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About 5 years ago.

Before Fuyuki left the temple, that afternoon Madara spoke to Fuyuki for the first time.


Madara was playing with his friends in the forest. Then from a distance, he saw a little girl drawing on the ground and crying "Mama ... mama ... mama ..." muttered the little girl while wiping the tears that rolled down his cheeks.

Madara was silent seeing her "Sad girl" he thought, then he went over to the little girl.

"Hey Madara, where are you going?" shouted his friend from a distance.

"Sorry, I have some business for a moment. I'll be right after," Madara did not come clean, he ran to the boy's place and waved to his friends.

"How about him?" Mikaze asked the other friends.

"Let's wait, if he doesn't come in 5 minutes, let's stay." Said Sakata, Madara's friend at that time.


Then 5 minutes have passed.

Madara didn't come.

"How about this?" Hikawa asked his friends.

"Let's stay." Sakata said while leading the way in the middle of the forest.


"Are you ok?" Madara asked who approached the little girl. The boy fell silent seeing Madara in front of him, suddenly crying loudly.

"Oi oi, calm down." Madara tried to calm the little boy but was unsuccessful.

His intention was to help but to frighten him. "Ah sorry sorry, brother scared you." Madara tried to smile to comfort him, then stretched out his hand.

The little girl saw it and was surprised "Ng?"

"I'm Madara, what's your name?"

"Em ...."


Maybe this kid is still in shock.

Madara saw the image of the little girl on the ground, the woman holding a rose. Madara tries to ask him "Who is this?" while pointing at the picture.

"Mama." Answer the little girl quickly.

"Mama? Do you want to meet your mama?"

"Ng." The little girl nodded.

Looks like my guess was right, this kid got lost. The only closest exit from this forest is via the south.

"Alright let's find your mama." Madara stretched out his hand while waiting for the boy to return his hand.

Sadly, the little girl reached out and returned Madara's helping hand.

"Mama's friend's brother?" asked the little girl looking up at Madara.

"Not really." Madara replied with a faint smile.

"Do you know Mama?" asked the little girl again.

Madara sighed and continued speaking "I'm sorry you don't know your mama, but you will take you out of here."

They both walked until they reached the forest exit.

Finally they managed to get out, but the little girl was silent with an expression as flat as a board.

"Well, from here you may memorize where your house is? That way you can meet your mother."

"My house is not here. Maybe papa will come." The girl kept holding Madara's hand until her papa came.

"Papa? Isn't it mama?"

"Earlier my mother left me, she said she wanted to find a brother."

"Brother? You mean old brother?"

"Mama said brother was around here. But mama, will kill you."


"I have to meet mom to stop it. I'm sad if you get killed. You are very kind." The girl said it without expression, meaning that it was serious.

Suddenly a car appeared from a distance and headed for the two of them. "Clara, come in." Said the young man in the car as he opened the front door of the car which might be his father.

"Don't want to! Don't want to! I want to be with you."

"Okay, we'll meet your old brother later."

"Brother will die!"

"Clara, what are you talking about? Come on in quickly!"

Suddenly two young men came out of the side door behind the car and then dragged him into the car. After making sure the little girl got into the car, the car door was closed and then locked tight.

Instantly the car left Madara.

Madara felt that he had helped the boy, and would return to where his friends were playing in the forest because he had promised to catch up with him.

While a few minutes ago ....

Madara is considered the most important person when they play, but the hope is not there, "Hm ... no Madara is not fun, boring." Akihito said with a sullen face and became discouraged as he said it.

"Calm down Akkun, maybe Madara will come soon." Sanae had been worrying about Madara and trying to encourage Akihito.

"Never mind, I'm tired of waiting. Recently Madara has been out of the blue for no apparent reason. Enough, I'm going home." Sakata said sarcastically and made his way back to his house.

"Then I'll go home too." Hikawa followed Sakata home because the road to their house was one way.

"We'd better find someone else tomorrow besides Madara." Hikawa said to Sakata while walking.

"Okay I'm ready." Sakata gave a thumbs up.

Hikawa and Sakata's conversation in the distance was heard by Mikaze, then Mikaze decided to go home too and waved at the remaining ones, Akihito and Sanae.

"Sanae you still want to wait for him?"

"Uh ...."

"I'll go home."

Because Sanae didn't want to be left behind, Sanae finally went home with Akihito.

A few minutes later ....

Madara came, but there was no one in the place. He made sure that all his friends would come home because they were waiting for Madara too long. Then he made sure to check it out by visiting his friends' houses one by one and apologizing for taking too long. However, it was not that Madara's apology was accepted but was treated with cold and cynical looks as if they hated Madara and didn't want to be friends with him anymore.

Madara was devastated. Suddenly, tears flowed out and trickled down her cheeks. He became dazed on the street, bowing sadly at the thought. "What is a friend?" he muttered.

"If I were a bad person, maybe I would have beat them ...," Madara clenched his fists in annoyance as his tears streamed down the street. Without realizing it, Madara who was walking on the sidewalk was crossing the road while a truck was about to hit him.

"I wish I got stronger ...!" he muttered and continued to mumble.

The truck is getting closer and is about to hit it!

Then, suddenly a boy with white hair came as fast as lightning touched Madara and took him to the side of the road. "Luckly, If I'm just a few seconds late, your life will die."

Madara was silent and staring at the child, he saw ..., "He is a child who raised grandfather in the temple!" he thought. (He was Fuyuki Matsuda, who at that time helped Madara. Fuyuki and Madara did not know each other and didn't even know their names. Madara often saw his grandfather train the three of them, namely Fuyuki, Hiyori and Mawaru from a distance).

Madara looked at him seriously without blinking for a second.

Fuyuki who looked at Madara then asked "Are you okay?" Madara still looked at him seriously while Fuyuki looked away from Madara's gaze "Um ... is there something wrong with me?"

Madara was dumbfounded, he blinked and then realized, "Eh-em-no!"

"Thank goodness you're fine." Fuyuki patted Madara's head and stroked him (at that time Fuyuki was taller than Madara) "Bye." Fuyuki said a short goodbye and left.

"Thank you." Madara said it to Fuyuki, then looked down sadly.

Fuyuki couldn't bear to see Madara silent by the side of the road and shed tears. Fuyuki turned towards Madara then grabbed his hand and invited him to sit on a park bench. Fuyuki tried to calm him down by asking Madara to tell him the problem (who knows he has a solution to solve it).

Finally Madara was willing to tell.

"Men shouldn't cry easily (Fuyuki took out a tissue while wiping Madara's tears with the tissue). You are a good person because you have helped other people." Fuyuki said while motivating him.

"No, I am no good. I have been wicked to leave my friend." Madara even burst into tears.

"Hm ... in the end your friends left you too right? They only think about themselves and don't care about you. They only need you without your feelings. Then they do evil to you, right?"

"Um." Madara only nodded.


"Don't despair. In this world there are still many people who are willing to accept you and you can be friends with anyone, as they are. One day there must be real friends who make you and your heart stronger." The words that Fuyuki said at that time began to revive Madara himself again.

"Can I be friends again?" Madara looked at Fuyuki with an expression full of hope.

"Of course, you can. Make friends as much as possible, not much, it doesn't matter the important thing is that your friend can become your strength and your bond becomes strong together." Madara, who is currently a gangster because of the words Fuyuki said at that time.

"Do you have friends like that?" (apart from being taller than Madara, Fuyuki is also one year older than Madara, Hiyori and Mawaru)

"Yes. I have." Fuyuki looked up at the sky with a faint smile.

"Eh ... like what?" Madara was curious.

"One day, I left home because I was often treated badly by my family. I thought maybe there would be many people out there who treated me worse than that. Then I met Hiyori and Mawaru, they had the same fate as me. They accepted me well until one day there was the the grandfather on the street helped the three of us. The grandfather took us to the temple near his house, he took good care of the three of us, taught us various things and trained us to be independent. I think no one cares about me, it turns out there is. As long as we try to find him, will definitely find it."

"Wow, you are great."

"I?" 'hahaha ...' Fuyuki chuckled, "I'm an ordinary person. I'm just a weak person, Hiyori and Mawaru who gave me strength. Grandfather also often gave me advice when my heart wavered. As long as there are people who care about around you that person is a friend. true you. A good friend will not leave his friend, and a good friend will accept who you are."

"Friends huh ...." For a moment Madara's eyes filled with tears and kept thinking about the meaning of the word.


"Um you ...."


"Will you be my friend?"

"Hm ...."

"You don't want to do that?"

"It's okay."

Instantly Madara's face gave a big smile "Promise me!" Madara raised his pinky finger, "I also promise as a friend, I will not leave you, then we will be strong together."

Then Fuyuki returned his promise by holding his pinky finger to Madara's little finger

"Yes, I promise. I won't leave you either." Fuyuki smiled softly.

"Hm ..., thank goodness." Madara felt happy that Fuyuki was the only friend to him at the moment.

"You as a man should not be mushy."

"OK." Madara replied, ready with enthusiasm.

In Fuyuki's heart "Thank God he smiled back" as if he had a guidance.

"It's getting late, you better go home."

"Oh yeah, grandfather must be waiting for me!" Madara immediately gloomy, in his mind maybe grandfather will scold him for coming home late at night.

"Be careful on the way, ok ...!" Fuyuki waved at Madara, a sign of goodbye.

"Wait, what do you do? Where do you live? Didn't you run away from home?" Madara asked with a little worry of Fuyuki

"Hm ... wherever it is allowed. As long as someone expects you to return it is your home. Yes, I think so."

Since then Madara has made Fuyuki his role model.

"Bye," Fuyuki waved his hand a second time and with a footstep that left Madara.

"Come on, let's meet again sometime." Madara shouted while waving his hand at Fuyuki.

It was true, he was the older brother at the temple near the house with grandfather.

"Eh, I forgot to ask his name ...!"

Who is he ...?

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