akita to the teacher's room, because Kei is her homeroom teacher, she also teaches Akita to maintain a polite attitude to meet the principal in person.

Akita Hongo has no parents so far, he rarely has friends and was often bullied when he was in high school. Akita lives on a lease not far from her school and also works part time. The money he has collected so far is for the needs of his school principal.

When the then homeroom teacher Hana Hirazawa, who was the principal's son, found out that Akita was a poor child, he asked the principal to provide assistance to Akita. The school principal is willing to pay for Akita, but Akita's achievements should not drop from the top 10. Finally, Hana mentored him as Akita's special teacher. A few months later, Hana moved to Tokyo to join her husband on a business trip and Hana asked Kei to take her place as Akita's mentor because she was a close friend.

After walking for a year, Kei and Akita were close, like father and son. Akita's accomplishments really improved and Kei soon nominated him as student council president. The school principal agreed and continued to leave Akita with Kei. However, so far Akita has never met directly with the principal. He asked Yamada for advice to meet the principal in person and thanked him for his help so far.

The principal at that time was difficult to find because he was a researcher who was not always at school.

Later, Akita prepared to meet the principal.

After school, Akita brought a number of schedule equipment, along with speeches and gifts for the principal. He headed for the principal's room. However, he didn't find the principal at all.

Akita immediately called Kei

"Sensei, is he really here?"

"Yes, he said he was in his room."

"But there's nobody here."

"Eh!" Yamada's surprised voice over the phone, "You knocked before entering, didn't you?"


"That's bad, that means it wasn't the principal in the room just now ...." thought Kei.

"Hongo, come to my room as soon as possible" asked Kei as he hurried to prepare a number of detective-style equipment.

Then Akita actually came to Kei's room.

"What's wrong, sensei?"

"The principal has been framed."

"What!!!!?" Akita was shocked as if he could not believe this

"You know, he was"

"Wait a minute, why did sensei know that he was framed?"

"From the way the door opened."

"I've taught you to knock for 3 times right."

"That's right, after knocking on the door, the bell on his desk rang and was heard from outside the door."

"Yeah right, it's a sensor. But the sensor went off when it hit you. That means the principal is now going with someone else."

"So that's a special code for meeting sensei?"

"Yes, I've asked him to be willing to meet. Honestly, he's a great researcher, and today you should meet him because I told him."

"Then where is the principal now?"

"Maybe not far from here, look at the sensor is not gone." While showing the chip-like sensor placed on Akita's uniform, Kei immediately tracked his whereabouts.

"So what should we do?"

"We'll find it."

Because the inventor of the sensor chip was Kaito Hirazawa himself and entrusted Kei to guide Akita.

Then Akita and Kei walked through the whole school until late afternoon and the sun began to set. Akita happened to see him behind the school building and followed him alone.

"What's the principal doing here?" Akita wondered as if this was a strange thing because there was nothing behind the school. Meanwhile, Kei ensures Akita actually finds the principal by monitoring the radar chip in his detection device.

"This time Akita actually met him ...."

But what Akita did instead towards Kei "Eh!?"

"Damn Akita, you should have met him straight away, not here!" He thought Kei while raising his eyebrows, shouting angrily at Akita because his efforts to bring him together with the principal had been in vain "A-ki-ta!"

"Please don't be angry yet, sensei. I came to see you because the principal seems weird." Akita confused want to explain.

"How strange that means?"

"He's in the building behind the school, right, then ...." Akita felt goosebumps when he met the principal behind the school building.

"So what?"

"I called him, but there was no response at all. He looked like he was walking alone. I didn't dare touch him. And when I turned around, walked away and was going to meet Yamada-sensei, he was gone."

"Eh-eeeeeh! You mean, when you turned around he was gone?"

"That's right, sensei. Look, the radar's gone."

"Oh right."

Since the incident, the principal has been difficult to contact and has reportedly never returned home. Then, Hana, who heard that she was missing, headed to this high school. But while on the way here, Hana got into a bad accident and fell into a coma. Several days later, no one dared to approach the principal's office. Then the post of principal is vacant, the deputy principal must be the current principal. Deputy principal Nobuko Shiragami refused and was afraid something like that might happen to him. Finally all the teachers appointed Kei, who is a close friend of the Hirazawa family, to be the principal. Shortly thereafter, Akita fell ill until graduation and the speech was replaced by Kisaki Kuroda, vice president of the student council.

It is said that until now Akita has not recovered from his illness.


"In short, that's how it happened. I thought, those strange occurrences were caused by spiritual power. Therefore, I asked the young master to be the student council president because a spiritual power user might know this." Kei's current guess.

"Rather than spiritual energy, it looks like magic."


"Yes. Magic is black magic and can affect someone without a trace." Fuyuki explained

"Oh, I see."

"But there are characteristics of each of these magic."

Yamada, who did not understand, thought about Fuyuki's words. Still not understanding even though he tried to understand.

"What dou you mean, Young Master?"

"Resonance magic that can cause all of that."


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