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"Dorgeia ..." A gangster group that was formed in the Naniwa district in 2005. Some of Dorgeia's members have been hired by big well-known companies in Osaka. Most of the districts in Osaka prefecture are controlled by this group. Abeno-ward, Nishinari-ward, Taisho-ward, Chou-ward, Ikuno-ward, Hirano-ward, Suminoe-ward, Kita-ward, Asahi-ward, Joutou-ward and Naniwa-ward itself. If there are other gangster groups into the territory of Dorgeia, they will not hesitate to beat it up or seize the territory of the group.

Even worse, "Dorgeia." A group of gangsters who have spiritual users, and ... "They are a group that was hired by my company ..." With a serious gaze Fuyuki flipped through the agent and client databases, then his hand stopped on one page which strongly implied the existence of a group. this case in Madara.

Miyamoto company, is just a small company located in Abeno-ward.

Madara, who knew about this, caused a feeling of restlessness in his heart at this time.

"...." Even Hiyori and Mawaru did not move without saying a word.

"Why is it like this?" Madara held the head with an annoyed expression.

"I have no idea." Fuyuki replied briefly as he closed his book.

Instantly the atmosphere in the living room changed, making them all bite their fingers.

"If I help Madara to fight it, won't this look like civil war?" Said Mawaru with an uneasy feeling reflected in his eyes.

"In fact we are only hitchhikers here." Hiyori bowed gloomily at the thought of this.


'Hm ....'

"Is there a way to fight them without violence?" Madara asked while pondering the best way to solve it. But Madara's gaze shrank and his thoughts became even more clueless.

"Looks like we forgot one thing." Mawaru said with his right hand holding his chin, a sign that she was thinking hard.

"What?" Madara asked quietly.

"When is this deadline?" Mawaru asked Madara the forgotten thing. "Just see the threat" in Mawaru's mind as she asked Madara.

"Oh yeah I forgot to say. Tomorrow at 12 noon." Madara said it seriously.

Everyone was surprised with a stiff expression.

"This is bad!" muttered Hiyori while clenching her fists and snapping her hands softly against the table, then Hiyori turned to Fuyuki and asked "Master, what should we do?"

"Hm ..." Fuyuki thought about it again as he opened the agent and client data in his book. Then Fuyuki turned his head towards Mawaru who might be able to overcome this.

"Um ...," Mawaru blushed when Fuyuki saw him and was followed by Hiyori who looked straight at his face.

"Mawaru, you ...." Fuyuki who suddenly spoke to Mawaru and looked at him seriously made Mawaru's heart beat fast as if he was filled with romance seeing her cuteness.


"You ..., can you make a strategy with this? (While showing the book in front of Mawaru)."

"Eh!?" Mawaru immediately furrowed his brows, "Tch, I thought he would ask me for help by seducing me, this person is not cute ..." In Mawaru's heart, who had never been shot by someone. His face seemed reluctant and felt reluctant to act.

"Mawaru, I believe in you. Only you are the only one who can solve this. I acknowledge you, acknowledge your abilities, and I am proud to have a friend like you. Because of that, I entrust him to you!" the words that came out of the loud voice of the handsome boy in front of him, made Mawaru's heart melt.

"Hi-hiyori-kun." Mawaru's face flushed red and momentarily averted his gaze.

"Oh so this is the Hint Point that can beat Mawaru" in Fuyuki's heart as he looked at Hiyori with a narrow gaze.

Ukh!! He have natural handsome!! Damage, damage ...! In Mawaru's heart, who felt flowery after receiving a glimmer of praise from a boy as handsome as Hiyori, her face that turned away was still blushing, then Mawaru's gaze headed for the book in front of her.

"Okay, let's make a plan." This time Mawaru will show his abilities as the best strategist in the Rakugaki.

"In a moment, I will explain my idea first." Fuyuki said while looking at Mawaru with a flat expression.

Meanwhile, Mawaru's fiery spirit was now interrupted by Fuyuki's words.

"P-please master." Mawaru was forced to respect him.

"On my agenda, two days from now, I have a meeting with a client. The client is a broker. Maybe we're just talking about lending and borrowing money."

"Huh-!? What does that have to do with it?" The astonished Madara interrupted Fuyuki's conversation.

"Listen until the end!" Fuyuki continued speaking "I want to change the schedule tomorrow but, in the middle of the day. It's for the sake of helping Madara."

"We're at school all day right?" Hiyori said with an expression that didn't agree with Fuyuki's idea.

"How about Mawaru?" Fuyuki smiled slyly.

"Oh interesting." Mawaru also smiled slyly and started planning a strategy.

What will the two of them do? Madara wondered in his heart.

"We can fight them barehanded, right?" Madara, who didn't know what to plan, began to ask, even though he was doubtful about the answer.

"Yes. We don't have to fight." Mawaru said optimistically.

"I don't understand ...." Madara's mind was completely stuck at this time.

"Tomorrow at 12 noon, you must still be at school." Mawaru looked at Madara while advising him not to skip school during that hour. "Then Hiyori will go." He added, smiling slyly.

"I'm not sure I can do well." Hiyori hesitated while fiddling with her fingers.

"How about Master?" asked Mawaru who had thought carefully about his strategy to Fuyuki.

"Well something like that." Fuyuki agreed.


The strategy:

[Narration by Mawaru Yoshioka] Master asks his client to meet in front of Abeno High School. On the way home, the client was attacked by a spiritual user who happened to be at the meeting place of Madara and Dorgeia, namely in a park near the high school. However, a spiritual user was simply stealing his valuables. The person who will carry out this action is Hiyori-kun who is disguised as a thief, because he has the ability to teleport, which means moving places quickly. So from the scene of the incident, Hiyori was able to move to school quickly without missing a lesson. Then the Master who knows about this incident, hires Dorgeia who happens to be there. Before the plan could begin, Madarame's friends and family in Tennouji had been contacted not to act against them. I'll confirm that over the phone, because my ability can read the heart of a person's presence. Even through the telephone network, this capability is still functioning properly.

Furthermore, Madarame and I will be in action at night. I will make sure the spiritual user who attempts to exterminate Madarame is within the reach of the Master to accompany the client. Then, Madarame who acts as a helper for that client. The items that Hiyori-kun brought were given to Madara and then given to the Master, while the Master who was a high level spiritual user installed shikigami to fight Dorgeia to trick them. All of these plans were solely for fishing and tricking Dorgeia in the park, and the use of high-level shikigami was never discovered. However, there is a risk behind all of this. If Madara arrives late, Master will faint from using his ability out of bounds. The usage of their power is limited to 3 times the general usage of other spiritual users.

"So what should I do?" Asked Madara, who was worried that his plan would fail so that it could harm Fuyuki.

"The master can defend his shikigami for 15 minutes. As much as possible you should come before the 15 minutes are over." Said Mawaru who was worried about Fuyuki's condition.

"What if we (Madara and Hiyori) hide in a nearby place?" Madara asked Mawaru while trying to reach him.

"Better not. The Dorgeia group has radar-like sensory abilities that detect strangers coming in close by. For example at your meeting with the crested man. Indirectly, they have installed a radar on its members." Said Fuyuki explaining it while thinking of a mature solution.

Hmm ....

"I admit that Mawaru's plan is too perfect, but if I teleport Madarame automatically I will too." Hiyori was thinking hard 'Hm ..., how about that?'

"Hiyori-kun, I have an idea!" Mawaru said while his eyes were twinkling as if he had a glimmer of hope.

"Oh yes? Like what?" Said Hiyori, who had been languid, became excited.

"You can take Madarame to my location! Automatically you will be caught by radar, but I will take Madarame to the Master's place to be a witness to his honesty. In return, Hiyori-kun is waiting at my place. How?"

"Interesting idea." Hiyori smiled at Mawaru's explanation.

"I agree." Fuyuki agreed.

"All right, let's run the plan." Madara said optimistically.

"Yoooooo!" everyone shouted in agreement.

"Everyone, thank you and sorry to trouble you especially Matsuda, I will try my best." Madara bowed before them.


"For being willing to help me." Madara bowed with a happy expression and was grateful for this.

"Um~, I really do because your grandfather used to want to help me, help us, so it is only natural for us to help you too." Mawaru reasoned and smiled softly in front of Madara.

"Raise your face, don't show it like begging us like that. It's only natural for humans to help each other, right !? Just a matter of strength difference or whatever it doesn't matter." Hiyori emphasized it and grabbed Madarame's hunched shoulder.

Then Madara straightened his body, opened his eyes with a happy look and was grateful for this meeting.

"Madarame, this time stay here first. It's late at night, if you go home now it may not be safe there. If you are in my house, you are safe and inside the shield that I created from my power." Fuyuki explained while inviting Madara to spend the night at his house.

"Wow, incredible. Okay, I'll ride here last night." Feeling that he had no other choice, Madara was forced to agree.

"Don't forget to call your family and friends when you're here." Fuyuki said while tidying up the treats on the table assisted by Mawaru who brought them to the kitchen and Hiyori putting Madara's belongings in Fuyuki's room, like serving guests in a hotel.

"O-oh! I almost forgot (understanding senile)." Madara immediately called his family.


'Tuuut Tuuut~' the sound of the phone calling.

'Kring!' (Finally connected, picked up!)

"Hello ...?" Who picks up the woman's phone.

"O-oh ... Mam (Mrs. Taira). Today I didn't come home."

"Why?" Taira's mother's voice on the phone.

"Today I'm staying at my friend's house who happens to be an old relative and was a student of my grandfather."

"Oh, yes, no problem. The important thing is you don't create problems in the family."

"Yes mam, thank you. I try not to cause any trouble."

"Mama, change!" said Kaede to her mother whose voice was heard from Madara's smartphone.

"Have you found him?"

"Yes, I found it."

"Thank goodness. I hope you can change and have a view of the future."

"Kaede, I'm not a gangster leader anymore. However, they are all my friends, as much as possible I can protect them without breaking this bond. Thank you Kaede, all this time has been willing to help me."

"Uum ... No, you are also part of this family, I should have helped my family who is in trouble."

"Kaede I'm right-"

"Yes, even though you are not my biological brother but I think sharing kindness is beautiful."

"Thank you."

"You are welcome."

"By the way, tell your papa and mama that I'm fine here. I was only here last night so don't worry."

"Ok. I'm waiting for the souvenir." With a happy tone, Kaede said it.

"Oi you nonsense Kaede, I'm just here to see-"

'Tut tut tut' phone connection was lost.

"Tch! He closed it." With narrow eyes, Madara became annoyed with Kaede's attitude just now. You're a cake maniac, but the hard punches are ok "Hahaha."

"Strange." In Hiyori's heart "What are you doing with smiles?" who saw Madara smiling coquettishly staring at his smartphone screen.

"Everyone, come together!" Invite Fuyuki who is in the kitchen. "Mawaru called Clara in her room."

"Ok." Mawaru immediately rushed to call Clara.

Hiyori prepared the plates and spoons on the dining table, while Fuyuki cooked the dinner.

Madara, who knew they were preparing dinner, went straight to the kitchen to help him. "Here let me help lift it (lifted a pot of hot soup by Fuyuki)."

"You don't have to. You're a guest, just sit back." Fuyuki said while placing the pot of hot soup in the middle of the dining table.

"Please." Hiyori pulled up a chair and invited her to.

"Thank you." Madara immediately sat down on the chair in front of him.

Then Clara and Mawaru also came.

They all eat together.

Note: Before eating, don't forget to pray first!

"Bon appetite!"

*Enjoy your meal.


"Brother, how about 'nyam nyam nyam' my doll?" said Clara as she chewed the food.

"Clara, finish the food first." Said Mawaru suggested it.

"That's right, I haven't fixed it yet." Fuyuki spoke with a sad tone and flat face then looked away from Clara.

"Hmph! Brother makes me pissed off." Clara sulked with spoiled sweet.

"Clara, how about this brother fix it?" Fuyuki with his fake smile and his right hand that was holding the chopsticks pointed towards Madara. "Actually, this brother is quite adept, you know." Flirtatiously, Fuyuki teased Madara.

"Oh this brother want? Hooray." Clara's face smiled happily. "I'm waiting, sis." The smile on Clara's face looked like Madara couldn't refuse the little girl's request offered by Fuyuki.

"Oi oi Matsuda, why me? I don't even have sewing skills." Madara whispered in Fuyuki's ear.

"Shut up. You're just a hitchhiker here, there's nothing else you can do besides this." Fuyuki whispered with a sneer.

"Ok yeah." Madara felt burdened.

"Is this all I can do?" Madara murmured languidly and became uneasy.

"Congratulations on your prank!" Fuyuki made a joke that irritated Madara.

"I think I rubbed against you." Madara said with his evil look.

"O-oi-oi stop it, what are you doing with me? Because of my cute face?" Fuyuki teased Madara with a look like he wanted to do a harem relationship.

"Ah ... Never mind. You're so cute." Madara said this to Fuyuki with an expression like he love him.

"Madarame is annoying." Said Mawaru when she saw him.

"I smell Yaoi's scent." Hiyori said seeing her with a narrow gaze.

"Oi oi is that how you treat guests?" Madara's pride as a male sex lover was insulted by the otaku, whose scent was so strong.


Meanwhile Fuyuki continued eating casually. Then, Fuyuki put the clean bowl without any leftovers on the table and paused for a moment. "Never mind. Help me sew later."

"Okay." Madara replied briefly as he continued eating.

Living with strong people will make you strong too, living with weak people will make you weak too. However, if we live with strong and weak people, we will definitely get stronger. It is not our bodies that are strong, but the ability of our hearts to protect those around us who are weak.

People will become strong because they protect others. Weak people, don't always be weak, they are the complement of the strong person's life. By living together like that, we can fill each other's weaknesses with the strength of our will.


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