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Maybe I won't be able to see him again ....

[Narration by Madara Madarame] 5 years ago I knew him. The gentle look and cheerful smile on his face, her words at that time became my role model. That day, we promised to be true and strong friends together. However, there was a reason why he had to leave Tokyo. Grandfather said, Fuyuki will never come back so Hiyori and Mawaru will immediately go to follow him. Since Grandfather told me why he left, I decided to meet him in Osaka.

A year later, after the graduation ceremony at Elementary School, I actually went to Osaka. Grandfather allowed me to live there, but in the Taisho district which is still far from where Fuyuki lives in the Abeno district. Grandfather entrusted me to his friend, Haruka Madarame. He was the owner of the dojo and the strongest person in the district. Because I lived with the Madarame family, my family name then changed to Madara Madarame and entered Tennouji Middle School as the adopted son of Mr. Haruka and Mrs. Taira. I take care of the dojo and train with her three children, Izumi, Shizuka, and Kaede. Kaede is the same age as me and we go to school in the same place.

When I entered middle school, I kept looking for Fuyuki's whereabouts, and there wasn't any true information about him. It is said that Fuyuki is still in the Rakugaki (who knows where the world of spiritual users is). For a moment my world was surrounded by spiritual users because they kept looking for information on his whereabouts. Although their power level is low, it seems to me that their abilities are extraordinary cannot be underestimated.

Then I have a close friend Tamako. She has spiritual sensory abilities, he can always find me. For Tamako, spiritual ability is a gift from the creator even though the ability is not very useful. I remembered my meeting with Fuyuki, will he always remember me?

One day, Tamako is bullied by a group of gangsters at school. I don't have the spiritual ability to help her. I was surprised to see her, behind the school building she was covered in blood on her lips. She was beaten desperately by a group of gangsters. Again, I can't help my friend. I just watched it from a distance and closed my eyes with regret. I ran up the stairs, ran down the corridor, called the teacher to defend her. My hands were really shaking and I bumped into Kaede.

"What !? Tamako got beaten up!"

I had to tell Kaede. Of course Kaede was surprised when she heard that. "Follow me!" Kaede took my hand and grasped it then going down the stairs, we hurried to the back of the school building. Until finally Kaede threw them (the gangsters) with his super kick.


Kaede is very strong, she managed to help us. Truly the daughter of the dojo owner Madarame.

I thought all the problems would be solved once I called the teacher, it wasn't like that.

Finally I took Tamako to Madarame's house. She was given treatment to treat his wounds. There is a teacher named Miyama-sensei who had come to the house because he heard this from a student in his class.

Kaede asked Miyama-sensei to report this incident to the principal. Miyama-sensei actually reported it and the matter was resolved.

Now my days are back to being peaceful as usual, returning home with Kaede and Tamako. Suddenly, in a narrow alley, both hands appeared from behind us with a gripping sensation then silenced Kaede's mouth from behind. I looked back, there was a man with a large and muscular body. His arms were wrapped in bandages as if they were heavyweight boxers. Beside him was a masked man who was busy isolating Kaede's mouth. While behind them were many men who were pointing sharp weapons at the two of us. Honestly, I was really scared, "Go away!" but I told Tamako to leave here. I didn't intend to face them alone, but for Kaede's sake ...! I ...!!

It turned out that I lost, my strength was not comparable to them.

Kaede is kidnapped.

Tamako, who knew I was still safe, approached me and cried in front of me.

"Sorry, I got you two involved."

For me to find friends to live in this world is very difficult.

I returned to Madarame's residence. Tamako who feels guilty for dragging her into her troubles decides to stay away from me. Of course at home, I was scolded all out. How many times have I been unable to protect my friends !? I need strength! I need strength.

I ended up training at a Madarame dojo. I'm grandpa's son, I have to be strong like grandpa too. Mr. Haruka finally helped with my training and he didn't hesitate to bring students who were practicing martial arts to train with me.

There was no news for a week Kaede returned.

Schools also do not interfere in this problem, because this is an external problem for the school.

Tamako started to stay away from me, not because she didn't want to be friends anymore but she decided to work it out herself. However, it seems that Tamako's efforts are fruitless.

Likewise, I was looking for Fuyuki, no more updates info from her.

"Putting the matter of Fuyuki aside, my current goal is to help Kaede."

I decided to talk to Tamako first. "Tamako, take me to their place. You know where they are right now? Let me fight it alone. This time I will not fail!"

"Okay." Tamako agreed.

At night, we decided to leave the house to look for Kaede. With Tamako's sensory abilities, we found his location fast.

"Here." Tamako pointed out the location and pointed her finger in front of the old beer-smelling building.

"Alright let's go in." I gripped Tamako's hand tightly so as not to get hit from behind again like Kaede.

"Don't be surprised after going inside"

Many groups of girls were stripped of their clothes (sensor for this section, story will not be clarified). The men drank the wine that the waiters girl dressed half naked there. The collection of sexy thighs, glistening calves and chewy flesh on the chest ....

In Madara's heart "What kind of sight is this !?"

"My mom is the manager of this bar." Tamako said whispered softly behind me.

"What!?" suddenly surprised me and took Tamako out.

"We're talking out!" This inner irritation began to surge, "How come?"

"Sorry, as soon as I heard my mom was going to quit this place, they beat me up.

They're gangsters hired by the boss of this bar owner."

"You mean you were taken hostage?"

"Yes. But I refused and they threatened to kill me. Finally Kaede and you helped me, without realizing it I used Kaede for my mother's negotiations. But it didn't work and Kaede worked here."

*How about when you find out that your friend's mother is a prostitute? Madara's trust was shattered.*

"Please don't hurt them!" Tamako implored Madara. Tamako's eyes filled with tears, if there is no substitute then her mother will be killed.

Madara patted Tamako's head and stroked her. "Wait here."

The current Madara is completely different from Madara a few days ago. He's totally wrecking this place. "What kind of power is this?"


"Madara!" Said someone from a distance softly.


In the end, they managed to meet *

Madara gave the jacket he was wearing to cover Kaede's half-naked body. "Let's go home."

"Um." Kaede nodded.

Kaede was saved, they went home together.


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