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Resonance is an event that follows the vibrations of an object due to the influence of vibrations from other objects around it that have the same frequency as the object. Resonance cannot be separated from vibrations and sounds, because from these vibrations resonance will produce sound.

The process of resonance is when the system is able to store and easily transfer energy between two or more different storage modes.

"In this case, the principal was hit by resonance magic and it was activated by Akita when he entered the principal's room, Kaito Hirazawa."

Fuyuki added a magic resonance explanation, while Kei just listened to the explanation. Because Fuyuki knew that Kei didn't understand the explanation, Fuyuki made an illustration.

First illustration: Kei calling Kaito. Kei transfers the signal from a cell phone storage and Kaito receives it (Kaito is still in the room). The sound that Kei produced was only the vibration from the telephone line which was received directly by Kaito and did not resonate in the room.

Second illustration: Akita who is equipped with a sensor chip from Kei knocks on the principal's door then Akita opens it and he is not in the room. Unconsciously the vibration from the knock that Akita produces is a resonance in the form of a knock that can be heard by the principal and other people nearby (before the chip on Akita was installed, someone had installed magic on the principal's room door so the sensor on the Akita chip did not work. ).

Third Illustration: Akita opens the door and the principal is not in the room. Most likely it was either Akita or the principal, one of whom had been moved to a different dimension so that he could not see each other. Then, Akita who called Kei from the room was Akita who was already in another dimension, it could be that the one who returned was only Akita's voice, which was the only one Kei heard.

Fourth Illustration: When Akita returns, the code sensor chips for Kaito and Kei change to Kaito and Akita. Therefore, Kei can only search for Kaito's sensor chip through Akita, while a part of Akita who is in another dimension guides Akita in this world and brings him together with Kaito. Eventually their chips activate when close together. However, Akita's voice from this world could not reach Kaito whose body was already resonating in another dimension. When Akita's voice drifted away, Kaito disappeared because the only thing Kaito heard was Akita's knock before entering the principal's room.

"So where are the real Akita and the real Kaito at this time?" Fuyuki asked Kei a tough question.

"How do I know!?" said Kei while shaking his head, "But, I'm sure the current Akita is the real Akita."


"Eh-!? (Kei surprised) Then what about Hana-chan?" he added a question to Fuyuki.

Fuyuki sighed, and continued speaking, "Hana who came back is that witch."

"How can?"

"Several Leweis structures are used together to describe the molecular structure. But the structure is not fixed, but there is an isolation between the double bond and electrons back and forth, that's why it is called resonance. Hana-sensei has blood bonds with Kaito-sensei and the molecule both. isolated into a Leweis structure and then magic with the Leweis structure is installed on the door of the principal's room so as to produce a transitional form of the resonant structure called a resonant hybrid. "

"So the current Hana is ... Hana who has become a witch?"

"Yes. Regardless of Hana's accident or not, basically Hana will go into a coma too. When activated, the elevation electrons will be transported to the brain regardless of the unpaired electrons. Because when Kaito-sensei and Akita Hongo resonate it's not an isomer or her real self. and the only real thing is the molecule in question. " Fuyuki explained while linking magic with resonance theory in Physics lessons

Kei wondered "Since when did Hana learn magic?" inside Kei wanted to reveal Hana. Fuyuki read that thought.

"Yamada-san must be wondering since when did Hana learn magic?"

"How do you know what I'm thinking?"

"I just guessed it. Through the resonance of your body."

"Can you do magic too?"

"No. Magic and Spirituality are generally different. Magic can control any object within its range, while spiritual abilities can only be controlled through one's own potential. The real Hana is not a magician but the current Hana is a magician. The real Hana has been possessed by her witch."

"Very bad."

"Magic is also known as black magic, where some people's souls are handed over to devils. Even people who are not atheists can learn it even if they don't make direct contact. Most likely, the activities that Kaito-sensei is doing have something to do with all of this and make Hana a magician."

"Then why should Hongo suffer?"

"Hongo is the Intermediate."

"I don't really understand. So all this time Akita has been the link between Hana and the school principal, is that right?"

"More or less."


When evening starts, the school will be closed in 30 minutes.

"Young Master, thank you for coming here." Kei bowed to Fuyuki.

"Yes, no problem." Fuyuki replied with only a short answer.

"Yamada-san, just call me my real name at school. This is a public place while my identity is very secretive. I am your current student."


Then Fuyuki left the room.

Looks like Kei forgot something ....

Kei tried to remember what to do with his boss. Kei cleared the glass on the table and then he remembered.

He saw Fuyuki who stepped still not far from his room.

"Um, Fuyuki Matsuda!" shouted Kei, "How is my request?"

Fuyuki paused for a moment and turned to look at Kei "I will consider it."

Then Fuyuki continued his steps and left him.

Kei silently said "Thank you."

Kei felt helped, now Kei has a happy smile on his face. He believes that the mystery in his life will end soon and can end by helping Akita.

But, on the other hand ....

Fuyuki thought back to his father's case. Meanwhile Madara was waiting for him in front of the school entrance.

"Oi!" Madara said to Fuyuki.

"Are you still here?" Fuyuki turned to Madara and greeted him back.

"I am waiting for you."

Fuyuki sighed. Fuyuki looked tired thinking about the difficult position he got recently. Fuyuki and Madara looked at each other and Madara hoped that Fuyuki thought about it earnestly.

"Madarame, I don't remember what we talked about before." Fuyuki really didn't remember.

"Yes, it is okay." Madara looked away from Fuyuki and lowered his head with a sad face.

Seeing Madara who was looking down sadly like that, Fuyuki felt concerned. There must be something hard going through Madara just like what Fuyuki is feeling right now. In Fuyuki's heart said "Should I ignore it?" Actually Fuyuki wanted to help him, but there were taboo things that couldn't be done in him.

Fuyuki closed his eyes and thought carefully, what was he here for?

The answer is only to carry out a will.

But Fuyuki thought there was something he had to do in carrying out the will. Fuyuki is also not someone who ignores other people, as long as he feels capable he will definitely help him without asking for someone else's reply.

Fuyuki muttered, "There is no reason to help others."

"Huh?" Madara could listen to Fuyuki's mutter.

"Madarame, come with me!" asked Fuyuki while stretching out his hand.

"Where we will go?" Madara was surprised and then returned Fuyuki's helping hand with his.

"Come on! Maybe, I can help you." Fuyuki smiled faintly.

Madara's lost smile returned even though he didn't know what Fuyuki was planning to do. "Yeah OK." As long as it helped, Madara would follow him everywhere.

Madara believed in Fuyuki from then on (since leaving the temple) that he could help him.

"Fuyuki Matsuda." Madara suddenly said the name Fuyuki.

"Eh, yes? What's wrong?" Fuyuki was surprised by Madara who suddenly called out his name.

"No, nothing." Madara shook his head. "I just wanted to call your name."

"You are curious!"

Right, there's no excuse ....

There is no reason to help others.

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