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I'm grateful to be able to meet him again.

I'm grateful to see you all again.

Grandfather, I managed to find my friend.


Several months after Kaede's kidnapping incident, Tamako and her mother thanked Madarame family especially Madara. Shortly thereafter, Tamako moved to the Abeno district. Not forgetting Tamako said goodbye and gave her cell phone number to keep in touch with Madara. Since then, the strong Madara was known as a gangster in his school. Anyone who tries to hurt his friends at school, he dares to fight back to protect them.

A year later, Madara received news from Tamako.

"Fuyuki Matsuda is in Abeno. I just saw him near the BANDAI area."

(At that time, Fuyuki, who had trained his spiritual abilities and obtained the highest title, decided to return to the real world and stay at Miyamoto's residence).

How happy Madara was at that time. Even though he doesn't know where Fuyuki is, he still communicates with Tamako via his smartphone, hoping to see Fuyuki again.

Madara, who grew stronger, became the leader of a gangster group that could be hired by a number of companies. He has an acquaintance named Toji Morishima at the Miyamoto company who is an administrative staff under his subordinate Ashina Miyamoto, Fuyuki's adopted sister.

Thanks to certain information from Tamako and Toji, Madara decided to attend the same Abeno High School as Fuyuki.

However, not having been at the school for a month, Madara, who is known to be a gangster in Tennouji, is threatened by Dorgeia's group on his way home after enrolling in Abeno High School. Again they would threaten to kidnap one of the Madarame families. However, this group had one spiritual ability user.

*Illustration at that time: Madara coming home from Abeno High School was confronted by a man with a crested coat, even though the long journey to get there was about 15 minutes by shinkansen (fast train).

Madara came out of the high school gate ....

"Finally I passed the selection as well. The test is not difficult enough when studying, hehem." He muttered arrogantly. Madara stepped away from the school.

Suddenly, a person in front of Madara with an equatorial crest (like a college thug) smoked a cigarette and then puffed the smoke on Madara's face. Then threw the cigarette stick at Madara's feet and he stepped on it until the smoke from the cigarette disappeared.

"Oi boy, your face looks so familiar." The man with the top coat said in front of Madara with a look of disdain.

"Huh !? Who are you?" Madara frowned and felt a bad feeling that it was about to happen.

"You know Dorgeia? Ah, maybe this is a stupid question. How if I change em ... em ...."

In Madara's heart "What is this person talking about?"

"Ah! Why are you so brave to step your feet here? Come on, answer, hihihihi ..." The man with the crest grinned and mocked him.

Madara was speechless reading the situation, be sure not to riot in front of the school. "I'm looking for a strong man." Madara replied briefly, clenching his fists.

"Hmm ..." The man with the crest tapped Madara on the shoulder and took a step forward whispering something in his ear "If you are still in this place long, we will serve you."

In Madara's heart "What does that mean !?"

"Bye!" The person said goodbye by waving.

A few days later, Madarame's family and gangster group received threatening letters with a group called Dorgeia. When he asked Toji, he said Dorgeia has several spiritual users who can defeat him.

The only thing that occurred to Madara's mind at that time was "Fuyuki can beat him."

But his meeting with Fuyuki actually caused disappointment, Fuyuki did not remember Madara (Fuyuki did not know Madara). Madara's face and body, which was once cute and shorter than Fuyuki, has now become muscular and grim, and his gaze and style are like thugs. A group of thugs founded by Madara were meant to help other people even during fights. However, now it has even resulted in a battle threat.


"Madarame! Oi Madarame!" Said Fuyuki by moving his hand in front of Madara's face. Madara, who sat down with empty eyes, saw the box of floor tiles on which he was stepping on. Then Fuyuki whispered in Madara's ear. "Oi Ma-da-ra-me ...."

Madara, who was bowed quietly for a long time, looked at the box of tiles, then widened his eyes from his right and left and looked ahead, "Akh! Matsuda! Sorry what are you talking about?"

"I didn't say anything, just called you." Then Fuyuki served a cup of hot coffee that he brought from the kitchen and some snack cakes.

"Thank you." Madara tried to take the cup and then his hand pushed away by Fuyuki

"Eh !!"

"This is for me." Fuyuki intended to tease Madara and said sarcastically.

"Uh ... I thought it was served." Madara with a languid face looked at Fuyuki.

"Here for you (Fuyuki serves you a glass of cold water). I know why you're so thirsty." Fuyuki closed his eyes and saw it with one of his eyes.

Madara held Fuyuki's hand and held a glass of cold water.

Fuyuki asked seriously and said in a low tone "What were you daydreaming about?"

"Eh? I ... I ... I um"

Then came the footsteps of the two people who headed towards Fuyuki and Madara's room talking. The two people stopped behind their seats.

"Are you ready?" said Fuyuki while turning his head back.

"Yes." He answered a cute girl who was standing behind, then the girl stepped in front of the two of them and was accompanied by a handsome boy following her.

"You guys-!?" Madara was dumbfounded by the shock of seeing the people he seemed to know.

"I'm Mawaru Yoshioka. Nice to meet you." The cute girl bowed slightly when introducing herself.

"Hiyori Fujisaki. Nice to meet you." Followed by the handsome boy who also bowed when introducing himself.

Madara, who was a little awkwardly stood up, said while bowing "A-ah-ma, Madara Madarame. Greetings, nice to meet you."

It felt like a reunion of a long, endless story.


Mawaru and Hiyori sat near Madara.

The atmosphere of the gathering felt quiet.


The sound of the clock ticking grew louder and louder and several minutes passed without anyone speaking a word.

Madara, who wanted to start the conversation, felt awkward and became nervous.


Suddenly there was a sound of footsteps that could be heard from the hallway.

The feeling of 'Dag Dig Dug' in Madara's heart was heard until it was read in Mawaru's heart.

Mawaru turned to Madara, but Madara had a stiff face and looked down the hall without noticing Mawaru's gaze.

At the corner of the wall, a barefoot little girl wearing a white dress without seam sleeves holding a torn doll looked at Madara intently.

In Madara's heart "Didn't they all see it? Or was it just me" Instantly Madara broke out in a cold sweat. Then the little girl walked in her small step by step approaching the place where they were all gathered (in the living room).

"Of course we saw it." Whispered the cute girl nearby, who had read Madara's heart.

"Eh?" Madara immediately turned his head to see Mawaru and the two of them staring closely.

"Brother, can you fix my doll?" said the little girl indulgently handing her doll to Fuyuki. Then Fuyuki accepted it.

"Eeeeeeee!!" Madara stared in shock when the little girl he saw called Fuyuki. At first he thought he was really a ghost or a curious spirit roaming around, as soon as Fuyuki remembered that there was no.

"Yes, I'll fix it later." Said Fuyuki smiling softly while stroking the little girl's head. Instantly the girl smiled and kissed her lips on Fuyuki's cheek.

Fuyuki then turned his head in astonishment at Madara's expression at that time.

"What is wrong with you?" Asked Fuyuki.

"Em ...." Then the little girl named Clara (about 10 years old) looked at Madara too.

Fuyuki lowered his gaze to the doll he was holding. "Oh do you want to justify this doll? Hm ...." Fuyuki lifted the doll in front of Madara's face.

"Huh! Seriously !." Madara shouted loudly, then he frowned again with an expression of disappointment, "What kind of joke is this !?" he muttered as he turned his gaze to the tiled floor he was stepping on.

"You've been staring at the floor before ..." Fuyuki said in a lazy tone.

"Does this brother like the floor tiles?" said Clara while pointing the index finger in her right hand at Madara.

"I have no idea." Fuyuki answered by imitating the speech style of a spoiled child.

"Pity." In the minds of Mawaru and Hiyori who were looking at Madara with a lazy gaze.


"Clara, you better go to the room first. I want to talk to these brothers." Fuyuki intended to gently chase Clara away because this was a conversation that no child should hear.

"Fine, sis." Clara went into the room down the hall and left the room.

"Madarame, say what you wanted to say. I really can't help you, that's why I called them both." Said Fuyuki again discussing Madara's request.

"Maybe all of you don't know me, but I know you" Madara meant to explain at length, and ... "Yes, Master has already explained it about that." Hiyori replied, looking at Madara

"Master?" Madara was surprised.

"I mean that silver-haired man next to you." Hiyori said while pointing out the person.

"O ... oh Fuyuki Matsuda." Madara was not surprised to hear that, thinking that perhaps the master was an expert in spirituality.

"To you this looks like a reunion, right?" said Mawaru sweetly near Madara. Instantly Madara's face flushed and blushed with embarrassment.

"How do you know?" Madara asked Mawaru who seemed to be able to read his heart.

"Because of my ability to read someone's heart." Mawaru smiled sweetly in front of Madara, making his heart beat fast.


"A reunion is a reunion with classmates, classmates, schoolmates, relatives or comrades in arms who have been separated for a long time.

"You're not here for the reunion, are you?" said Fuyuki seriously looking at Madara.

"Yes, I'm here to ask your help."

"Say it!" said Fuyuki inviting him.

"I want to ask you to fight. The reason is ...."


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