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Madara, who is desperate because his friendship is broken and almost hit by a truck, is saved by Fuyuki.

One day they promise to be friends forever. Fuyuki's words at that time were very motivating, but Fuyuki and Madara didn't know each other yet.

Madara forgot to ask his name, who is he? Hope to meet and discuss many things with him again ....

Several days after that incident, Madara never saw Fuyuki at the temple again. Madara, who was curious about Fuyuki's whereabouts, began to dare to talk to his grandfather when Hiyori and Mawaru were at the temple taking a break from training.

"Where's the white-haired kid who used to train here?"

"I don't know." Grandfather answered Madara's question while looking away.


"Why are you looking for it?" Grandfather turned to ask Madara.

"Um ... Nothing."

"Oh yeah?" Grandfather saw Madara then glared at him.

"Then see you." Madara ran leaving the temple. Madara felt that grandfather must be hiding something. Madara decided to look for Fuyuki alone.

For a moment Madara, who was running fast, ran into Hiyori

Hiyori who was curious asked the grandfather "Who is that kid?"

"He's ... my grandson."

"Eh your grandson?" Hiyori and Mawaru were surprised that grandfather had grandchildren the same age as him.


Madara kept looking for Fuyuki, he searched the corner of the park on the bench where he first met. However, Madara did not find him. Even though we just became friends, why did you even leave me?

Madara was annoyed at not finding Fuyuki anywhere.

Finally Madara decided to go home.

"Looks like Fuyuki is not the right friend for him." Thought Madara who bowed languidly with disappointment.

While on the way home, Madara saw the car that the little girl had been in parked in front of his house. Then, a middle-aged woman was carrying Fuyuki from the direction of the shrine. "Is that!?" Madara could only see him from a distance behind the bush.

Is that girl their mother?

Then a man opened the windshield and Madara had heard their conversation.

"Take him back to our house, this is your negligence." Said the man who was in the car

Madara saw that Fuyuki's whole body was covered in wounds ...

Then they both entered and no stranger to the front seat was a little girl Madara had seen before ....

Madara wondered "She was that girl yesterday? Actually what is this and what is the relationship between the two of them?" Perhaps this curiosity doesn't deserve an answer.

Madara finally came home very gloomy, he felt he could no longer see Fuyuki.


"What's wrong Madara?" Madara asked Madara, who looked gloomy at dinner.

"Ah, nothing." Madara immediately finished his food and headed for his room. He kept thinking about Fuyuki, because right now Fuyuki was his only friend.

His grandfather who knew Madara's feelings at that time approached his room and explained everything that had happened. Fuyuki left not his own wish but a family problem that dragged him in his life.

Madara told Grandfather that Madara wanted to meet Fuyuki. Grandfather was forced to train Madara and educate him hard, until finally he went to Osaka and attended Tennouji Middle School. Then he was succeseful find Fuyuki at Abeno High School.


Previously, Madara needed Fuyuki's help to fight against a group of gangsters named Dorgeia. However, Fuyuki couldn't do it because it was a prohibition for him as a high level spiritual power user. However, it didn't mean that Fuyuki couldn't help him. Fuyuki was willing to help Madara by taking him somewhere.

They both walk. Because it felt that the place Madara was going to was in the opposite direction to his current house, Madara began to get suspicious because the place where Fuyuki was going was a secret and had not arrived.

"Where are we going?" Madara asked.

"Why, are you tired?" Fuyuki saw Madara's exhausted face. Fuyuki then walked in front of Madara ..., Fuyuki stopped in front of a building in the village that could be called a house.

"We have arrived."

"Ho-house? (Madara is amazed and stops too) Whose house is this?"

Fuyuki held the front gate of the house and opened it ... "Come on in." Invite Fuyuki to Madara, then Fuyuki walked into the courtyard of the house.

"Oi oi, it's rude to enter someone's house without asking first." Madara said as he looked left and right following Fuyuki in. But Fuyuki didn't say anything. Until Fuyuki held the door hinge and opened it and then entered.

In Madara's heart "It is quite a nice house. It looks extraordinary but inside is very elegant, is a house this good his own?"

Fuyuki put his shoes on the shelf, and used household slippers. Likewise, Madara followed Fuyuki's way of entering the house.

"Sit here first." Fuyuki invited Madara to sit on the sofa. "I'll call them (meaning Hiyori and Madara)."

"They?" Madara thinks maybe the owner of this house. Madara wasn't sure if this was Fuyuki's house.


"Well I'm waiting for him here." Madara sat on the sofa.

After sitting on the sofa for a long time, suddenly a little girl wearing a white sleeveless dress came past Madara. The little girl did not look at Madara at all, it was already dark at the time and the house was quiet. Madara was worried and wondered in himself, does a house this big have only one occupant? Madara crept up and began to follow the little girl. The little girl walked towards the corridor, then heard footsteps approaching Madara and suddenly there was a hand holding Madara's shoulder.

"Hey!" He found Fuyuki "What are you doing there?"

Madara turned to face Fuyuki "Earlier there was a little girl through here." Madara said while reassuring Fuyuki.

"Little girl? Where's here little girl." Fuyuki denied it. Instantly Madara fell silent with a pale face and cold sweat like someone who has seen mystical things.


"What happened to you?" Fuyuki asked Madara who suddenly turned pale.

"Ah n-nothing." Madara's mouth twitched as he said that.

"Never mind, come on back." Fuyuki took Madara's hand and led him back to the sofa.

Fuyuki felt Madara's hand that he was holding suddenly so cold and walked a little shaking. Fuyuki kept holding it until Madara sat on the sofa and saw Madara who was looking pale.

"Madarame, what's wrong with you? Are you sick?" Fuyuki asked Madara but Madara ignored him.

"Oiiiii Ma-da-ra-me." Fuyuki touched Madara's cheek then pinched and pulled.

"Ouch, it hurts." Reflexively, Madara felt pain and brushed Fuyuki's hand away.

"Thank goodness you're fine." Fuyuki said like there was no problem.


"If you feel unwell you better spend the night here." Fuyuki said while comforting him

"No! (Madara refuses) Matsuda, we better go home." Madara said who was still feeling scared.

"Go home, what are you talking about ...?" Fuyuki was surprised to hear Madara refusing his invitation.


"Because this is my house."

"Your house?"

"Yes, my home sweet home."

The place where someone expects you to return is your home.

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